7 Best Drip Coffee Maker in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

India, as we know it, is regarded as a coffee drinking nation, where its citizens opt for instant coffee of Bru or Nescafe variety. Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lights up our sour morning moods. And for that to happen, you need to have a brilliant coffee maker at home, and buying the best is quite a challenging task, as we have over a hundreds of coffee maker brands to choose from.

You need to follow few tips to choose the best coffee maker

Brewing type: There are two coffee machine types like espresso and regular coffee machine, according to your taste select the machine.

Speed: For stress-free and time-saving, speed is important. Capsule or vending machines are faster when compared to manual ones, and also, pod machines generate quick response.

Other than these tips there are many more like size of brew, easy usage, space occupied by machine etc which are described in our ‘Buying Guide’.

For you to make the decision easy, from our research and based on the user reviews we have listed out 7 best drip coffee makers in India.

Top Drip Coffee Makers 2020

Drip Coffee MakerCapacity and Brewing TimeWarrantyBuy Now
Philips Coffee Maker0.6 litres and 10 minutes2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Amazon Brand - Solimo Zing Coffee Maker600 ml and 30 sec to 7 min1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Preethi Cafe Drip Coffee Maker500 ml and 5 minutes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Black + Decker Drip Coffee Maker1.5 litre capacity2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Preethi Drip cafe Coffee Maker375 ml and 30 minutes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Prestige Drip Coffee Maker2 to 4 cups and 1.5 to 2 minutes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Koryo by Big Bazaar Coffee Maker600 ml and 6 cups1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Drip Coffee Makers: Reviews

1. Philips Coffee Maker

Philips Coffee Maker

The sleek and compact design gives it stylist look. It has classy look with its shiny black finish and a dark shaded transparent glass. It is perfectly suitable to your kitchen appearance.

Compared to other coffee makers this machine has low capacity, it has 700 watts power technology which brews above four cups of coffee in ten minutes. It is light in weight compared to other machines; it is portable and can fit any place in home or office.

The coffee maker comes with drip stop technology which ensures coffee drops don’t get wasted. Cleaning is also easy as all the parts of machine are dishwasher safe.

As this coffee maker is reliable, long lasting it is recommended product and also it come from the most trusted brand Phillips in home appliances.

Warranty:  It comes with 2 years warranty

Things we liked:

  • It has stylist and classy look
  • Brewing speed is faster
  • It is light in weight

Things we didn’t like:

  • There is no option of re heating
  • It makes lot of noise while it works.

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2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Zing Coffee Maker

Amazon Brand - Solimo Zing Coffee Maker

Solimo products deliver top quality products, this coffee maker make up to four and half cups of coffee within seven minutes. These coffee makers come with the technology to maintain optimal coffee temperature.

Not only taste and temperature this machines also looks for safety and hygiene as it have food grade filter chamber, have detachable and easy cleaning filters.

This machine has 600 watt motor which gives a wonderful performance by just brewing the coffee within 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

You can brew 4 cups at once with its 600ml capacity. It has drip stop mechanism that stops the flow of coffee as carafe is removed.

Warranty:  It have 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • This machine is perfectly suitable for small and medium size families as it comes with 600ml capacity.
  • There is water level indication to this coffee maker.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is suitable for black coffee only

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3. Preethi Cafe Drip Coffee Maker

Preethi Cafe Zest Drip Coffee Maker

Preethi is one of the best manufacturers of home appliances, which are resourceful, modern and can be used easily. Comparatively this machine is different from other coffee machines, as this machines gives you coffee within five minutes with proper heat.

It comes with the water level indicator that is durable, anti drip system, its user friendly design comes with the drip handle and have high sensitive thermal fuse.

The coffee machine comes with 450 w and 230 volts power which helps in faster brewing. To make sure that coffee is made well this machine comes with the microfine filter.

It is designed with high quality heat resistant plastic, it make sure not to produce much heat when the machine is in use.

The coffee maker comes with the stainless steel jar which is durable and last long, this jar is exceptional and have convenient handle.

