The 7 Best Coir Mattress In India Reviews and Buying Guide

A coir mattress is one of those mattresses often recommended by medical practitioners for those who have typical back problems. The best part about these mattresses is the material used to make them, which makes the mattresses soft but not overdoing it. The material which is used primarily in the making of a coir mattress is coconut coir fiber.

Coil mattresses can absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Due to this reason, these mattresses are appropriate for air ventilation and moisture absorption. Coir mattresses are not as soft as typical air mattresses.

These mattresses are firm and are not as soft as the air mattresses or the spring mattresses and other variants, but they also provide adequate back support. These mattresses help in correcting the posture of your body by keeping your spine aligned. This helps in preventing any disease that could be related to bad body posture. So, while buying the perfect mattress, please consider

  • Comfort: Buying a mattress that’s not comfortable is nothing but a waste of money. So make sure the fiber and the filling of the mattress is comfortable and gives your back enough support at night.
  • Durability: Always recheck on the materials used for making the coir mattress that you choose. You’ll not want to check out for a new mattress after having bought one recently.
  • Size: Make sure you know what size of the mattress you need for your bed, so that you don’t get a misfit when you get back home

For more detailed information on the above factors, you can look at our Buying Guide below. The guide can help you decide the best coir mattress for your own specific requirements. For now, here are some of the best coir mattresses in India that you can choose from:

7 Best Coir Mattress In India

Coir MattressesBed SizeThicknessMattress ComfortBuy Now
Springtek Coir Mattress72 x 72 x 5 inches5 inchesExtra-firmCHECK ON AMAZON
Wake Sleep Coir Mattress72 x 36 x 4 inches4 inchesFirmCHECK ON AMAZON
Extra Sleep Coir Mattress72 x 30 x 4 inches4 inchesFirmCHECK ON AMAZON
Cozy Coir Coir Mattress72 x 30 x 4 inches4 inchesMediumCHECK ON AMAZON
Sleepwell Coir Mattress72 x 35 x 4 inches4 inchesExtra-firmCHECK ON AMAZON
Centuary Coir Mattress72 x 36 x 4 inches4 inchesFirmCHECK ON AMAZON
Duroflex Coir Mattress72 x 60 x 5 inches5 inchesFirmCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Coir Mattress In India Reviews

1. Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic 5 inches Coir Mattress


This Springtek Healthspa Orthopaedic mattress is a luxurious coir mattress. This is a level 4 semi-firm mattress that provides you a high level of comfort. The mattress comprises of premium sift endurance foam and is laminated with medically approved bond material.

The Springtek Health spa mattress is made of a natural rubberized coir layer. This layer helps you support your back by maintaining the correct posture for your body. It also includes a PU foam comfort layer on top, which optimizes the comfort and support offered by the mattress.

You can use the mattress for multi-purpose, as a bed itself, top of the bed, or as a sofa. It’s available in queen size. This medium-firm mattress is suitable for people who weigh around 70kgs. It will provide high level back and neck support.

The top cover is made of premium quality Quilted knitted fabric, which ensures breathability and comfortable sleep. It comes with a 5-year warranty, making it one of the most durable and authentic orthopaedic mattresses.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 72 x 5 inches; King-sizeMattress
  • Mattress Comfort: Medium
  • Thickness: 5 inches; other sizes are available
  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Item Shape: Square
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Off-white


  • Authentic orthopaedic coir mattress
  • Not too firm, not too soft
  • Premium-knitted fabric.
  • Allows breathability.
  • Reversible mattress.
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Post-sales customer service is poor.

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2. Wake Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Orthopaedic Care Single Size Mattress

Wake Sleep

Wake Sleep understands the importance of sleep for its customers. With 10-years of experience in the sleep industry, they have made it possible by providing a higher-quality mattress for even greater comfort and support. The mattresses made by Wake Sleep are made to go through several tests to ensure that the customers get optimum comfort.

The mattress uses a natural rubberized coir layer that is firm and made to maintain the correct posture of the spine and neck. Enough layers of coir sheets maintain the firmness of the mattress ideal for back and side sleepers.

