The 5 Best Doll Houses in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you want to engage your kid more on playtime rather than on smartphones or tablets? Then dollhouse is the best choice.

The doll house is a toy designed in miniature size and resembles like penthouse or mansion. They not only look beautiful and attractive but also stimulates kid to employ their creativity, and imagination. They develop motor skills /cognitive skills, and human interaction in your little ones. Don’t think that dollhouse is for little girls, as technology develops, they are made for both boys and girls to have fun filled playtime.

Have a look on these 3 main factors which help you in selecting the best one quickly for your kid.

Age – Not every dollhouse is suitable for kids of all ages. So, you have to look the house as per your child’s age. In general, children above 1 ½ or 2 years will play mostly with this dollhouse. So, it is suggested to check the manufacturer recommended age before buying the product.

Size – The size of dollhouse matters according to the space availability in your house. Smaller size for smaller space availability and vice versa. Also, its size will determine the dolls which kids want to place inside and play with them. If you have dedicated space, then choose the best one from wide range of dollhouses.

Material – Most of the dollhouses are made with wood or plastic and a few are made with cardboard. Wooden dollhouse is best and popular among other types, as they are eco-friendly, durable, & last longer. However, the material you choose depends on your interest, cost, and kid’s age.

Apart from these 3 key factors, they are various other factors to consider while purchasing the best dollhouse for your child, which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide. Also, we came up with a list of some best dollhouse products to help you in choosing the best for your kid.

Top Doll Houses in India

Doll HousesAgeMaterialNumber of PiecesBuy Now
Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse3 – 6 yearsWood12CHECK ON AMAZON
NEKBAL Wooden Doll House6+ yearsPine MDF Plywood69CHECK ON AMAZON
Toyshine DIY Doll House3+ yearsABS Plastic136CHECK ON AMAZON
Toyzone My Pretty Doll House3 – 8 yearsPlastic110CHECK ON AMAZON
Webby Miniature Princess Bedroom Dollhouse5+ yearsPlastic & Wood---CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Doll Houses in India: Reviews

In these days, parents and their children have more than enough options while it comes to playing items. Here we are providing the list of most popular and best-selling doll houses in India. Have a look at them and select your best, as per your requirement.

1. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse

Melissa Mini Dollhouse

The Melissa & Doug has been creating beautifully designed imaginative and creative sparking products since more than 30 years. Now it is partnering with American Academy of Pediatrics to enhance early brain development and help kids to build their skills through play. It is called as the gold standard in early childhood play by NBC news.


  • It is a portable wooden dollhouse with 2 flexible wooden play figures that live in the house with 11 pieces of wooden furniture and working doors.
  • This poseable 7-piece wooden doll set to round out the play experience and make your kid engage in story-telling, imaginative play and fine motor skills.
  • The sturdy carrying handles of this dollhouse will allow your little ones and parents to carry it easily all along for portable play at any place.
  • It is designed to play easily, as it is open fully to provide easy access for your kids to have more playing and enjoying time.
  • This fully assembled / furnished dollhouse will let child fold it opens and start playing and folds closed to have convenient storage.
  • This fold & go mini dollhouse is creatively crafted for kids with 3 – 6 years and termed as the gold standard in childhood play by NBC news.
  • It comes in multicolor and has 12 number of puzzles pieces with 1.81 kg weight, which allows your kids to have an excellent fun play time.
  • This built to last wooden dollhouse which allows your child to arrange the furniture like armchair, 2 chairs, a table, sink, TV stand, bathtub, toilet, TV, bed and stove.
  • One can make stories about people who lives in this house or work by adding up rooms and study shapes by simply locating all the hearts, squares, triangles, and so on.


  • Suitable for kids with 3 – 6 years of age.
  • Consists of 2 flexible wooden play figures, & 11 pieces of wooden furniture.
  • Enhance brain development, and help child to build imaginative play and develop motor skills.
  • Have sturdy carrying handles to carry it around by folding it easily.


  • It is not suitable for younger child.

