The 5 Best Bosch Washing Machines In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Bosch is a German company well known for its innovative and high products across the world. It has started in the 1886 and since then they have entered into several market segments achieved a great applause for their work.

When it comes to washing machines, Bosch has entered this market later compared to LG, Samsung and IFB. Though it has been few years, they have quickly gained a lot of appreciation and trust from customers for their amazing washing machine models.

They have a varied washing machine product range with affordable versions, energy efficient models and premium ones. To analyze and choose the right one, we recommend reading our buying guide. It has all the information about Bosch Washing Machine features. If you want to check out washing machines from other brands, then Click Here.

In this article, we have provided a list of Best Bosch Washing Machines that include both top load and front load models.

5 Best Bosch Washing Machines In India

Bosch Washing MachineCapacityFront load/ top loadSpin speedsBuy Now
Bosch Fully-Automatic
Washing Machine
7kgFront load1200CHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch Fully-Automatic
Washing Machine 
6 kgFront load800CHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch Inverter Fully
Automatic Washing Machine
8 kgFront load1200CHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch Fully-Automatic
Washing Machine 
6.5 kgTop load680CHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch Fully Automatic
Washing Machine
7kgTop load700CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Bosch Washing Machines In India Reviews

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

bosc 7kg wm

Bosch can be the perfect brand for your wash care. And this particular machine comes with an innovative feature that makes washing easy and enjoyable.

  • Design and build: This is made of premier quality stainless steel with German engineering. It is a free-standing machine and features a front load. The body is coloured in silver and the total product weighs around 7 kg. And it works efficiently without creating any noise.
  • Washing mechanisms: This machine facilitates activewear that can automatically adjust to water level according to the laundry weight and fabric.WAK24168IN is quite a multitasker, its Vario drum is designed to be tough on stains and while being gentle on delicate fabrics.And its drum clean mechanism can remove all the lints and toxins, keeping the drum disinfected which in turn increases the product shell of the machine.This also adds great value in saving your precious time. It reduces the wash time up to 65% to deliver nice – clean washed clothes.More over this machine can also work at low water pressure level (0.3 bar). This makes it ideal to use it for places with a water problem.This has an rpm reading of 1200 which is considered a good reading and this due to high spinning the clothes are dried after washing.
  • Features: This machine can perform all this heavy task at a low noise level (50 dB). And this doesn’t even vibrate while it’s cleaning the heavy laundry. This gives great stability to the machine and peace of mind to the user.It can also withstand voltage fluctuations, the wash cycle is stopped when there is a fluctuation and again resumed when there is stability of voltage.This also features a reload function that enables the door to open early during the wash cycle and allows to add or remove any laundry easily.

Additional features

  • Free water filter– along with this product you get a free filter that fits into various taps and passes clean water to the machine.
  • Child lock– this function locks all the settings and prevents any changes which can be caused by a child.
  • LED display– this gives you a clear reading of all the settings and time to complete.
  • Foam Detection– with this feature the machine can detect excess foam and then dilute it to give better washing.

Product specification

  • Capacity– 7kg
  • Water consumption– 47L
  • Material– stainless steel
  • RPM– 1200
  • Noise level– 50dB


  • Low noise
  • Great for 3-4 members
  • High spin rate


  • Spare parts come at a higher price range

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2. Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

bosch 6kg wm

This is a great option for somebody looking for basic level washing. With being fully automatic this can give a hassle free washing system.

  • Design and build:Our second product is a basic level washing machine by Bosch. With a capacity of 6kg this can be a great model for bachelors or couples.This is white in colour and features a front loading option.
  • Washing mechanisms: WAB16060IN can be a suitable model for those who are looking for allergy free clothes. Its allergy plus programme perfectly cleans the fabric maintaining the hygiene and keeping it allergy free. And its active wear feature can sense the amount of load and adjust the water level automatically preventing wastage of excess water.Before the wash cycle starts the fabrics are pre soaked and given a pre wash treatment inside the drum. You can also open the front load during the early wash cycle and add or remove any laundry.Its daily wash program gives you hassle free laundry with a touch of a button
  • Features: As mentioned prior this is a basic level and runs on 800 rpm. Its inbuilt viro drum is designed to clean the stains thoroughly while being gentle on your garments.While this takes your precious laundry it can also take care of itself with its drum clean feature. This helps to increase the product life by removing lint or any other residue that might be left behind while washing.This through cleaning can also be achieved even with low water pressure(0.3 bar). It also peacefully cleans the cloth with low noise level(49 dB).

