The 7 Best Badminton Kit Bag in India 2020 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Are you a badminton player who practices daily or weekly? Are you serious about badminton? Are you facing difficulties to carry your game essentials and belongings?

If your answer is yes, then a badminton kit bag is the solution. You can carry all your game essentials like rackets, shuttle cocks, shoes, and tapes etc. very conveniently. These bags are very essential for badminton players, not only to carry your game equipment, while playing the game; you can secure your belongings like mobile phones, watches, keys etc.

As you will be using this bag regularly, this has to be very strong for long lasting performance and must have enough space to carry all your belongings. There are many models. You need to be extra cautious while choosing the best bag for you.

Consider few factors before you choose the kit bag

Number of compartments: looking for this factor before you buy is important as it helps you in making you decision easy based on your requirements choose for the number of compartments you need for your bag. Normally you get one or two compartments for the bags.

Weight of the bag: Always choose for the light weight of the bag, you tend to carry it daily if the bag is lighter then it would be easier for you to carry the bag.

Water Resistant: This helps you to keep all your belongings safe from any weather conditions.

Apart from these factors there are factors like material of the bag, hand and shoulder straps, brand to consider which we have described in our “Buying guide”.

We have done a thorough research on these bags and given 7 best badminton bags in India for you to choose and select the best option.

Best Badminton Kit Bags

Badminton Kit BagMaterialNumber of compartmentsBuy Now
Prokick Badminton Kitbag900D polyester, nylon lining2 racquet compartments+
1 pocket compartments
ILARTE Pro Badminton Racquet Kit BagPolyester2 large compartments+
2 other pockets
Thrax Astra Series Badminton Kit BagSturdy material2 large compartmentsCHECK ON AMAZON
Yonex Badminton Kit BagBlend2 large compartmentsCHECK ON AMAZON
Li-Ning Racquet Bag---2 zipper compartmentsCHECK ON AMAZON
One O One Badminton/Tennis Kitbagpolyester2 compartmentsCHECK ON AMAZON
Cosco Tour Racket Kit Bagtetron2 compartmentsCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Badminton Kit Bag 2020 Reviews

1.Prokick Badminton Kitbag

Prokick Badminton Kitbag

Prokick badminton kitbags are the top badminton kit bags as they offer different type of bags in various budgets.

This product comes with two large zipper compartments which have capacity to hold your two to three racquets easily. This bag is budget friendly by offering you the top quality.

This bag is provided with 900D polyester material and comes with PU coating. To carry to main belongings like mobile phones, it also has small pockets.

For waterproof bags prokick material offers functional finish of the waterproofness, anti infrared, breathability, anti static, UV cut, flame retardant, oil repellent, quick dry and anti microbial.

This bag offers you long durability zippers which last for many years; it has chrome puller and eight coil zippers.

Things we liked:

  • For good grip and comfortable carrying, it has padded shoulder strip.
  • This is unisex racket bag.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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2. ILARTE Pro-3003 Badminton Racquet Kit Bag

ILARTE Pro Badminton Racquet Kit

This badminton bag by ILARTE offers two large compartments one is used to carry badminton other is used for shoes; It also has two other pockets where you can carry small items like keys, mobile, wallet etc.

This product is made of polyester; It comes with reasonable price range and has the great quality that will last in long run.

Things we liked:

  • It has good padded hand straps
  • Bag is light in weight
  • This bag provides well padded shoulder straps

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing yet

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3.  Thrax Astra Series Badminton Kit Bag

Thrax Astra Series Badminton Kit

Thrax Astra badmintons come up with high quality material, it is durable. It comes with two bigger compartments with two small pockets.

For you to carry the bag there are two heavy duty shoulder straps and hand straps. These nag zippers are durable and last in long run.

Things we liked:

  • It is durable product
  • This bag is made up of high quality material.

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4.  Yonex Badminton Kit Bag

Yonex Badminton Kit

Yonex co ltd is one of the Japanese leading manufacturers of sports equipments. If your search is for the quality and reliable badminton bag by the good branded company then this is the good option for you.

Yonex offers different type of designs in various price ranges; this bag price range starts from Rs 800 to Rs 20000. Based on your budget you can choose the bag you want.

This product comes in the reasonable price range; it comes in the eye-catching design and comes with the blend fabric with the contrast PU colour.

It has two large compartments where two to four rackets can be carried easily by the player. Other compartment can be used to carry other things like water bottle, towel, pair knee cap, shuttlecock etc.

As this bag comes with different compartments you can easily carry dry and wet clothes separately and it has adjustable padded strap and is sling bag which make you carry the bag easily.

Things we liked:

  • It is made up of good quality
  • This bag have adjustable straps
  • It is in affordable price range

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5. Li-Ning Racquet Bag

Li-Ning Racquet Bag

Li- Ning is the trusted brand for badminton kit bags in India; you can get them at Rs 500 in two different colours. This product comes with two large compartments where easily two to four rackets can be carried easily.

The quality of the bag is great and they are available in latest design to offer unique style. As it have two separate compartments, one compartment can be used for shoes.

Things we liked:

  • It is light in weight
  • You get double zip in each compartment
  • You get separate compartment for shoes

Things we didn’t like:

  • Shoulder straps are not well padded

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6.  One O One Badminton/Tennis Kitbag

One O One Badminton Tennis Kitbag

One o one Badminton kitbag is designed with durable polyester material, for you to use the bag as backpack it has the detachable shoulder belt.

