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5 Best Commercial Treadmill in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Treadmills are getting popular as one of the best fitness equipment for high grade cardio workout with its various smart features. Although, manual or motorized treadmills are ideal for home gym but in case if you want the treadmill that lasts longer with strength and durability, then it’s good to invest in commercial treadmill.

The commercial treadmills are constructed with high grade material that allows you to use it for a longer run. These treadmills are having high demand in health & fitness centers, gyms, physical therapy clinics, hotel fitness rooms, etc.

Although, its price is high but it comes with various smart features, powerful motor, bulk frame and best quality resistant belt to cope with wear and tear for an intense exercise / workout. Before buying, one should keep these 3 main things in their mind to get the perfect one.

Motor Power – A commercial treadmill with motor power of about 3.0 CHP to 6.0 CHP is ideal to purchase why because it can withstand for about 6 – 7 hours a day without getting overheated.

Speed Range – Choose the commercial treadmill which offers easy speed adjustment (range from 0 to 20) along with having both high and low speed options (MPH), which allows you to walk, jog and run accordingly.

Inclination Level – Whether you walk or run on the treadmill, you can get benefited by adding incline to your workout. So, by setting inclination level in the treadmill, you can make the workout more intense and challenging (as it burns calories faster).

Choosing a commercial treadmill from various models and brands is quite difficult task. So, to assist you in buying the best treadmill, we are providing you with a Comprehensive Buying Guide along with some best top selling commercial treadmills in Indian online market. Scroll down to know about it and choose the best one, as per your requirement.

Best Commercial Treadmill for the Money

Commercial TreadmillsMotor PowerSpeed Range
Inclination Level (%)Weight Capacity (KG)Warranty
(motor & other parts)
Buy Now
PowerMax Commercial Treadmill3.0 HP Continuous & 6.0 HP Peak0.8 - 18.00 - 181203 years &
1 year
Check On Amazon
Powermax Semi Commercial Treadmill4.0 HP Continuous & 6.0 HP Peak1.0 - 18.00 - 181203 years &
1 year
Check On Amazon
Cockatoo Motorized Treadmill 3 HP Peak 1.0 - 12.0---1103 years &
1 year
Check On Amazon
Sparnod Fitness Automatic Treadmill3.0 HP Continuous & 6.0 HP Peak1.0 - 15.01 - 181403 years &
1 year
Check On Amazon
Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill2.0 HP 1 to 160 - 151203 years &
1 year
Check On Amazon

Best Commercial Treadmill Reviews

Here we are providing some best-selling commercial treadmills in Indian online market (as per reviews & ratings). So, you can choose the best one easily from this list, as per your requirement.

1. PowerMax Fitness  Motorized Commercial Treadmill

powermax commercial treadmill

The PowerMax fitness TDA – 350 is another best product from PowerMax. This excellent fitness equipment will provide you a challenged and varied workout with its great set of features.

The PowerMax will provide free installation service throughout India. For any queries or installation request, you can call PowerMax Fitness support on 916-7405-266.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 0 HP DC motor and speed range of 1 to 18 km/hr in which you can adjust the intensity levels with speed select hot keys.
  • 12 preset programs will offer you with a variety of challenges & 3 target based modes will let you set the time, distance and calories to burn for an efficient workouts. Also, you can calculate the BMI by using the FAT function which helps you to keep track on your body condition.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 120 kg, which is suitable for people whose weight is 95 kg or less by keeping the 25 kg buffer for running.
  • 18 levels auto incline will help you to have an intense workout and thereby to achieve the desired results.
  • 7 inch blue LCD display to track your speed, distance, time, calories burnt and heart rate. 400m running track UI display which help you to train smarter & harder to achieve your desired results.
  • With heart rate sensor, you can monitor your heart rate by placing the palm on crossbar handle.
  • Octo-flexi rubber cushion system will provide the impact absorption and excellent support while the double layer running board absorption will reduce the stress on the ankles and knees by adjusting the running belt speed according to your natural foot movement (either you walk or run on it).
  • 2 mm thick with 6-ply running belt will reduce the shock, skid proof and rebound resilience function. This, in turn, allows you to exercise with safety, comfort and durability. The running belt reduces the impact on your joints.
  • You can easily fold and unfold the treadmill without any strain by using the Hydraulic soft-drop system (HSS). Also, Wheels are provided at the base of the treadmill for easy transportation.
  • Running surface of about 53.5 X 18.8 inches will provide the use a capacious running environment. The built-in auto stop function will minimize the risk of injury. It stops the treadmill in case, if you fall or drift back. You have to attach this safety clip to your clothes while running.

