The 10 Best Selling Exercise Bikes for weight loss in India: Ultimate Buying Guide

Indoor cycling can be a great workout. A home exercise bike offers you a convenient way to work out regularly, irrespective of the season. These bikes make it easier to pedal to a fitter within the comfort of your home.

Finding the best exercise bike depends on many factors such as your body weight, fitness goal, and preference.Before buying an exercise bike, you must consider following things:

Type: There are different types of exercise bikes. You should select one as per your usage.

  • Upright bikes: It is best suitable for those who wish to have a comfortable workout session rather than a high-intensity training session.
  • Spin bikes: These bikes are for those who are looking forward to an effective and heavy workout session rather than a casual cycling session.
  • Recumbent bikes: These bikes are specially designed for people with any pre-existing injury or back or joint issues.
  • Air bikes: If you wish to have an intense HIIT training session at home, you should go for air bikes.
  • Hybrid bikes: They are designed as a mix of recumbent and upright bikes and are a good option for beginners. However, if you plan to take fitness as a challenge, it is not advisable.
  • Mini Bikes: If you are on any type of therapy, mini bikes are the best option for you. They don’t work on burning calories as fast as any other bike.

Weight Capacity: Every exercise bike has a maximum weight recommendation. Select a bike that is heavier than your body weight. Heavier bikes provide more stability.

Safety, pedestal straps, and display are some other features that you should consider. We have explained about them in detail in the “Buying Guide below.

After testing around 15 best bikes in the market along with proper research and reviews; we have shortlisted 10 best exercise bikes for you. Let’s have a look!

Best Exercise Bikes in India 2020

ProductsTypeMaximum CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Fitkit FK500 Exercise BikeAirbike100 Kgs6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Powermax BU-205 Exercise BikeHybrid bike100 Kgs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Reach Exercise BikeAirbike100 Kgs1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Healthex Exercise BikeAirbike120 kgsNo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Cardio JSB HF73 Exercise BikeUpright bike100 Kgs1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Fitkit FK600 Exercise BikeHybrid bike100 Kgs6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
ProductsTypeElevationWarrantyBuy Now
Ozoy Mini Pedal Exercise BikeMini Bike9 inchesNo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise BikeMini Bike14 inchesNo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Owme Mini Pedal Exercise BikeMini BikeNANo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
Liolis Mini Pedal Exercise BikeMini BikeNANo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON

Top 10 Exercise cycle Reviews for Home in India

1. Fitkit FK500 Exercise Bike

Fitkit FK500 Exercise BikeThe Fitkit FK500 is the perfect domestic equipment that has all the features of a superb exercise bike. The manufacturer has thought of all the requirements and incorporated it into this model.

It is primarily an airbike with a 3kg flywheel in the front that provides resistance with the friction of air against the fan. Apart from that, it comes with several levels of resistance for better and more intense training of the body.

We have given it the first position because of its superior build quality, load taking capacity, an in-built computer that scans, tracks time, speed, burnt calories, and distance covered.

You can as well adjust the height to your liking, and there are zero chances of foot slippage as it has well designed peddles with footlockers.

Maximum capacity: 100 kgs

Best Features:

  • Type- Airbike
  • Build material- stainless steel
  • Tracks- Scan, time, distance, calories burned, and speed
  • Footlockers, comfortable saddles
  • Backrest
  • Height adjustment
  • Free Installation

Warranty and Service Quality: The warranty on the Fitkit FK500 is 6 months from the date of purchase.

However, if you buy online from Amazon, you would get a 10 days replacement guarantee if the product comes with a manufacturing defect.

FitKit provides free installation on this exercise bike. For which you will have to call on 1800-102-3773/ 1800-102-3110 or WhatsApp on +91-6260741910/ 11 between Monday to Saturday 10 Am to 7 Pm.


  • Comfortable seating with back support
  • Stainless steel body gives durability
  • 3 Kg flywheel
  • Sleek design that takes minimal space
  • Several resistance levels for intense workouts
  • Meter tracking


  • No moving handlebars
  • No major cons


Overall the FitKit FK500 is a complete package that will level up your fitness game by several notches. It is the perfect indoor exercise bike for fitness enthusiasts. This stationary bike has a comfortable backrest, and so, older persons can exercise on it as well.

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2. Powermax BU-205 Exercise Bike

Powermax BU-205 Exercise BikeThe Powermax is yet another exercise bike that is superb. This exercise bike has moving handlebars that will help keep your upper body toned as well, apart from giving you a fit lower body with ample leg exercise.

The only reason we have placed it in the second position is that it is a little more pricey than the FitKit FK500 bike.