Warranty: This coffee maker has 1 year warranty

Things we like:

  • For fine decoction it has heat resistant high grade plastic and microfine filter.
  • It is light in weight, can be carried anywhere easily
  • It delivers your coffee on time as it come up with fast brewing.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The plastic don’t seems to be durable

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4. Black + Decker Drip Coffee Maker


This product is designed with four functional options; it is the great coffee machines which delivers a good aroma experience and have a great taste. This machine can make 12 cups of coffee with 1.5 litres of carafe.

This machine is has four functional feature which makes the usage comfortable, it comes with the safety feature like automatic shut off function.

Other function is keep warm function; this helps you to keep the coffee warm till two hours after the preparation of coffee.

Next feature is electronic control with digital display this helps you to control the brewing process as they way you like. Anti slip feet is another feature that adds resistance at base by not allowing it to move.

Warranty: This product comes with 2 years warranty

Things we liked:

  • It can brew 12 cups of coffee at a time which is suitable for bigger families
  • It has automatic functions

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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5. Preethi Drip cafe Coffee Maker


Preethi is one of the most trusted brands for home appliances in India, coffee makers are unique and come up with resistant to heat and high grade plastic with microfine filters which helps in decoction.

This product comes in the old model design in white colour, and it is easy to maintain. It brews the coffee faster as it comes with 450w of heating and it also have heat sensitive thermal fuse.

This machine is featured with stainless steel jar that gives coffee as you require this jar last in long run and is sturdy. It comes with good handle grip which will be easy for you to handle the jar.

Warranty: It comes with 1 year warranty

Things we like:

  • It can be carried anywhere easily as it is light in weight
  • It is safe to use this machine don’t develop fault easily.
  • This machine can be cleaned easily

Things we didn’t like:

  • Build quality is inadequate.

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6. Prestige Drip Coffee Maker


Prestige is a kitchen appliance brand. Bewitch yourself and your guests with a great cup of coffee. For South-Indian filter coffee lovers, Prestige drip coffee maker is apt. It comes with 650 watts motor, anti-drip and advanced brewing technology, advance design mesh filter and so on.

It is designed with the advance mesh filters which make easy to decoction for the best coffee taste. The machine has translucent water gauge to confirm that water level will not be open coffee maker.

For the easy removal of filters there is a brew basket with lift handles which makes it user friendly. There is a glass carafe which is used to collect the filtered coffee and it is made up of high quality raw materials.

This coffee maker is featured with anti drip valve option which avoids dripping of coffee when carafe is separated. For your safety there is a steam vent which releases excess steam.

Warranty: It has 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • This coffee maker comes with many additional features for the ease of use.
  • It brews 2 to 4 cups of coffee within 2 minutes.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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7.  Koryo by Big Bazaar 6 Cups Coffee Maker

Koryo by Big Bazaar Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is suitable for both home and office as it makes the coffee faster. This machine is featured with on/off light indicator which helps you to know if the machine is on or off this is for your safety.

For easy cleaning this machine comes with the removable filter basket which can be lifted easily for filling and cleaning. There is dual water window which shows the correct amount of water present in the reservoir for correct filling.

Warranty: There is 1 year warranty to this product.

Things we liked:

  • This coffee maker has automatic features for your safety.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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Drip Coffee Maker Buying Guide:

Types of drip coffee makers:

Most of the drip coffee makers uses same technique to brew the coffee which is to heat water in reservoir that drips into a fully filtered coffee, there are many more features and settings to choose the best drip coffee makers like based on the type of carafe or pot you would like your coffee to sit.

There are three types of drip coffee makers which are thermal, glass and double pot.

1. Thermal Drip Coffee maker:

Thermal Drip coffee makers are useful for the people who like to brew the coffee in a bigger pot and keep it hot for longer period, without placing on the hot plate these coffee makers are insulated and keep the coffee warm up to few hours.

2. Glass Drip Coffee maker:

Glass Drip coffee makers are not insulated, if you need your coffee to be warm for long time it should be placed on the hotplate. Continuously placing on the hot plate may lead to lose the flavour of coffee and may burn the coffee by leaving bitter tasting coffee. So you need to have your coffee fast after it gets brewed

3. Double pot Coffee maker:

This type is suitable for the people who want to have two various flavoured coffee at once which is a pot of decaf and pot of regular is the dual pot system. This coffee maker comes with the dual brewing stations, suitable for office as the coffee is consumed more in such places.