Connect treadmill via Bluetooth with android & iOS App to track your result. The precision steel crowned roller will provide an excellent balance by keeping the belt centered and thereby ensures you with a smooth movement of the belt.

It comes with a tough iron alloy frame to provide a stronger and more reliable treadmill. 3 layers of quality paint will provide corrosion resistance to iron alloy and thereby enhance its lifetime. It comes with 3 year warranty on motor, 1 year warranty on part & labor and lifetime warranty on frame.


  • Cooling fan will provide fresh air while exercising.
  • Wheels for easy movement and HSS to fold and unfold the treadmill easily.
  • Comes with a tablet or mobile holder to keep them safe while running.
  • Strong and durable treadmill.
  • LCD display along with 400 m track UI to monitor your workout.
  • Auto stop button for extra safety while exercising.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Powerful yet noiseless motor


  • After sales service is not up to the mark.
  • Speaker’s quality is poor.
  • A little bit pricey product.

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2. Powermax Fitness Semi Commercial Treadmill

Powermax Fitness treadmill

Powermax fitness TAC 400 is equipped with all the smart features making it as a great solution for an effective cardio workout. Whether it is a fitness center or home gym, you can perform various workouts to lose your overweight and boost up the cardiovascular performance.

Key Features:

  • It is powered with 4.0 HP AC motor and speed capacity range of 1 to 18 km/hr with speed select hot keys. It runs without much consumption of electricity and it let you adjust the intensity and stay focused on your workout.
  • The 7 inch blue LCD display with an unique designed display will let you monitor about the time, speed, calories, distance, BMI, pulse and incline.
  • You can train smart and hard with the 400m running track display to achieve a substantial speed endurance.
  • The 12 preset / pre-defined workouts will offer a challenge for you to perform those workouts. Also, you can calculate the BMI by using a FAT function along with keeping a track on the body condition. The 3 target based modes will let you set the distance, time and calories to burn.
  • The Auto-incline levels from 0 to 18% of this treadmill will help you to have an intense workout.
  • The heart rate sensor on the crossbar handle grip will allow you to monitor the heart rate while performing the workout.
  • Maximum user weight capacity is 120 kg but the powermax recommend this treadmill for user with a weight of 90 – 95 kg and the extra 25 kg buffer for running.
  • This treadmill provides an impressive impact absorption, excellent support, and softer landing with its octo-flexi rubber cushion system. The double layer running board absorption will work to reduce the stress on the ankle & knees by adjusting the belt speed instantly to match the user’s foot movement.
  • The built-in auto stop safety function will help to stop the treadmill automatically if you fall or drift back to minimize the risk of any injury. All you need is to attach this clip to the clothes before starting.
  • The running track of about 53.5 X 18.7 inches will provide a spacious and comfortable running area.
  • The 3.2 mm thick diamond strip running belt will reduce the shock and provide skid proof and rebound resilience function.
  • The 6 ply running board and cast steel resistance will make the bouncy surface and thereby conserve your energy to reduce the impact on joints while running or walking.
  • The precise steel crowned rollers will provide proper balance and ensure for smooth movement and the tough iron alloy frame will make the treadmill a strong and more  reliable for your workout.
  • You can monitor your workout by connecting the treadmill to Bluetooth device with android by using Fitshow App.

It is equipped with AUX/USB connection in which you can connect the built-in speakers from your MP3 player or your smart phone to listen music while exercising.  You can easily fold /unfold this treadmill with its hydraulic soft drop system (HSS) folding and the wheels will help you for easy movement.

