The 7 Best Grill Pans In India Reviews and Buying Guide

If It is the rainy season, and you want to taste the flavor of grilled restaurant food at home. Then, you have an option here, get a Grill Pan, which will give you the similar taste and texture that you crave.

Food craving is uncontrollable, and when it comes to grilled sandwiches or kababs, it becomes necessary for soothing your taste buds. If you are a cooking lover, then it will give you a great experience.

Grill pans replace that oily food that you prefer eating outside so, they are easy to handle and do not occupy much space at home. We have listed out seven best products from the market that has some amazing specifications.

Here are the products that we have selected for you.

For more detail about the Non-Stick Grill Pan, you can refer to our Buying Guide  for detailed information.

7 Best Grill Pans In India

Grill PansSizeWarrantyBuy Now
Wonderchef Granite Grill Pan242 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Prestige Die Cast Plus Grill Pan241 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Cello Non Stick Grill Pan241 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Tosaa Square Non Stick Grill Pan22.5 and 242 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Getko With Device Frying pan28-CHECK ON AMAZON
Sumeet Nonstick Aluminium Grill Pan22-CHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Two Sided Grill / Griddle20 x 10.4 inch1 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Grill Pans In India Reviews

1. Wonderchef Granite Grill Pan


Wonderchef company offers top design induction and non-induction cookware that gives grand look to your kitchen, and advanced cookware makes your cooking experience worthy. From their kitchen shelf, they have introduced the WonderChef Granite Grill Pan, which is top-notch kitchenware in the grill pan category.

The grill pan uses to make the food crisp and taste better. While you are making the grill sandwich or toast, you do not want it to get a burn or stick to the pan. So, for that, you need the non-stick surface.

The non-stick surface made of granite finish is suitable for gas stove burner, or ceramic plate. Also, the pan plate is thin and helps the food to cook faster than usual. Even you can cook both veg and non-veg food on it. It also acts as a deep fryer.

Warranty: The Wonderchef provides you a 2-year warranty on the grill pan.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean at the non-stick portion
  • Highly durable
  • Deep frying
  • Value for money
  • 2-year warranty


  • Difficult to clean the bottom part of the pan
  • After more use, the middle portion of the coating vanishes

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2. Prestige Die Cast Plus Grill Pan


The Prestige is the pride of India that manufactures kitchen cookware and appliances. It considers being the best kitchenware company in India. They have tried in the field of Grill pan manufacturing in which the Prestige Die-Cast Plus Grill Pan has gained immense popularity.

The grill pan is made from aluminum material, which has an induction base. There is no limitation in using a specific type of burner as you can use it either on a normal stove or on an induction. The plate of the grill pan is of 3-layer, which gives it protection to remain durable at high-temperature cooking.

 The Unique square shape gives an even balance and heat spread throughout the pan, which helps you to advance your cooking. The plate has the grill design all over it. The pan is versatile as you can cook any type of food in it, either veg or non-veg, as per your preferences.

The Die Cast Grill pan comes with a unique heat indicator that turns red when the cookware is hot and black when the pan cools down, which adds safety while cooking. Also, the pan has a unique handle design made of heat resistant material that gives you convenience.

Warranty: The Prestige company gives you 1-warranty.


  • Extra thick layer for an amazing cooking experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • 1-year warranty


  • Soft cleaning prefers for the non-stick coating

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3. Cello Non Stick Grill Pan Square Black


Cello company is an Indian Company that has been established in 1986 and provided such a long service in Thermoware and cookware for the kitchen. The company has launched its Non-stick grill pan square that has the most positive reviews from the customer.

The material of the pan is aluminum with a thick base, which provides an even cooking experience. The base is suitable for induction cooking or the stove burner as well. If you love eating grill food in less oil consumption, then this is for you. You do not have to buy outdoor grills that are inconvenient and occupies space at home.

The pan is highly conductive and efficient for cooking. Easy cooking tips for making grill food is to try with paneer kebabs, cheese sandwiches, wafers, fish, or a grilled burger.

It handles gives proper support for cooking.

Warranty: The cello company offers a 1-year warranty over the product.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry on trips as well
  • Durable
  • High conductivity due to aluminum
  • Value for money
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some users could not find the grill marks on the food

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4. Tosaa Square Non Stick Grill Pan


Tosaa is a Mumbai based Indian company that manufactures kitchenware, be it a pressure cooker, Tawa, tandoor, or Grill pan. One of its products is the Tosaa Square Non-stick Grill pan, which is your sizzling food partner.

