Best Nebulizer in India : 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Nebulizers are very important medical devices that are very helpful in dealing with breathing ailments like asthma or other respiratory issues.

It can deliver even the tiniest particles of medication directly to the lungs. This helps in accelerating the treatment process. You can notice better results with smaller doses than compared to pills or shots.

Selecting the best nebulizer can help you get the best level of treatment. A good nebulizer is easily available at a price range of Rs. 900 – Rs. 2000. Some of the best brands are Dr. Trust, Agaro, Omran, and Dr. Morepen.

Before buying a nebulizer, check for the factors mentioned below.

Nebulizer Type:

There are 3 types of nebulizers: Compressor or Jet, Mesh, and Ultrasonic.

Compressor/Jet nebulizers have been there for the longest time and are the most commonly used ones. If you want to use a nebulizer at home, you can buy a jet nebulizer. Since they use a compressor, they are a bit heavier.

Mesh nebulizers, on the other hand, are tiny and lightweight. You can even carry them along with you in the pocket while you are going out (especially for those who suffer from asthma or allergies).

Ultrasonic nebulizers have medical restrictions, contact your doctor before buying it.

Nebulizer Rate:

The higher the rate is the faster it can ship the dose of medication and speed up the treatment process.

For adults, usually, this rate does not matter much, and hence, you can buy a low-powered model that operates at a speed of 0.25-0.5ml/min. For kids you should buy a device with a higher nebulizer rate as it will reduce the treatment time significantly.

Particle Size:

The location where the droplets settle upon inhalation depends on the droplet or particle size.

While larger particles get deposited in the upper respiratory tract, smaller particles can reach the lower respiratory tract.

particle size

  • 10µm & More Particles:Reaches between mouth & throat
  • 5µm – 10µm Sized Particles:Reaches Trachea and bronchial tubes
  • 1µm – 15µm Sized Particles:Inside the lungs

There is a wide range of nebulizers available in the market which makes it even more difficult to buy the best one for you. With the help of this buying guide, you will be able to distinguish the best one among the lot.

Here is a list of best nebulizers available in India that is shortlisted by our team of experts. Let’s have a look!

Best Nebulizers For Kids in 2021

Best Nebulizer TypeChamber capacityNebulization rateParticle sizeWarrantyBuy Now
Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor NebulizerCompressor8 ml0.5 to 5 ml/minFine Particles6 monthsCheck On Amazon
Omron NebulizerCompressor7 ml0.4 ml/min5 um3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Control D Blue NebulizerCompressor5 ml0.2ml/minSmaller Particles1 yearCheck On Amazon
Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor NebulizerCompressor5 ml0.2ml/min0.5 to 10 um1 yearCheck On Amazon
Handynab Nulife NebulizerPistontype compressor5 ml0.2ml/min0.5 to 5 um1 yearCheck On Amazon
Rossmax NA100 Piston NebulizerPiston5 ml0.15 – 0.40 ml/min2 um3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Ambitech Compressor NebulizerCompressor5 ml0.2 ml/min0.4 to 8 um1 yearCheck On Amazon
Nulife NebulizerCompressor8 ml------1 yearCheck On Amazon
Portable Nebulizers
Dr. Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh NebulizerUltrasonic Mesh Nebulizer10 ml0.25 ml/min0.5 um6 monthsCheck On Amazon
BPL Medical Technologies NebulizerVibrating Mesh Nebulizer10 ml0.35 ml/min1 to 5 um---Check On Amazon

Best Nebulizer Machine Reviews in India

1. Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer

Dr Trust Bestest Nebulizer

Dr. Trust is probably the most popular name in our catalog, with a huge amount of positive feedback from many satisfied customers. Here is a compressor nebulizer machine kit from Dr. Trust.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 8 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.5 to 5 ml/min
  • Particle Size: Fine Particles

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • 2 different sized masks (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Noise Piece
  • 5 Air Filters
  • Medicine Chamber
  • User Manual
  • Air Tube

Easy Access Features

You can find a flow adjuster on the side of the main unit that will allow you to adjust the airflow according to your requirement. The flow levels available with this nebulizer can be anything between 0.5 up to 5 ml/min.

Dr. Trust compressor nebulizer kit allows up to 8 ml capacity that is sufficient to hold the required dosage of any prescribed medicine. You can use this nebulizer up to 15 minutes without any interruptions.

Other features

You will be getting several accessories included in the package, including 2 masks designed for adults as well as children to provide an option for the whole family. You can get a very fine particle size that allows easy inhalation of medicine. Also, it operates at a very low sound, which is less than 55 dB. Hence, it is a great option to use in the night time.


Dr. Trust will be providing 6 months of warranty on this nebulizer. You can avail this warranty period by activating your product within 15 days of purchase.