The copper core in this powerful motor will prevent much noise (<68 dB) while performing exercise on this treadmill. The cooling fan will provide the fresh air to make you feel comfortable. The Powermax fitness provides a 3 years warranty on motor, 1 year parts and labor warranty and lifetime warranty on its frame.


  • Free installation service is provided all over the India.
  • Through HSS, you can easily fold and unfold the treadmill.
  • Octo-Flexi rubber cushion with double layer running board will help you to have a stable movement without any stress on the legs.
  • Strong, durable and sleek design.
  • You can sync and control by using the FitShow mobile app.


  • Manual lubrication
  • A little bit noisy
  • Poor after sales service

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Cockatoo CTM13 Steel 3HP Motorized Treadmill

cockatoo motorized treadmill

Cockatoo brand is one of the best fitness equipment in India. Their dedicated team are fully committed in providing high quality product at a reasonable price.

It provides free installation all over India. For any queries, you can call the customer care @ 91-95245-00088 to register for installation.

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with 3 HP Peak powerful motor and speed range of 1 to 12 km/hr will make this treadmill suitable for beginners and intermediate users.
  • The user can see the results of your workouts like speed, distance, time and calories burnt on 7-inch TFT display panel and get motivated to stay on track.
  • The heavy duty welded steel frame of this treadmill will provide stability for users and the transportation wheels of this treadmill will make it easy to move around.
  • The multi-layered running belt will reduce the sudden shocks and the textured material will provide optimum traction to allow you to exercise easily.
  • Running area with dimensions of 1260mm length and 420mm width will provide sufficient space for the user to run, jog or walk properly.
  • As the maximum weight capacity is 110 kg, this commercial is quite suitable for people who weighing 100 kg or less.
  • The super shock reducing function of this running belt will help to protect your knees while running or walking. It is non-slippery as well.

This treadmill comes with 3 years warranty on motor, 1 year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame. The manufacturer advices the user to use a voltage stabilizer for the motor safety and longevity.


  • Capable of heavy use as it has powerful motor
  • Durable steel frame for stability
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Auto-incline and auto-lubrication
  • Shock-reducing running belt


  • Sound quality of speakers is not that great
  • Manual inclination and lubrication

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Sparnod Fitness STH-6000 Automatic Treadmill

Sparnod commercial treadmill

Sparnod is a popular brand known for providing fitness equipment range including exercise bikes and treadmills. Among their product range, STH-6000 is perfect choice for people who are serious about fitness. Unlike other treadmills in this article, this one comes in a combination with a sit-up bar. It can be used for toning up muscles in legs, necks, waist and hips.

Key Features:

  • STH-6000 has 3 HP continuous and 6 HP Peak Motor and speed ranging from 1 to 15 KM/hr which lets you run according to your fitness goals.
  • It has maximum 140Kg weight holding capacity. However, the manufacturer recommends to have an extra 25Kg buffer which are going to use the treadmill for running. So, maximum weight of a person using it should be 115Kgs. Any more weight can add pressure to motor and decrease its efficiency.
  • It comes with 4 layer anti-slip running belt with 1310 x 50mm dimensions which is plenty enough for a comfortable walk, run or sprint. Its anti-slip and high density texture will absorb the shock and provide premium comfort.
  • This treadmill has 15.6 Inch LCD touch color screen display which provides insights on operations like speed range and others.
  • You can connect the treadmill with your smartphone through USB or AUX cable for listening to music.
  • Automatic inclination of 0-15% will simulate real feeling of running outdoors. This will improve the efficiency of fat loss.
  • It comes with 12 pre-set programs and a customized manual option for different workouts. This will let you complete your fitness goals without any issues.
  • EZfold technology is utilized with the treadmill which lets you fold or unfold the treadmill according to your choice.

Manufacturers of Sparnod provide 3-years of warranty on motor, lifetime on frame, 1 –year on parts and labor assistance. Free on-site installation is provided by the manufacturer at your delivery address.