The support of the mattress is enhanced by the PU foam layer that provides you comfort and a peaceful sleep. The mattress is available for a single bed.

The top cover is made of premium quality fabric that gives the mattress an appealing look, perfect feel as well as breathability. It also maintains the ideal temperature for your bed as well as the body. The mattress offers a 5-year warranty, making it one of the most durable among orthopaedic mattresses.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 36 x 4 inches; Single Bed.
  • Mattress Comfort: Firm
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Primary Material: Fabric
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Maroon


  • Softy quilted fabric.
  • Orthopaedic coir mattress.
  • Controls motion transfer
  • Appealing look.
  • 5 years warranty


  • If not slept properly, then you can endure back pain.

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3. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Single Size

Extra Sleep

The Extra Sleep Coir Mattress is made with years of experience. Each mattress is made to go through several quality tests to ensure you get a sound sleep. This mattress is made with authentic materials, and it’s on the firmer side, ideal for orthopaedic users.

The outer layer is made of quilted premium cotton fabric to make it breathable and soft. The PU foam layer on top of the coir enhances the base support of the mattress that results in a firm but very supportive bed. The mattress is available in single bed size.

It is made up of natural rubberized coir that is durable and eliminates motion transfer. The extra layer of coir provides you extra support for your spine and helps you maintain the correct posture. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty along with the product. It is a perfect choice for orthopaedic users, those who need proper back, neck, and leg support.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 30 x 4 inches; Single Bed.
  • Mattress Comfort: Firm
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Primary Material: PU Foam, Cotton, Coir
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Red


  • Quality coir mattress
  • Coir is distributed well, and good quality of cloth is used.
  • Comfortable, and no lumps are found.
  • It is firm, which helps the back while sleeping.
  • Good after service.


  • If you want a soft mattress, then this is not your perfect choice.

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4. Cozy Coir – Heavy Density Coir Mattress, Single Bed Size

Cozy Coir

This is a heavy density coir mattress that has a sturdy base. The mattress is manufactured by consulting several specialists and going through several hefty tests. As the name suggests, this mattress lets you feel super cozy while supporting your spine alignment.

It’s a medium-firm mattress that is supported by high-density natural and rubberized coir along with a transition layer, which gives it the ideal firmness. It relieves pressure, provides support to those suffering from back and neck issues. The mattress is available in your preferred size. You can even contact the company for a mattress meant for your baby’s cot.

It also gives provides you with a one-year free warranty and another year pro-rated warranty. You can choose the color of the mattress according to your preference. The weight of the mattress is light at just 7 kgs. The outer layer is made of Quilted fabric that feels soft and looks rich.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 30 x 4 inches; Single Bed.
  • Mattress Comfort: Medium
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Primary Material: Coir
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Color: Multicolors


  • Heavy density mattress with a sturdy base.
  • Transition is made of hard foam to support both the natural coirs.
  • The company lets you choose your preferred size.
  • It is lightweight, weighing just 7 kgs.
  • 1year free warranty with a one-year pro-rated warranty.


  • Not ideal if you want a soft mattress.

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5. Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress


Sleepwell has been offering firm mattresses for many years now. It is a firm coir mattress that is delivered to your place in a pre-assembled manner. This extra firm mattress is just what you need for your aching back and shoulders.

The mattress offers you the natural goodness of coir along with twin-layer of PU foam comfort. The mattress has foam on the front and coir on the back, making it comfortable for you to sleep on but maintains proper spine alignment. It’s a single bed mattress, but double, king, and queen sizes are also available.

The top layer is made of air-mesh fabric, which provides the needed air-circulation to the bed and your body. The product is made after taking into consideration the comfort needed by the customers. It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 35 x 4 inches; Single Bed.
  • Mattress Comfort: Extra-firm
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Primary Material: Coir
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Beige


  • Firm mattress.
  • Natural goodness of coir.
  • Foam on front and coir on the back supports proper spine alignment
  • Air-mesh fabric provides proper air circulation.


  • Not perfect for you if you want a soft mattress.