It is a hybrid bike with backrest, adjustable seat, moving handlebars and a flywheel. There is also a provision to adjust and fix the handlebars. This fitness bike is designed such that it can fit the need of everyone irrespective of age or height, which makes it one of the best exercise bikes in India.

Maximum Capacity:100 Kgs

Best Features:

  • Hybrid bike
  • Comfortable seating
  • Moving handlebars (with fixers)
  •  Foot-straps
  • In-built computer (for tracking time, distance, speed and calories spent)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Resistance knobs
  • Height adjustment feature

Warranty and Service Quality: The warranty on this exercise bike is 1 year.

In case of any issues, you can call the Powermax Fitness customer care at +91-8080-269-269. 

As far as its performance is concerned, it is a superb bike with loads of feature and solid built quality. And so, this hybrid fitness bike has been praised for its performance by many users online.


  • Movable handlebars (with stoppers)
  • 3kgs flywheel
  • Resistance knob
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built-in monitor to display workout result
  • Scientifically designed body
  • Anti-slippage pedals


  • Does not come with free installation
  • After-sales service can be better


Although it is a little pricier than our top pick, if we consider the overall scenario, this bike is offering superb features at its price range. Overall, it is another excellent exercise bike that can fit the needs of all.

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3. Reach Exercise Bike

Reach Exercise BikeIf you want a fitness bike with belt resistance, then you can go for this one. It operates quietly and enables the rider to work on the full body.

With its dual function (movable handlebars along with pedals), you exercise the muscles on the lower part of the body and increase the endurance of the top half of your physique.

This bike is superb and is indeed one of the best exercise bikes in India. We are placing it in the third position as it lacks a backrest that the previous two exercisers did.

As this exercise machine has a belt-drive, it makes lesser noise. But do keep in mind, the belt will loosen up with extended use and will require a replacement.

This bike is ergonomically designed with adjustable seat, moving handlebars and pedal straps to avoid slippage. You can also monitor your progress and the number of calories burned owing to the presence of a display monitor that shows these parameters.

Maximum Capacity: 100 Kgs

Best Features:

  • Moving and stationary handlebar options
  • Vertical seat adjustment feature
  • LCD monitor shows- speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse
  • pedal straps
  • Belt drive resistance

Warranty and Service Quality: The warranty period for the Reach Air exercise bike is 1 year.

After this time period, the company will charge an amount of 750 for every visit. Amazon offers a 10 days replacement guarantee if you receive a product with a defect.

For installation or any other support related to this airbike, you can call on 08956212345. This bike is particularly a favourite with the online buyers as it has a comfortable design, is economical and easy to use. It is listed as Amazon’s Choice for fitness bikes.


  • Movable handles
  • Adjustable seat
  • durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Scientific and uncomplicated design
  • Economical
  • LCD monitor for tracking progress


  • The seat can be more comfortable
  • Some nuts and bolts require frequent tightening


If you do not mind the lack of a backrest, then this machine is one of the best if you want to train your body at home. It has a belt resistance and moving handlebars that can keep your entire physique looking toned and your joints flexible.

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4. Healthex Exercise Bike

Healthex Exercise BikeThe Healthex exercise bike is a good option if you want to add workout equipment at home without spending too much. This exerciser has all it takes to get the heartbeat up, exercise the joints, and lose some body fat in the process.

If you buy it online, you get complimentary tummy-slimming equipment along with this bike. So, in case you are searching for the best deal on bikes, here it is for you to grab.

It is a good bike and comes with a backrest, adjustable seat, ergonomically designed pedals, and a monitor that displays the speed, calories, distance, time. The joints this bike works on are knees, hip joints, and ankles.

However, we have placed it in the fourth position as it does not feature moving handles, and so, cannot work on your back muscles.

Maximum Capacity: 120 Kgs

Best Features:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Monitor
  • straps on pedals
  • Resistance knob
  • Backrest

Warranty and Service Quality: There is no warranty on this exercise bike. Although Amazon gives a 10 days replacement in case of defective product

You will have to complete the installation by yourself with a video guide. In some cities, the company arranges for third party technicians for installation, but it is chargeable.

Quality-wise, it is a superb bike that can help you fulfil your fitness goals. Users who have purchased it and are currently using it don’t have any significant issues with this machine.


  • pocket-friendly pricing
  • Complimentary tummy slimmer
  • backrest for relaxed sitting
  • 120 kgs carrying capacity
  • strapped pedals for a better experience
  • Screen for showing several exercise parameters
  • Good stability


  • lacks warranty
  • Does not have movable handlebars


It is a value for money deal that you simply should not miss. This fitness equipment does its job decently and has a good capacity for carrying weight. If the lack of warranty does not bother you much, then we advise you to settle for it.

