Best Electric Blankets/Warmers in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

When there is a drop in temperature (or in cold climates), we search for different sources like hot drinks, sweaters, woollen socks, etc. to protect ourself from cold but they won’t warm your night’s sleep. An electric blanket is the best option that effectively warm up your bed (when placed above the mattress) and allows you to sleep comfortably. Here is the article Best Mattress in India for your comfort.

This electric blanket will help to reduce your body pains, back pains and arthritis by improving the blood and oxygen supply in the body with its heat. So, don’t you think it is good to invest in this blanket? Yes, it’s always best to have an electric blanket handy but you have to know how to use it properly. But before buying, you have to consider the 3 main factors to get the best one.

Heat Settings – The electric blankets come with adjustable heat settings, which allows you to adjust the heat as per your comfort and need. Some modern blankets are coming with pre-programmed settings or advanced settings.

Type – There are three main types of electric blankets available in the market. They are electric under-blanket, electric over-blanket and heated throw. So, choose the blanket as per your need.

Size of the Blanket – One should check the size of the blanket to know whether it fit for their bed or not like for single bed, double size, king size, etc.

Want to know what are the other factors to check while purchasing this electric blanket? So, to make you get a clear idea, we are providing you with a detailed Buying Guide along with some best products (as per the reviews and ratings) in the online market.

Best Electric Bed Warmer in India 2020

Electric BlanketsSizeHeat- Up TimeWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket150 X 80 cm10 – 15 minutes1.38 kg1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket150 X 80 cm20 – 25 minutes1.25 kg3 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Odessey Product Electric Blanket75 X 150 cm25 – 30 minutes1.56 kg2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Expressions Electric Bed Warmer150 X 80 cm20 – 30 minutes848 kg1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Electric Blankets in India: Reviews

We find so many electric blankets available in the market, which makes you difficult to find the best. So, to simplify your search and reduce your shopping time, we are providing you with some top rated best electric blankets in Indian online market.

Just go through them and find the best and most suited one as per your comfort and budget.

1.Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket for Single Bed

Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket

This Warmzzz premium heated blanket is specially designed to have comfort and safety as utmost considerations. This is under-blanket bed heater type that effectively keep the bed warm and thereby allows you to sleep comfortably even in cold winter nights.

It is shock-proof that comes with inbuilt overheat protection to protect you from overheat with 4 level heat controls (like low, high, top and foot). It is made with wool and the natural fire resistant property of wool will help to keep the heat for a longer time and also weighs almost 2 times as heavy as polyester.

How to Use:

Carefully read the user manual before using this electric blanket. Simply, unfold the blanket to smoothly spread all over the mattress. The control unit is generally placed near the head-side within your reach. Without exposing, you have to cover the blanket with some bedsheet and then connect it to the power source. Within a few minutes it gets heated up with highest heat setting. Simply switch it off before going to sleep by depending on the comfort and weather conditions.

Product Information:

  • Material – Wool & Wool Blend
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Color – Blue
  • Weight – 1.38 kg
  • Dimensions – 152.4 X 78.7 X 0.5 cm
  • Heat Controls – 4 Levels (high/low/top/foot)
  • Heat Up Time – 10 minutes
  • Size – 60 X 31 inches (or) 150 X 80 cm
  • Standard Sizes – 2 (single – 60X30 inches, Double – 60X60 inches)
  • Power Consumption – 75 W
  • Voltage – 220 to 240 V
  • Type – Electric Under-blanket

What we liked:

  • It is intended to maintain a constant temperature to keep your bed comfortable in cold winter nights.
  • It is specially designed to keep you comfort and safe with its inbuilt overheat protection from overheating and damages along with 4 level heat settings.
  • Suitable for single bed and comes with shock-proof.

What we didn’t like:

  • Not comfortable to use for large size double beds and also it is not washable.

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2. Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket

Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket

This Pindia heating electric blanket are specially designed to use as an under bed warmer. It is made with high quality fabric polyester material that definitely ensures you a premium feel, longer life and finish. This comes with safety as their first and foremost priority and it has been tested thoroughly and are confirmed for fire resistant, shock proof and overheat protected.