Additional features

  • Free filter– filter comes along with this machine that fits into any tap and passes clean water for washing.
  • Big drum– drum has enough space allowing easy movement of fabrics
  • Super 15 30 program– this program allows you to wash, clean and rinse in just 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Voltcheck– this feature allows the machine to stop during any voltage fluctuation and resume when there is stability.

Product specification

  •  Capacity– 6kg
  • Material– stainless steel
  • RPM– 800
  • Warranty- 2 years on product and 10 years on motor
  • Wash programme– 8


  • Super 15 30 program
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Works even in low water level


  • Has low rpm

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3. Bosch 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 

Bosch 8 kg wm

WAT24464IN offers a high capacity and its smart features allow efficient cleaning. So without any further ado let’s look into its features in detail.

  • Design and build: WAT24464IN is a 8 kg capacity front loaded washing machine. This can ideally be suited for families with 5 or more members.This machine comes with an inbuilt heater which helps to increase the temperature of water and gives efficient washing.A free standing machine which can be conveniently placed at any corner of your house.
  • Washing mechanisms: Now with this model you can save your precious time with express wash. This is designed to wash your laundry in just 60 minutes and give your garments a pristine wash. And its allergy plus programmes makes your fabric clean and hygienic and safe for allergy prone people.The garments are pre soaked before the wash cycle starts. And the reload function allows you to add or remove the laundry during the early part of the wash cycle.The activewear feature can sense the load and adjusts the water amount automatically.
  • Features: This German engineered machine comes with an eco silence drive motor that is a brush less motor that reduces the friction and gives you a silent washing experience. The peaceful washing experience is also supported by anti vibration design that reduces vibration and ensures stability.And its vario drum is specially designed for your delicate clothes. This is gentle on your clothes and tough on your stains.

Additional features

  • Volt check– this helps to pause the wash cycle when there is irregularly of voltage and again resumes when there is stability.
  • Waterproof and touch panel– this touch panel gives the access to touch even with wet or soiled hands.
  • Big drum inside– the 8 kg capacity machine comes with a big drum that gives enough space for all your laundry.
  • Free filter– a filter comes along with this machine that can fit in any tap and helps pass clean water in the washing machine.

Product specification

  • Capacity–  8kg
  • Material– stainless steel
  • RPM– 1200
  • Warranty- 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • Package includes– 1 Washing Machine, 1 Inlet Pipe, 1 Drain Hose, 1 Water Filter, 1 User Manual


  • Big drum inside
  • 2 year warranty
  • Allergy plus programme


  • Front door hinge might get stiff over time

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4. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

bosch 6.5 kg wm

This machine incorporates a powerwave system that incorporates water from 3 directions.

  • Design and build: This is a top loaded machine and has a capacity of 6.5kg. This is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. This is ful automatic and comes with top loading.
  • Washing mechanisms: This machine can work even with low water levels. It offers 8 distinct wash care systems with 8 levels of washes. And it can intake both hot and cold water to give an effective washing. Its dynamic water flow combined with a powerwave wash system gives excellent washing.With its dual dispenser you get the convenience of using both powder detergent and liquid. It can dissolve both efficiently and give better washing results.
  • Features: This machine features a magic filter that can effectively gather the lint and fluff and give you clean clothes. it can even sense the amount of load added and selects the wash programme accordingly with just a touch of a button.With any power failure this machine can stabilize the wash cycle. It resumes the cycle from the point it stopped during power fluctuations.

Additional features

  • Soft closing lid– The lid shuts gently protecting the hands from unexpected injury and also avoids slam noise.
  • Toughened glass– The see through glass is made strong and can withstand heavy weight.
  • Superior aesthetics– with six colour options you can choose the one that fits your interiors.
  • Child lock– lock the wash settings to prevent any kind of mishaps.

Product specification

  • Capacity– 6.5kg
  • Material
  • RPM– 680 rpm
  • Warranty- 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • Wash programme–  8
  • Package includes– 1 Drain Hose, 1 Inlet hose, 1 Snap connector, 1 Bottom Plate ( Rat Mesh), 1 User manual


  • High capacity
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Steel drum


  • Low rpm count

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5. Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

bosch 7kg wm

Another top loaded option with excellent features

  • Design and build: This model is a fully automatic machine that features a top loading system. This has a 7kg capacity
  • Washing mechanisms:This washing machine comes with a perfect speed that reduces the washing time. Its various wash care programs ensures all the garments are washed according to its need. The vario inventor motor provides efficient energy for all its washes. This has two inlets for warm and cold water intake and its dual dispenser can effectively dilute both powder and liquid detergent.
  • Features: The power wave wash care system gives an efficient cleaning and its magic filter keeps the laundry lint free and clean. This also features a power off memory feature that ensures smooth functioning even during power cuts. The dynamic water flow along with the intelligent wavedrum movement gives efficient washing without damaging the clothes.The motor works silently with optimal water levels suiting different need of your laundry.