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5. Cardio JSB HF73 Exercise Bike 

Cardio JSB HF73 Exercise Bike This bike by Cardio Max is a stunner both in terms of look and features. The sleek steel body and space-efficient design make it excellent fitness equipment for home use.

The 4 kgs flywheel provides a smooth exercising experience. It has heart rate sensors fixed on the handles that calculate and displays the result on the monitor. The seat of this exercise bike isn’t the most comfortable, but it allows you to adjust the seat level and the pedal straps.

However, we have ranked this model in the fifth position as the armrest isn’t adjustable, the seat is a little on the smaller side, and it can make a little noise.

It is an upright bike that uses magnetic resistance for working. There is a resistance knob with 8 distinct levels demarcated on it. You can increase or decrease the tension and intensity according to your requirement.

Best Features:

  • Compact design
  • Weight — 19 kgs
  • Adjustable seat and pedal straps
  • Pulse rate sensors
  • LCD screen
  • Magnetic resistance with 8 levels

Maximum Capacity: 100 kgs,

Warranty and Service Quality: The warranty on the Cardio Max JSB HF73 is 1 year from the date of purchase.

You can claim a replacement within 10 days if you get the bike in a damaged condition from Amazon. For all other queries, you can contact the Cardio Max customer care on 080104 02110. 

The overall build quality of this upright exercise bike is pretty good. However, some users have reviewed that the resistance level isn’t enough.


  • pulse sensors on the handles
  • Durable
  • less maintenance cost
  • compact and sleek design
  • Eight resistance levels


  • Requires more resistance
  • Can make a little noise
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Seat is small


This fitness bike is good for your overall fitness. It will burn fat and keep your lower body in shape. However, its feature will not suffice for toning your upper body because of the lack of movable handlebars. However, the pros of this bike outweigh the cons. Hence, it is undoubtedly a worthy buy according to us.

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6. Fitkit FK600 Exercise Bike

Fitkit FK600 Exercise BikeWe have reviewed the Fitkit FK500 earlier in this very article. The primary difference between the FK 500 and the FK 600 model is the movability of the handlebars.

This model of Fitkit is a hybrid bike that creates resistance with the help of the flywheel that allows air to do the job. Besides, there is a resistance knob that ensures your you sweat out that extra at in your body.

However, we have ranked it below the FK 500 because it lacks a backrest. And so, it isn’t the best option for oldies who might want a comfortable posture to workout in.

The FK500 has stationary handles, but this exerciser ( Fitkit FK600) is an improvement on the former model and has movable handles that allow you to work on both the upper body and the lower body. You can as well adjust the handles and fix it if you want it that way. But the process of making the handles fixed can take a bit of time.

Maximum Capacity: 100 Kgs

Best Features:

  • 3 kgs flywheel
  • Resistance knob
  • Digital monitor screen
  • Adjustable sat height
  • Lock foot pedal

Warranty and Service Quality:  It has 6 months of warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Once you buy this exercise bike, the company arranges for free installation and demo. For more details, call them on 1800-102-3773/ 1800-102-3110. Or WhatsApp on +91-6260741910/ 11. 

Its service quality is good, and so far, it has many happy customers all over India who have been immensely benefitted with its features.


  • 3 kgs flywheel creates enough resistance
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Digital monitor
  • Movable/stationary handles


  • Lacks backrest
  • Adjusting handles can take time


If the lack of backrest is no issue to you, then this is the fitness bike that you are looking for. The little extra time to adjust the handles from movable to stationary should not be a large concern, provided you do not have the need to do it very frequently.

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Best Mini Exercise Bikes in India

Mini exercise bikes are great for a quick workout. While it might not be the best option for intense exercise, but it sure does its job by keeping your lower body toned and provides it with a daily dose of exercise. They have many benefits like;

  • Portable
  • Good for patients and older people
  • Compact and easy to store

Here are the best mini exercise bikes in India that we have shortlisted:

1. Ozoy Mini Pedal Exercise Bike

Ozoy Mini Pedal Exercise BikeIf your lifestyle keeps you busy and you cannot get enough exercise even when you would like to, then, it is time you invest in this mini exercise bike/pedal foot exerciser. It is also excellent equipment for patients who have joint problems and persons who are ageing.

We are placing it in the first position on the list of the best mini exercise bikes in India as it has all the necessary features of a mini bike. Additionally, it can be folded and hence saves space.