  • Many accessories included
  • Noise level is very low


  • The warranty period is short
  • Particle size is not mentioned

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2. Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron Nebulizer

Omron is another renowned name from our list that will surely provide you with a high-quality product. Hence, make sure you check out this nebulizer from Omron.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 7 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.4 ml/min
  • Particle Size: 5 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Compressor
  • Nebulizer kit
  • Air tubes
  • 5 piece replacement filters
  • Adult as well as child mask
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying bag

Easy Access Features

It is a premium nebulizer from Omron that runs on 138 VA power. It can be the best option for the whole family as it can be used by an adult as well as a child. You can get an MMD of approximately 5 um on this nebulizer that is essential for certain types of medicine. It can operate at a nebulization rate of 0.4 ml/minute.

Other features

Omron NE C28 is designed especially for efficient management for various conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and various other respiratory conditions. The accessories such as nose piece, masks, and tubes that are included in the package are replaceable to maintain the overall hygiene and condition of the kit.


It has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period. But, you can avail 3 years of extended brand warranty as well by simply maintaining the original invoice with the date of purchase.


  • The warranty period is quite long
  • Chamber capacity is much better than other options


  • Nebulization rate is lower
  • Particle size cannot be less than 5 um

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3. Control D Blue & White Compressor Complete Kit Nebulizer

control D nebulizer

Though a comparatively newer brand, Control D has done well in the health management kits for some time. This nebulizer is another promising product from the brand. This is a complete kit with child and adult masks and many other products included in the package.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 5 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.2 ml/min
  • Particle Size: Smaller Particles

Products Included inside the Package

  • Nebulizer
  • Medicine chamber
  • Air tube
  • 1 adult mask & 1 child mask
  • User Manual

Easy Access Features

This is the most affordable option from our list from Control D. With a minimal price tag, this nebulizer offers up to 5 ml medicine capacity that can be used over the 75-watt compressor nebulizer. It is a single switch nebulizer with a simple ON and OFF operation. It has a strong build quality with a powerful piston compressor that makes it suitable for both professional as well as personal use.

Other features

You will require a 230 volt 50 Hz AC power to operate this nebulizer. It can easily convert any sort of prescribed medicine in the form of a mist that can be inhaled easily by an adult or even a child. It is also pretty easy to clean due to its small size and simple build. You will be getting a separate medicine chamber that can be replaced with a bigger one in case you need it in the future.


It is backed by a year of warranty, which is registered online. Hence, you do not need to keep track of any sort of card or paperwork at all.


  • Chamber capacity can be increased if required
  • The very low price tag


  • Default medicine chamber has low capacity
  • More accessories can be found with other options

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4. Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer

Dr. Morepen Nebulizer

Dr. Morepen has been in the market for a long time now, and their products are well-thought-out, versatile, and reliable. They have come up with a proper compressor nebulizer this time.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 5 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.2 ml/min
  • Particle Size: 0.5 to 10 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • 2 masks (1 small and 1 adult size).
  • Nebulizing funnel
  • Motor
  • Windpipe
  • User Manual

Easy Access Features

Dr. Morepen CN06 compressor nebulizer can be an ideal option for you if you are looking for a nebulizer for respiratory tract treatment and looking forward to using the nebulizer for a long period of time. As it has a capacity of 5 ml medicine at once, it can be easily used for various doses prescribed by doctors. Also, you will be getting a very slow nebulization rate of 0.2 ml per minute, which is a requirement for certain cases.

Other features

There is an adjustable airflow rate between 50 KPa all the way up to 100 KPa with an adjustable particle size between 0.5 to 10 microns. You will need a 230 volts 50-hertz power outlet to use this nebulizer, which is pretty much standard with all options. Also, you will have the option to keep the vents open or close while using the machine, which is unavailable on many options from this list.


It has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers up all of the critical problems that may occur by elongated use of the nebulizer.


  • Selectable control on medication rate due to open vent system
  • Moderate price tag


  • Nebulization rate is slow
  • Chamber capacity is low

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5. Handynab Nulife Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

Handynab  NebulizerYou must have heard about Handynab before, as it is a very renowned brand for medical equipment and related products. Therefore, we included this compressor nebulizer from Handynab in our selection.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Piston type compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 5ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.2ml/min
  • Particle Size: 0.5 to 5 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Nulife Handyneb Nebulizer
  • Bag
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual
  • Mask Kit
  • Pump

Easy Access Features

With a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar, the Handynab Nulife piston type compressor is capable of providing up to 8 LPM airflow for easy inhalation. You can use this nebulizer for up to 60 mins at once, which is very essential in case of major respiratory distress.