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2. NEKBAL Wooden Doll House

NEKBAL Wooden Doll House

This NEKBAL plywood doll house is for both girls and boys, which comes with construction kit, as this dollhouse shipped unassembled with all assembly instructions. This makes it simple and easy to assemble. This miniature doll house would be a perfect gift for your little ones on their birthday, new year and other holiday.


  • This doll house is made with pine MDF plywood with 3mm thick, an ecofriendly material, which is certified to use for making kid’s toys, furniture and décor.
  • One can easily assemble this dollhouse and has dimensions of 30 X 25.5 X 13.5 cm after its assembly.
  • Your little one can paint the dollhouse easily with acrylic and water-based color paint to provide it a unique look.
  • It comes with construction kit that consists of 69 wooden pieces and thus it develops the motor skills of child. It encourages creative and imaginative thinking to play for a longer time.
  • This beautiful miniature doll house is a perfect gift for your little ones, especially for their birthday or new year. It easily captures everyone’s vision (either old or young), who has pleasure to play with it.
  • The manufacturer recommended this doll house for children with 6 years or above age. It is lightweight (800 grams) and comes in an attractive wood brown color.


  • Comes with 5 rooms, and three floors, including attic and have all essential furniture like bed, lamp, chairs, sofa, dining tables, etc.
  • Value for money
  • Beautifully designed miniature parts.
  • DIY project but provided a clear instruction on its assembly.
  • Develops your kid’s motor skills and spatial thinking.


  • It looks like regular ply (wood color) without any color.
  • Not suitable for younger kids (only 6+).

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3. Toyshine DIY Doll House

Toyshine DIY Doll House

This Toyshine DIY house is another amazing and beautifully created dollhouse with buildup size of around 58 X 36 cm and includes all playing accessories & furniture pieces. It not only a fun game but also helps your little ones to learn about different parts of house and house items.


  • It is ideal and perfect toy for young kids to make them engaged in this fun-filled playtime. Also, it educates the kid on how to manage the household to keep it clean and neat.
  • It is made with good quality hard ABS plastic without any sharp edges. This nature-friendly material that ensures durability and longer life of the house.
  • Enhances curiosity building, motor skills, storytelling, imaginative play and aids in hand-eye co-ordination to your kid, as it allows the kid to arrange the furniture as per their interest and creativity.
  • This compact stylish toy will cultivate their social skills, as they play with this friends and family and thus become more active.
  • It would be a best gift for kids with ages 3+ years and it is easy to clean and disinfect without much strain.
  • It comes with up to 136 pieces of accessories that provide kids with unlimited play and learning opportunities.


  • Easy to install/ assemble of dollhouse will stimulates & develops your kid’s brain.
  • Enhance imagination, creativity, social skills, language ability, imitation/role play skills and hands-on ability.
  • It will change the bored time into a special moment.
  • Made with high quality ABS plastic without sharp edges.
  • It is safe, strong, durable and last longer.


  • Built it yourself with all the given parts and accessories.
  • The quality of the material is not up to the mark.

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4. Toyzone My Pretty Doll House: Play Set for Girls

Toyzone My Pretty Doll House

This Toyzone is one of the best manufacturer of dollhouses and play sets in India, as they make toys with utmost care and focus on quality. They provide best quality products at reasonable price.


  • It is made with BPA free good – quality plastic, which is safe, durable and long lasting.
  • This playset 110 pieces and they are fully equipped with playing material like dolls, car, furniture and others.
  • It has 2 dolls, which are of 29 cm and have fully furnished rooms.
  • It suits best for kids with age groups of 3 – 8 years and it is a perfect gift for your little ones.
  • It is built-it yourself dollhouse in which adults assembly is required for its proper fixing.
  • It enhances kid’s creative power and motor skills on how to manage the household and keep it clean.
  • This multicolor toy comes with dimensions of 70.61 x 23.63 X 79.25 cm and weighs about 2 kg.
  • For any further queries, you can simply contact their customer service center at 18001025905 on any working day.


