Top 5 Best Diaper Bags for Moms in India

Diaper Bag Backpack

New mothers will know that a crying baby could mean just about anything. The baby might be hungry and need a feed; she might have soiled her diapers and needs a change immediately or she may just need a pacifier to suck on or a toy to fiddle around with and keep busy because she is bored.

To be ready for all such situations when you are traveling is no easy task. Here is where a diaper bag comes in handy. It can hold fresh nappies, a new set of clothes, baby food or formula and even toys that your baby loves to play with, in an organized manner.

However, choosing the right diaper bag for you and your baby depends on many different factors. You’ll need to make sure it is not too bulky and yet holds everything your baby needs; it stores your odds and ends too in addition to the baby’s essentials in its numerous pockets and what’s more, it should be good looking too!

In this article, we’ll help you find your way through the large variety of diaper bags available in India, along with a list of the best diaper bags to buy online this year. A simple buying guide is also provided below to help you shortlist just the right bag to suit your needs.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is not just any bag you can buy off the shelf to stuff things in. Certain aspects need to be kept in mind while choosing the ideal diaper bag for your baby since you’ll be carrying it along quite frequently while away from home. Here’s a buying guide which could be helpful.

1. Types of Diaper Bags

A number of different types of diaper bags in all shapes and sizes can be found on the market today. Here are the five most common ones which are readily available online.

  • Backpack diaper bags: Looks like a regular backpack with additional pockets and pouches to store your baby’s stuff. An advantage is that it distributes the load on your shoulders evenly, keeping your hands free. However, you will need to take the bag off from your shoulders every time something from it is required.
  • Messenger/Sling/Satchel diaper bags: As the name implies, messenger or sling diaper bags are relatively flat and have one long, usually adjustable strap that can be hung on one shoulder or diagonally across your chest. An advantage is that you can take out items from the bag with one hand without having to take the bag off, with your baby comfortably positioned in your other free hand. However, this may also be a disadvantage since it tends to place a good amount of weight on one side of the body, which can lead to sore backs in the longer run.
  • Tote diaper bags: These are like giant handbags with large handles and are quite bulky, though spacious. They generally have a wide opening to help you fill in your baby’s stuff easily but could prove to be quite a heavy load to carry around. These also cannot be accessed while carrying them, since you need to remove at least one handle off your shoulder to reach within the contents of the bag.
  • Stroller diaper bags: This attaches directly to your baby’s stroller, the advantage being that you don’t need to carry it on your shoulders at all. It hangs from the handles of the stroller and is easily accessible at all times. Just make sure the diaper bag is not too heavy and the stroller is sturdy enough to bear the weight of it and not tip over.
  • Convertible diaper bags: These are multifunctional diaper bags which can turn into backpack, messenger or tote bags. They usually come as a tote bag with adjustable and detachable straps which can be added or removed as required.

2. Space – for both baby’s essentials and mother’s accessories

A diaper bag is more of a travel bag which should have enough organized space to hold everything you need while on the go. This could include baby’s diapers, food, clothing and toys along with the mother’s wallet, keys and other accessories as well since the mother will generally not carry an additional purse along with it. Hence, a spacious diaper bag with a large number of pockets of all sizes works well to keep stuff organized when you travel with your baby.

3. Size & Weight

It is important to opt for a diaper bag that is not too heavy while empty. This is because it will only grow much heavier once it is filled up with all odds and ends. While the bag needs to be large enough to carry everything your baby needs, it also must not be excessively bulky once filled up which makes it difficult to lug around.

4. Type of Carrying Handles

This depends on the particular type of bag you buy (from the types listed above). A tote bag’s handles should be short enough to be able to carry it like a briefcase without the bag touching the ground, but long enough to be easily carried on the shoulder as well. A backpack should have ergonomic shoulder straps to distribute weight evenly while a sling or satchel bag needs to have a durable and adjustable strap to suit your body type.

5. Material of the bag

The key here is to buy a bag which is water resistant, easily washable and dries up quickly. Canvas and nylon bags are long-lasting, light in weight and durable. Modern vegan leather bags are more stylish in looks but can only be wiped clean and not washed while genuine leather bags are usually heavier than others.

6. Additional features

Adjustable straps that are broad and padded, zippers with large teeth and no Velcro (because it may startle a sleeping baby) are additional features that are useful in a diaper bag. A good number of bags include a diaper changing mat as well that fits into the pocket of the bag itself. That is a very useful addition which is recommended when opting for a suitable diaper bag for your baby.