It is powered by a powerful piston-type compressor that breaks down the medication into fine particles around 0.5 to 5 microns. You can get a wide range of accessories that are available for this nebulizer from the market in case you require other than the ones included in the packages.

Other features

It is equipped with a safety fuse to avoid unnecessary usage. There is also an anti-shock bag with a handle included in the kit that can be used to carry the whole kit anywhere easily. It is one of the most compact devices on our list, weighing 1.6 kg, making it very lightweight and ideal for transportation. It is rated for a very low operational noise that is around 55 dBA over a length of 1 meter.


It is backed by a 1 year warranty period from Handynab.


  • The price tag is lesser in comparison with other options
  • Very fine particle size can be obtained


  • Chamber capacity is not mentioned
  • Nebulization rate is not mentioned

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6. Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Rossmax is not a very well-known brand, but they have a huge catalog of medical equipment that offers good value for money. They have a good reputation and are well-rated in the market. The Rossmax NA100 is a piston nebulizer, one of a kind and very promising!

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Piston
  • Chamber Capacity: 5 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.15 – 0.40 ml/min
  • Particle Size: 4 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • 2 different sized masks (Adult and Pediatric)
  • User Manual

Easy Access Features

Rossmax NA100 is a piston nebulizer that offers a unique valve adjustable technology to control the nebulization rate as well as pressure. You can get up to 2.96 bar pressure because of the powerful piston compressor that results in the high-quality respiratory aerosol. There are 2 masks included in the package which are suitable for adults as well as a child.

Other features

There is a built-in nebulizer holder on the machine so that it does not get contaminated due to incorrect placement. You can manually control the dosage rate and amount because of the open vent design. You can also keep the vent closed for a proper and safer inhalation. The airflow is also controllable by twisting the cup until the required flow is obtained.


There is a long 3 years of warranty on this nebulizer, making it the most reliable option available in the market right now.


  • Warranty period is very long
  • Easy to operate


  • Comparatively higher price tag
  • More accessories are available with other options

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7. AmbiTech NC 10 Compressor Nebulizer

AmbiTech NC 10 Compressor Nebulizer

AmbiTech supplies the finest home healthcare products for a better lifestyle. Check out the advanced AmbiTech NC 10 Compressor Nebulizer.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 5 ml
  • Nebulization rate of 0.2 ml/min
  • Particle size: 0.4 to 8um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • Adult & child mask
  • Air tube
  • Air filters
  • Medicine chamber
  • User manual

Easy Access Features

Let trusted healthcare appliance from AmbiTech take care of your well-being. AmbiTech NC 10 Compressor Nebulizer was developed to provide efficient respiratory therapy and effective medication delivery. It has a medication capacity of 5 ml, ideal for all ages and very easy to clean. It has advanced nebulization technology with a nebulization rate of  0.2 ml/min.

Other features

You will be receiving a complete kit that includes a nebulizer, adult mask, child mask, medicine chamber & air tube. The particle size ranges from 0.4 to 8um. It has an ergonomic grip for easy handling and it produces very little sound, which is 70 dB. You will be receiving an adult mask and a child mask marking its trusted position for providing respiratory relief to the entire family.


AmbiTech is providing a full 1-year Warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Handy & low noise


  • A huge number of complaints from users about the quality.

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8. Nulife Handyneb Aerosol Therapy Compressor Nebulizer

Nulife nebulizer

Nulife ensures healthy respiration with its new Handyneb aerosol therapy compressor nebulizer. Lead a happy life with support from a trusted brand such as Nulife.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Pressure max 2.5 bar
  • Airflow min 8 lpm
  • Particle Size: Smaller Particles

Products Included inside the Package

  • 1 pediatric nebulizer mask
  • 1 adult nebulizer mask
  • 1 motor
  • 1 compressor
  • 1 nebulizing chamber
  • 1 connectivity tube
  • 4 air fillers
  • 1 carry bag

Easy Access Features

Nulife handyneb compressor nebulizer is a very sturdy and fail-safe piston type for professional & strenuous use. It ensures better medical compliance with a powerful compressor and matched nebulizer kit. The medication is reduced to fine particles that reach respiratory tracts more effectively.

Other features

The nebulizer is equipped with safety fuse for safety. You will receive the kit in an anti-shock case with a handle to carry around. The whole setup is very light & compact weighing just 1.76 kg. The appliance is very user friendly and it produces very little sound, which is 55 dB.


It comes with a 1 year warranty from Medtech.


  • User friendly
  • Equipped with a safety fuse
  • Light & compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Powerful piston type compressor


  • Many user complaints state that packages are delivered with missing a few body parts.
  • Customer service can be better.