Product specification

  • Capacity– 7 kg
  • Material–  stainless steel
  • RPM– 700
  • Warranty- 10 years warranty on motor


  • Vario inverter
  • Magic filter
  • 10 years warranty on motor


  • Can heat up while washing

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Things To Consider While Buying Washing Machine

Just like any other washing machines, models from Bosch also have similar functionalities like capacity, wash cycle, type, and others. However, their models come with some additional features and technologies that are specifically unique. These features take these models to next level. Below, we have provided features are available in both front-load and top loading washing machine models.

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine Features

Here, we have provided few features that are available in front loading washing machine. While purchasing, choose a model that comes with at least few of these features.

1. Allergy Plus

This wash program is specifically designed for people who are dealing with allergies. During this intensive wash cycle, any detergent residue and other irritants will be removed, leaving allergy-free and hygienic clothes. In order to provide germ-free, sanitized and allergen free clothes, this wash program uses water at 60°C temperature. This feature is verified and certified by ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation). So, you can be assured of preventing allergies.

2. Vario Drum

This particular feature is an illustration of the innovative and adapting engineering capabilities of Bosch. Vario drum has a unique design technology which washes delicate fabrics carefully yet still provides excellent cleaning. During the wash cycle, the Vario drum rotates in certain direction while the paddle’s flat side will clean the laundry. In the next step, the drum will rotate in the opposite direction and paddle’s steep side and wave droplet design will provide deep cleaning.

3. iDOS

The amount of detergents plays a significant role in the effectiveness of washing. If excessive detergent is used, then it will increase the water consumption. Because more water is required for dissolving the higher amount of detergent. So, more detergent means more water wastage.  Along with that, you have to stock up more amount of detergent monthly. But how do we determine what is the right amount of detergent? To solve this problem, Bosch has introduced iDOS technology. This feature will determine the required amount of detergent according the load, dirt level and hardness level of water.

4. Active Water Plus

This feature is one of the best functionalities that are unique to Bosch washing machines. With the use of 256 sensors, active water plus feature will adjust the wash cycle according to the load. These sensors are capable of sensing the amount of load and cloth type as well. Based on this data, it will control the water flow to the drum. And at last, in combination with VarioDrum it will distribute the water evenly at rapid rate.

This whole process will not only reduce water wastage but also reduces power consumption as well. Finally, the detergent will also be removed thoroughly without any residue. And there will not be any bacteria accumulation inside the drum. So, the drum will be clean, hygienic and lasts long as well.

5. Anti-Vibration Design

This special design is provided for improving stability and decreasing the noise. The engineers at Bosch have designed spiral sidewalls and improved insulation to their washing machines. This design will reduce the vibrations by preventing the drum from shaking, especially during spin cycle. This whisper-silent feature will let you wash clothes even at night without disturbing your or neighbors sleep.

6. Ecosilence Drive

Washing machines from Bosch are equipped with BLDC motors and EcoSilence Drive which are capable of reducing frictional noise. So, the washing machine will operate whisper silent. Apart from that, BDLC motor reduces power consumption by improve the washer efficiency. So, the washer will provide effective service continuously for a long period of time. In combination with anti-vibration design, it will reduce the noise further less and you can get whisper silent washing experience.

7. Wash & Dry Programme 60 min

This feature completes the process of drying clothes within 60 minutes of time. After loading the washing machine with clothes, select this feature and continue with your daily works. Once 60 minutes is completed, the clothes will be dry and ready to wear.

8. Reload Function

Sometimes, we would like to add couple of clothes during the wash cycle. Or sometimes, you may have put colored cloth into the white clothes load by mistake. The team at Bosch has come up with a solution called Reload Function. This feature will let you open the door during the cycle to remove or add more clothing items.

9. Voltcheck

Fluctuations in voltage are pretty common in some parts of India. These fluctuations can be damaging to the electrical equipment that includes washing machines as well. However, with Bosch washing machines, you don’t have to worry as they come with Voltcheck functionality. This feature will protect the appliance from any sudden voltage fluctuations.

