Best Keyboard Stands in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional or a beginner in playing keyboards, you need to have a keyboard stand.

The stand helps you stay comfortable, and allows to keep your fingers parallel to the ground for smoothly playing the keyboard. 

Here are some of the crucial points that will help you to buy quality keyboard stands:

  • Height Adjustment

Look for a keyboard stand that provides a 5 point height adjustment option and has bullet-nose pulls. 

This feature makes adjustment simple, and allows you to use the keyboard stand in both sitting and standing positions.

  • Weight Bearing Capacity

Always look for a keyboard stand whose bearing capacity is more that your keyboard’s weight.. 

Like if the weight for your keyboard is 4kg, then look for a stand whose bearing capacity is around 6kgs.

  • Style

The style of the stand decides how much leg space you get. 

The best are Double X-style and Z-style keyboard stands, as they offer a lot of leg space, and have a stable base, that allows them to remain grounded. 

We have gathered and provided important details about a keyboard stand in our ‘Buying Guide’. Read to learn more.

To help you choose easily, here is a list of ‘5 Best Keyboard Stands’. Read and be a smart buyer. 

5 Best Keyboard Stands

Keyboard StandStand StyleCapacityWarranty
Buy Now
Kadence Double Keyboard StandDouble X-style6.8 kgs
Arctic Adjustable Keyboard StandDouble X-styleN.ANoCHECK ON AMAZON
PENNYCREEK Keyboard StandSingle X-style5.8 kgs
Kadence Keyboard StandZ-style
OnStage Keyboard StandSingle X-style41 kgs

Reviews of Best Keyboard Stands in India

  • Kadence Double X-Style – Comes with 5 locking points to help you adjust the height properly.
  • ArcticHas square double based tubing for extra strength and durability.
  • PENNYCREEKStrong keyboard stand that provides a lot of leg-space.
  • Kadence Z-StyleIs able to fit a stage piano up to 25kgs.
  • OnStageYou can position the stand’s arm sleeves to fit any keyboard width.

1. Kadence Double X-Style Keyboard Stand 

Kadence Double X-Style Keyboard StandKadence is an expert in making musical instruments and home studio equipment. 

From its collection of quality equipment comes the Double X-Style stand with 5 locking positions and bullet-nose pull that allows you to adjust the height easily.   

The unique mechanism also helps you to set the height at any level between 4 to 38inches. 


  • The X-style stand has dual braced legs that provide extra stability.
  • Its adjustable arm sleeves help in accommodating any size keyboard.
  • Flexible height adjustment makes the stand an ideal choice for children and adults alike.

The average weight of a keyboard is 4.6kgs. Kadence Double X-Style keyboard stand has the capacity to bear up to 6.8kgs of weight, which makes it an ideal choice for bearing any keyboard size. 

The best part about this stand is that you don’t need to assemble the product, as it comes pre-welded.

Kadence Double X-Style stand has high strength support straps that secures the keyboard, and minimizes the risk of damages. 

Item Weight: 3.42kgs

Overall, a flexible stand that can be used by anyone. The strong built keeps the stand stable.


  • Stand allows you to play keyboard comfortably both in sitting and standing positions.
  • Simply buy and start using the product.


  • A branded product but has no warranty.

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2. Arctic Adjustable Heavy Duty Double Tube Keyboard Stand

Arctic Adjustable Heavy Duty Double Tube Keyboard StandJust like Kadence even Arctic is a Double X-style keyboard stand, but with the added benefit of portability.

It is a strong built stand with detachable tubes, that allows you to dismantle and carry them around easily. 

The stand offers 5 height changing options with bullet-nose pull knob which makes adjustment simple. 


  • The feet of the stand has rubber grip to keep it firmly grounded.
  • Arctic has adjustable arms that can easily accommodate any type of keyboard.
  • It also has locking strap on its arms that can be attached to your keyboard for added security.

The high strength straps connects to screw connection at the underside of any average digital keyboard, minimizing the risks of damage. 

The stand can carry any 61 keys keyboard. The average weight of these keyboards is 2.81kgs. 

Arctic Double X-Style keyboard stand has a slim body, and hence can be easily folded in a flat position. It can be tucked in a closet and carried in a vehicle conveniently.  

Item Weight: 3.4kgs

Overall, a sturdy stand that can be easily folded and carried around.


  • Can be easily assembled with the help of L key and large bolts.
  • A lightweight product.


  • A branded quality product but comes with no warranty.

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3. PENNYCREEK Keyboard Stand

PENNYCREEK Keyboard StandThe first thing we noticed about PENNYCREEK keyboard stand is it’s sturdy yet simple X-Style design, that provides a lot of leg space to its user. 

Also, the rectangular tubing leg construction helps the stand to stay sturdy and carry the weight of any keyboard easily. 


  • The classic bullet-nose pull knob makes it easy to adjust the height of the stand.
  • Its arms have rubber sleeves that keeps your keyboard stable.
  • The arms can be positioned to accommodate any keyboard size. 

PENNYCREEK is a lightweight stand that can be easily moved and carried around. 

The stand can bear up to 5.8kgs weight, making it a good choice for keeping  heavy keyboards. 