7. Budget-friendly Nature

Finally, when you purchase diaper bag online you should look at the price. Most of the people stick to their budget and accordingly choose the best one. It’s actually a wise decision. But, when you are doing it all for your baby, money should not be your top priority. You should always look after the baby comfort and safety.

If you’re the one who can invest more in standard models, then you’ll be overwhelmed with the performance, lifespan and strong design quality.

Top 5 Diaper Bags For Stylish Moms in India

Diaper BagsProduct DimensionsMaterialNo' of PocketsItem Weight (approx.)Buy Now
Robustrion Waterproof Diaper bag45.6*37.2*9.4 cmNylon7721g Check the Price
Baby Bucket Diaper Bag38.9*38*5.9 cmPolyester8499 g Check the Price
R for Rabbit Waterproof Diaper Bag45.2*33.4*10.2 cmOxford Fabric91140 g Check the Price
Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags49.3*32*2.6 cmOxford Fabric13802 g Check the Price
Offspring Shoulder Diaper Bag43.2*30.5*19.1 cmRexin3408 g Check the Price

1. Robustrion Stylish Waterproof Multi functional Diaper Backpack

Robustrion Stylish Waterproof Multifunctional Diaper Backpack

Robustrion Diaper Bag is perfect to take along while traveling to resorts, beach, and tourist spots etc. It has got the best features to carry multiple baby products and other items that require for a vacation.

This wonderful baby diaper bag is available in blue and 10 other different colors and weighs around 721 grams to carry effortlessly from one location to another. 

This multi-functional diaper bag comes with 7 pockets – 1 at the front and back, 1 at sides left, right and remaining 3 inside the bag to store baby bottles, diapers, napkins, lunch box etc.

The bag features waterproof nylon material to ensure the carrier is safe from water and milk spillage. Further, it makes easy to wipe out stains and dirt present on the diaper bag.

Stylish design with elegant color compliments and best matches with the parent’s choice. The shoulder straps and easy carrying handle provides comfort to the customers and makes it a perfect choice to use at any time in different locations.

Wrapping up, Robustrion baby diaper bag comes with multiple compartments, and spacious interiors to keep different baby products at one go. Hence, we’ve given as the best baby diaper bag in India. The only thing most people complaint is the bag is made of a cheap quality material which damages quickly. 

What we like 

  • Available in 11 colors.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain.
  • Made of waterproof nylon material.
  • Stylish and attractive design diaper bag.
  • Features 7 pockets to store bottles, napkins.

What we don’t like 

  • No warranty information.
  • Material quality could be better.

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2. Baby Bucket Diaper Changing Bag – Green Giraffe Pattern

Baby Bucket Diaper Changing Bag - Green Giraffe Pattern

If you’re looking for a well-designed, budget-friendly diaper bag for your baby, then Baby Bucket Diaper Bag is worth buying online/offline. It is available in multiple designs and colors like green, orange, yellow, zebra and giraffe pattern that makes children’s love carrying it.

This diaper bag has large space and 8 pockets to hold the baby items like feeders, plates, bottles, forks and spoons etc. The shoulder strap comes with adjustable options to carry the diaper bag comfortably and helps to keep the things in an organized manner.

With the flexible and multi-purpose options, it can also be attached to the stroller as per your convenience and requirement. Also, you can use take it while traveling with your infants.

To conclude, Baby bucket diaper bag offers extreme comfort throughout its usage. The lightweight design and fine quality materials make it as the best choice available in the market. It is not a machine washable; hence you need to wash the bag with hands using liquid soaps and strictly avoid bleach.

Once you start using this diaper bag, you may experience the zip failure which is made of poor quality. Overall, it will be a great value for the money you are investing in.

Keep in Mind:  manufacturer claims that there is a slight difference in colors shown in images that the actual item. 

What we like 

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Available in 4 color combinations.
  • Made of microfiber, polyester materials.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design structure.
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag and traveling bag.
  • Comes with 8 pockets to keep the baby care items.
  • Highly waterproof nature and prefers manual washing. 

What we don’t like 

  • Not machine washable.
  • Zip quality could be better.
  • Colour may not be same as shown in the image. 

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3. R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Multi-Function Waterproof Mother Bag for Travel with Baby

R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

 It’s not a dad’s thing to carry diaper pads for the little ones. You may feel uncomfortable and the only solution to such a problem is having R for Rabbit brand diaper bag at home. Even moms can carry the bags when they’re on vacations or holiday trips.