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6. Centuary Mattresses Lotus 4 inch Single Coir Mattress


Centuary has been in the sleep industry for quite a while, and they are well-aware what the customers want. This Centuary Matresses Lotus 4-inch single coir is one among the comfort collection offered by the company. This mattress is in the most affordable range and designed to provide long-lasting comfort every night.

The mattress is made up of 4-layers. The top layer is the jacquard fabric, which gives it a soft and plush feel. This also enhances the breathability through the mattress, thereby increasing the durability. It’s a single bed mattress, but it’s available in other sizes as well.

The next layer is a PU foam quilt, followed by the profiled PU foam.  Below this is the rubberized coir that makes the mattress firm. Advanced material, as well as intelligent constructions used by the manufacturers, meets with the global benchmarks.

The materials used for the production of the mattress is certified and ensures chemical compliance. It comes with a 2-year warranty. It is ideal for heavy-weight people who lack proper back support.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 36 x 4 inches; Single Bed.
  • Mattress Comfort: Firm
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Primary Material: Rubberised Coir
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Blue


  • Breathable and hygienic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Global quality and made in India
  • Antimicrobial foam shielding in the quilting foam layer.


  • The shape may be compromised after using it for some time.

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7. Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch Queen Size Coir Mattress


Duroflex has been offering a wide range of orthopaedic mattresses range with advanced technology recommended by National Health Academy. The firmness of the mattress is extra firm and available in queen size.

This mattress is a certified 5-zoned orthopaedic layer. The first layer is for your head and neck; the second layer supports the shoulder, and upper back on the third layer for lower back, hips; fourth layer for upper leg and knee, the last and fifth layer is made for the lower leg ankle support.

Knitted fabric, along with PU foam quilting, provides a luxurious feel. The high resilient foam provides firm support and increases durability. High-density rebounded foam provides better reinforcement. The presence of high-density coir enables free air circulation, and as a result, it keeps the mattress cool. Also, the mattress comes with a jacquard woven fabric that acts as a protective covering.

Technical Information: 

  • Size: 72 x 60 x 5 inches; Single Bed Queen size
  • Mattress Comfort: Firm
  • Thickness: 5 inches
  • Primary Material: Coir
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Warranty: 7 years manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Blue


  • 5-zoned orthopaedic support
  • High-density coir
  • Rebounded foam
  • High-resilient foam layer.
  • Comes with a warranty of 7-years.


  • Firmness is lost after some time and becomes soft.

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Buying Guide For Coir Mattress

A good comfortable coir mattress plays a big role in providing you the daily sound sleep. Understanding science and choosing the perfect one accordingly is a cumbersome job. With numerous mattress manufacturers available, buying becomes tricky. So, give a shot to our mattress selection guide. It will ease all the challenges while choosing.

1. Size:

Size plays a vital role in determining the ideal, comfortable one. The mattress size should be considered on the bed size, no of people lying on it, height, width, comfort needed.

Check out the tabular filled size chart for easy understanding. With all these flooding options, you won’t return empty-handed. In India all these following standard sizes are handy.

Single ( 72*36”) to ( 75* 36”)Spacious enough for the child.
Cramped for a heavy adult.
Double ( 72*48”) to (75* 60”)Large enough for the adult.
Cramped for 2 adults.
Queen( 72* 60”) to ( 78* 60”)Large enough for a couple.
Cramped for couple & a kid.
King( 72* 72”) to ( 78* 72”)Large enough for a couple & a kid.

2. Material:

The material of the comfort support layer of the coir mattress offers the comfort level to the users. These closest layers provide the base and support. This eco-friendly coconut fiber supports good health, bone-development. The 100% natural content eliminates allergy issues.

3. Thickness:

Thickness is a must-feature to look upon. Generally, mattresses are of at least 10” thickness. Still, you can find 5-15” thickness mattress handy all across the markets.

Bodyweight plays a crucial role in determining the thickness of your mattress. Naturally, a heavy adult will feel comfortable on a thicker version. More depth offers more cushion as well as comfort to users. Buyers having back pain should pick a 6″ coir mattress. This is highly supportive of them. Lighter adult prefers shorter beds.