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Best Portable Nebulizers

1. Dr. Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

Dr Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

Dr. Trust also manufactures a portable option for a nebulizer. As it is known for its high-quality product, you should take a look at its portable nebulizer.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 10 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.25 ml/min
  • Particle Size: 0.5 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • 2 different sized mist inhaler (Adult and Pediatric)
  • User Manual

Easy Access Features

As it is a portable option, Dr. Trust ultrasonic mesh nebulizer is very compact and can fit in a pocket. You will be getting a detachable medication chamber that has a 10 ml capacity, which is required from a portable option. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, but it can also be used via USB cable in case batteries are discharged or not available. It offers a single button operation for easy access and makes it possible to use for everyone.

Other features

It makes up for an ideal portable option as it weighs only 98 grams. It is also rated for a very low noise while it is operating, which is around 30 dB, which makes absolutely no disturbance whatsoever. You will be getting up to 0.25 ml/min nebulization rate, which is comparatively slower than other options. 


It has a 6 months warranty from Dr. Trust.


  • It has a warranty period
  • Can be used without batteries


  • Nebulization rate is slow
  • A bit expensive than other options

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2. BPL Medical Technologies Nebulizer


BPL is an established brand, and they have quite a good reputation in the market thanks to an all-round product catalog. The Ezee N10 Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer is a well-made product that offers features as well as efficiency.

Medical Specifications

  • Type: Compressor
  • Chamber Capacity: 10 ml
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.35 ml/min
  • Particle Size: 1 to 5 um

Products Included inside the Package

  • Main unit
  • 2 different sized mist inhaler (Adult and Pediatric)
  • User Manual

Easy Access Features

The BPL Breath Ezee is based on vibrating mesh technology that helps to create an easy and comfortable nebulization process. It can be effective for various conditions such as cystic, fibrosis, asthma. Etc. It is designed with ultra low noise design that makes it suitable for all kinds of patients. You can get a nebulization rate of 0.35 ml/min, which is very good for a portable option. Although, you can only get the particle size higher than 1 um up to 5 um.

Other features

As the accessories like masks, mouthpiece, and medication cup are detachable, you can wash them after every use to maintain hygiene. It comes with a 4.8 volts lithium rechargeable battery that can be charged via a micro USB cable or any standard 5 volts power adapter. As it does not consume much power, you will not notice any excess heat generation. It also has a built-in temperature sensor to maintain medicine at the proper temperature.


Warranty description is not provided by the manufacturer.


  • Batteries are included
  • 4th generation vibrating mesh technology


  • Warranty description is not available
  • Fine particle size cannot be obtained

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What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a drug delivery device that is generally used by people suffering from respiratory issues like asthma or allergies. It has a chamber where the medicine is kept. The compressed air in the nebulizer converts the medicine into a mist so that it reaches your lungs directly and provides quick relief.

You can find both battery-operated and electric options in nebulizers.

Types of Nebulizers:

There are 3 types of nebulizers: Compressor or Jet, Ultrasonic, and Mesh or Membrane nebulizers. We explained about them in detail below.

FactorsJet NebulizerUltrasonic NebulizerMesh Nebulizer
Medicine Cup Capacity13 ml8 ml10 ml
Particle Size<5 µm5 µm3-4 µm
Treatment Duration8-20 minute5-10 minutes7 minutes
Noise45-55 dB40-45 dB20 dB
Weight1.5 kg400-500 grams120-150 grams

1. Compressor or Jet Nebulizers:

The jet nebulizers produce a powerful stream of compressed air that helps in turning the liquid into mist or fog with a particle size of around 4-5 microns. The most distinct feature of these types of nebulizers is you can put any medication into the chamber without any restrictions.

It can hold up to 13ml of liquid medication and provide the treatment for 8-20 minutes.

The compressor nebulizers are a bit heavy. Even the smallest model of this nebulizer weighs around 1.5 kg with a dimension of 115x185x135 mm. The standard models are twice its size. These models are very durable and you can find both tabletop and handheld models. The only con here is they can be pretty noisy (45-55dB).

The compressor nebulizers are useful in treating common cold, tuberculosis, and other lung diseases. 


  • The procedure is highly efficient
  • Durable and reliable device
  • Can be used for babies too
  • You can use any type of drug here


  • Noisy
  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy and bulky

2. Mesh or Membrane Nebulizer:

Mesh nebulizers are the latest models in the category of inhalers. There is a perforated vibrating membrane in the device that is mainly responsible for spraying the medicine through the holes. It squeezes the solution and turns it into an aerosol cloud. The fluid particles are so tiny that they can even reach the pulmonary alveoli.

Mesh or membrane nebulizers are one of the most compact inhalers that you will find. They are light in weight and do not exceed 120-150 grams. The nebulizers are quite convenient to use. Since they are mostly battery-operated, the device gives you the freedom to finish your treatment wherever and whenever you want.