The handy remote controller will help you in adjusting the temperature to keep yourself safe, secure and comfortable. The controller comes with the options like 0 – off, 1 – medium, 2 – high which allow you to turn on and off easily. You will get enough lukewarm heat to sustain in the cold climate.

Maintains a constant temperature throughout the bed when once it get heated up but make sure to turn on the electric blanket atleast 20 minutes before using. This affordable blanket is suitable for single bed and it works without affecting the room moisture.

Product Information:

  • Size – 150 X 80 cm
  • Type – Electric Under-Blanket
  • Material – Polyester
  • Weight – 1.25 kg
  • Heat up Time – 20 – 25 minutes
  • Dimensions – 45.5 X 31 X 11.2 cm
  • Power consumption – 60 W
  • Color – White
  • Warranty – 3 months
  • Voltage – 220 to 240V

What we liked:

  • Made of polyester material which is safe, easy and comfortable to use
  • Works as a substitute for room heater or heat pillar at chill winter nights and consumes less power (power saving).
  • It prevents you from wrestling with heavy electric blankets and easily gets secured on the mattress, under the bed sheet.
  • It won’t reduce the moisture level in the room and thereby don’t harm your respiratory system and also best to use for people suffering from arthritis, backache and age old people.

What we didn’t like:

  • This model take a lot of time to heated up initially and gets heated normally from second time onwards.
  • Some customer’s report that the quality of this product is not up to the mark, as it is a thin cloth sheet.

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3. Odessey Product Electric Blanket

Odessey Product Single Bed Polyester Electric Blanket

This Odessey electric blanket is specially designed for the use in hospitals, hotels, spas and resorts. It is made from high quality polyester that makes a convenient and economical way of keeping the person warm and comfortable to sleep.

If you feel relaxed when sleeping on a slightly heated surface of this blanket in the cold winter. This oddesey products brings a revolutionary way to sleep like a new sleeping concept. This blanket has 3 heat setting controller (temperature settings like 0-1-2 for off/low/high).

It has an excellent power saving (less power consumption) that saves up to 95 percent of electricity. The heat therapy will definitely relax your leg and back muscles. It is completely safe and comfortable with its shockproof and waterproof feature.

How to operate – Generally, set the temperature setting 2 for about 20 minutes to preheat the blanket. Then you can stay at 1 or 2 setting as per your convenience and comfort. It is useful for age old people or people suffering from arthritis, body pains or back pain.

Product Information:

  • Material – Polyester
  • Twin Size – 75 X 150 cm (or 30 X 60 inches)
  • Heat Settings – 3 levels
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Heat up Time – 25 minutes
  • Type – Electric Under-Blanket
  • Power consumption – 80 W
  • Voltage – 220 to 240 V
  • Weight – 1.56 kg
  • Color – Multicolour

What we liked:

  • It is suitable for single bed king size (36 X 60 inches) that comes with features like LED indicator, waterproof, shockproof, even heat distribution, well insulated on either side, etc.
  • It has long lasting heating elements and has Teflon coated wiring for protection against overheat.
  • The 2 built – in thermal cut outs for safe and long running of this electric blanket.

What we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product
  • Some customer’s complaint that the blanket is not getting heated up quickly and the provided cable is too short to reach the socket.

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4. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer

Expressions 70W Polyester Electric Bed Warmer


This Expressions is an electric single bed size bed warmer that is made in India with high quality polyester material. It is a best alternative for heaters (costly and unsafe) to use in the night time. The LED in this blanket will make it easy to use and maintain with a concept of in-house heating.

All you need is to spread this blanket under the bed sheet and over the mattress to warm up your bed and thereby to keep you comfortable at the night during the winter season. It has dual safety feature that allows you to customize to manage the comfort of an individual like you can sleep on hot blanket and your partner on the cold (dual controls). It also provides safety and protection even in the cases if the warmer bed gets wet.