This diaper bag uses high-quality water-resistant materials that guarantee long-term usage. It’s not just a diaper bag; it can also be used as a backpack for regular use. That’s why we’ve listed as one of the best diapers bags in India for multi-purposes.

It comes with large capacity along with 9 pockets to hold the infant items that are used daily. Insulated pocket keeps the baby food in right temperatures for hours and side pockets allow you to keep water bottles and feeders. A diaper changing mat help moms while changing diapers for their little ones. 

To recapitulate, this diaper backpack bag comes in a stylish design and the durable nature makes it use comfortably for longer periods. The only drawback is the 1.14 kg weight which makes difficult to carry while traveling to other places.

What we like 

  • Incorporates a diaper changing pad.
  • Comes in 3 different colour combinations.
  • Can be used comfortably for the lifetime.
  • 9 big-sized pockets to store different baby items.
  • Made of high-quality water-resistant fabric material.
  • Insulated pockets to keep baby’s food at right temperatures.

What we don’t like 

  • Bit heavy to carry.
  • Push buttons at the top are inappropriate.

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4. Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers – Premium Version (Navy Blue)

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags

Motherly Brand is a newly established brand that provides quality products and brings happy faces with the purchase for kids and mothers.

This amazing diaper bag uses waterproof fabric which allows you to clean neatly and is environmentally friendly too. The design is fashionable, cute, and available in 17 color options to match with the baby boys and girls.

This is the only diaper bag in the list that comes with 13 pockets i.e. both internal and external. Of all, 3 insulated pockets in the front to store milk bottles, 7 storage pockets inside, tissue pocket and water bottle pocket on the sides. All these separate pockets help to keep baby products in a well-defined manner.   

You may face difficulty while carrying the bag. During this time, you can adjust the shoulder strap as per your convenience and comfort. Additionally, moms can use this baby diaper bag as a backpack, handbag and take a long while shopping, restaurants, etc.

On the whole, Motherly diaper bag offers top-notch performance and is best to use for infants or toddlers. You may get disappointed after knowing that the manufacturer didn’t provide diaper changing mat, bottle cover and has poor stitches at corners. 

What we like 

  • Waterproof nature.
  • Made of fabric materials.
  • Suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Stylish and attractive design structure.
  • Wide fish mouth opening diaper bag.
  • 13 internal and external pockets for storing baby items.

What we don’t like 

  • Poor stitches at corners.
  • You won’t get the diaper changing mat and bottle cover. 

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5. Offspring Outing Mama Shoulder Diaper Bag (Blue)

Offspring Outing Mama Shoulder Diaper Bag

Whether you are going for a day-trip or grocery stores, you should always have Offspring Diaper Bag. It is available in blue color and the small printing design i.e. stars, gaming toys attract the children.

Compared to above-mentioned brands, it has a very unique design, weighs around 408 grams and an adjustable shoulder strap helps to carry effortlessly to different locations.

It features 3 pockets i.e. 1 main zipper, 1 front, and back zipper pockets to conveniently place the baby care items. It keeps the baby care products in an organized manner. Along with this diaper bag, you’ll get changing mat that helps mom to change the baby diapers.

Furthermore, this Offspring diaper bag uses Rexin material which can be washable and easy to maintain. It is ideal to use as a travel bag since it has lots of space to keep the baby products.

Winding up, this diaper bag is the convenient way to carry baby’s essentials while traveling alone in airports or for shopping. Being small in size, you can keep baby items inside the diaper bag and all other accessories in a separate backpack. 

What we like

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Made of resin materials.
  • Easily washable and stain-free.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • 3 zippered pockets – center, front and back. 

What we don’t like

  • No side bottle holder.
  • Zip quality could be better. 

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Few Words to Conclude… 

Our top pick from the list is Robustrion Waterproof Diaper Bag that is perfect while traveling to outdoors and holiday vacations. It has got the best features like pockets, zipper, changing mats to carry multiple baby products and other items effortlessly.

This multi-functional diaper bag comes with 7 pockets – 1 at the front and back, 1 at sides left, right and remaining 3 inside the bag to store baby bottles, diapers, napkins, lunch box etc. It is made of waterproof nylon material to ensure the carrier is safe from water and milk spillage. 

Which brand diaper bag you like the most? Are you using any of the above-mentioned brands? If you have any queries or think we’re missing any of the popular models, write to use in the comment section given below. We’re happy to clarify them as early as possible.

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