  • Powerful motor and 6 HP peak
  • Wide enough running belt
  • Hydraulic shock assist
  • 12 pre-set programs
  • Free installation
  • Easy to operate


  • The screen gets scratches easily.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Healthgenie 4612C Commercial Motorized Treadmill For Home

Healthgenie treadmill

Healthgenie is a local brand that sells healthcare products like weighing machines, face shields, masks, treadmills and other supplementary juices. The brand has earned customer satisfaction and has become a leading seller on Amazon.

This 4612C treadmill can be used for both commercial and home purposes. Built with powerful materials, this machine can sustain up to 120 kgs with ease.

Key Features:

  • This treadmill runs on an efficient 2.0 HP motor, so it offers a wide speed range of 1 to 16 km/hr. So, you can walk, jog or run with ease.
  • With a wide running surface of 126cm x 46 cm, you don’t have to worry about losing balance while exercising. 
  • It comes with 12 predefined programs to support you in a variety of workout challenges you take. 
  • With the WiFi connectivity, built-in MP3 speakers, Aux cable and port; you can enjoy your favourite tracks, making your workout an enjoyable experience.
  • There’s a 7-inch touch screen that displays distance, time, speed, calories and heart rate. 
  • For your convenience, there’s a smartphone holder that can firmly hold your devices while you are running at a high speed.
  • The treadmill also has 0 to 15% auto inclination, so you can test your endurance levels on it.

Apart from all these features, this treadmill comes 95% pre-installed, so you can easily assemble the remaining by watching the video, either from the brand’s website or on Amazon.

Coming to the warranty, you get a 1-year warranty on the motor, 3-years warranty on the frame. To activate this, you just have to call the Healthgenie customer care (01148323232) within 30 days of your purchase.


  • The motor is noiseless, so you don’t get any disturbing sounds while using the treadmill.
  • The running belt is made of strong materials, so it doesn’t vibrate and lasts longer.
  • With the wheels underneath, it is very easy to transport the treadmill.
  • It also has bluetooth connectivity.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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Buying Guide for Commercial Treadmills:

Commercial treadmill are widely used for heavy duty cardio workouts, which are mostly found in gym. If you like to challenge yourself for doing an intense workout, then this commercial treadmills will suit best for you.

Knowing all about commercial treadmill will help you to have an effective usage. So, here we are providing you with a guide to know how to choose the best one. Let’s get started.

Benefits of Commercial Treadmills:

  • Less Maintenance for Longer Run – The treadmills are made with high quality material that allow you to use them for many years without much maintenance.
  • High Weight Capacity – The high weight bearing capacity of this treadmill will suit for every trainee to perform their cardio workout.
  • Comfort & Safety – The long and wide track running belt of this treadmill will ensure you for a comfortable and safe running strides.
  • Great for Long Time Usage – It is equipped with high power motor than other types of treadmill and thereby works for a longer time (many hours a day) without getting overheat.
  • Top Notch Performance – You can set a different workout programs with its wide range of options (include streamlined and advanced workout technologies) available in it.
  • Suitable for All – This treadmill is suitable for walkers, avid runners, beginners, and trainers for performing their workout.

Things to Consider before buying a Commercial Treadmill:

Unable to find out which one is best from various models and brands available in the market. So, here we are providing you a detailed information on what factors to consider and how to choose the best commercial treadmill.

1. Size:

Storage space and size of the treadmill are inter-connected. If you have short on space then those inches of difference between the treadmills size will make a great difference. In case, if you have home gym then you can prefer to purchase the either foldable or non-foldable commercial treadmill why because it has some dedicated space.

Most of the heavy duty frames with high incline range treadmill won’t allow you for folding. But for modern commercial treadmill, the manufacturers are adding some innovation of folding mechanism (hydraulic system) to fold or unfold the treadmill and thereby saves your space. First take the measurements of the area where you want to place the treadmill and purchase the best one as per the space availability.

2. Speed:

Choose the commercial treadmill which offers easy speed adjustment along with having both high and low speed options (MPH), which allows you to walk, jog and run accordingly. Most of the high grade models are having integrated speed changing options (General speed range – 0 to 22 km/hr) on the center of console or on the handlebars. So, select the best one that suits perfectly for your needs.

