Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets in India

Apart from being one of the most played and sought after sport in India, Badminton is an excellent workout too. A simple 30 minute game would help you burn out about 270-300 calories.

But in order to excel at the sport or even try it out for workout purposes, you need to have a good grip on the game and have the right racquet as well.

A perfect badminton racquet will help you serve better and deliver perfect shots. The right racquet will not feel like a tool but will be one with your hand. It glides in the air just as you make a swift movement to hit to score.

Choosing the right racquet may seem like a simple task. But if you wish to be better at the sport, you have to look at many factors such as the weight of the racquet, string tension, frame and the shaft material.

To help you play the best and be the best, we have dedicated hours of research in testing out a wide range of badminton racquets. That exhaustive research has led to the creation of this list of the top 5 badminton racquets available in India. Our research process and tips on how to pick the best racquet are mentioned in the Buying Guide which is available here.

List of Top 5 Badminton Rackets in India 2019

Badminton RacketsWeightGripStringBuy Now
Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus, 3U-G485-89.9 gramsG4StringedCheck the Price
Li-Ning Super Series SS-68 Strung Badminton Racquet83 gramsS2StringedCheck the Price
Apacs FINAPI 232 Graphite badminton racket86 gramsG2UnStringedCheck the Price
Victor Arrow Power 9900 G5 Badminton Racket80 - 84.9 gramsG5StringedCheck the Price
Silver's SB 503 Badminton Racquet combo98 gramsG3StringedCheck the Price

Best Badminton Rackets Reviews

1. Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus, 3U-G4

Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus, 3U-G4First up we have Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus. Yonex has been offering supreme quality badminton rackets since 1969. They keep in mind all the necessary intricate details before designing a racket.

This racquet is ideal for players who are either beginner or intermediate stage. If you are a player who seeks accurate shots with full swing energy, this is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. It’s incredibly light in weight body and sleek design makes it easy for smashes and drop shots.

Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus, 3U -G4 comes with a round-shaped head and box-shape frame cross-section. The unique design gives the racket a strong feel.CS carbon nanotubes are positioned at the sides of the racket in such a way that it improves the elasticity of the frame. This feature enhances the hold of the shuttle on the bed for a stronger impact.

The strings of the racket are made up of Titanium elastic which resists any deformation on impact while playing. The strings stretch for a while when smashed strongly but recover quickly after the impact.  You would find this racket quite durable and strong because of its built-in T joint, deeply moulded into layers of graphite. To top it all, there is a protective cover that comes with the racquet for you to carry around.


  • It is a lightweight racket which is good for smashes and drop-shots.
  • Strings are made out of Titanium Elastic and thus they resist any deformation soon.
  • Has a G4 grip
  • Durable body
  • If you are a beginner, this is the ultimate choice for you.


  • Delivering powerful shots are a bit difficult with this racket.
  • Not ideal for pro players

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2. Li-Ning Super Series SS-68 Strung Badminton Racquet

Li-Ning Super Series SS-68 Strung Badminton RacquetLi-ning was one of the major sponsors for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Li-ning Super Series SS-68 Strung Badminton racket is designed to reduce air resistance and exhibit high strength.

The super series SS-68 is ideal for intermediate and pro players. It is made up of full high Carbon Graphite which allows the user to play with balance. This racket is designed with a dynamic-optimum frame which enables the player to deliver an efficient attack as well as effective defence. Increased bounce strength and widened stringing area considerably improves the hitting velocity.

The aero-tech beam technology incorporated in the racket enhances the player’s performance in various shots. This is because of the low drag coefficient and high intensity of shape and structure of the frame section.

The high tensile slim shaft provides extreme strength and easy control for the players. Being lightweight, this racket reduces the chances of injuries or sprains during heavy shots.