Item Weight: 998gms

Overall, a simple and strong stand that can bear the weight of almost all types of keyboards.


  • A branded product – feature that confirms the stand’s quality.
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Though strong but the product does not offer any warranty.

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4. Kadence Z-Style Keyboard Stand

Kadence Z-Style Keyboard StandKadence Z-Style is a strong keyboard stand that can carry a keyboard weighing up to 25kgs. Which makes it an ideal choice for accommodating both keyboard as well as on-stage piano. 

The height as well as the width of the stand can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. 


  • The tubes of the stand are made of solid metal which confirms its durability.
  • This Kadence keyboard stand is best fit for all branded keyboards such as the Yamaha PSR series, Casio CTK and LK series and more. 

The Z-style stand can be easily dismantled and folded, giving it the added benefit of portability.

Also the arms have secure screw fitting to hold the keyboard in its place, no matter how much you move or turn it around. 

Item Weight: 798gms

Overall, a good quality and extremely lightweight product that can bear maximum keyboard weight.


  • Better than cross stands, as these stands provide a lot of leg space.
  • A good looking keyboard stand.


  • A quality product but has no warranty.
  • You will not be able to slant it.

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5. OnStage Single X-Style Keyboard Stand

OnStage Single X-Style Keyboard StandOnStage just like Kadence is a single X-style keyboard stand, but with more height adjustment options. The height adjustment ranges between 27inch and 38inch. 

Similar to the other keyboard stands even OnStage has 5 position disk clutch  with bullet-nose pull knob that allows you to adjust its height and width easily. 


  • The stand has 1inch square tubing that makes it a strong and durable product.
  • It is a quality product that can be used everywhere including studios, showrooms, and on stages.
  • You can easily position the arm sleeves as per your keyboard’s width.

The weight bearing capacity of this single X-style stand is the highest. It can bear up to 41kgs of keyboard weight.

The feet of the stand is covered with non-slip rubber end caps, that helps it to stay on the ground firmly. 

Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Weight: 2.54kgs

Overall, a durable product with high weight bearing capacity.


  • Black powder coating gives the stand a sleek look
  • 1 year warranty confirms the quality of the product.


  • Customers complained about welds and joints so check the product carefully before taking it in.

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Keyboard Stands Buying Guide

The keyboard stand is an essential need for any keyboard player. The stand helps you keep up a comfortable posture while practising. 

There are many keyboard players who argue saying they do not need a separate stand to keep their keyboards on. 

But we recommend keyboard stands for every keyboard player because:

  • These stands give you the benefit of adjustable height.
  • They are easy to carry, as you can fold and carry them like a flat pack.
  • Keyboard stands are attractive looking, compared to the table or a normal iron stand.
  • Also, if you are a professional you will need a multi-level stand for keeping and playing different keyboards.

Types of Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands come in a lot of varieties in terms of size, price and capabilities.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional keyboard player, you need to identify your requirements and then choose a particular type of stand.

To help you choose wisely, here are the details of the different types of keyboard stands:


X is the most common style of a keyboard stand, and also one of the most popular among musicians around the world. 

The legs of this stand are crossed at an angle resembling the shape X. 

Here are some of the reasons why we highly recommend X-style keyboard stands:

  • The major benefit of this stand is that it can support any kind of keyboard. 
  • They are sturdy and come at an affordable price. 
  • X stands have height adjustments that are quick and easy to select. 
  • Most of the X stands offer five height adjustment positions.

Note: Some X-Style stands are suitable only for smaller and lighter keyboards. Hence, when buying ensure that the stand is sturdy enough to support the weight of your keyboard. 

If you have a big keyboard, then go for a heavy-duty X-style stand.  

2. Mixer Style

Compared to the X-style stands, Mixer style stands are costlier. But, they are a popular choice for many keyboard players at present. 

They are also called table style stands. These are the reasons why mixer stands are gradually becoming a favourite for all:

  • 1.As the name suggests this style is meant for mixer keyboards, used by professionals and meant for stage use.
  • 2. They offer firm support and hence are best suited for big and heavy keyboards.
  • 3. One of the key advantages of these stands is that they provide ample leg space for you to sit comfortably.

3. A Style

Suitable for both standing and sitting positions, these stands have an A-frame underneath. 

Here are some of the advantages of A style keyboard stands:

  • It is very easy to adjust A stands as per your height.
  • They are a lot more stable and lighter than X and mixer stands.
  • A-style stands are designed to provide extra support even when they are not too overweight.
  • These stands are suitable for both small and heavy-duty keyboards.

4. Custom Stands

Professionals who have specific keyboards, need stands that are custom made for holding them. 

These are the benefits of custom stands:

  • These stands are usually of high quality, and best fit for the keyboard they are designed for.
  • If you own an expensive keyboard, then better go for a custom stand.

Note: But custom stands are expensive. Also, you cannot use these stands for other keyboards. 

5. Z-Style Stands

As the name suggests, the legs of these stands look like the letter Z. The best part about having a Z shaped keyboard stand is that you can play your keyboard from both sides. 