It is a compact equipment that can further be folded and stored anywhere. It weighs just 3 kgs and you can easily carry it around. For a low impact workout, this exerciser is perhaps the best you will find in the market.

You can use it in your house while watching TV or in your office while working on a computer. This exercise bike will improve circulation and joint flexibility. Exercising on it will also have a toning effect on your legs and glutes. Alternatively, you can exercise your arms as well using this mini exercising cycle.

The stand of this bike has an anti-skid coating and can be placed on any surface. It has a comfortable elevation of 9 inches and comes with ergonomically designed pedals.

There is a monitor as well that shows the calories burned, the time elapsed, speed and rotation per minute with the click of a button.

Elevation: 9 inches

Best Features: 

  • Foldable and compact
  • Ergonomic pedal design
  • Resistance Knob
  • LCD monitor
  • Anti-skid coating

Warranty and Service Quality: No warrant is provided by the manufacturer.

But if you buy this from Amazon and get any defective piece, you can get a replacement if you bring up the issue within ten days after the delivery.

Patients who have joint troubles, recovering from surgeries, homemakers, and busy office goers use it the most. And so far, this mini exercise bike has done its job delightfully.


  • Foldable
  • portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • No warranty


If you want a mini bike, this one by Ozoy is a terrific option for you. However, just to be clear, it is not an alternative for a full-sized exercise bike. The mini exercise bikes are more used for therapeutic purpose. So, if you are looking for an intense workout, look at the above 6 exercisers on this list.

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2. Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Bike 

Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Bike It is yet another foldable mini exercise bike from Inditradition that is suitable for all age groups. This mini fitness bike has a tension adjuster that can help you build up endurance over time.

It is a sturdy machine that can give you several health benefits if you exercise on it 20 minutes regularly.

The height is 14 inches, and the monitor displays time, speed, distance, rotation per minute, and calories burned during a session.

We have put it second on our list as this bike does not have an option to put out the LCD screen. Also, some users are of the opinion that the display quality is poor.

Elevation: 14 inches

Best Features:

  • 5 function LCD screen
  • Well-designed body
  • Compact and foldable
  • weight- 3 kgs

Warranty and Service Quality: There is no warranty on the Inditradition Mini exercise bike.

It is doing pretty well in providing customers with satisfaction. The service quality is quite good as it is made with a durable chrome frame.


  • Foldable
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Portable


  • LCD cannot be put out
  • Minor assembling issues


If you want a compact, portable, lightweight product that has all the necessary features, then we at Homezene recommend you to purchase this mini fitness bike. It is a complete value for money product.

Buy Now at Amazon

3. Owme Mini Pedal Exercise Bike

Owme exercise cycleThis foldable pedal foot exerciser is a simple fitness equipment like the rest of the mini bikes that you can use anywhere. It has a foldable body, and a monitor that shows specific details about your workout.

Pencil batteries operate the LCD screen. Once the cells run out, you will have to replace them. Also, the package does not include cells.

It ranks third on our list of it is an extremely lightweight machine that might not be able to take a very heavy load.

Elevation: 9 inches

Best Features:

  • One-touch display
  • The LCD screen displays the RPM, time, speed, distance and calories burned
  • Weight- 0.5 Kgs
  • Build material- steel and plastic
  • Strapped pedals

Warranty and Service Quality: There is no warranty on this fitness foot pedal.

On purchasing online, you can get a 10 days replacement if there is a manufacturing defect in this product.

As far as quality is concerned, it is pretty decent. Hundreds of online buyers have been using this equipment for a long time without having any trouble with it whatsoever.


  • Multifunctional LCD screen
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • LCD screen


  • Pedal gets heated on high resistance


This foot peddling exercise bike is for all. Whether you are a young person looking for some light exercise or a senior who wants to keep his joints flexible, this bike will fulfil your exercise requirements on a daily basis.

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Liolis Mini Pedal Exercise Bike 

Liolis Mini Pedal Exercise Bike This little fitness bike comes in a ready to use state. It is suitable for light exercise and can be used anywhere anytime. It has a foldable body that saves space, and the dimension is 50x38x31 CM (LxBxH).

This ranks below all the three products as the monitor scans and show all the particulars about a workout session together at a time and not separately.

With this machine, you can work on your legs and arms as well. It will not skid no matter what the surface is, as there is an anti-slip rubber layer attached to its bottom.

Elevation: 12 inches

Best Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-skid feet
  • LCD screen

Warranty and Service Quality: The manufacturer does not offer any warranty on this mini exercise cycle. However, you can avail a 10 days replacement if you buy it from Amazon.

It is currently one of the most loves mini fitness bikes in India, owing to its superior build quality and easy to use features.