The pan base is of aluminum material that provides high conductivity. The square shape of the pan gives you even cooking while making sandwiches. The grip of the grill is durable and marks the shape on the toast with perfection.

It is compatible with the gas stove burner. You can use this pan to replace it with your outdoor grills stove. You can cook seekh kabab, grilled, and cheese sandwiches. The non-stick coating on the pan does not allow any food particle to stick on it.

This type of grill pan comes in two sizes, which are 22.5 and 24 cm with different price ranges. It is easy to clean, and the handle is comfortable to hold as the pan is lightweight.

Warranty: The company gives you a 2-year warranty.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect non-stick coating
  • Requires less oil to fry
  • Durable
  • Comes with a wooden spatula
  • Value for money
  • 2-year warranty


  • Rigorous use removes the coating of the pan

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5. Getko With Device Frying pan


Getko With Device is a company that manufactures kitchen and cooking ware in the market. Its one of the products is the aluminum frying pan.

The plate of the frying pan has black cream speckled with non-stick material. The handles are insulated so that your hands remain safe from excessive heat with added durability for safety. It has the twin pouring lips that help you to dispense the liquids easily.

You can boil your soul after you prepared the grilled sandwich, and there will be a lesser chance for the soup to fall. Cook whatever type of food you want to; you can cook veg or non-veg with an effect of authentic grilled effect.

The frying pan is big in size of 28 cm with great quality that will help you to cook larger quantities for your family. The pan is safe in any of the stove uses, you can use it on induction, or you can use it inside the oven.



  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Sturdy material
  • Suitable for any food
  • Value for money

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6. Sumeet Nonstick Aluminium Grill Pan


Sumeet is a trustworthy Indian company that has come out as a competitor for India’s most trusted brand. They focus on manufacturing revolutionary products, and one of them is its non-stick aluminum grill pan.

The non-stick grill pan made of aluminum covers the pan evenly. You can easily clean the pan as it is non-stick the food particles do not stick on it. It has a 4-layer coating. When you use it on the gas stove, it consumes only 40 % of the gas that saves time and money.

You can make veg or non-veg food like kababs, sandwiches, burgers that will get an imprint of the grill stripes on them. The pan has a handle made of insulating material, which prevents it from overheating and make it safe to carry.

The dimension is 22 cm from both ways and high-temperature resistance that enhances the life of the cookware.



  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with 4-layer coating
  • Value for money


  • Later the coating comes out

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7. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Heavy Duty Cast Iron Two Sided Grill / Griddle


The amazon basics manufacture kitchenware products. One of the products is the seasoned heavy-duty cast iron with a two-sided grill.

The dimensions of the tray are 20-by-10.4-inch iron pan with one side smooth and one side raised that gives even heating. The integrated handle provides steady support to it. The grilled tray is an oven-safe to 204 degree that is suitable for cooking surfaces.

The Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron cookware is not dishwasher safe.

In this pan, using less oil will bake your food properly. To get the best results, cook at a medium flame and heat-resistant silicone, plastic materials.

Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • 1-year warranty

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Buying  Guide For Grill Pan

Make your tasty food experience at home without any hectic because it is simple to get a non-stick grill pan, which will add a cherry on your food. Before we begin, let us discuss something related to the grill pan.

You must have this question in your mind that what is Grill Pan?

The grill pan is a metal that contains groove and ridges that appears like the wiring on the house. Those ridges mark gives you the perfect char marks and the authenticate taste of the grill food. You also have to take care of your grill pan by seasoning it for keeping the full potential of it.

How Does it Work?

The food touches the ridges of the pan. The food on the grilled surface cooks because of the conduction of heat. And the food that is on the surface of the pan cooks because of the radiation of heat.

A grilling pan uses the thermal radiation method to cook food. It is a healthy choice over the greasing food with a deep-fry texture. It is too oily to consume.

Types  Of  Grilled Makers

1. Bachelor Griller 

It is like a small oven on your kitchen top floor, which can perform multipurpose tasks such as baking, grilling, broiling, or roasting food. The machine has two heating elements one is at the top and another at the bottom.

You can set the temperature of the food with the help of the knob.

2. Barbeque Griller

Barbeque grilling focuses on bottom heat and uses other techniques such as:

  •  Gas Grill: Use natural fuel or propane and butane. The gas flame cooks the food, and the heating grilling element transfers heat to the cooked food.
  •  Charcoal Grills:Use natural fuel such as charcoal. The burning charcoal transfers the heat and get the food cooked.