The inhaler features a built-in tank with a capacity of 7-15 ml. It lets you finish the treatment in only 7 minutes.

Both children and adults can use mesh nebulizers. Since they are so compact in size, you can even carry the inhaler in your pocket. This becomes exceptionally important and useful for those who are suffering from asthma or any other respiratory issue.


  • Provides maximum efficiency
  • Delivers the drug efficiently
  • Offers quiet operation (15-20 dB)
  • Lightweight
  • Very compact in size
  • Any type of drug can be used
  • Better drug economy


  • Expensive
  • Needs to handled carefully, especially if you are carrying it in the pocket

3. Ultrasonic Nebulizer:

The ultrasonic nebulizers disperse the liquid particles efficiently. The size of the particles is around 5 microns. This size of medication is suitable enough to reach even the hard-to-reach areas of the bronchi. The device creates a high-frequency ultrasonic flow that is caused due to the vibration of metal plates. This helps in converting the solution into a mist.

The capacity for drugs is small and is around 8 ml. It can work continuously for around 5-10 minutes at a high feed rate of up to 2 ml/min. These nebulizers are a bit heavier than mesh nebulizers and weigh around 400-500 grams. The noise produced by them is around 45 dB. You can find only handheld models of these nebulizers.

With either a built-in battery or conventional batteries, the ultrasonic nebulizer can operate on a 220 V mains. These nebulizers are best for treating asthma, bronchitis, common cold, cough, rhinitis, and other respiratory issues. 

However, there are a few medication restrictions involved here as the inhaler adds heat to the medicine. Thus, before buying an ultrasonic nebulizer, contact your doctor to verify if the medication recommended to you can be used in this nebulizer or not.


  • It delivers the drug efficiently to the bronchi
  • You can get a wide range of models
  • Can be used by both adults and children
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Supports high-speed aerosol spraying


  • Since the drug holding capacity is small, requires frequent replacement
  • Don’t work with essential oils or herbal decoctions

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Nebulizer

There are many types of nebulizers available in the market. Until and unless you are well aware of the functionalities of each type, it might be difficult to pick the right one for you. To help you out with this, we have mentioned some key factors that you should check for.

1. Design:

The nebulizers are available in two types of designs: portable and tabletop. If you plan to use it at home, a tabletop model works but if you travel frequently, you should buy a portable model. Some features of both the models are as follows:

  • Tabletop Nebulizer:

These models are suitable for those who plan to use it only at home. Make sure that you place it over a sturdy and still surface. The tabletop models are cost-effective and generally come with a longer warranty period. These inhalers can be used by both kids and adults. Since they are heavy, you might not find it convenient to carry it with you. Also, for the device to operate, you will need an electric output.

  • Handheld Nebulizers:

Since these nebulizers are portable and compact, you can carry them along with you. However, you will have to ensure that it is charged fully. These inhalers are compatible with most of the power sources including AC cords (12V DC auto adapter or battery).

Note: The process of nebulization in both the models is different and they use different ways to convert liquid medication into a mist.

2. Degree of Spraying:

The smaller the size of particles is the deeper it can penetrate into the lungs.

The degree of spraying defines the effectiveness of the nebulizer. Most devices offer a spraying rate of around 5 microns. This size is suitable enough to treat any respiratory issue of the upper respiratory tract, bronchi, bronchioles, and trachea.

The membrane inhalers produce mist droplets of around 3-4 microns that support the treatment of bronchi and lungs both. Thus, users prefer buying a membrane nebulizer.

3. Speed of Medication Delivery:

The higher the speed is, the faster the medication will reach the airways, thereby speeding up the treatment process.

For adults, the speed does not matter much. Thus, you can buy a low-powered model that operates at a speed of 0.25-0.5 ml/min.

For kids or infants, you should select a nebulizer that offers a spraying rate of 1-2 ml/min. This will help in finishing the treatment process faster.

4. Medication Delivery System:

There are different modes of delivering the steam to the mouthpiece or inhaler mask. They are as follows:

  • Continuous:

This is considered as the most inefficient mode of delivery as the medication is supplied continuously, irrespective of the fact whether the patient is breathing or not. This way, most of the drug is not consumed and only 20-30% mist reaches the lungs.

  • Manual Control:

Here also the vaporization process happens continuously but unlike the above process, you can block the flow of aerosol by clicking on the button. This helps in preventing the wastage of medication. However, to operate it, an adult should be there to supervise the process.

  • Automatic:

With an automatic control, the inhaler creates a medicinal cloud only when the user is inhaling and then blocks the flow automatically while exhaling. This automatic flow happens with the help of special electronic sensors and valves. It also minimizes the loss of fluid while the treatment procedure.

