The 6 Best Elliptical Cross Trainers In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Elliptical cross trainers have become a rage among all fitness enthusiasts. This gives a full body workout and is a great option for people with arthritis.

And getting this great cardiovascular equipment at your home is definitely a wise decision.

This article has covered all the high end ellipticals that will bring the gyming experience right in your home. But before you check them here are some factors that you should consider.

Resistance: Elliplators come with variable resistance. Getting an elliptical with variable resistance equipment will give a room to grow

Flywheel weight: The weight of the flywheel defines the resistance of the elliptical wheel and determines the acceleration of the machine.

  • 7- 10kg: 1-2 times a month usage (occasional use)
  • 11-21kg: 1-3 times a month usage (frequent use)
  • >21kg:  2-3 times a day (professional use)

Stride length- this is a critical feature to be considered. Longer stride length is suitable for taller people and shorter stride length is better suited for shorter people. Usually ellipticals come with 14-21 inches length.

Other than these three factors if you’re looking for more factors that will help you in precise buying, refer to our Buying Guide. Here we have curated more factors and given an in depth detail on ellipticals.

And now that you know what to look for go through our top listed products.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainers In India

Elliptical Cross TrainerResistance levelStride lengthFlywheel weightMaximum weight userBuy Now
Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer815.75-inch6 kg120kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer814inch5 kg90 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer818 inch8 kg110 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Lifecarefitness Elliptical Cross Trainer-16 inch-80 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Powermax Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer--5 kg100 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Cardio Max Elliptical Cross Trainer8-6 kg110 kgCHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best Elliptical Cross Trainers In India Reviews

1. Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer

cockatoo treadmil

First up is in CE-03 elliptical. This advanced training equipment can help you achieve your fitness goal right at your home.

This solid constructed equipment can help you do a powerful cardiovascular workout.

It supports a LCD monitor that displays calorie track, time, speed and distance. This is an added benefit as you can keep a track along with stimulating your muscles.

Its operating technology runs on a magnetic mechanism which runs smoothly without creating any interruption or noise.

The manufacturers have engineered this to give the utmost convenience. With just a simple twist you can increase or decrease the level of resistance. There are a total of 8 resistance levels to intensify the workout.

Each level of resistance on the magnetic elliptical trainer pushes to stride harder and improve the fitness level.

The featured pedals are inclined and have textured design that gives the maximum grip and stability. These pedals can naturally adjust to the movement of the feet.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 160-195cm
  • Flywheel dimension: 6kg/Φ220MM
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Stride length: 15.75-inch
  • Max weight user: 120kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Pedal inclined up to 82°
  • Made of heavy duty steel frame
  • Can support 120kg weight

Reasons to avoid:

  • Some consumers say this produces noise

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2. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer 

welcare treadmil

Our second product is from welcare and this is one of the most trusted brands in the country. It is quite recomendable to see all their products switching between 4-5 star ratings.

Coming to this special equipment, it has a large LCD screen which displays speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burnt.

The flywheel has a two way rotation that increases the momentum of speed while reducing your impact on the knees.

The workout intensifies with its 8 manual magnetic resistance levels.

  • 1-3 casual mode
  • 4-6 strength training mode
  • 7-8 bodybuilding mode

This equipment is quite tech advanced. The hadles have a hand pulse pad which can monitor your heart rate while you exercise.

With this device you can achieve your fitness goal at utmost comfort. The seats are adjustable and the pedal comes with a non slip pattern to increase the stability. And stride length is big enough to reduce the stress from the knee and ankle while working out.

And a bonus there is a year warranty with this product.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 49″x24″x59″
  • Flywheel dimension: 5kg
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Stride length: 14inch
  • Max weight user: 90kg

Reasons to buy:

  • 1 year product warranty
  • Hand pulse pad
  • Two way rotation of flywheel

Reasons to avoid:

  • Installation is chargeable

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3. Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer 

reach treadmil

This elliptical trainer promises to give you all the benefits that a cross trainee would require. A simple equipment that can work wonders for your entire body at home.
This device is designed in the similar way as the cardio range available in the gym. This implies it is a high quality product that gives better safety, less maintenance and helps you achieve your health goals without any added risk.

It has a fluid trajectory movement that allows you to workout at ease. The LCD display highlights the  Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie, Pulse and Odometer.

An adjustable tension knob allows you to reach variable resistance levels.

This is also equipped with entertainment support that lets you hold your ipad to the console and lets you have an optimal view from all training positions.

The handle bar is stationary and designed with an ergogrip that gives stability to the lower body portion during workout.