This technology includes an in-built controller which monitor the voltage continuously. Whenever, there is a fluctuation exceeding the safe operation limit, it will pause the wash cycle. And when the voltage is stable again, it will restart the wash cycle.

10. Anti-Tangle

Regular wash cycles can be hard on the expensive, delicate and new clothes. Often after the wash cycle, clothes end up tangled which requires untangling while removing them from the washing machine. This may result in tears or damage to the clothes. The anti-tangle feature present in Bosch washing machines will reduce the tangles up to 50% which ensures damage free and tangle free clothing at the end of wash cycle. Make sure to press the anti-tangle feature before starting the washing machine.

11. Anti-Crease Cycle

This feature is specially designed for decreasing the wrinkles on washed clothes. When you press this feature, the drum will move gently to separate and smoothen the clothes for 60 to 90 minutes. This will result in wrinkle-free and ready to wear clothes.

12. DuoTronic

This feature enables the washing machine to detect moisture level and regulate the heat according to it. Once the clothes are completely dry, the sensors will analyze it and stop the drying process. This also analyzes the optimum temperature and drying cycle time to prevent any damage to the fabrics.

13. Monsoon

During monsoons, clothes often get wet and give out damp smell. This feature provides 10% more drying efficiency along with the final hot rinse which will be immediately followed by a good spin. If hot clothes are spun at faster speed setting, then there will be minimal moisture residual in the clothes. This prevents any damp smell and also reduce the time required to dry the clothes.

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine Features

Below, we have mentioned some exclusive features that are available in top loading washing machines from Bosch. These features make these models worthy to invest and more convenient to use.

1. Power Wave Wash System

To provide perfect wash results every time, the engineers at Bosch have created a new functionality by combining three factors – designed pulsator, dynamic water flow system and intelligent WaveDrum movement. The feature provides up and down movement to clothes along with round action. Along with that, it will also provide better water displacement for better wash without compromising the care of clothes.

2. VarioInverter

VarioInverter motor is an efficient, durable and powerful motor which is capable of providing perfect wash, ensuring long life to clothes. This motor is also capable of reducing the noise levels as well. So, you no longer have to worry about the embarrassing sounds while entertaining guests at home. This motor is backed by 10-year warranty.

3. Magic Filter

Some latest top loading washing machines from Bosch are equipped with magic filter feature will provide lint-free and clean laundry. Compared to traditional washing machine, the magic filter is installed lower than usual placement.

Because of its build design and location, it is more efficient in collecting the lint regardless of how lower the water level is present inside the drum. And the magic filter is detachable as well which makes to maintain the washing machine clean, as you can detach it and clean it from time to time.

4. Soft Lid Closing

This feature ensures the washing machine lid is closed gradually to prevent any damages and ensure silent closing.

5. Hot/Cold Fill

Based on the fabric type and soiling condition of the clothes, you can choose hot, warm or cold wash. The washing machine will manage the water temperature based on what type you choose to wash the clothes.

6. Dual Dispenser

Some of the top loading washing machines from Bosch are providing with dual dispenser feature which means separate pockets are provided for adding detergent and fabric softener.

Common Features in Top Loading and Front Loading Models

1. Speed Perfect

It is the shortest wash cycle program which is suitable when you want to wash clothes quickly. Mostly, you can use it when the clothes are not soiled yet just need a simple wash to clean them. This wash cycle takes 65% less amount of time but still provides 100% washing performance.

2. Child Lock

This is one of the important features to check out for if you have young child at home. Out of curiosity, kids may access the control of washing machine. Latest washing machine from Bosch have implemented child-lock feature which will lock the control panel. So, even if your kid accesses the panel, he will not be able to change the settings.

3. Power Off Memory

Power cuts and blackouts are pretty common in India. Problem often faced with traditional washing machine during power cuts is that – the wash settings completely erased and washer will be reset to default. However, latest Bosch washing machine models come with Power Off Memory which will restore the settings you have selected. When the power returns, the washer will restart with same wash settings it had before the power cut.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Bosch front loading washing machine come with in-built heater?



On the bottom line bosch washing machines are a robust brand providing features that can cater to different types of people. These are also affordable and eco friendly. With the above given options for front loads and top loads we have our favourite pick and that is Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine. This has a capacity of 7kg and high rpm(1200). It has some useful features like vario that can be tough on stains while being delicate on your fabrics. This drum can also clean itself from lints or other toxins that can be left from washing. And also the washing is reduced by 65%.

Overall this just enhances the wash care system.