  • A great racquet for experienced players.
  • It is very light in weight
  • Exhibits high tension and is ideal for smashes.
  • Carbon Graphite body
  • Dynamic Optimum frame for efficient smash attacks
  • Good Bounce Strength


  • The guts of the racket tend to shift from their places and need manual positioning.
  • An entry level player may not be able to handle this

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3. Apacs FINAPI 232 Graphite badminton racket

Apacs FINAPI 232 Graphite badminton racketApacs FINAPI 232 Graphite badminton racket is designed with carbon nanotube material which increases the bending strength and impact of frame and shaft.

Similar to the Li-Ning SS-68, the Apacs FINAPU 232 is also designed for Pro Badminton players. Being isometric in shape, it enlarges the sweet spot area. This feature allows the players to deliver powerful shots even if shuttle hits to off centre. Players can attain best push and power due to the racket’s optimised shuttle hold.

The racket is made up of 24T Japan high-grade graphite material which makes it powerful at delivering shots. It is light in weight and has an excellent head speed which allows the player to deliver fast and effective cross corner shots with pin point accuracy. For better performance, use 26lbs of tension.

A new concept called Triple Speed System Frame is incorporated in the racket which provides a strong structure. High degree of frame aerodynamics makes the racket less resistance to air, thereby increasing its speed.

You would be delivered an unstrung racquet which requires a DIY stringing. Apart from that, there is no cover bag that comes with the racquet. You would be buying something yourself.


  • It offers the utmost power and strength with each shot and hence is good for offence shots.
  • Durable frame due to the Triple Speed System
  • Made out of high grade 24T Japanese graphite.
  • Light in Weight


  • It is too rigid in nature and has low flexibility of the shaft.
  • Difficult to handle hence not for beginners.
  • It comes unstrung. You would have to string it after buying.

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4. Victor Arrow Power 9900 G5 Badminton Racket

Victor Arrow Power 9900 G5 Badminton RacketLike Yonex, Victor offers excellent badminton equipment as well. Among its ever-developing range of products, the arrow power series has truly proved to be one of the most unique rackets.

The body of the racquet is made up of graphite and resin hence it is durable. The racket comes with a flexible 6.8 shaft which is recommended for the players having low swing speed. The grip of the racquet is G5 and thus can withhold any shocks and does not easily cause vibrations to the racquet.

The head of the racquet is heavy in weight but as the shaft is flexible and light and this cancels out with the weight. But the overall weight of the racquet is 4U which means that it is light in weight. Maximum string tension the racquet can have is 33 lbs.  Furthermore, the racquet comes with a 3 months manufacturer warranty. Hence a replacement can be claimed in case of damage.


  • When it comes to smashing, it is an amazing racket for professional players.
  • High Modulus graphite gives greater durability.
  • Is invulnerable to minor shocks and does not cause any vibrations
  • Maximum string tension is 33lbs
  • 3 months manufacturer warranty


  • Heavy head decreases the speed of the swing hence not a good fit for faster swing.

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5. Silver’s SB 503 Badminton Racquet combo

Silver's SB 503 Badminton Racquet comboSilver Sports Pvt. Ltd. has been delivering A- class equipment since 1965. The arrow power 9900 badminton racket is the best seller for kids (Above 6 years of age) and amateur players of all ages. It is budget friendly and comes in a combo of Two Racquets for the price of one.

This package comes in the combination of 2 rackets, a protective cover for the racquets and a  shuttle box (with 3 white feather shuttles bottom). The body of the racket is made up of steel (so is the shaft) which makes it strong and light in weight. The handle of the racket is designed to provide a strong grip to the players.

Having a cloth lining on the handle makes it comfortable to hold without it slipping because of sweat. It comes already strung strongly and needs no tightening. The racket is durable because of its steel shaft. The cover that is provided with the racquet is made up of tetron and PVC which makes it water-resistant.

This racquet, however, is not ideal if you are serious player and there exists no warranty for the racquet as well.


  • Budget Friendly
  • It is designed in favour of children
  • Steel shaft and frame
  • Light in weight
  • 2 racquets for the same price
  • Comes with 3 feather shuttles


  • It is not meant for professional playing.
  • Not entirely durable and can break if too much pressure is applied.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the perfect badminton Racket?