5. Noise Level:

A quieter device helps in finishing the treatment comfortably.

  • If you don’t prefer using noisy nebulizers, you can buy mesh inhalers. The sound level generated by them is not more than 20 dB.
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers are quite noisy and produce around 40-45 dB noise levels.
  • Compressor nebulizers are the loudest of all and produce sound levels of 45-55 dB.

6. Buying Online or in Physical Stores:

When compared to the physical stores, there is a wide range of nebulizers and related kits available online, that too at a cheaper price. While selecting a nebulizer online, you also get a recommendation of accessories that you need with it, making the selection process easier.

7. Price and Warranty:

While buying a nebulizer, make sure that you buy it from a good brand even if it is a bit costly. You can get a good nebulizer with all the necessary features at a price range of Rs. 900-Rs. 2000. You can either simply buy the model that is suggested by your doctor. Also, it should come with a warranty period of around 1-2 years.

How to Use a Nebulizer?

If you are using a nebulizer for the first time, you should make sure that you read all the safety instructions and go through the operating instructions too. The directions for using the nebulizer vary from product to product.

The basic rules that you must follow while using a nebulizer are as follows:

  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water before starting the treatment. Also, clean the nebulizer and all the accessories before using it.
  • Put the medicine in the nebulizer cup. Connect the tubing to the compressor and the cup. Now connect the mouthpiece or nebulizer mask to the top of the cup.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and turn the device on once you are ready. If you are using a face mask, check if it is positioned properly on the face. While using a mouthpiece, hold it in your mouth securely.
  • Start taking slow and deep breaths. Hold your breath for at least 2-3 seconds before exhaling. Continue this until you have finished the medicine. It takes around 10-15 minutes to finish this process.
  • Turn off the device. Take a few deep breathes and if required, cough so that the secretions are cleared.
  • Wash the hands properly. Also, clean the mouthpiece and medication cup right away.


If you feel dizzy, we suggest you to pause the treatment and resume it after a few minutes. If you still feel dizzy, contact your doctor right away.

If you notice that some medication has stuck to the sides of the nebulizer cup while taking the treatment, you can shake the cup lightly so that you can finish the medication properly.

How to Clean the Nebulizer?

It is very important to clean and disinfect the nebulizer after every use. If you don’t clean it regularly, there are high chances that bacteria can start growing in the console and tubing. It can clog up the tube and increase the risk of infection. Thus, you should maintain it in the best condition. Follow the pointers mentioned below to clean the nebulizer properly:

After Each Use:

  • Disassemble the unit by removing the mouthpiece/mask along with a T-shaped connector from the medication cup. Remove the tube and keep it aside. Since it passes only clean air, it is okay even if you don’t clean the tubing. Also, never place the tubing under water.
  • Rinse the mouthpiece/mask, medicine cup, top piece, and T-shaped connector using warm water. You can even soak them in warm water for 30 seconds and then rinse. Shake off the excess water and place them over a dry towel. Let them air dry for a while.
  • After these components are dry, reassemble the entire kit and connect to the compressor. Run it for around 10-20 seconds so that the nebulizer is completely dry from inside.
  • Now disconnect the tubing and keep the nebulizer in a sealed cover. You can keep the compressor back in the storage bag or cover it with a dry towel.

Note: If you use nebulizer multiple times a day, at the end of the day, wash the nebulizer kit in the steps mentioned above. But, for the mask or mouthpiece, wash it using a mild soap.


You should clean the nebulizer thoroughly at least once a week.

  • Clean the mouthpiece/mask, medicine cup, and T-shaped connector as you do daily.
  • Take a clean bowl. Make a solution by adding two parts of sterile water with one part of white vinegar.
  • Soak all these parts in this cleaning solution for half an hour. Throw this solution.
  • Rinse all these parts in warm running water for around a minute or so.
  • Shake off the excess water. Put all these parts on a dry towel and let them air dry for some time.
  • Once everything is dry, reassemble the entire kit and connect it to the compressor. Run it for 10-20 seconds so that the kit is completely dry from inside.
  • Clean the compressor using a disinfectant wipe or a damp cloth. Never wash the compressor as it can damage the entire device.
  • Cover the compressor with a dry towel or store it in a carry bag.

How to Maintain the Nebulizer?

If you use a nebulizer, it is very important to maintain it properly so that you can use it for a long time. The compressor filters get dirty and the channels also get clogged over a period of time.

