How to Choose a Keyboard Stand

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If you own a musical keyboard, then having a keyboard stand is a possessed necessity. But seeking a good quality one at a decent price can be a daunting task.    

keyboard stands are available in an array of shapes, sizes, capabilities and designs. A reliable and solid keyboard stand is essential for a comfortable sitting and right posture while you play your musical keyboard. 

So, in order to find the best one as per your need, let’s first look at the points you should consider before buying a keyboard stand. 

Types of Keyboard Stands to Choose from

There are several types of stands available in the market today. To ensure your flawless performance, you need to choose the best type of keyboard among all- 

1. X-Style Keyboard

x styleThe X-style keyboard is known all for its convenience. It’s weight, height and the adjustment mechanism is super easy to use. The name X is derived from the legs of the stand which stands cross at an angle similar to the figure X. 

The stand is sturdy enough to support any type of keyboard. The height of the keyboard can be easily adjusted to 28 to 38 inches. It allows you to play keyboard comfortably in sitting as well as in standing position.  

The X-style keyboard stand avails less floor space and shows up in both heavy and regular duty forms. It depends on you, whether your keyboard is big or small. You can buy a heavy-duty stand if you own a big keyboard.

A few X-Style stands are made adequately just for small and lightweight keyboards. You can find this style of keyboard for relatively less cost as compared to other X-shaped keyboards. 

Point to be noted- There are two types of X-Style keyboard stands available. One is the single X and the other one is the double X. They are mostly made up of iron and steel hollow columns or robust bars. 

In these types of keyboards, the X is designed with the help of two metal columns in criss cross position. In case of double X stands, four metal columns are used instead of two. They are joined in a criss cross position at the central part and two metal bars are used at the base.

2. Mixer-Style Stands

Mixer StyleIf you are into easy-go styles when it comes to your keyboard stand, then this is ideal for your music techie. They are on a slight high range as compared to x-style stands. 

These keyboard stands are the best option for the heavy-sized keyboards or the ones which need a quiet lot of steadiness and a fixed support. This is the main reason why mixer style keyboards are increasing in popularity amongst all.  

Mixer style keyboards are mostly used by professionals and musicians who are meant to be on-stage use. It provides a lot of leg space under the keyboard, which is best to give a sitting performance or people who love to play the pianos while sitting on a chair. 

3. Custom Made Stands

Custom_Made_StandsThese stands are most suitable for professionals who focus on quality. They can get the stands customized from the manufacturer as per their keyboard’s needs. Because of this customization, their price is slightly high in the market. 

These stands come with a strong fixture model which makes sure that your keyboard is firmly fixed with the legs of the stand. You have to remember that these stands can’t be used with any other type of keyboards. It is designed for the specific keyboard according to its measurements. People who just have a single but expensive keyboard can opt for this stand. 

4. A-Style

A Style standsThese keyboard stands work best when you are live on stage and need extra support to your instrument. It looks like a frame in the letter A and hence provides you extra leg space while playing a keyboard in seating position. 

Another reason which adds to its popularity, is they are curated to give extra support without being overburdened. When it comes to quality, the formation is made of robust material which is here to stay for years to come. The A-style keyboard stand is a good choice for both small and big size keyboards. 

5. Z-Style Stands

Z-Style Stands

This keyboard stands for z-style as the structure resembles the letter Z. It is quite convenient to use as you can access and use the keyboard from both sides. Whether you wish to play the keyboard while standing or sitting, the height is adjustable to both.   

This style is super easy to adjust and the structure gives a lot of stability without occupying much space. You can adjust the mounting arms of your keyboard stand for height and width as per your need. 

The z-shaped stand is highly portable and can be carried anywhere. So, if you are looking for a portable professional option, this can be your best bet. 

6. Table Style Stands

Table Style Keyboard Stands

This is a distinctive knockout option and is great for everyday usage. These keyboard stands are best for people who love to play keyboard while sitting. 

The keyboard stand is quite generous and would permit any type of keyboard to be mounted on a table-like platform. It has four-legged firm stands which provide a lot of underneath space. Also, it can be adjusted according to your height and withstand a heavy weight. 

And if all these benefits were not enough to convince you to buy a table style stand, then take the fact into account that it is mobile too. You can carry it easily wherever you feel like. 

7. Column Style Stands

Column Style Stands

This is another interesting option as it comes in parallel column shape. It is designed to have a vertical stand with a tripod like base and arms to withhold a keyboard firmly. The height and width adjustments are quite noble. It takes minimal floor acquired space and is super easy to assemble and carry anywhere.   

In this stand option, the tripod and its stand can be folded to get adjusted into a small size. It makes it highly manageable stands in the list. Column style stands also have tiers attached to it. 

Most of the keyboard stands have single-tier but this stand has models with double and triple tier options. It makes you comfortable to keep two or three keyboards at a similar stand. So, if you are the one who keeps more than one keyboards in front, then this option is most suitable for you. 

8. Two Tier Stands

Double Tier StandsThe double tier stand comes with innovative design and is capable to hold two keyboards at a particular time. If you wish to have a single-tier keyboard stand, then this stand resembles a similar choice. They are available in different models including table style, X-style, Z-style etc.  