If you are a sportsperson, you already know that price alone does not define the quality of the racquet. Before picking a badminton racket off the shelf of a sports mart or even online, you need to have to see how they fit your requirements. We have decided to list down the things that decide whether it is a perfect racket for you or not.

1. Weight

Weight of the racquet is a very crucial factor when it comes to buying a good quality racket. Often than not a lightweight racket is preferred and is advisable for beginners.

Typical weight of any racket should be between 85g and 90g. This weight is suggested for better and for quicker serves. Lightweight racquets are always easy to control. They allow you to increase your speed, give faster smashes to the shuttle and also recover from it. A lightweight racket also reduces the chances of injuries as it does not put a lot of burden on your wrists and shoulders.

By rule of thumb, 2U racquets are heavy and are known as Power Rackets while 3U give better control.

But weight is also dependent on how you are going to play the game.

Singles Players: Single players need to choose a slightly heavier badminton rackets such as the 3U and sometimes even lower number. The weight of the badminton keeps them stable and have better swing at the shuttle.

Doubles Players: Players who are into Doubles tend to choose lightweight racquets as they increase their speed of movement during the game.

2. Balance Point

Balance point refers to the how the weight of the racket is distributed throughout the body of the racket. It determines how well balanced a racquet is when you place your finger in the middle of the shaft.

If the balance of the racket is shifting towards the head side, then the racquet is called as Head Heavy racquet. This style of racquet is ideal for smashes as it provides more power to your shots.

If you see a tilt towards the handle of the racket, then you have a head light racquet. You have greater maneuverability and speed with this racquet.

A racquet that balances perfectly on either of the sides is known as even balanced racquet. If you are a beginner, you need to opt for a racket with even balance point as it is easier to control.

If you are a pro, it is suggested that you choose a head heavy racquet for greater smashes. Doubles players find solace in head light racquets.

Even Balanced Beginners and All Round Players
Head Heavy For power playing and heavy smashing
Head Light For easier movement, increased speed and defensive.

3. String Tension and Strings

Most of the badminton racket strings are either made out Nylon or Natural gut. Earlier rackets Strings were usually made from Natural Gut which is organic in nature. Today, it is expensive to afford strings of natural gut.

All the budget racquets of today are made of Nylon. It is cheap, flexible and more durable than Natural Gut.

Every racquet has a sweet spot within its netted string frame.This spot gives you the most power when you hit the shuttle. This is decided by the tension of the racket. The more stretched and tied are the strings, more is the tension and reduced is the sweet spot.

To determine the string strength, [press your palm against the string and see how far it goes.You can feel this spot at the centre of the racquet for most of the low tension racquets. Ideal sunken depth for the string is 1mm. String tension can vary from region to region as the strings tend to expand in tropical regions. In colder regions, individuals require less tension in the strings.

As most of the beginners do not possess the skills to have a perfect shot, it is suggested to pick something with low tension. Pro players can easily handle racquets with higher string tension.

The table given below explores the different string tensions required for various levels of players.

Level of the Player Ideal String Tension bandwidth
Beginner 18lbs – 20lbs
Intermediate 21lbs – 24lbs
Advanced and Pro players 25lbs -28lbs
Professional, Country and League Players 29lbs- 35lbs

4. Hand grips

The grip of the handle of a badminton racket is a tricky one. This is where most of the players get it wrong and tend to struggle with a handle that is either too big or too small for them. Gripping the racket in hand is very important if you want to play a comfortable game.

Most of the rackets have a universal G4 sized grip. G5 grip is specifically used for players with smaller hands. Moreover, shorter grip needs you to utilize more of your arms and hand power. Players with big hands prefer G1or G2 grip too. Bigger grip gives a lot of room for the fingers and wrist movement. In small, there are two types of hand grips for you to choose from. S2 is Extra Small grip and S3 means Small.