Even the mask, mouthpiece, and tubing degrade after a while. Thus, it is very important to clean it properly, replace the parts whenever required, and also check for any dysfunctional components. Some of the basic maintenance tips are as follows:

  • Check for manufacturer’s instruction on how to clean the device and follow the steps properly.
  • Do not use the same mask for a long period even if it looks fine. Ideally, disposable masks are supposed to be used only 5-7 times. The nebulizer masks can be used up to 6 months. Since plastic degrades over time, the benefits of the treatment may also decrease if you use an older mask. While buying a replacement mask, make sure that it is compatible with the nebulizer that you own.
  • Change the filter of the nebulizer as mentioned in the manual. If you think it is dirty, you can replace it right away. Using a dirty filter can cause damage to the compressor unit.
  • Clean the outside of the tubing as well and replace when required.
  • If you notice any part has worn or cracked down, replace it right away.
  • Always keep an extra pair of masks, tubing, and other accessories just in case the current one fails to perform.
  • Never keep the air compressor on the floor while the treatment or while storing.
  • Store the medicines in a cool and dry place. Some medicines need to be stored in the refrigerator, away from the light. Follow the instructions mentioned by the doctor or chemist. If you notice a change in color or shape of the medicine, throw it.

Changing Nebulizer Filters:

It is very important to replace the nebulizer filter. Inhaling clean air is essential for an effective treatment procedure.

Clean filters are helpful in maintaining a longer life span of the entire unit. While buying new filters for your nebulizer, make a note of following pointers:

  • Always buy filters that are made specifically for the nebulizer that you have. If you have any doubts regarding this, you can even contact the manufacturer and confirm the same.
  • There should be a regular schedule for replacing the filters. Check the manual for changing instructions as well as the recommended time interval between the replacements. If you feel that the filter looks dirty even before the recommended time, you can go ahead and replace the filter.
  • Keep extra filters handy at your home. You usually get a pack of 3, 5, or 10 filters.
  • If you are traveling, ensure that filter is clean. Also, carry an extra filter.


Maintaining the nebulizer and the accessories is very important as it is a matter of your health and safety. Some of the essential maintenance tips are as follows:

  • You should not keep the accessories and parts of the nebulizer unprotected, especially when you have pets or kids at home. 
  • Never leave the compressor or other parts of the nebulizer near liquid.
  • When the device is not in use, unplug it.
  • After every use, make sure all the parts and accessories are clean and dry.
  • Store the parts in a zipper bag.
  • Designate a special place to store the nebulizer and related accessories.
  • If more than one member of the family uses the same nebulizer, make sure that you use different tubing and mouthpiece to prevent the spreading of the germs.
  • Wash your hands properly before using a nebulizer.

Troubleshooting Nebulizer Problems:

If the unit is not functioning properly, you should not panic. The following steps can help you troubleshoot the issue. If these tips are not helpful, you can contact the manufacturer for further support.

  • Clog: If you feel that the unit has clogged and stopped working, you can clean the mesh cap or filter as instructed in the manual. The mesh cap should be replaced every six months. You can also check the life of the filter mentioned by the manufacturer and replace it accordingly.
  • Loss of Power: If the nebulizer is battery-powered, whether lithium or alkaline, check if they have enough power left. If the batteries have discharged, you can use a backup power supply. If the unit supports rechargeable batteries, try changing and see if it starts working. If not, you might have to replace the battery.
  • If you feel that the nebulizer has slowed down or if it is not producing mist after a certain period of time, you might have to change the nebulizer set. Generally, the set should be replaced every 6 months for a reusable one. For the disposable set, you should change it post 10 treatments. For effective results, change the nebulizer set regularly.

If the unit has stopped working completely, you can contact the manufacturer. Don’t forget to check the warranty too.

Nebulizers for Babies: Tips to make the treatment process easier

You need to be very patient while providing the treatment to the babies. These tips can be helpful to you:

  • Some nebulizers come in the shape of toys like an animal or vehicle and are also capable of making sounds. Such units can be helpful to keep the baby distracted and you can finish the treatment in the meanwhile.
  • However, the compressor nebulizers are a bit noisy and the kid might be afraid due to that sound. Try using an ultrasonic or membrane nebulizer in such cases. This method works great for kids below the age of 3 years.
  • For children between the age group of 3-8 years, you should look for a unit that comes with children’s masks or nozzles for inhalation.
  • Try playing with the kid where you become the doctor and kid is the patient and engage them in some sort of gaming activity while you start the treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How to clean a nebulizer?

Follow the simple steps given below to clean the nebulizer and maintain them properly for better functioning and long-lasting. Let’s have a look!
* Firstly, pour distilled white vinegar and warm water in the ratio of 1:3.
* Place nebulizer into the obtained solution and allow it soak for atleast 30minutes.
* Rinse well and after sometime wipe out with a damp cloth to deter water droplets present on it.
* Allow it to dry for some time and start using nebulizer.
If you don’t have vinegar solution at home, you can simply wash the device in warm water to remove the dust and contaminants. It just takes 15-20minutes time to perform this task.