Product Information:

  • Material – Polyester
  • Power Consumption – 70 W
  • Color – Beige
  • Size – 150 X 80 cm
  • Weight – 848 grams
  • Type – Electric Under-Blanket
  • Dimensions – 30 X 5 X 30 cm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Heat up Time – 20 minutes
  • Voltage – 220 to 240 V
  • Heat Settings – 3 Levels

What we liked:

  • Consumes less power (equal to a light bulb) and soothes your muscles (with its heat and warmth therapy), relieves aches and pains along with reducing your stress.
  • Comes with a dual controls that help you to customize cold for your sleeping area and hot for your partner sleeping area (if needed).
  • It is shockproof that ensures you to have a safe, comfortable and warmth sleep at the night.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some customer’s complaint that this blanket is taking too much time to get heated up properly and also the quality is not up to the mark.

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Buying Guide for Electric Blanket

A proper detailed guide will definitely help you to get the best. So, here we are providing you a buying guide to know all about the electric blankets in detail. Let’s get started.

Types of Electric Blankets:

In general, there are three main types of electric blankets available in the market. They are electric under-blanket, electric over-blanket and heated throw. You have to know them in detail before purchasing to get the blanket that suits for your requirement.

1.Electric Under-Blanket

  • This is one of the most widely used electric blanket.
  • It is available in different variety of fabrics like polyester, wool & cosy fleece.
  • Simply place it on the top of the mattress and under the bed sheet.
  • It comes in large size that effectively covers the mattress (excluding the pillow area).
  • You can fix it in place by using elasticated straps or fixing ties.
  • The surface of the bed gets heated up when you turn on the power.
  • It provides consistent heat for a long periods.
  • Preheat it for a few minutes before going to sleep.

2. Electric Over-Blanket

  • Place these blanket inside the duvet cover (use it either under the duvet or as duvet)
  • It is available just in multiple bedding sizes to get match for your bed’s dimensions.
  • These are quite opposite to that of under blankets.
  • It works effectively in maintaining a constant temperature on the bed all the night.

3. Heated Throw

  • It is a versatile and attractive electric blanket than other types.
  • They are designed as thin and decorative throws in which you can simply cuddle around in this blanket on your bed or couch.
  • Simply use this blanket to add an extra layer to the bed or as a sofa blanket (keep warm on couch).
  • It is available in different patterns, materials and colors.
  • It looks great and you can use it throughout the year.

4. Heated Mattress Covers and Protectors

  • This effectively cover and protect the mattress without any wiring under the pillow.
  • Fix it to the mattress by using an elasticated skirt to prevent it from moving while you sleep.
  • Just looks like a mattress protector and you need to turn on or off as needed.
  • It is available in different sizes that range from single to super king size.

5. Heated Pads

  • It works well by providing heat in a specific area (for short or particular area).
  • Simply looks like a modern hot water bottle.
  • It is commonly available in either foot warmer styles or a heat pad.

Things to Consider While Buying the Electric Blanket:

You should be aware on what factors to check out while choosing the electric blanket to grab the best and most suited one. Scroll down to know what factors to consider and how to choose.

1.Heat Settings

The electric blankets generally come with adjustable settings for the heat. This allows you to adjust the heat as per your comfort and need. Some modern blankets are coming with pre-programmed settings or advanced settings which help you to set the heat by simply pressing a button. Prefer to choose a blanket that comes with both types like manual adjustment heat settings or automatically adjusted heat settings.

2. Material

Mostly the electric blankets are made with polyester material, which is thick, fire – resistant and comfortable to use. Also, this will hide the insulated heat wires or heating elements and thereby prevent you from scratching while sleeping on the blanket. Some models are made of wool which is natural fire resistant and hold the heat for longer time.

3. Safety

Most of the people think how safe to use this electric blanket why because if used improperly then it may result in some problems. So, choose the blanket that met the required safety standards. Make sure to check the package should have the ETL or UL mark on it (as a safety measure) before buying.

4. Cleaning

The electric blanket has specific and precise instructions on their care and safety. In general, the electric blankets are not washable. If you want to clean it, then simply remove all the plug-in controls and washed as per the manufacturer’s suggestions.