How to select your Drip Coffee Machine:

Select the Drip Coffee Machine by considering following tips

1. Brewing Type:

 Regular coffee and espresso both have two separate brewing machines. As the individual desires, he can buy either a coffee or both coffee and espresso, which can save money and space in kitchen.

And as per the quality of coffee, machines which produce better taste are chosen, and by that, cost can also be saved. Often, people chose automatic coffee makers for exhausted mornings, therefore, choose carefully with regards to flavour and machine cost.

2. Size of the brew:

This depends on the person’s wish to drink n number of coffee per day. Single-serving makers can be opted if the person drinks 1 cup a day, whereas a machine which brews more than single-serving maker should be chosen if he drinks a lot.

Machines for single servings and pot full of coffee are available synchronously, but single-serving machines tasteless strong and small portions of coffee are produced by large machines.

3. Space occupied by machine:

Size is an important thing you need to check before you buy the coffee maker as it should occupy the right space in your kitchen or work place. As compact size machines are comfortable to use mostly this type is preferred.

4. Easy usage:

The easier to handle the more the machine will be chosen to use, manual machines are mostly preferred as most of them face difficulty in using automatic machines.

5. Speed:

Speed maters more as it saves time and it will be stress free. Compared to manual machines, capsule machine or vending machines which are automatic are faster. Pod machines also give quick response.

6. Brewing Features:

There are extra features like auto cut off heat and to keep the coffee warm all time in few espresso machines and automatic coffee makers. Few machines are provided with filters to filter water added to coffee.

How do Automatic Drip Brewers Works?

This is also called as filtration method; there are few variations on how you use this machine, the internal working of the coffee brews is also important.

The first step is putting grounds into the filter and water in reservoir. Basket shaped paper filters are used by many models, however few of them have permanent filters or else you can reuse separately.

After it gets switched on, from the storage water gets heated up and pumps above the grinds. Occasionally it is a simple tube system which allows steal to rise. It goes through the machine comprising respective shower head technology, once reaching the drip area, as its aim is to wet the ground and soak through them gradually.

As gravity brings coffee down from grounds, hot water extracts it, and then it reaches into your cup. Having hot plate or thermal carafe is standard, as it helps to keep coffee warm, making you enjoy its aroma.

Advantages of Electric Drip Coffee Makers:

There are few advantages of drip coffee makers

  • Easy Set up: Electric Drip coffee makers are mostly pre assembled and will be ready to brew, just you need to know the correct amount of coffee and water.
  • Automatic Features: It comes with many automatic features like on the settings of strength of the brew that give maximum control, it comes with the programming options where you can set timer for process to start.
  • Adjustability: You can adjust the coffee taste according to your taste mild or strong. Most of them prefer mild coffee while using drip coffee maker as it is the easy process compared to espresso and French press machine has many steps to follow.
  • Keeping Coffee Warmer longer: This is an added advantage of having drip coffee maker it keeps the coffee to stay warm for longer period. Few brewers have heated surface under the pot which can be switched on or off when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which coffee machines is the best choice Drip coffee machines or Standard coffee machines?

As the Drip coffee machines are automatic it is considered as the best choice. You don’t need to wait for coffee to prepare near the machine.

2. What should be the ideal power of a coffee machine?

There is no specific ideal power of the coffee machine, the machine brews fast based on the power machine have. The consumption of power is more if it has more watt power, normally the machine watt power should be between 450 W to 650 W.

3. Can we pour milk directly in the coffee machine?

Read the manual that comes with the coffee maker before you use it, few machines come with this option, yet it will not be a problem as you add milk after brewing the coffee, which does not make any difference.

4. Why is thermal fuse necessary in coffee makers?

Thermal fuse is important in coffee makers as they stop the coffee from getting burnt and overheated.

5. Can coffee maker boil water?

Yes, coffee makers can boil water, pour water in the machine reservoir switch on the machine until water get boiled.


Buying a perfect coffee maker within your budget and needs is essential. The aforementioned products are best in their own ways and few are even the best brands in the Indian market this year. So, you won’t regret buying them as they are worth the money you spend.

As mentioned before, everyone have a variety of ideas when it comes to choosing the best. However, if you are looking for portability and design, our suggestion is Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker as it has sleek and posh design, along with its portable nature is capable for attracting anyone.