2. What efficient parts does a nebulizer contain?

Given below are the most important parts of nebulizer which helps the user for smooth handling.
* Switch – To turn on and off of the device.
* Nebulizer cup – Acts as a reservoir to place medicine.
* Compressor – Pumps air into nebulization cup for converting medicine into mist.
* Tube and Connectors – Made of thin transparent material to connect nebulizer to nebulizer cup.
* Mouthpiece – Can be fixed on face by covering nose and mouth to inhale the medicine.

3. Are nebulizers good for asthma patients?

Yes, nebulizers are specially designed to cure asthma and other respiratory problems. They uses a liquid drug that can injected into the device and later it is converted into the mist for easy breathing.

4. Is it safe to use a nebulizer for babies?

Nebulizers are 100% safe to use for infants, babies and toddlers as it helps in treating RSV-respiratory syncytical virus and other breathing issues. Though it does not result in any side effects, most of the doctors and health professionals do not suggest   using for babies.

5. Do nebulizers make a lot of noise?

Yes, nebulizers do make lot of noise while working continuously for a long time. It even produces more noise at night times when the surrounding environment is calm and silent. If you are not a fan such awkward sounds, grab the latest models that do not produce noise and is responsible for having a pleasant sleep at night times.

6. How often you should change or replace the nebulizer?

You don’t actually change the entire nebulizer setup. You just have to replace the mouth piece or masks after 4-6months if you find it to be defective or not working properly. To minimize the purchasing costs, always keep the tools and equipments neat and tidy.

7. Is it necessary to have prescription to use nebulizers?

In most cases, doctors recommend to use nebulizers when your breathing problem is sever or treat asthma. However, if you have allergic asthma and other respiratory problems, still you can use nebulizer without consulting a doctor. Make sure you put the right quantity of dosage into flask to inhale the medication.

8. Can I use Vicks as medicine for cough/cold in my Nebulizer?

No. It may seem like vicks or any mint based cough deterrent is good for ingestion, they are not. On the contrary, they aggravate the cough/cold by causing irritation in your lungs and nasal system.

9. Can a nebulizer be reused?

Yes. As long as you clean and keep the nebulizer stored away efficiently, a nebulizer can be used for as long as 1 year to 2 years depending on its performance and build quality.

10. How often can you use a nebulizer with albuterol?

Albuterol is a drug used to treat asthma and COPD to clear the airways of the patient. Albuterol administration using a nebulizer has to be done with great care and ONLY With a doctor’s prescription.

11. What are the side effects of using a nebulizer?

Nebulizers have to be used with caution and care. If used improperly or too often, they could lead to a few side effects. The symptoms for these include dizziness of head, insomnia, headache, hoarseness, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose and in some cases nausea/vomiting. Hence always apply caution while using a nebulizer. Be sure to follow a prescription for usage.

12.  How long do the effects of a nebuliser last?

The effects of a nebulizer start to show almost immediately after starting its use. I.e, you can observe the effects as soon as 5 minutes into the usage. This will last mostly for about 4-6 hours tops and changes depending on medication to medication and individual to individual.

13. How many times a day can you use a nebulizer?

Typically, a nebuliser is used for about 3 or 4 times a day. But this again changes depending on the prescription you are given by your doctor and on the type of medication that you are using.

14. Do nebulizers give you oxygen?

In a normal sense, No. But technically, if you pour in clean water in the medicinal chamber and then inhale the water vapours, it does include oxygen but that actually makes little sense and could potentially fill up your lungs with water vapour. Hence it is not-advisable to do as such.

15.  Which is the best nebulizer for home use?

For using at home, you need a big nebulizer. Do not go for the compact version. For an ideal product, try the Dr Trust’s Bestest Nebulizer. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoor usage.


A nebulizer is a highly required machine for many patients that are undergoing breathing conditions. Many doctors also recommend a decent nebulizer for proper intake of the liquid medication as it converts the medicine onto a mist form that is easily breathable. As it has a very high demand in the market, you can find several choices available for such a machine. Hence, choosing one out of all these options can be a tedious task. Also, you must get the best-suited nebulizer for the patient for the most comfortable usage and fast recovery. If you are not able to decide which one to get, here is our recommendation:

We will recommend you to go with the Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer as it is the most reliable option from our list. It is a large 7 ml capacity that should be essential for any dosage prescribed by the doctor. Also, it has a nebulization rate of 0.4 ml/min,  which is pretty slow and allows a finer nebulization process. You can get around 5 um particle size with this nebulizer that makes the inhalation much smoother. It is backed by 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer, making it very reliable for long term usage. 

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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