  • Easy to use
  • Does not require assembling
  • LCD screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for all age groups


  • LCD monitor shows exercise particulars after workout


Overall it is an economical product that you can use to meet your daily exercise requirement. This mini exerciser is one of the best in India, and you can surely buy it.

Buy Now at Amazon

Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

Considering these factors will help you buy the best bike for you. This will help you keep your fitness goals as a priority for you.

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

There are different styles of exercise bikes that are designed on the basis of the requirement of the users. Each of them offer multiple advantages and lets you get closer to your fitness goals. Finalizing the type of bike that you need is the first step to start your fitness journey.

  • Upright Exercise Bikes

The upright bikes offer a conventional riding position to its users. It features a standard bike seat without any back support. Since they are designed only for seated cycling, the bikes offer front display and handlebars. If you want to enjoy a comfortable workout experience (and not a high-intensity one), this is an ideal option for you.

The upright bikes are compact and allow you to move them from one place to another. These bikes are more suited to casual exercisers who would like to simply pedal while watching TV or while having a conversation from the padded seat.

They offer low-impact option and help in improving the muscle tone and strengthening the legs. You can enjoy a great cardio session with this bike.

The handles of the upright bikes are usually a bit higher than the seat. This allows you to have a relaxed position. However, some of these bikes also need your arms to maintain support and balance. This way, you can experience an intense workout session that involves your abdominal muscles and upper body.

If you feel that an upright bike is suitable to meet your fitness goals, you can look for advanced models that offer clear and easy-to-use displays. Some features that you should look for in your bikes are speed, distance, calories burned, time, and track resistance. Some models also offer built-in programs to keep track of your workout patterns. They keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

An additional feature that you can look for in your cycle is heart-rate monitoring. This tech activates via touch and is often found in the handlebars. Some models of upright bikes even come with chest strap heart monitors. They provide a more accurate reading.

When compared to the other types of bikes, these bikes come at a reasonable price. Thus, it is suitable for even those users who are a bit tight on their budget. However, one con of this bike is the seat can cause discomfort if you are sitting on it for a long time. This is why it is not a great option for elderly people or for those who have back pain issues

Pros Cons
Allows upright and forward-leaning position Not suitable for peddling while standing
Works on lower body and abs Can cause back stiffness occasionally
Intense workout and calorie burning
  • Spin Exercise Bike

Spin bikes or indoor bikes are common in studios and gyms. Spinning offers a low-impact and high-intensity workout session.

It is an ideal choice for those people who wish to burn calories at a faster rate. They are meant to let you enjoy an effective and strenuous workout session.

Even though the mechanism of both upright bikes and spin bikes look similar, they work in a very different way. In most of the models, the flywheel of the spin bike is not regulated by electromagnets. Instead, it is regulated by a transmission that is driven by the pedals and the brakes, very much like the way a bicycle is powered. Even though you can’t change the gears, you can use the knob to adjust the resistance levels.

The seats of this type of exercise bike are usually at the same levels as that of the handlebars. The handlebars are also placed at the same levels as those of racing bikes. Thus, riding a spin bike gives you a feel of riding a racing bike by leaning forward. You can even stand on the pedals and ride the bike.

It is a perfect cycle for regular cyclists and offers the riders an amazing aerobic workout session at the comfort of their house. The spin cycles are one of the best calorie-burning machines that offer many added advantages of working the quads, glutes, hams, and calves to maintain muscle strength and endurance. It also helps in improving the stability and bone density in the hips, knees, and ankles.

If you are planning to buy a spin bike for your house, you should think of the floor condition too as it takes a lot of space for storage.

Pros Cons
Sturdy build Can be straining on the back
Allows upright, leaning and standing positions Not very suitable for people with severe joint problems
Adjustable handlebars
  • Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The recumbent bikes offer wider and comfortable seats and allow you to sit in a reclined position. The pedals are in the front and the positioning helps in evening out the body weight distribution. This feature also helps in making these bikes an ideal solution for those dealing with pre-existing injuries or back and joint issues.

The main goal of these cycles is to let you burn the fat away while making you feel relaxed. Unlike spin bikes, the recumbent bikes are not a great choice for passionate bikers.

These bikes are equipped with a chair and proper back support. They make the exercise session so much comfortable and fun. You can simply sit in a reclined position and place your feet on the pedal and start pedaling.

The recumbent bikes have handlebars at the front display and along the sides of the seat. Some of the features that you should look for before buying a recumbent bike are adjustable seating, a clear display with all the necessary measurements, built-in workout programs, and heart-rate monitoring.

