Best Foam Rollers in India 2021 Reviews

A foam roller is possibly the least complicated piece of equipment yet most useful when used in workouts much like a Yoga Mat. Foam Rolling relieves muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increases your joint range of motion. It can also help with things such as headaches or stiff necks. 

When placed beneath the muscle tissue you want to work on, the roller will apply pressure on it and stretches out the area thus providing relief. 

There are three major aspects you should keep in mind while purchasing a foam roller are:

1.The surface texture of the foam roller

Some foam rollers have ridges and knobs on their surface for applying different amounts of pressure while others are smooth. If you do not want to apply much pressure on your body, you can go for a smooth foam roller, whereas a textured one is used for intense exercise.

2. The density of the foam roller 

Foam rollers are available in different densities, which determines how they feel and who they are best suited for. If you are a beginner, you must go for a light foam and hard foam is perfect for regular practitioners

3. The shape and size of the foam roller

The shape and size of the foam roller depend upon the purpose for which the roller is to be used. The ideal general shape is the rectangular cylindrical 

While these are the basic important points to look for, they are not final. For more clear information on how to choose a foam roller, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE”. It has all the information required to make an informed decision. For now, let us jump right into the Best foam rollers available in India

Best Foam Rollers in India

Foam RollersSizeAvailable colorsWarrantyBuy Now
Strauss Yoga Foam RollerLength: 45cm
Black, blue, orange,
pink and purple.
Dr.Trust Foam RollerLength:33cm
Diameter: 14cm
House of Quirk Foam RollerLength:33cm
Grey, blue, designer blue,
designer pink, pink and orange
Bodylastics Foam RollerLength :46cm
 Auxter Foam RollerSize:30cmBlue-CHECK ON AMAZON
Fitsy Foam RollerLength:14cm
Height: 33cm
Pummelo Foam RollerLength: 18 inchesNeon green-CHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Foam Rollers in India

1. Strauss Yoga Foam Roller

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller

Strauss foam roller is made of Eva foam with a textured dotted surface and is lightweight. This foam roller is easy to clean and durable making it suitable for self-massage and balance training.

It is medium in density and is available in two sizes: 30cm and 40cm. Ideal for people who sit at work all day.

Its specially designed raised grid patterns are firm but flexible which improves circulation of blood to soft tissues. It is waterproof, anti-slip, non-toxic, odorless and soft to touch.


  • Being portable and lightweight makes it easier to pack and carry along in your fitness classes
  • It is versatile and thus helps you perform different exercise variations
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced athletes


  • Small-sized and does not come with a carry bag

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2. Dr. Trust Long Acupressure Foam Roller

Dr. Trust Long Acupressure Foam Roller

Dr. Trust long acupressure foam roller comes with 3-D massage zones that provide deep tissue massage for restoring fascia and relaxing the muscles. 

It is made from high-quality material that will not break down or lose its shape even after repeated use. This high-density foam roller has measurements of 13 inches (length) x 5.5 inches (diameter). And the studs on the roller are properly engraved to give a good feel to the body.

Being lightweight and travel-friendly, Dr. Trust Long acupressure foam roller is convenient and easy to carry around. 


  • Being 950 gm in weight, you can carry it wherever you go
  • It stays still and doesn’t slip while rolling
  • Constructed from high-quality material
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Can be difficult to use for overweight or old people as they may find it difficult to roll it over their back

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3. Foam Roller for Muscles by House of Quirk

Foam Roller for Muscles by House of Quirk

House of a quirk foam roller is best used before and after a workout on back, thighs, calves, hip flexors, and glutes. The premium design is perfect for your trigger points and muscle release. 

This medium density foam roller is made using extra-firm polypropylene and is of the size 30cm.

This foam roller can benefit anyone who is looking for a massage roller to reduce soreness after a workout, exercise your core, stretch out a tight back, or help out with physical therapy.


  • Made using high density molded propylene for better results
  • Minimizes muscle cramps to a large extent
  • Offered in two different sizes to meet your needs


  • One may face an issue with the quality of the product

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4. Bodylastics Foam Roller

Bodylastics Foam Roller

This is a medium-density foam roller that is easy to use.

 The size of the Bodylastic Foam Roller allows you to target specific muscle groups and pain points. 

It has a length of about 33cm, making it effective for beginners. It is actively used by crossfit athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and individuals who just perform a normal fitness workout.

At an exceptional value, you get sturdy construction with three unique massage zones.


  • Great value for money
  • Not hard but strong enough to provide a deep massage
  • Lightweight material makes transport a breeze
  • Compact size enables you to target specific muscle
  • Available in various colors


  • None found in particular

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 5. Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller

Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller

It is a travel-sized foam massage roller with 194 flexible bumps for muscle penetration. Dimensions are 46 cm x 14 cm. 

Auxter foam roller erodes trigger points, restores flexibility and brings relief from muscle pain.

This travel-sized version includes flexible bumps that knead the contours of your body, while gently stretching soft tissue in different directions.


  • Can easily handle user weight up to 130kg
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Features 194 flexible bumps that gently stretch muscles and help you target pain points.


  • Can prove to be too hard or rough for some users

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6. Fitsy Foam Roller

Fitsy Foam Roller

Fitsy high-density foam roller controls the amount of pressure applied by adjusting your body position.

This deep tissue massage foam roller comes with one deep tissue foam roller which efficiently reduces stiff muscles by targeting trigger points. 

High-performance EVA foam massage rollers like Fitsy rollers relax the back, leg, quad, hamstring, it band, foot, fascia, calves, hip, shoulder, fingers and reduces cellulite. Dimensions: 46 cm x 14 cm.


  • Durable and suitable for users who want to improve flexibility
  • Perfect for runners, athletes, and dancers


  • None found in particular 

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7. Pummelo Foam Roller

Pummelo Foam Roller

The package comes with 2 multi-mode massage rollers which give you the flexibility to massage yourself with multiple intensities. 

It is affordable, effective and easy to carry. It is cylindrical and helps in yoga pilates and balance training. With 2 in 1 foam roller, you can choose the intensity of your deep tissue massage. Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm.

When you are too tired or want to use a foam roller for warm-up, you may want to reduce the massage intensity or when you complete your workout you may want to massage with more intensity, with the help of Pummelo Foam Roller.


  • Neither too hard nor too soft, it is of perfect density
  • Though there are two rollers which can be carried with one inside the other
  • Excellent quality of the transport bag


  • Expensive compared to other rollers

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Using a foam roller consistently whether injured or not helps to give your muscle normal functions making them more elastic healthy and ready to perform. The process of rolling on the floor applies pressure to specific parts of the body and aid in the recovery of muscles. 

With medium density, the  Strauss Yoga Foam roller is portable, light in weight and is easier to pack and carry. Perfect for beginners, it comes in 2 variants, the 30 cm and 40 cm models to choose from depending on your choice and is the best foam roller available in our list. While those were our picks, we encourage you for your picks and suggestions. Did we miss out on anything? Do you want us to add or remove from the list? Feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our product expert team will get right back to you.