4. Comfort Level:

The level of comfort varies from person to person. Different people have different firmness, softness preferences. Your sleeping position guides you to the ideal purchase as per the comforts. However, coir mattress with added support is extremely beneficial for all sleeping postures.

Back sleeperMedium-firm offers better spine alignment for your back.
Side SleeperSoft mattress
Stomach SleeperFirm mattress
Toss & Turn SleeperDual mattress for smooth roll-over

5. Firmness:

The sufficient coir sheets layers balance the ideal firmness level of the mattress. The firmness ensures the confirming capability of the mattress.This gives you the flexibility to create as much pressure on your mattress. Based on two factors, buyers can decide the mattress firmness.

  • The individual weight of the people lying on it.
  • The sleeping position.

People weighing less than 60kg can choose a softer one. On the other hand, people with more than 60kg weight should opt for a firmer one.

6. Durability:

Coir mattress is known for its durable, anti-sagging nature.  The ideal firmness, little cushioning makes coir mattress long-lasting. The average life of a good quality mattress is 5-7 years. Hence, the ideal frequency for changing should be within this time frame. However, users having kids should not consider that their mattress will last long until 7 years.

7. Supportability:

With frequent usage, supportability decreases over time. Sinking experience is not liked by many sleepers. If you demand good, necessary support while sleeping, get a highly supportive firm coir mattress. The responsiveness of this even coir mattress is very low. Hence, it does not sink beneath the heavier body parts. Instead, this aligns your spine, backbone with added support.

8. Motion Isolation :

Mattresses create a motion transfer while moving around, shifting while on sleep. It adds discomfort to the other person who is sleeping. Check this factor so that even if you get down from the bed, the other person can’t feel. Coir mattress offers less motion isolation factor.

9. Edge Support:

Over time the mattresses edges start to sink post continuous usage. This occurs users tend to sit at the edges of the bed while moving out / moving into the bed. Coir mattress with additional padding can neutralize this sinking with added support.

10. Odor:

The use of natural content keeps you away from any harmful gases. This eco-friendly nature makes it healthy for your health. So, a new coir mattress doesn’t carry any unpleasant odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which coir mattress should I buy?

The answer to this question is simple. You should always buy a mattress which suits your requirements in every possible way. You should consider a lot of factors before purchasing a mattress. These factors could be whether your mattress prevents the growth of microbe or not, whether your mattress is the same size as your bed or not, etc.

2.How should I set up my mattress?

The seller will get the mattress delivered to you in a pre-assembled state. You just have to get the mattress out of the packaging and put it on your bed. Take help from a second person if necessary, depending on the size of the mattress that you have purchased or are planning to buy.

3.How can I keep my mattress clean?

To clean the mattress, remove any all the coverings of the mattress. Then, wipe the stains, if any, and keep your mattress sanitary using a damp cloth.

4.How can I measure my mattress?

Simply remove all the outer coverings of your mattress. These could be quilts, bedcovers, bedsheets, etc. use a measuring tape to measure the mattress. Start from the head of the mattress and drag the tape all the way to the foot of the mattress. This will give you the length of the mattress. Now measure the mattress starting from the bottom to the top of the mattress. This will provide you with the thickness of the mattress.

5.What is the warranty offered for the coir mattress?

The warranties offered for different coir mattresses differ from each other. It depends on who the seller is and how expensive the mattress is that you are trying to purchase.

6.Is a coir mattress good for your health?

Yes, a coir mattress is known to be good for your health. It is considerably hard and offers good support to your back. It also makes sure that your body maintains its natural posture even when you are sleeping. This prevents problems that are related to posture, such as back pain.


A coir mattress is a natural mattress. It is made from coconut fibers. Due to this reason, they are considerably hard. Since they are considerably hard, they provide back support to you.

When you go out to buy a mattress, there are several things you have to consider like, the size of the mattress, the durability of the mattress, the firmness of the mattress, and many other factors. Coir mattresses have a lot of benefits. They give you a healthy body posture. They have anti-dust and anti-bed bug properties. They are eco-friendly. Coir mattresses are worth buying if you can choose the one that suits you best.

Our recommendation is the Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic 5 inches Coir Mattress. This is an extra firm mattress that offers good support and should last longer as well.