  • For brisk walking, set the speed of about 1 to 3.9 MPH
  • For light jogging, set the speed range at 4 to 5.5 MPH
  • For Aerobic exercises, set the speed range from 5.6 to 8 MPH
  • For Running, set the speed at 8 to 8.5 MPH

3. High Quality Motor:

Continuous Duty Horse Power (CHP) motor ratings will refer to the motor power or its strength. A commercial treadmill with motor power of about 3.0 CHP to 6.0 CHP is suggested for purchase.

The reason is that it allows the treadmill to withstand for about 6 – 7 hours a day without getting any stress on the motor. Also, prevents the motor from overheating and thereby increases its durability. So, choose it as per your requirement.

4. Spacious Track:

Commercial treadmill with longer deck will make the user comfortable to walk, jog or run. So, check for the spacious track like 60 inches long and 20 inches wide track.  The standards for the length of treadmill track are 55 inches for walking and 58 to 60 for running. You can opt for the treadmill that range in between 58 to 62 inches long and 22 inches wide treadmill.

5. Inclination:

Whether you walk or run on the treadmill, you can get benefited by adding incline to your workout. So, by setting inclination level in the treadmill, you can make the workout more intense and challenging (as it burns calories faster). In general, modern commercial treadmill comes with automated incline system that range from 10% to 15%.

You can see some old units have manual inclination adjustment. So, choose the automated one to set the desired level of inclination and thereby to have an effective workout. But make sure to check that length of treadmill belt will be 60 inches at least while you are at incline over 10%.

6. High Quality Cushioning:

Commercial treadmills comes with a feature to absorb (shock absorption system) the impact for reducing the risk of joint problems while walking, jogging or running on it. So, choose the cushion that is easier on the joints and the patented cushioning technology will help you to identify the superior cushioning.

Although, it is difficult to know that which treadmill deck is comfortable or uncomfortable for user (as it differ from one to another) but select the one which has stable and firm deck. so that you can feel softer but avoid too bouncy or spongy, as they can create joint pains.

7. Built-in Workout Programs:

It always sounds impressive to have a treadmill with large number of workout programs. But one thing you have to check whether all these programs are valuable for you and will you use it regularly or not before buying.

In general, the low-end commercial treadmill models have 6 to 10 built-in workout programs where as the high grade models comes with more than 10 workout programs. So, choose the one which make your workout more exciting and challenging.

8. Weight & Portability:

People find some hard to move commercial treadmills (old models) around due to their heavy weight. But most of the modern commercial treadmills comes with ease of movement for heavier treadmills. The wheels of the treadmill will make it portable and allow you to move it around easily. In case, if the treadmill comes with 6 wheels then you can move it easily along with upright without tilting it.

Also, make sure to check the weight bearing capacity of the treadmill and most of the commercial treadmills come with maximum user weight of about 90 kg to 200 kg (leave 25 kg as buffer). So, select the commercial treadmill as per your weight.

9. Price / Budget:

The price of commercial treadmill will vary for brands and models / features. However, the price starts from the range of Rs. 65000/- to above. So, select the one which comes with the feature you needed to prevent spending over price.

10. Warranty:

In these days, the manufacturer’s of the commercial treadmill are providing 1 year warranty on the parts & manufacturing defects, 3 years warranty on the motor and lifetime warranty on its frame. So, you can purchase them without any worry.

11. Durability of Treadmill Belt:

Generally, the treadmill belt can be referred as walking belt, running belt, treadbelt, etc. You may find some differences in treadmill belt as belt ply, roller size and stretch.

Belt Ply – The ply refers to the thickness of the belt. 1 ply belt is for home use treadmill (just for walking purpose) where as 2 ply or more is meant for commercial treadmill.

Stretch – Always prefer to choose a non-stretch belt rather than stretch one why because this type of belt is less prone to developing slack.

Roller size – The roller size of the treadmill will also affect the lifespan of treadmill belt. So, be cautious while choosing and prefer to buy the roller with large diameter to get less friction (wear and tear) on the commercial treadmill belt.

