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Dollhouses are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Even though it is your personal preference, there are some important factors that you must check for before finalizing a model. They are as follows:

1. Material:

Dollhouses are made using different types of materials. The most commonly used materials are plastic and wood. Some manufacturers even use cardboard to make a doll house.

The wooden dollhouses are usually made using 9 mm thick MDF or plywood. These are the first preference by most parents as they are sturdy and durable and can be used for years.

The dollhouses that are made using plastic often look pretty and attractive as they are made using appealing designs and bright and catchy colors. They are also durable and easy to clean. When compared to wooden dollhouses, plastic ones are available at a cheaper price.

2. Recommended Age:

A manufacturer decides the recommended age for any toy and a dollhouse is not an exception. Since dollhouses are made in different designs and they have components and accessories accordingly, the manufacturer designs them keeping the age of the kid in mind.

If your kid is below the age of 3 years, you might need big dolls and furniture so that there are no chances of accidental choking.

For an older child, you can look into details and buy one with different types of furnishing. It also helps children in imagining stuff and roleplaying games in their mind. It is also helpful in boosting the creativity levels of the kids to another level.

3. Size:

Before buying a dollhouse for your kid, considering its size is very important. You should first think about whether the kid is going to play alone or with siblings or friends. If only a solo child is going to play, you can buy a smaller house. However, if there are 2 or more children, you will have to look for a bigger option.

Along with size, you must also check the space available inside your house. Don’t focus on just the height of the dollhouse as its width also plays an equal part. You can also get its size clarified with the manufacturer.

There are some foldable models of dollhouses that are easy to store while not in use. However, you can’t do this with wooden dollhouses as they are not foldable and require a permanent installation.

4. Doll House Type:

There are different types of dollhouses available in the market. Some models of houses feature an open back. This is a great option for both kids and the parents as kids will have easy access to everything and parents can monitor everything too.

There is another type of dollhouse that features a closed design. You can fold and open it to see the back though. These designs are also good as they give you a feel of a real home. Kids feel like it’s a real home and play accordingly. Apart from open and close functions, you can store the house and the accessories easily, without worrying about losing any part of it.

5. Doll House Style:

While deciding the style of the dollhouse, you will get multiple options to select from. They are available in a wide range of styles such as princess castles, old houses, modern-style houses, luxury villas, Victorian-style houses, and many more. You need to know your child’s taste and preference first and then decide the style accordingly.

6. Assembly Option – Is it pre-installed or you have to build it from scratch?

While some models of dollhouses come pre-installed, there are other models that need to be built from scratch. For the houses where you have to assemble everything and make the house, the manufacturer often provides you with an assembly kit and a guide on how to build the house. Some kids and parents find it a fun activity and prefer buying such models.

The houses that come pre-installed are ready-to-play models. You can decide the set up of furniture and all though as these things are mobile so that the kids can use their own creativity while setting up the house.

7. Accessories:

Almost all the dollhouses come with a few pieces of furniture and additional accessories. You can even buy these accessories separately to make the house look interesting and exciting to play.

In most cases, you will have to buy the doll separately. These dolls are also available in a wide range of styles and varieties. You will also find different assortments such as a dollhouse bed, etc.

However, one thing that you must make sure of is all the accessories that you are buying are of the correct size. Whatever toys or furniture that you are buying should fit inside the house comfortably. They should neither be too small nor too big.

Which activities does your kid likes the most – cooking, gardening, painting, or playing? Consider all these factors and try to buy a house and accessories so that the kids can incorporate all these activities and enjoy playing.

8. Weight:

Checking the weight of the dollhouse is equally important. If you are buying a very light dollhouse, the chances of falling over the house will be high. This can happen while the kid is playing. It is not only irritating, but it can fall over your kid and cause some damage to the house as well.

If your kid is very young or if more than 2 children are going to play in the dollhouse, it is better to go for a sturdy wooden option that can withstand rough play as well. You should also consider the size and the weight of the accessories and prevent your child from any choking hazards.

9. Safety:

No parent would like their child to expose to an environment that is not safe for them. Hence, you must make a choice depending on the age and maturity level of your child. You should avoid buying accessories that have sharp corners or the ones that are tiny as the kid might swallow it accidentally. All of this can cause potential harm to the kid. If you are buying a plastic dollhouse, make sure it is made using non-toxic material (PVC-free, BPA-free, and Lead-free) so that it is completely safe for your kid.