As the name goes double tier stands, so it doesn’t mean the two tiers will make the item heavy. In fact, this stand is lightweight as every other contemporary keyboard stands. The upper tier is flexible and you can adjust it as per your height and breadth. Also, the angle of the keyboard stand is adjustable and quite accessible.

9. Three Tier Stands

Triple Tier StandsThree tier stands or Triple Tier Stands are created to hold the capacity of at least three keyboards. Its creative design deserves all the applause as it comes in a variety of models, specifically in A-frame and table style. 

Made of sturdy and firm materials, they are quite heavier as compared to other models. This quality doesn’t take away the fact of being portable as the stands can be moulded easily with a lot of ease to carry it anywhere. The overall finish of these stands is quite smart and suited for professional use.  

Elements to Consider when purchasing Keyboard Stands

There are a couple of factors you should take into account while buying that gem for your musical performance. So let’s unhide it one by one- 


Size is the prime factor when choosing an apt stand. Check your keyboard size and then see if the stand size will be appropriate for it. Also, check how easily you can set the height and width of the stand while you are sitting and standing both. Ensure that the size can be well adjusted as per your needs. 


Every keyboard stand has a different capacity to take the load. Some are made to carry heavy keyboards while some are designed for light-weight keyboards. So, check accordingly and then choose. For example- if you have a keyboard whose weight is 45kgs, then choose a stand with a slightly above bar. It means to choose a stand whose weight is more than the keyboard’s weight and not the similar weight. It will ensure that the stand is highly capable to withstand your keyboard’s weight properly. Also, remember that light weight keyboards are normally placed on high tiers.


When looking out for the weight of the stand, then do not forget to choose lightweight stands. The overall weight of the stand should be low as possible so that it becomes easy for you to assemble and carry it anywhere. Light weight and quality-based stand should be your preference.


The stand should be stable enough to withstand your instrument’s weight. The legs and arms of the stand should be strong enough to hold the sturdiness of the keyboard. Check the portability once while playing your keyboard in both standing and sitting positions. Also, do not forget to check the reviews about the stand’s stability before finalizing the product. 

Leg space

Check for the leg space when you play the keyboard on the stand. Choose the item which provides you with enough room between your legs. It shouldn’t bang on your knees as these problems can even affect your performance. Check for the angles of the stand and ensure that they are placed at the maximum degree while accessing the keyboard. 


The fit is also one of the most important factors. When you place your keyboard on the stand, it should lay flat and smooth. If you find problems while placing it, then you need to get a custom-made stand from the manufacturer. If you have a universal keyboard, then, in that case, you can buy any keyboard stand. 


Keyboard stands come in a variety of designs and styles. They are available in a single tier, two tiers and also three tiers. You can also find the keyboard stands in different frame shapes and sizes.  

Choose a stand that is portable and sturdy enough to support your instrument. Pick a stand which will ensure that there will be no accidental tipping. A heavy-duty metal stand is much preferable. Although, picking a highly adjustable stand with multiple keyboards options will be a smart choice.  


Pedals are something which are not used often, but yet a considerable factor. It is especially essential if you are a composer and will help you to do sampling programs and make authenticate demos for auditioning purposes. 

Choose a stand without a cross in this case. As the cross in the keyboard stand can hinder the technique of effective pedalling. So, pick a stand that resembles a table in order to avoid this issue.


One important aspect which often gets overlooked while buying a keyboard stand are the straps. It is quite important as they make sure that the keyboard does not slip off or get knocked off accidentally. If you used these straps correctly, they can actually act as a protector to your keyboard. 


Carefully examine the feet of the stand. Ensure the feet are made of rubber and not plastic or any other material. Rubber feet tend to maintain the grip and allow the stand to support the keyboard. Stands with loopholes can make the keyboard slide or fall off. Rubber layers on the feet will also ascertain that your surface or floor does not get damaged if you regularly move your instrument here and there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these stands allow space for expansion?

Yes, some models do allow room for extension. You can accommodate more number of keyboards on it. So, if you have multiple keyboards with you, go for stands which are specifically designed to hold numerous keyboards

2. Do they require assembly?

There are a few keyboard stands which require assembly and some do not. However, that shouldn’t be a concern, as you can easily do it within 10-15 minutes. If any stand required assembly, then there will be detailed instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. You can simply follow that and assemble the parts which mainly includes screws and legs.
Stands where assembling is not required, needs to be unpacked, unfold, and they are ready to use.

3. Is there any difference between a double X-style keyboard stand and X-style stand?

The X-style keyboard stand has a single tube or rods in it whereas a double X-style has two tubes on each side. Other than this, both the stands are similar to each other, even alike in provisions to their sizes.
These extra rods embedded in the double x-style stand makes it firmer and allows it to endure a high weight of your instrument.
If you have a light-weight and small keyboard, then you should choose X-style stands as the double X-style is more preferable for keyboards with heavy-weight and load.
When it comes to rate, double X-style is more expensive due to its added advantage of carrying more weight. So, before purchasing any one of them, remember to cross-check the weight of your keyboard and then invest.


Consider this guide and get the best stand for your keyboard and rock your performance on stage. Do not forget to write to us in our comment section in case you have any queries.

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