If you are someone with back injuries or if you are recovering from any back or joint conditions, these bikes help you recover faster. Exercising on these bikes help you focus more on the glutes and also have a slight impact on the lower stomach muscles. Similar to upright bikes, these bikes also help you work on the glutes and strengthen your legs.

You should check for the dimensions of the bike as it takes up more space. Another disadvantage of these bikes is since the seat is reclined, it becomes hard to reach higher leg speeds. Thus, you cannot do a high-calorie workout on this bike. The bikes are a bit costly too and after a point, it becomes difficult to do cycling with back support.

Pros Cons
Offers relaxed sitting position Burns lesser calories
Suitable for people with body aches/joint problems More costly
Has more stability
  • Mini Exercise Bikes

The mini exercise bikes are an ideal option for those people who are on therapy. These bikes come with a stabilizer, paddles, and a screen that shows the speed, time, and the calories burned. When compared to other bikes, these bikes don’t burn the calories at a very high speed.

To start with, you should first comfortably sit at the seat and then start pedaling like any other type of bike. The best part about these bikes is they are lightweight and comparatively cheaper.

Pros Cons
Best for people who need less intense workouts Does not burn as much calories
Economical Requires a seating arrangement separately
Takes less space
  • Air bikes

These bikes are also known as fan bikes or assault bikes. The air bikes have two upright handles at chest level that move back and forth. There is a large fan that is driven using the speed and the power of the pedals.

The resistance is generated using the fan and as you start pedaling faster, the resistance increases. The harder you pedal, the more intense the workout becomes. Thus, if you are looking forward to an intense and a challenging HIIT style of training, you must go ahead and buy an air bike.

Pros Cons
Intense cardio and calorie burning Pricey
Higher resistance levels Takes up space
Tones full body
  • Combination or Hybrid Exercise Bike

These bikes are perfect for the entire family as it is designed using a perfect combination of recumbent bikes and upright bikes. It is a 2 in 1 bike that allows you to work on a broad range of leg and lower abdominal muscles. If you want to include cycling in your workout, these bikes are good to start with.

Cycling in this bike offers a better back posture. But, if you are looking forward to putting your fitness to the test, these bikes might not offer a great solution to you.

Things to Consider while purchasing

Any bike or the exercise equipment that you are willing to buy must have some basic features. They are as follows:

1. Seat

Irrespective of the workout routine, the seat of the bikes should be comfortable to sit on. You can even sit and check if it is hurting you in any way.

However, if you are a fan of a particular bike but if the seat does not impress you much, you can also buy an additional seat cover with extra padding or gel.

Apart from this, one more thing that you should check is whether the seats are adjustable or not. It is very important to adjust the seats at a reasonable height so that you don’t have to extend your arms at an uncomfortable position. The handlebars should also provide an easy grip.

2. Adjustable handlebars and pedal strap

The pedals of the exercise bike should be wide and should have a strap or a toe cage. This helps in providing a convenient experience to your foot while pedaling.

The bikes should have adjustable straps. The straps usually have spring-loaded clips on the outer edge of the pedal to hold your foot at a place. The pedals should work smoothly without making much noise. If you have wider feet, it is suggested to go for larger pedals.

After you purchase the bike, one of the first things that you should do is adjust the pedals and handlebars according to your height and comfort. You can do this by reading the instruction guide that you get along with the bike.

3. Display

The bike should have a clear display with easy-to-use controls. These controls help in controlling the device better. The basic details that all the displays show are distance, time, and speed. Some models offer a good combination of elements such as calories burned, resistance levels, heart rate, revolutions per minute, etc.

The best screen should have a backlit display that is helpful in low-light conditions. The screen should also be wide enough to show all the necessary information clearly at once.

4. Heart-rate Monitor

Most of the exercise bikes have the contact monitor attached to the handgrip. However, the advanced models offer a separate chest-strap monitor that provides accurate results.

The heart-rate monitors help in maintaining an optimum intensity level during the workout session. They also help in pushing you harder for intense training.

Few models offer heart-rate control programs that work with the monitor to keep a tab on your heart rate and maintain it at a preset range.

5. Weight Limit and the Weight of the Machine

Always check the maximum recommended weight for any exercise bike and select the one that is more than your weight. A simple rule is – the heavier your bike is, the more stability it will provide. The price of the bikes also increases with the weight of the bike. Heavier bikes are usually costly.

If the weight limit of the bike is close to your body weight, consider going with a bike with a higher weight limit. For example, if you weigh 220 lbs., you should go ahead with a bike that offers 300 lb. as weight limit rather than going for a 250 lb. It is always helpful if the weight limit is high.