10. Interior:

One of the best parts of any dollhouse is the variety and options that you get. Each manufacturer focuses on making the model look attractive so that it draws the attention of parents and kids immediately.

Usually, dollhouses are equipped with multiple floors and rooms and each one of them is designed with perfect detailing. The floors are connected via fancy stairs or elevators that open and close perfectly.

Depending on the overall design of the house, each floor has either one or more rooms. There is a living room, a kitchen, and a master bedroom in the standard model of dollhouses. Some extravagant models of dollhouses feature other rooms such as multiple bedrooms, including a separate bedroom for children, garden, play area, gym, swimming pool, etc. You will find endless options.

11. Quality:

Checking the quality of any product before making the final purchase is very important. You should check the quality of the material used to make the house and the accessories. You must check whether it is sturdy and durable or not. Buying a reliable product is very important, especially when it is for kids.

To prevent the dollhouse from any deterioration or risks, checking its finish is important as well. The accessories should be made using non-toxic materials.

12. Price:

The price of a dollhouse ranges between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000. The brand and the quality of material play significant factors in deciding the overall price of the house. Models with the strong build quality and multiple accessories are often available at higher prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I make dollhouse furniture using household items?

Buying a good dollhouse is not enough. It should have all the accessories that are available in the house. Since dollhouse furniture is available at higher prices, some parents try making these pieces of furniture using simple things available at home already. Some accessories that you can try making at home are:
You can take cardboard or the plastic center from the pizza box to make a round-shaped table. To dress it up, you can use some fabric and decorate it nicely. You can even try using the cap of an empty toothpaste and paint it and use it as a flower vase for the center table.
If you have a dishwashing sponge or a bath sponge, you can cut it in a proper shape and make a nice mattress. Cover it with a fabric that will look like a bedsheet. You can even make pillows and pillow covers using the same items. However, if you want to make a large bed, you can take a small box like a cheese box or similar box and place it under the mattress.
Other Furniture:
You can make chairs using toothpicks and egg cartons. Other things that you can try is making a sofa using a tissue box, and so on. You can use your creativity and make multiple things for the dollhouse and give it an interesting look.

2. How can I make curtains for the dollhouse?

To make curtains, take some lacy material or other fabric, fold it on the top and then sew it properly. You can now insert a thread or toothpick in this tiny space that will act as a stand holding the curtain. Now you can either make a bracket or simply glue the curtain to the wall. With the help of these curtain rails, you can now have curtains in the dollhouse. You can adjust the shape and size according to the windows and doors.

3. I want to light up the dollhouse. How can I do it?

Even though it looks like an interesting idea, you must keep in mind that your kid might not be old and careful enough to handle a light set up inside the dollhouse. Light indeed adds a warm and realistic feeling to the house and is quite easy to install. Before installing the light, check what is the best place for it and then you can plan the wiring accordingly.
There are two types of lighting that you can use: LED battery lights and wired 12V lights. LED battery lights are easy to install and replace whenever the battery is down. You can simply use a tape or a disc magnet and attach the light to the ceiling or wall. Installing a wired light might be a bit complex but its advantage is you can control the light using a master switch.
With LED lights, you will have to turn on and off each light individually and it can sometimes get a bit tricky. Irrespective of the type of lighting that you are thinking to use, you must plan the lighting properly before installing.

4. Are kids playing with doll houses are safe?

The doll houses are quite harmless to play but you have to ensure the safety status of each product before purchasing. Avoid doll house which has sharp pointed tips, which may injure your little one. Also, it best to have a close monitoring while playing or fixing the doll house.

5. What is the appropriate age to purchase a doll house for your kid?

It is suitable for kids with one year and above, as they develop motor skills like grabbing items. One can find wide – ranging alternatives in the market and you can simply make purchase after baby with a 1 year and above.

6. Which one is best – own dollhouse or an assembled one?

If you have an idea on the material, size and other considerations, then it is best to build the dollhouse yourself. You can simply purchase the doll house kits and follow the instructions to fix it with some tools. A few products even offer furniture kits. Making your own dollhouse will not save your money but also allows you to customize it, as per your taste and preference.

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