5. Blanket’s Size

The electric blankets comes in different sizes and they are inter-related to cost. The bigger the size, the higher will be the price. One should check the size of the blanket to know whether it fit for their bed or not. The electric blankets comes in variable sizes like single, double, king or queen. The bigger blankets (such as king or queen sizes) will come with dual temperature control on both sides rather than double or twin size blankets.

6. Dual Temperature Control

The body’s ability to face the cold conditions is different for different people. This feature will give the freedom to have the heat setting as per your comfort. It is used especially when you’re sharing your bed with someone. If you are sharing the blanket then it is best to look out for the electric blanket with this feature.

7. Warranty

The blanket generally comes with a warranty (of 1 year) that depends on the manufacturer stand for their product. So, make sure to check this option while purchasing the electric blanket.

8. Voltage Options

Generally, the blankets comes with 2 varieties of voltages like regular voltage and low voltage. Although both are safe to use but the low voltage will be safer. The reason is that it don’t drain the much electricity but takes too long to heat up the bed.

9. Budget

Generally, the electric blankets will cost more than the standard blankets. Expensive and branded electric blankets run longer than the cheap blankets. So, choose the one that perfectly suits your budget with the required features.

Benefits / Uses of Electric Blanket

Here are some benefits which we can grab by using the electric blanket. Have a look at these to know what are those….

  • It consumes less electricity and comes at a cost less than heater why because they are designed to keep your bed warm rather than the room.
  • Works best for the people who are suffering from arthritis, back pain (chronic pains) and body pain why because the heat receptors gets activated in the body and relieves your pain by acting as a massage therapy.
  • Increase blood and oxygen circulation in the body to relieve your stress and make you feel more cozy and energized.
  • This blanket helps you to have a better and tight sleep without any disturbance for circadian rhythm (like temperature changes) to make you rejuvenate by maintaining a consistent temperature all the night.
  • Some electric blankets come with dual control option in which one can set the temperature as per their comfort (each individual receives heat from their end as same or different from their partner).
  • The blanket will reduce dust mites up to 50% with their heat (reduces humidity and moisture in the bed) and also gives relief from sinuses and allergies by keeping you warm (without disturbing the room’s moisture and humidity levels) and make you sleep comfortable in the cold winter nights.

Features of Electric Blanket

Auto Shut-Off Timer It will help you to stay safe and sleep warm with comfortable why because in case, if you forget to turn off the blanket then it causes overheating. So, with this feature, you can set the timer by choosing in between 1 to 20 hours and automatically it shut off.

Heat Settings Each blanket has variable heat settings along with pre-heat, all the night options in which you have to choose the right temperature as per your comfort. Prefer to choose the one that has LED screen which helps you to see the settings in the dark.

Dual ControlsUseful especially in case, if you’re sharing your bed or blanket. It allows you to set different levels of warmth on either side of the bed. But you need two plug sockets for power source.

Overheat Protection This safety option is available in all the electric blankets that effectively turn off the blanket automatically in case of overheating.

Temperature Sensors This works effectively to detect the room temperatures and thereby adjust the heat accordingly. It helps to maintain a temperature that is chosen by you.

Extra Foot Warmth You can find this feature in some blankets that provide extra heat at the bottom to your feet. It helps you to keep the toes extra cosy.

Waterproof To protect your mattress, you should choose a blanket that has waterproofing. But you should be careful while choosing a blanket with waterproof feature above the heating elements with minimal risk.

Quilted This will add cushioning to the mattress to get an extra comfort. Just like a quilted mattress protector which works best for harder mattresses.

Fast Heating Some high-end models are having this feature of fast heating in which it takes around 5 – 10 minutes to warm up the bed and makes you sleep warm and comfortable.

Detachable Controls In case of washing the blanket, this removable controls will help a lot, as you can easily remove them and wash the blanket fabric to make it fresh and clean.

How they Work?

Their working mechanism resembles like an electric heating pad. They work by using an insulated wire or a heating element that inserted in the blanket to provide the heat when plugged to any power outlet. The temperature controller will help to manage the amount of electricity and heat in the blanket. When once the fabric is heated up then the blanket will make you feel warm by consuming the power.