Here are some more benefits of Z-style stands:

  • You can easily adjust the height for these stands, which allows you to play your keyboard in both sitting and standing positions.
  • The structure of Z-styles stands is such that it provides ample stability for you to sit comfortably.
  • These stands take very less space, so can be easily keep it anywhere. 

6. Double X-Style Stands

Double X-style stands are similar to X-style stands, with the only difference of structure. These stands have two tubes instead of one.  

The best thing about double X stands is that they are sturdier than their counterparts, and hence can support heavy keyboards better.

7. Table Style Keyboard Stands

Table keyboard stands are best suited for those who like playing their keyboards in a sitting position. 

These stands are firm, just like a four-legged table, and provide a lot of leg space, so are an apt choice for tall people. 

8. Column Style Stands

These are slicker than all the other keyboard stands. Column stands have multiple arms, with the main rod supporting them all. 

At the end of the support rod are three to four legs that are spread out, and can help in balancing the stand. 

9. Tier Based Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands are also divided as per the number of levels they provide. Tiered stands help in accommodating multiple keyboards. 

Here are the two major types of tiered keyboard stands:

  • Double Tier Stands

When you wish to house two keyboards at a time, then go for double tier stands. 

Double tier keyboard stands can be of any shape such as X, Z, table style, etc., with the only difference of an additional arm for keeping the second keyboard. 

You can adjust the height and width of the arms. The angle of the arms can also be changed as per your convenience so that you can reach both the keyboards easily. 

  • Triple Tier Stands

Triple tier, as the name suggests, is designed to hold three keyboards at a time. 

Just like two-tier keyboard stands, even three tiers come in a variety of styles, but the most common is A-style three-tier stand. 

Since they have to take a heavy load, they are made of sturdy materials. 

Three-tier stands are heavier than single and double tier stands.

What to look for in a keyboard stand?

These are the important features you need to look at while buying a piano:

  • Size

Size does not only mean your keyboard’s size but you also need to consider your size. 

You need to check how conveniently you can adjust the height of the stand, both in standing and sitting positions. 

On average, the height of the stand should be around 28 1/8inch, as that can hold any sized keyboard very well. 

Also, check if you have enough leg space, and also how well you can twist and move around while sitting and playing. 

  • Parts

While there are some stands that have bigger bolts, which can hurt your knees, there are others which are secured with screws. 

Hence we recommend you to check screw fitting, by shaking the stand a bit. Also, sit and test on the keyboard stand to confirm its sturdiness, and see if any of the screws are hurting you.

If yes then you need to adjust the height. 

  • Weight

If you love jamming or do stage shows often, then you need a lightweight stand that can be easily carried. 

The best keyboard stands weigh between 700gms to 3.42kgs. They are lightweight and can easily carry heavy keyboards.

  • Locking Points

Keyboard stands are adjusted in height through the locking points, and it is the locking points that keep the stand steady.

Hence you need to check how many locking points are offered in your keyboard stand. The best keyboard stands have around 5 locking positions.

We would also recommend you to check disk clutch of the lock, as they smoothen the height adjustment process. Most disk clutches are made of steel.

  • Extention

If you are planning to buy more keyboards in the future, then look for a modular keyboard stand.

A modular extendable stand allows you to extend the arms to accommodate more keyboards, as and when you need to. 

  • Stability

The heavier your keyboard instrument is, the stronger your stand needs to be. 

We recommend you to go for double X stands if your keyboard is heavy, as they provide more stability.

  • Capacity

If your keyboard weighs around 45kgs, then do not go for a keyboard stand whose capacity too is around 45kgs.

Rather look for a keyboard stand that can bear higher weight. This will help the stand to bear the combined weight of the keyboard and you playing on it. 

  • Price

The best keyboard stands are not usually high priced but are rather a combination of affordable rates and quality material.

You can easily get good keyboard stand within the range of Rs. 800 to Rs. 1300. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Which is the best keyboard stand?

We recommend Double X-style keyboard stands as they can support all types of keyboards, and come at affordable rates. 

2) How much weight can a keyboard stand hold?

The best keyboard stands can hold within 40kg to 120kgs keyboard weight. The carrying capacity also depends on the style of the stand.

3) How tall is a keyboard stand?

The average height of a keyboard stand is 28 ⅛ inch. You can, however, get a range of keyboard stands between 4 to 38inches.

4) How much does a keyboard stand cost?

Usually, quality keyboard stands cost between Rs800 to Rs1300. 

5) Do keyboard stands have wheels?

Yes, keyboard stands do have wheels. You can also use casters or sliders to move the keyboard stands. 


A keyboard stand helps you to position your body well, to avoid back pain, and also provides a firm grip to your keyboard. 

Which is why, be it a professional or an amateur, keyboard stand becomes a must for all. 

To help you buy a keyboard stand, we have tried to put down as many details as possible. 

Also while researching, we found Kadence Double X-Style keyboard stand to be the best, as its strong, sturdy and can easily accommodate any type of keyboard.

But if you have already used the stand and think otherwise, then do share your thoughts. 

You can even share your experience about using other keyboard stand brands. This will help other buyers.

Enjoy playing keyboard!