You get two compartments with this bag where two to four rackets can be carried easily, you can also carry shoes in one compartment. This bag has top grade inner lining and double layer stitching.

Things we liked:

  • It has small pockets to place small items like wallet, mobile etc.
  • It is inexpensive
  • The bag is spacious

Things we didn’t like:

  • Shoulder belt is thin may not carry heavy weight

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7.  Cosco Tour Racket Kit Bag

Cosco Tour Racket Kit Bag

Cosco is of the manufacturers of sports accessories, fitness accessories, and exercise equipments.

Cosco rackets is made of tetron material which is durable and last in long run. It has two compartments, where you can carry 1 pair of shoes in one compartment and in other compartment you can carry one shuttle cock box, one to two shuttle rackets.

There is a side pocket equipped with this bag, you can carry your small belongings in this pocket.

Things we liked:

  • Made up of good quality
  • Spacious enough to carry all your belongings

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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Buying Guide for Badminton Kit Bag

Below are some factors you need to check before you buy the badminton kit bag.

1. Weight:

Always choose for the lighter bag weight, as you need to carry it every day the first factor you should check is for is bag weight.

2. Number of Compartment:

Checking for the number of compartments is also important if you have larger and more compartments you can pack all your belongings easily. Choose the bag that have minimum of two compartments.

3. Material of bag:

The bag durability depends on the type of material it is made with, polyester, nylon, blend etc type material bags last in long run.

4. Hand and shoulder straps:

As it will be easy for you carry the bag check for the hand and shoulder straps of the bag.

5. Brand:

Always prefer the top branded product, as they give standard quality and durability to the product which you cannot get in low branded products.

6. Zipper:

As you need to use the zip many times make sure the zipper quality should be good.

7. Space:

You will be carrying rackets, shoes, socks etc many equipments in your bag so it should have a good space to carry all your belongings.

8. Water Resistant:

Check if the bag is water resistant or not as this helps you to protect your equipments.

9. Badminton Compartments:

Make sure that you have proper size and separate badminton compartment and check if it is properly padded or not.

Characteristics of Badminton Kit Bags:

  • According to your game requirements kit bag should easily hold the racket.
  • For the bag to provide best performance in long run kit bag have to be durable in nature.
  • As the backing or lining provides support for the kit bag it is also important.
  • Most important part to consider in any kit bag is the zipper, as it is the first thing to get damaged, so players always need to check for the quality of zipper.

How to Select Badminton Kit Bag:

Check your game level and requirement of your game:

Depending on your game requirement select the kit bags. You don’t need 3 compartment kit bags if you are playing with 3 rackets. If you don’t use separate shoes for the game then there is no need of shoe compartment kit bags.

Check the Fabric of the kit bag:

Fabric of the bag should be checked carefully as the low fabric quality will not give you good performance and will not last long. Different fabrics are used by different brands, mostly 6 x 6 microfibers and PU are used in making of kit bag.

Check the quality of Zipper:

As said before check for zipper and try to make a dry run, bag zipper should be easy to slide and should be made of good material.

Check the shoe compartment and accessories pocket in kit bag:

The shoe compartment only comes in use when you use separate shoes for badminton and carry them with you need to check for bag with shoe compartment.

Check the type:

Bag pack style kitbags are mostly preferable by many players. You need to check should straps quality and its softness if you are planning to go for back pack style bags.

Racket Bag Size Categories:

Let us discuss about each size of racket bag in detail

Backpack/ Rucksack:

Backpacks come with less storage capacity, but they are convenient to use. You can easily carry a single racket with a water bottle, few accessories and some clothes with you and you can easily carry it by wearing it on to your shoulders.

3 Racket Bag:

These bags come with extra space where you can carry 3 rackets, balls, extra shirt, towel etc. It is doubtful to fit shoes or any larger items. They are light in weight and can be sling over and you can carry on your shoulder.

6 Racket Bag:

Among larger bags this bag is the best choice and is standard size. Mostly there are two same sized compartments, with the racket holder’s upto three on one side, and on other side compartments there is shoe, extra clothes to change, a towel.

The basic level backpacks have a shoulder strap and the high quality six racket bags come with backpack straps which you can wear it to your back.

9 Racket Bag:

This larger capacity bags comes with the equal sized compartments three on each side or sometimes one smaller and other larger compartments.

According to your personal option you can keep the rackets in the smaller compartment while placing other items in the larger one. This bag comes with the separate section for your footwear.

12/15 Racket Bag:

These bags are the larger size bags among all the bags, mostly useful for the players who travel to play or to train. This bag has two or three large compartments, one big compartment for racks other separate zip bag for shoes, one zip for wet clothes and rest of larger space for clothes, accessories etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why buying Badminton Bag is important?

For the Badminton game the rackets are the most important equipments, you need many things to play the game well without any injuries. Proper shoes, grips, shuttle cocks all these are equipment used for the game. To organize all these items you definitely need a badminton bag.

2. Do all the Badminton bags have shoe compartment?

No, all the bags don’t come with separate shoe compartments, if you use separate shoe for the game then you need to choose the bag with separate shoe compartments.


Finally, we advise to choose the best option for you based on how many racket you will be carrying, number of zippers, storage compartments. We suggest you choose any one from Prokick Badminton Kitbag or Yonex Badminton Kit Bag . Quality, Ease to carry, number of zippers etc. of prockick make this unisex as one of the best option to suggest. Affordability, Quality, adjustable straps etc. make Yonex bag as one best option to go ahead with.