Some high – end blankets are using carbon fiber elements which are less conspicuous to normal heating wires and used as main heating element. Prefer to use blankets with rheostats that helps to manage the blanket’s temperature and body heat to have a safe and comfortable sleep.

Tips to take Care and Maintain the Electric Blanket

The electric blankets are safe and secure to use till you maintain and store it properly. Here are some tips that help you in maintaining these blankets.

  • Regularly check the blanket thoroughly for wear and tear like loose connections, fraying fabric or damp patches.
  • Store the blanket by rolling it up carefully to prevent damaging to any wiring.
  • Avoid using the blanket when it is damp or wet and also avoid turning it on to get dry.
  • Avoid using the electric blanket and hot water bottle together at that place.
  • Make sure to turn off the power and remove the plug when the blanket is not in use and also avoid leaving the blanket switching on all the night.
  • Never ever use the blanket that is wider than the mattress.
  • Don’t switch on the power of the blanket while it is folded or when something is there on the bed like pets, clothing, etc. why because it may result in localised overheating.
  • Always keep the electric cord and switch outside the bedding to prevent any short circuit or any inconvenience.
  • Avoid using (or use with utmost care) the electric blanket for kids, immobile person or those who are insensitive to heat.
  • It is recommended to check the blanket for every three years, as per the manufacturer’s advice.
  • If you’re not using the blanket (in summer) then simply fold the blanket neatly (not tightly) or roll it around like cylinder and then store it in a dry place (either by packing or normally).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use electric blankets?

Even though, it works well in making the people to have a sound sleep at cold nights but it is not recommended to use for some specific people who are suffering from diabetes (due to reduced feet sensitivity and this heat may result in burning in their feet), young kids, and adults or pregnant women those who are having dementia or mental disabilities should avoid the usage of this blanket.

2. Who are best to use this electric blanket?

*The people who want to sleep uninterrupted in the cold winter nights can use this electric blankets by simply setting the right temperature (or) for those whose body struggles with thermoregulation.
*Couples who prefer different temperature settings like normal for one and warm for another (bed or blanket sharing)
*People suffering from pains like arthritis, body pains, back pains, fibromyalgia or painful menstruation can use this electric blanket to relax their muscles and reduce their pain. It effectively give much needed relief from chronic painful conditions.

3. Are these electric blankets safe for pets?

In general, the body temperature of pets are high than us. So, it’s best to avoid using this electric blankets, in case, if you share your bed with your pets. It might be some risk while you beloved pets are getting exposed to the electric wires (if left, they may take out the wiring).

4. When to replace the electric blanket?

If you use the blanket properly with utmost care, then it lasts for 5 – 8 years. Whenever you observe brown spots on the blanket then you have to replace it, as these spots are sign that it has burn damage. Also, check the cord and electric parts of the blankets regularly for frays to ensure that it is not incurred any damage. It’s always best to buy a new blanket rather than a used one. Prefer not to use this blanket at its maximum heat settings to prevent it from overheating.

5. Will the heat produced by the blanket affect the sleep?

The proper thermoregulation (body’s ability to regulate the body temperature) is required to get a good sleep but it gets lowered at night. The temperature changes in the bedroom air will impact your own body temperature. So, the use of this electric blanket will generate the essential heat to make you sleep with consistent body temperature but make sure to fix the temperature settings as per your comfort and convenience. Finally, the heat produced from this blanket won’t interfere your sleep if it is maintained properly.

6. Are these electric blankets washable?

Most of the electric blankets are not washable (keep away from water) but a few specified blankets are machine washable. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the user manual to know that particular product is washable or not and how to wash it. Remove the remotes, cord and other attachments before washing it.


Other than an electric blanket, there is no more effective devices that guarantee a better sleep at night even in the cold winters. All the above mentioned products are best but our experts suggest you to choose Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket, why because it is specially designed to have comfort and safety as utmost considerations. It is shock-proof that comes with inbuilt overheat protection to protect you from overheat with 4 level heat controls and made with wool which has natural fire resistant.