And plus there is a 1 year warranty.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 61 x 21 x 65
  • Flywheel dimension: 8kg
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Stride length: 18inch
  • Max weight user: 110kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Anti slip pedals
  • Bio mechanics
  • Anti shake support

Reasons to avoid:

  • LCD display might disfunction

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4. Lifecarefitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

life fitness treadmil

If you are looking for multitasker equipment, then this is the deal breaker.

This is a four in one combination- arm rowing, Stepper, Stair Climber and Cycling with seating option

So with this innovative design can help you focus on your arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back and things- all in one go.

This is equipped with a digital device that is placed right in the alignment of your vision which you can view while you workout. And tells you about  Speed, Time, Distance & Calorie.

Its operation is quite smooth. It stimulates walking and running with zero impact on your knee. And you can even carry it in any corner of the house without much hassle. This is equipped with movable wheels that help in easy movement.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 95 x 25 x 65
  • Stride length: 16inch
  • Max user weight: 80 kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Four in one product
  • Movable with wheel
  • Does not impact your knee

Reasons to avoid:

  • Seat does not come with any cover

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5. Powermax Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer 

power max treadmil

As the name suggests this is totally a power packed device. This can get you in shape, right at the comfort of your house.

Its innovative design allows the motion of elliptical cycling and rowing, which is great for cardiovascular workout.

Along with working out you can see the time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate on the LCD display.

The pedals are quite comfortable with anti-slip designs that give a secure grip.

The resistance level comes in a micro adjustable tension control that helps you workout to the pressure you can resist while cycling the pedals. This entire system works on the Fan-Wheel Chain Drive System.

The bike has a two way crank system that allows you to secure your feet to the elliptical cross trainer. And the seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to give you ease while working out.

This is lightweight, compact and easily movable with attached wheels.

There is a 1 Years Limited Brand Warranty and 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 132 x 50 x100
  • Flywheel dimension: 5kg
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Warranty: 1 Years Limited Brand Warranty and 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Reasons to buy:

  • Two way crank system
  • Adjustable seat
  • Fan-wheel chain drive

Reasons to avoid:

  • Few consumers complain about the installation

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6. Cardio Max Elliptical Cross Trainer 

cardio max treadmil

Last but not the least. Our sixth product lets you lose your entire body fat at the comfort of working out at home.

This elliptical features a 6kg flywheel that gives a smooth cycling experience. Its non-skid pedals come with adjustable straps that give a good grip and security while working out.

This has a 8 level resistance control and you can work on the level you are comfortable in. you switch this resistance with an adjustable knob.

While you workout you can view time, distance, speed, pulse, calories, hand pulse sensor. The pulse rate is measured with the pulse sensor located on hand.

This cardio elliptical also has a year warranty.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 34.6 inches x 22.2inches x 10.63 inch
  • Flywheel dimension: 6kg
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Reasons to buy:

  • Mobile holder
  • Comfortable foot rest
  • 1 year warranty

Reasons to avoid:

  • LCD display can disfunction

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Things To Consider Before Buying Ellipticle Cross Trainer

Here is a checklist of things that you should consider before investing in a cross trainer

1. Size

The average size of ellipticals are 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide, but this can range in length- 50 to 84 inches. You must keep in mind that the pedals can extend beyond the length of the machine and there would also be an elevation of height. So you must consider the ceiling space. Also keep a minimum of 20 inches of free space on either one side or front or back for safety.

2. Ergonomic

An elliptical controls the movement so you must pay close attention to ergonomics. It should give a good grip when you hold the handles and should support an upright position. Moving the handles should be easy and not put a force on your wrist.the pedals should also be close enough for easy movement.

3. Resistance

Elliplators come with variable resistance. Check out the lowest resistance and ease of pedaling. The intensity should increase along with the settings, this will give a room to grow.

4. Flywheel weight

The weight of the flywheel defines the resistance of the elliptical wheel and determines the acceleration of the machine. So higher the weight would require more pedalling effort to achieve a certain speed. And if the weight is too light it would create unpleasant paddling with jerks.

So a bike with a light wheel will quickly reach your desired speed and will also stop immediately when you stop pedaling.

And with a heavier wheel there would be better pedaling fluidity, comfort and better sensations.

  • 7- 10kg: 1-2 times a month usage (occasional use)
  • 11-21kg: 1-3 times a month usage (frequent use)
  • >21kg:  2-3 times a day (professional use)

5. Strides

Ellipticals have a different stride length. Usually they differ between 14-21 inches.

Machines that offer a small size stride result in small movement which resembles walking.

Stride length is proportional to elliptical size. A small size elliptical will have small stride length. Ellipticals less than 130-135 cm, have a stride length of  30cm or less.