3. Grilled Sandwich Maker 

The grilled sandwich has two heaters that compress and squeezes the sandwich.

4. Stove Top Sandwich 

It is what we have listed for you. The stove-top pan griller has raised ridges that will grill your food evenly.

Features To Look When You Are Buying Grill Pan

1. Handle

The grill pan must have long handles as they would save you from excessive heat. Also, few pans have a small loop and handle that makes the pan easy to handle.

2. Enameled Or Bare

The Bare type of pan does not have any coating. The food particles get stuck on them. You will have to do seasoning on the item to prevent sticking.

They are of less cost than the grill pan. On the other hand, enameled requires maintenance, which would allow the coating to remain for a longer time. There is no requirement of seasoning because the food items do not stick to the pan.

3. Raised and Shallow Ridges

When you decide to buy a grill pan, you must look for ridges one. The raised ridges grill pan will allow slow cooking of the food, but the food won’t stick on the pan.

In raised ridges, the food item intakes less oil, and the grilled marks appearing will be thinner.

In shallow ridges, the food items heat up quickly, and the food items directly stick on to the pan. The oil consumption will be more and more marks obtained.

4. Body 

The most important thing to consider when you are buying the grill pan is the material. Different materials of the pan have different features.

  • Cast Aluminium:In this type of material, the heat distributes evenly. It can handle high temperatures with multiple layers.
  • Polished Stainless: The polished stainless material ensures quick heating. And, the non-stick plate helps to taste the food better and has durability. The metal is strong and unbreakable.
  • Ceramic: It has high heat retentive power and non-stick feature. The material is not durable and can break anytime.

5. Shape

When you are buying the grill pan, get a square-shaped pan because it gives you more surface area, and there is no wastage of pan side areas. Also, the square-shaped pan gives you more heat and ensures faster cooking.

6. Exterior

The exterior of the pan must be enameled, which makes it easy to clean, and the appearance of the pan enhances as well.

7. Grill and Ridges

Deep ridges and grill give you a perfect grilling effect on the food. The ridges will drain out the excess fat from the food.

9. Non-Stick

The non-stick material of the pan prevents the food from sticking. If there is no sticking of the food, then there will be no overcooking. And, you do not have to do seasoning of the pan.

10. Conduction and Radiation 

The pan must produce the heat thoroughly on the pan, which helps the food to cook properly. There must be a portion of food that is not touching the pan but gets cook by the radiation of the pan.

11. Weight

You must buy a lightweight grilling pan that is easy to carry.

Benefits Of Non-Stick Grill Pan

  • The ridges of the pan drain the excess fat, which makes your food healthier and fat-free.
  • Drain the excess oil using the spouts of the pan
  • It is more nutritious because it grills the vegetables with low water content, which is a better option than frying or boiling.
  • The pan uses less oil as a little amount of better is enough for the food to grill. It collects moisture of the food for perfect cooking.
  • Cook at vacations

When you want to do the family gathering, you develop the platform to do outside cooking. And, the pan is best for that.

Drawbacks Of Non-Stick Grill Pan 

  • The taste of the Non-stick grill pan-cooked food is different as compared to the outside grilling.
  • Non-veg food materials are difficult to cook.
  • It creates a lot of smoke while cooking
  • You require soft and proper cleaning of the surface

Frequently Asked Questions

1.On which type of stove grilling pan can be used?

The grilling pan can work on both the LPG stove or electric induction. They have the base made with flat and inducted material that may emit smoke.

2.Is it healthy to cook on non-stick material?

It is fine to cook on the non-stick material. But excessive cooking and eating from a non-stick material can be harmful to your health. Even when you use the non-stick grill pan, the coating removes when it use excessively. It is advisable to use the grilling pan occasionally for the longevity of the pan and keeping yourself safe.

3.What points to consider when you want to buy a grilling pan?

In this article, we have explained a lot of points to consider when you plan to buy a grilling pan. But the grilling pan must contain the heavy ridges for better grilling experience. You can refer to other points.


After reading the Buying Guide, we hope you must have got an idea of what to look when you plan to buy a non-stick grilling pan for your kitchen. There were seven choices from which, we recommend you to select WONDERCHEF GRANITE GRILL PAN because it gives you perfect grilling experience. Other products are also good to buy.

We are sure that this article was helpful for you to understand the grilling pans.