12. Frame of the Treadmill:

Also, make sure to check the strength of the treadmill frame, even though they come with lifetime warranty. So, to help you in choosing, we are providing some ways to identify its strength.

  • The crossbars will create more stability.
  • Check the width of the treadmill base.
  • The overall treadmill weight will provide sturdiness and stability.
  • Treadmill with curved uprights will keep the console steady.

Avoid choosing a week or wobbly frame and go for the one which comes with high gauge stainless steel frame rather than iron or other metals.

13. Belt Area of the Treadmill:

The user gets restricted if the belt area of the treadmill is not of correct size. So, select the one that makes you comfortable to exercise on it. Here are some suggestions for treadmill belt lengths which helps you to choose the spacious belt.

  • For light jogging and walking (Good), choose the treadmill with 20 X 55 inches.
  • For Walkers, Joggers & Runners (Standard), choose the treadmill with 20 X 60 inches.
  • For Runners (Ideal), choose the length and width of the treadmill with 22 X 60 inches.

Other Smart Features on Commercial Treadmill:

Here are some extra smart features which comes with the commercial treadmills.

  • Clip-on Safety Key – It is a safety feature key which is magnetized to the console. You have to clip on this key to your clothes before you start using treadmill to prevent any accident and it can be dislodged and stop the treadmill quickly.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitor – The modern models of this commercial treadmills come with the chest straps which is used to monitor the user’s heart rate.
  • Built-in Tracking – This feature will allow you to know about the time taken, speed, distance covered and calories burned through display screen over console.
  • Built-in Sound System – Some commercial treadmills come with built-in sound systems / speakers to listen music while doing the workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the accessories we get on the commercial treadmill?

The accessories on treadmill will definitely add some comfort while exercising. Here are some accessories which you can use while exercising on the treadmill.
Holders – Some treadmills comes with a built-in holders in which you can place water bottles, mobile phones, and other device trays. So, choose the one which has more holders.
USB Port – A quite common accessory provided in most of the treadmills, where the charging ports on the treadmill desks.
Tablet Holder – Many commercial treadmill comes with a tablet holder which is mounted above the console. This allows you to have access to entertainment without covering the treadmill display.
Audio – The sound system in the form of audio jack and speakers. Modern treadmills have Bluetooth which allow you to sync your mobile and enjoy your music while exercising.
Console Cooling Fan – Some treadmills comes with a cooling fan on the console to help you exercise comfortably without over sweating (stay cool) and also to prevent breathing disorders.
Treadmill Mats – This mat will improve the treadmill durability and flooring underneath, in case, if you place this machine on the carpet. This mat will help you to clean the floor around the treadmill and thereby reduces the noise which is caused due to vibration of using this treadmill.

2. What are the workouts we can perform with this treadmill?

Most people think that running, jogging and walking are only done on the treadmill but commercial treadmills can be used to perform various exercises (other than walk, jog or run) which are listed below.
*Side shuffle
*Side leg lounges
*High knees backward or forward
*Sumo squats
*Plank crawl
*Knees raises
*Theraband squat step
*Jump squats
*Theraband lounges

3. What are the importance of cardiovascular workouts performed with commercial treadmill?

Here are some benefits which we can gain from commercial treadmill with cardio workouts.
*Build up your muscular strength.
*Enhance better sleep at night.
*Control your weight and also prevent you from gaining weight.
*Helps to manage your stress.
*Lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
*Boost up your self-esteem.


Powermax Commercial Treadmill is our top pick while choosing the commercial treadmill why because it comes with 3.0 HP Continuous & 6.0 HP Peak motor with high speed range up to 0.8 – 18 km/hr. Also, its maximum weight bearing capacity is 120 kg, which makes it suitable for heavy weight people. It is a heavy duty treadmill and has various smart features like high oxygen generator, intelligent shock absorption system, built-in heart rate bar system, 20 different workouts, blue back lighted sensor buttons, etc.

Do you find anything we missed about commercial treadmill (OR) still having any queries about its purchase? Then feel free to share your experience with us in the below comments section.

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