  • Suits best for kids, especially for girls with 3 – 8 years of age.
  • Comes with 2 Barbie toys and some furniture in two floors with three rooms.
  • Includes 110 pieces in the pack for its assembly.
  • Serves best for the purpose of engaging your kids.


  • It is not easy to assemble; it may take lot of time for its proper fixing.
  • The quality of plastic used for its construction is not up to the mark.

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5. Webby Miniature Princess Bedroom Dollhouse

Webby Miniature Princess Bedroom Dollhouse

This Webby is one of the best E-commerce brand in Indian market. They provide a wide range of games, toys and playsets for children of all age groups with best quality and service. This dollhouse is a perfect gift for birthdays (especially for girls) but one has to assemble this decorative item properly.


  • It allows you to decorate own dollhouse by assembling the parts by yourself to enhance your creative and imaginative skills.
  • This suits for people older than 6 years and it is a perfect project for spending time and communicating with others.
  • It teaches how to dress the doll, move it around and how to keep room neat and tidy by developing their motor skills.
  • The material (wood, plastic, paper & metal) is made of best quality and the furniture, other wooden pieces are perfectly cut to fix properly.
  • It requires 2 AA for lighting the room but it has to be purchased separately (not included in the pack).
  • The furniture, ornament, plants, LED lights are designed quite realistic. One should check the dimensions as 13.1 (H) X 15.1 (L) X 11.6 (W) after its assemble.
  • Its pink color will make it look stylish and attracts everyone to enjoy some playtime.
  • It comes with product manual to help you in its assembling and also it provides all basic tools required to assemble the doll.


  • Lightweight yet effective miniature dollhouse.
  • A perfect gift for your little ones.
  • Develops motor skills and improves their imagination.
  • Made with good quality material.
  • Lightweight, compact, stylish and portable dollhouse.
  • This house come with an LED lights


  • Need to assemble it properly.
  • Batteries need to be purchased separately.
  • Not suitable for smaller kids, it would be great for older ones & toddlers.

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How to Choose the Best Doll House?

Selecting the perfect doll house will keep your child active and entertained. They come from simple to complex designs in various shapes and sizes. Here we are discussing some important things, which you have to consider while looking for a perfect doll house. Have a look at them to make a clear decision.

1. Size:

Most of the doll houses come in miniature sizes with some variations in their dimensions. We categorize the size of doll houses as small, medium and large. While making a choice, one has to consider the kid’s age and space availability for holding the toy. Also, the place you keep the doll house in your home like inside the kid’s room or in a common area will matter most.

Ideally, the size of doll house reduces as age increases. Make sure that your kid requires sufficient area to play or move around it and also to place their existing dolls and other accessories.

2. Age:

Just like other toys, one has to consider the age while purchasing the doll houses. Not all doll houses are suitable for kids of all ages. Here the safety and handling considerations vary with age, and thus it is clearly mentioned by the manufacturers on their product.

Also, a few products are gender-friendly where other have modern dollhouses designed for teenagers and pre-teens. So, choose accordingly or with a simply logic of small size for older kids and big one for younger ones.

3. Construction Material:

There are various materials like wood, plastic, & cardboard are used in the crafting of the doll houses. Each of this material has its natural properties (advantages & disadvantages) that aids in their durability and overall functionality. So, one has to pick the doll house accordingly, as per your kid’s interest, cost, & age group.

For instance, the doll house made with wood is durable, eco-friendly, last longer and provide authentic appeal but a bit expensive. While plastic is light, easy to clean and have soft corners but won’t hold up much when handled roughly. Cardboard looks normal but may tear easily. The wooden doll houses are great choice for kids over 3 years, the plastic dollhouses are best choice for young toddlers. The cardboard suits for children above 1 year.

4. Design:

Generally, the doll house resembles like actual house designs like beach house, farmhouse, Victorian, cottage, bungalows, etc. The exterior appearance, layout details, accessories, and others may vary and has different tastes and preferences. So, choose the best one among numerous styles, which your kid likes to have.

5. Ease of Assembly:

In general, the parts of these doll houses come with either semi-assembled or separate pieces, which you have to join and fix them properly. So, one has to select the doll house where their kid won’t feel pain while attaching the piece together.