As mentioned, the heavier bikes offer more stability. While you are buying a heavy bike, check if it has wheels included. If not, it becomes very difficult to move around the bike from one place to another.

6. Magnetic Resistance

The most important factor for any exercise bike is how is it providing resistance. Resistance helps in providing an intense workout session.

Most of the bikes use magnetic resistance. Also called as braking resistance, the same mechanism is used in the brakes of the cars too. The best part about magnetic resistance is there is no friction involved. Thus, there is no scope of wear and tear that is associated with friction.

The magnetic resistance offers great reliability to the device. It also allows smooth and quiet operation with a very little or no maintenance cost at all.

The ECB i.e. Eddy Current Brake is the latest generation of magnetic resistance. It is also considered as the best technology in the market. The older braking technology used by the bikes generally use brake pads that wear out easily due to friction. Thus, these pads have to be replaced quite often. Due to this, even cheaper models of bikes use magnetic resistance.

7. Excessive Noise

The noise produced by a bike depends on the resistance that it offers. Some bikes also include fans that make the bike noisier as they feature air resistance. In such bikes, the harder you pedal, the stronger the breeze it is going to generate. This will eventually contribute to the noise.

While most of the exercise bikes do not generate unbearable noise, but even if it does, you can listen to the music or watch TV while cycling.

8. Safety

If you have pets or kids at your place, it is very essential to check the safety features that a bike offers. To avoid any type of accident, check if the mechanics (including the flywheel and the chain) are covered as your fingers or other body part might get stuck into it.

Always check if the bike is locked and is out of the reach of children. If the bike is in use, try to keep the pets and children away from you so that they don’t bump in accidentally.

9. Programmable Features

It is always good to buy bikes that offer programmable features so that you can adjust the routines on the basis of your fitness levels. These programs allow you to enter your gender, age, and weight so that it can monitor your heart rate as you are pedaling.

The advanced and newer versions of bikes also incorporate video screens where you can watch videos or play games while working out.

10. Space

Before buying a stationary bike for your place, you should plan for the available space beforehand. Measure the space along with the ceiling height. The upright bikes are usually taller and add up to 6-12 inches to the total height.

Another major factor is weight. If the cycle is light in weight, you can use the bike in an open space and then keep it back to the storage area. Some exercises have foldable accessories. These bikes are easy to use and can be kept aside when not in use.

11. Water Bottle Holder

This is one feature that might be taken into consideration. Since you are using this bike at your home, a water bottle holder might not be a useful addition. With this holder, you will not have to get up for water or any other energy drink in between the workout session.

12. Price

The price plays a major factor while selecting an exercising bike. The cheaper bikes are usually made using low-quality materials. The fasteners are not that effective too. They offer lesser features when compared to the higher-priced models.

Good brands are usually highly-priced. They are designed using better resistance technologies and last for longer period of time. The maintenance cost of these bikes is generally low and they offer higher user weight limits. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in a durable and branded bike. It provides quieter and long-lasting performance.

13. Warranty

Since it is a big investment, it is suggested to buy an exercise bike that offers a good warranty period. Look for a bike that offers a minimum of 2-3 years of warranty on the moving parts. Some frames come with a lifetime warranty too.

Benefits of Working out on an Exercise Bike

Exercising has tons of benefits. Here are the ways an exercise bike will benefit you and your overall health in the long run:

  • Helps in weight loss — Studies show that a person of average weight burns over 160 calories per 20 minutes of peddling on a fitness bike in a low-resistance level. If you higher up the resistance, a person can burn over 200 calories within the same time.
  • Keeps your heart healthy — Cycling is a cardio exercise. Peddling on an exercise bike gets the heart to work harder and pump more blood. This, in turn, strengthens the cardiac muscles. It also lowers blood pressure and regulates blood sugar.
  • Good for joints — Peddling requires a great deal of joint activity. You will have to employ your hip, ankle, and knee joints constantly to keep the paddle rotating. This exercise works up these joints and strengthens them over time.
  • Reduces stress — This is typical with any type of exercises and working out on an exercise bike is no different. On burning calories and exercising your muscles, your brain would release endorphin, which is one of the four major happy hormones. It will help in reducing stress and keep you feeling positive.
  • Enhances stamina — Stamina is the capacity of a person to do a task without losing breadth. Good stamina is required if a person wants to follow a good exercise regime. Peddling on a fitness bike helps to increase the stamina of a person.
  • Tones Muscles — Exercise bikes are a great way to keep your lower body toned. Peddling tones the hamstrings, quads, and calves. Some type of exercise bikes also works on the abs and back muscles as well.
  • Flexible Workout Schedule– With a fitness bike at your home, you do not have to worry about the weather outside. Also, you can avoid skipping on monthly gym subscriptions. Besides, you can exercise whenever you like within the comfort of your house.