Some ellipticals offer foot pads that move with the foot to support the leg motion.

The longer stride length is suitable for taller people and shorter stride length is better suited for shorter people.

If you are higher than1.90m then you can choose a stride length of more than 50cm

6. Maximum user weight

A good elliptical machine should be able to support your weight.

A lightweight elliptical can support less than a bike.

Medium and high end ellipticals can hold a maximum weight of 130-150kg and an entry level elliptical can hold up to only 90- 100kg.

7. Elliptical weight

The weight of elliptical weight shows the stability of the equipment. The lighter one( less than 30kg) are less stable and move while paddling.

8. High tech features

Elliplators are becoming more technologically advanced. They have built in wireless connectivity that can connect to any app on mobile device. Some even transfer the data to their laptop via USB drives.

9. Programs

Most elliplators come with preset programmes. This just gives ease to the user to achieve their fitness level. These programmes can vary from cardiovascular performance, fat burning, strength building and more. More the number of programmes the better it is. But make sure to check the resistance level along with the number of programmes, because the combination of two will help you get a controlled workout.

10. Power meter

Most fitness machines also require users to track their exercise, not just through HR, resistance or pace, but also by Watt generation. Although this amount may seem random to a regular gym goer, an accomplished participant (or a member with the right guidance) can soon realize the potential for performance monitoring from their Watt production.

11. Heart rate monitor

This is one way to check if you are giving maximum effort while working out. Some ellipticals come with pulse sensors located on the handle grips and some have chest straps to measure them.

12. Incline

All ellipticals do not offer incline adjustments. But the ones that offer help to target the core and thigh muscles during workout. This just makes the device more efficient.

In some equipment increased inclination needs to be pre set before workout and this can affect the stride length of the machine.

13. Console

The LCD screen on the consoles give you a reading of speed, distance , calories burned while working out. Some machines also give connectivity to smartphones to get a better analysis of workout.

14. Safety features

Ellipticals can be dangerous for children. So it is advised that it is kept away from the reach of children to avoid any mishaps.

15. Warranty

The durable ellipticals reflect a warranty with them. Most devices offer a year or two year of warranty. And it will be a bonus if you can find a product with a lifetime warranty.

16. Price

If you want your purchase to be under budget then you must check the price before investing.

17. Ellipticals styles

There are three basic styles of ellipticals designs. Let’s look into them

  • Front drive-  these are usually identified with large wheel housings in front of the machines. They seem to be the most economical as it has a straightforward build, though they are a bit loud and vibrate quite a bit.
  • Centre drive- this design is close to that of a treadmill. They deliver really soft workouts. These are the most lightweight models, but you need to compensate for the pedal scope in the rear.
  • Rear drive- this can be identified with a small wheel frame located behind the pedals. The pedals can be on track and roller that makes an incline. At times a suspended arm system is used to get a smooth workout.

18. Elliptical Types

  • With Heart Rate Programs: Heart rate programs adjust to the ellipticals resistance and adjust the incline based on the target heart rate. And the elliptical increases the intensity of exercise in case the heart rate is below the set target and decreases if heart rate exceeds the target. This form of system should be ideal for anyone who needs more input in their workout routine and wants to exercise effort to be calculated automatically by the machine.
  • Without Heart Rate Programs: Ellipticals without heart rate programs cannot adjust to the intensity of workout. These machines give the highest score in the heart rate feature category as “good”. This is more suitable for those who can decide their target heart rate and are capable of achieving that goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does belly fat reduce with ellipticals?

Ellipticals gives a low impact workout. This focuses more on the core muscles and helps to burn massive calories with less input of effort. If you can maintain a clean diet with regular workout then the belly fat will reduce naturally.

2. How is an elliptical good?

Ellipticals can be used both in home and gyms. They provide a low impact workout for the upper and lower body. This helps to burn calories and balance the weight.

3. How many calories are burnt with 30 minutes of elliptical workout?

With 30 minutes of elliptical workout you can burn 335 calories and this is according to Harvard health publishing.

4. Are ellipticals bad for the knee?

This machine gives a low impact activity and if used correctly it does not impact the knee. Having a low impact this can be a better alternative to running or jogging.


On the bottom line, ellipticals are a great option to workout at home. This gives a low impact and helps to burn calories without creating any trouble for your knees.

It is definitely worth getting this equipment in your house. Among all the top pick products we have our favourite pick. Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer. This has a 8 level resistance that helps you intensify the workout. It also has an LCD screen that helps you monitor calorie track, time, speed and distance. This is made of heavy duty steel and can support 120kg users.