6. Safety:

No one wants to expose their child to any risk of harming during playtime. So, it’s advisable to make choice depending on the maturity of your kids. Avoid products which have sharp tips or tiny components / accessories, which may be swallowed easily and cause potential harm to them. If purchasing a doll house made with plastic, then it should be toxic – free (PVC- & BPA- & Lead-free) to prevent any harm causing to your little ones.

7. Accessories:

Without accessories, no toy or doll house won’t setup a unique authentic touch. They unlock the creative and imaginative skills of kid to arrange and fix them at designated spot. So, find the stuff like lights, miniature art, toy cars, dolls, bed, people, and other suitable attachments to make your little one stay for a longer time in this fun-filled play.

8. Durability:

It’s quite common for kids to throw or rough on their toys while playing. So, it is advisable to pick the one which endure rough handling.  Here the overall build quality and construction material of the toy will play a key role in terms of its durability. For best results, prefer to use wood or plastic rather than cardboard, which have fixed parts, easy to clean, and won’t have sharp edges.

9. Price:

The quality and the cost of the product is interconnected with each other in almost all the cases. It’s essential to check this parameter and purchase the best product from various products, available at your price range.

Another option is to make it yourself by simply purchasing the doll house kits and have a DIY project. Remember that every penny you spend on the product should keep your child happy.

10. Other things to consider:

As of now, we discussed some key features to consider while purchasing the dollhouse, but now here are some other features which may helpful in making a better option.

  • Settings – Other than furniture and accessories, you have to check the settings like living in woods, hospitals, camping, etc. Choose the set-up and characters in the house, as per your child’s interest.
  • Colors & Theme – If the dollhouse is for a girl, then prefer to choose a pink schemed dollhouse and in case looking for a boy, then prefer rugged woodsy color scheme with camouflaged figures. Coming to theme like some set of characters from any TV series, movie or book.
  • Types – However, one can find various types of dollhouses for kids like barebones, DIY, themed and activity – center dollhouses. Then select the one as per your interest, creativity and budget.
  • Gadgets & Games – A few dollhouses have additional gadgets that allows the users to play a few games. So, if you want the dollhouse for your toddlers then you can simply purchase this type to make them send more time in this play.
  • Gender Appropriation – Dollhouses can be enjoyed equally by kids of both genders (boys and girls). So, choose and purchase them carefully. Or simply consider buying a gender-neutral doll house, which is best option for both boys and girls.
  • Dolls & Figurines – A few dollhouses come with dolls placed in the house whereas some other models require you to purchase dolls / figures separately, which suits & matches with the theme. But make sure that dimensions of dolls/figures will match with dimensions of the dollhouse to place them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are kids playing with doll houses are safe?

The doll houses are quite harmless to play but you have to ensure the safety status of each product before purchasing. Avoid doll house which has sharp pointed tips, which may injure your little one. Also, it best to have a close monitoring while playing or fixing the doll house.

2. What is the appropriate age to purchase a doll house for your kid?

It is suitable for kids with one year and above, as they develop motor skills like grabbing items. One can find wide – ranging alternatives in the market and you can simply make purchase after baby with a 1 year and above.

3. Which one is best – own dollhouse or an assembled one?

If you have an idea on the material, size and other considerations, then it is best to build the dollhouse yourself. You can simply purchase the doll house kits and follow the instructions to fix it with some tools. A few products even offer furniture kits. Making your own dollhouse will not save your money but also allows you to customize it, as per your taste and preference.


Dollhouses are really a fun idea that develops their social skills, imagination, role play and creativity. Among the above mentioned products, the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse is our first best-selling dollhouse. The reason is that, it is made with wood (durable, & last longer) and comes with a fully assembled form. Suits best for both younger and older kids. Also, the sturdy carrying handles will allow to carry this portable dollhouse to anywhere.

We hope this article has made your decision process a little easier. If you have any queries regarding dollhouse, feel free to share it with us in the below comments section. We will resolve your query as soon as possible.