Safety Tips for Exercise Bike Workout

Gym accidents are not uncommon, and if you do not give enough attention, you might be involved in one. Although a fitness bike is one of the safer equipment to workout on, still it is best to keep these tips in mind while exercising.

  • Stretching and warming up is an important part of exercising. This prepares your body for what’s coming up next.
  • Starting up with a high resistance level can be taxing on muscles and joints. It is advisable that you begin exercising with a low resistance level and notch it up as you progress.
  • Always make sure that your posture while sitting on the bike is correct. An ill posture can give rise to backaches.
  • Position your feet well over the pedals before you start cycling. Sudden slipping of feet can strain muscles.
  • Never mount the bike while you are sleepy or intoxicated. You could fall off and hurt yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions on Exercise Bikes

1. Which exercise bike is best for home use? 

Some of the top exercise bikes in India that are fit for home use are;

  • Fitkit FK500
  • Powermax Fitness BU-205
  • Cardio Max JSB HF73
  • Healthex Exercise Cycle
  • Reach Air Bike

2. How to use an exercise bike?

An exercise bike is a simple equipment to use. After assembling, the first thing that you have to do is adjust the seat. The height of the seat should be ideally till your waist (measured in standing position). Then adjust the handlebars such that you are comfortable. Now set the resistance level you want and mount on the bike.

Make sure that your feet rest comfortably on the pedals. Hold the handles. Now slowly exert force for moving the pedals. Also, sync hand movements with that of your legs. Keep peddling to burn calories and exercise body.

3. Is a treadmill better than an exercise bike? 

If you are only concerned about burning calories, then the treadmill is the winner. But if you focus on achieving a toned body, and burning fat alongside, then the exercise bike is way ahead in the game.

Also, you are more likely to tire yourself faster on a treadmill, which is not the case with the exercise bike. Hence, exercise bikes can give you longer workout sessions as compared to a treadmill.

4. Is exercise on a stationary bike safe? 

To answer you, yes, it is completely safe to exercise on a stationary bike. Working out on a fitness bike is safer than many other machines as there are lesser chances of accidents.

5. Which areas of the body get worked while peddling on an exercise bike?

Peddling on the exercise bike strengthens the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Additionally, it also works on the abs, glutes, and back. In case your machine comes with movable handles, you can also work on your biceps, shoulders, and triceps.

6. How long should I work out on an exercise bike? 

Exercising on a stationary bike might apparently seem easy, but it’s not so. With the resistance working against you, you will have to put in the effort for exercising.

If you are a beginner, try targeting a duration between 10 to 20 minutes. Once you reach the 20-minute mark, set your goal for 30 minutes.

Cycling 30 minutes regularly on a stationary should give your body with its daily requirement of exercise. However, remember to build it up slowly. If you try doing it at once, you will end up with very sore muscles.

7. Does exercise bike build muscles? 

To answer in one word, yes. As it works up many muscle groups of the body, it develops better muscles overtime. It is especially true for the lower half of the body.

8. Will an exercise bike slim my tummy? 

Belly fat is perhaps a problem most of us Indians face. Exercising on a fitness bike does affect the belly, but the burning process will not be as fast. It is because the process is more targeted towards overall slimming of the body. So, with the reduction of fat from overall body, belly fat will start to disappear as well.

9. Is a mini fitness bike effective? 

A thing to remember here is, mini exercise bikes give low-intensity workout. With the mini exercise bike, you can work out regularly and keep your joints flexible, and your body fit. But if you want to burn body fat rapidly, this equipment is not the best choice for you.

10. Which is the best pedal exerciser/ mini fitness bike? 

The best mini exercising bikes that are currently available in the market are;

  • Ozoy Fitness Cycle
  • Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle
  • Owme Fitness Cycle


We can safely say ”health is wealth.” And to maintain it well, we must exercise. We hope this article was of help to you and aided you to make the right choice.

However, if we had to make a pick for you, we would choose the Fitkit FK500 Exercise Bike It is comfortable, has enough resistance, and is unique.

But if you want to go for a machine that offers a full-body workout, we pick the Powermax BU-205 Exercise Bike And among the mini exercise bikes, we think that the Ozoy Mini Pedal Exercise Bike is a little ahead of the rest in terms of build quality and durability.

Every exercise bike on this article is superb and meets varying requirements. Broadly speaking, you can choose any product from the entire list. They are all great!