The table below illustrates the grip denotation and size in inches

G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 G1
2.75 Inches 3 Inches 3.25 Inches 3.5 Inches 3.75 Inches 4 Inches

5. Grip Handle Materials:

Grip materials are of two types,

Towel grips- These are very comfortable to play with. They tend to absorb sweat and keep your hands dry. The con of these grips is that they need to be replaced quite frequently because they tend to accumulate germs or often need to get cleaned.

Synthetic grips– These grips are made of synthetic/rubber material. They are budget friendly and are more popular. They can not be meant for sweat absorption though.

6. Shaft

The longest part of a racket, the length and material shaft decides whether the racket is stiff or flexible. Graphite and tungsten is generally the preferred material that is used in making.

Longer shafts are flexible. They provide ample support to power shots by boosting your smash. Beginner players with slower swing speed and lower hand power often opt for longer shafts. It provides great power with much less effort due to the spring action of the longer shaft.

But the problem with longer shafts is that you tend to have little control over the shuttle. Moreover, they may not have higher power potential.  Also, the speed of return shots is reduced by the bending of the racket backwards to the spring action. 

Shorter shafts are stiff in nature and offer greater stability and speed. Hence they work well for quicker movements as well. Typically used by pro players for faster, easier movement and more powerful shots.

7. Shape of the frame

There are two shapes of rackets available in the market.

Isometric shape: Is shaped more towards a circular square and has more sweet spot area for easier shots. This shape of the racket is more popular among beginner players and is recommended for intermediate level players too.

Oval shape- This shape of the racket offers a trickier sweet spot. You have to a pro to be able to land the shuttle on the sweet spot. It is recommended for highly skilled players as it requires excellent tactics to make the shuttle land in the sweet spot.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1) What is the string tension? 

Ans: String Tension is the amount of pressure applied to the string when it is tied to form the net inside the head frame. It is measured in terms of pounds and Lbs. For beginners, it is ideal to have a lower string tension whereas pro players tend to have higher levels of string tension. Most rackets have their string tension mentioned on the racket but it is suggestable that you have it checked out with the retailer. For unstrung racquets, string tension can be measured and developed depending on the player’s choice and requirements.

2) Are all racket pre-stringed?

Ans: Most of the badminton racquets come pre-stringed with factory standard tension and string quality. But not all racquets come pre stringed. Professional and high end racquets are often shipped out un-strung because pro players prefer to string these by themselves to suit their specific requirements. If you are a beginner, it is advised that you buy racquets pre-stringed both online or offline.

3) Does these rackets have authorized service outlets?

Ans: Big brands such as Yonex have their retail outlets which can act as authorized service outlets. It is just a matter of finding them. As is the case with repairs and modifications, it is advised that players get their equipment repaired and altered only with authorized dealers. Self-Service may cause more harm than good.

4) What’s the grip size of a racquet? 

Ans: The grip size of a racquet is how big of a handle does the racquet has. It is usually denoted by G size. Higher the G number, bigger is the grip size. G4 is the standard size of grip size for most racquets. But the size number is dependent on how big or small the size of the hands of the players. Bigger hand player choose bigger handles where as smaller players choose smaller handles.
The amount of wrist and finger space and movement also define the choosing of grip size. Smaller grip uses more arm power and is used for precision shots. Bigger grip size is for stability and flexible shafts.

5) Does all racket come with a Cover? 

Ans: A cover is typically provided to protect the racket from any air / dust or anything as such. But not all racquets come with a protective cover. While most racquets do come with a protective cover, professional and pro racquets are often shipped out unstrung and without cover. 


So there it was. A great list of all the best and top badminton racquets available in India. With a 3U weight body, G4 grip along with a durable body the Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus, 3 U-G4 steals the first spot. An absolute best buy for anyone beginning to play Badminton or for people who are looking to excel at it.

What do you think of our list? Do you feel that we should be adding anything else to the list? Do you have any questions regarding badminton racquets, shuttles and spaceships? Our team of experts is ready to answer them all. Don’t forget to write to us in the comments section below.

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