Top 7 Best Baby Strollers in India

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Be it strolling in the part or shopping in a mall, carrying baby in your arms can drain out all your energy. And moreover, if you are doing it daily for too many hours then it can cause pain in back, shoulders, and arms.

The best possible way to cut the weight and enjoy the walk/shopping is – BABY STROLLERS.

Though they are a bit expensive investment, baby strollers can last very long – from infants to till they walk on their own.

But the tricky part is to purchase the right one. While a good baby stroller can make your life easier, a bad one can end up being an extra chore and waste investment.

While purchasing a baby strollers, you may have to look at some factors like comfort, ease of operation, brakes, portability, compactness, brakes and several others. If you have no idea about them, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE” – it contains all the information in detail that helps you with the same.

However if you haven’t got much time then you can rely on the BEST BABY STROLLERS IN INDIA list picked by our expert team after a lot of research, reviews from parents and testing. Just below the list, we have clearly described about the product, its effectiveness and why we choose it.

The 2019 Score Sheet of Best Baby Strollers in India

Baby StrollersSafety HarnessAge LimitWeightReversible HandleBuy Now
Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller3 point 3 point 7.15 kgYesCheck the Price
BabyGo Delight Baby Stroller3 point 3 point 8.86 kgYesCheck the Price
R for Rabbit Lillipop Lite Baby Stroller3 point 0 - 5 years7.5 kgYesCheck the Price
Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller3 point 0 - 3 years8.1 kgYesCheck the Price
Babee Shade Baby Buggy Stroller 3 point 1 - 3 years3.3 kgNoCheck the Price

A Detailed Review of Each Product in the List

1. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

First position in our list is taken by a famous brand – LuvLap. The products from this brand are made by using latest marvels of science and undergo several rigorous quality checks before hitting the market. Quality is the reason they this brand is very known and popular in the baby gear industry.

This Sunshine Baby Stroller among their product range offers top notch performance. It has 3 position seat recline which means that the stroller seat can be adjusted in 3 different positions – sit, sleep or relax.

If you are a mom looking to purchase a color that goes with your style, then LuvLap offers this stroller in 18 different colors – so you have all the freedom to purchase the one as per your color requirement.

It comes with a reversible handlebar that allows the baby to face the parents while strolling. This stroller has 3-point safety harness like the first one that keeps the baby secure in the stroller and can be used for the children of an age in between 0-36 months.

If you want a stroller with brakes in both the front and back wheels, then this is for you since it is equipped with brakes both in front and rear wheels that makes it easy to stop the stroller. It is equipped with adjustable footrest like the first one, to provide comfort to the baby in sleeping and sitting positions.

It has a looking window in canopy that helps to keep an eye on the child while strolling, and features large basket unlike the first one, for storing valuables. It is enabled with a mosquito net to protect the baby from bites. It weighs around 7.15 kgs and makes it very convenient for the parents to operate.

Things We Liked:

  • 3 position seat recline
  • 3 point safety harness
  • Front and rear wheels with breaks
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Attachable mosquito net
  • Large shopping basket underneath for storage
  • Looking window in canopy
  • Certified with European standards

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The quality of wheels is certainly poor
  • Safety belt on back is not there

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2. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

BabyGo is a product of famous brand – Fortune International, known for high quality strollers. This stroller is durable, lightweight and stylish. And moreover it is one of the most convenient strollers in the Indian market.

It comes with an easy to fold frame and carry strap, so you can move the stroller with ease. The adjustable canopy will block the harmful sunrays and rain from reaching your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition to that, the pop out sun visor provides more protection on extra sunny days.

Though this pram has light weight frame, its super durable. Manufacturers even claim that this is one of the lightest strollers in the market.

Handles of this product can be moved according to the requirement. The rear wheels come with breaks and front wheels come with direction fixers. The seating of this product comes with 3 position seat recline – so your baby can feel comfortable in any position (be it sitting or sleeping).

An extra-large storage basket is ideal for holding over-sized diaper bags and purses. A rear storage pocket is also provided for placing keys and cell-phones. It comes with swivel front wheels like others, that makes the stroller easy to move, and also the fixed wheels make it easier to handle the stroller on rough surfaces. These kinds of wheels are more suitable for jogging and walking.

Things We Liked:

  • Foldable stroller with reversible handle
  • Mosquito net
  • 3 position seat recline
  • Wheels with breaks
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Air light and canopy
  • Adjustable handle
  • Plenty of storage

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have European standard certification.

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3. R for Rabbit Lillipop Lite Baby Stroller

R for Rabbit R For Rabbit Lollipop Lite

R for Rabbit is a brand that is a favorite of many mothers across the world. The wide range of baby products presented by R for Rabbit have been developed of providing safe facilities, technologies and comfortable lifestyle for babies.

When it comes to baby gear, safety has to be the utmost priority. And R for Rabbit lollipop lite stroller is specifically designed to assure the same. This stroller has the suspension of 6.5 inch wheel which provides the smoothest ride to your baby while strolling around in it.

You don’t have work hard or struggle to fold this stroller. All you need is to just push a button and it will fold itself. It is so simple that even kids can do it. As it has the feature of reversible handle, you can watch the safety of your baby while strolling.

It has 3 position recline which can be adjustable with simple mechanism as per your requirement. The 5 point safety harness helps you hold the baby safely without slouching. The stroller also contains huge storage basket where you can keep all the important things necessary for your baby.

The adjustable leg rest (2 positions) makes it comfortable for your baby while using it. This stroller comes in different colors so you can choose as per your interest. This stroller can be used from 0 months to until they are 3 years old.

Things We Liked:

  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Wheel suspension and lock
  • Reversible handle
  • Five point harness
  • Storage basket
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Multiple recline – 3 positions
  • Suitable for 0 – 3 years old
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Certified with European standards 1888

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The wheels quality certainly poor.

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4. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

The next product on our list comes from a brand called Little Pumpkin, a trusted brand for strollers in India. If you want a stroller that is lightweight and strong, then you should consider this one, since it is lightweight and easy to carry when you travel, and features front wheels suspension, unlike others, that enables smooth ride to your baby.

It is equipped with easy fold mechanism like others, all you need to do is just push the bar below either with your foot or hands then it folds automatically which saves you effort and time. Other than that, it has a reversible handle like others that enables to see your baby face when you stroll from both the sides.

This stroller features 3 position recline like others that enables to recline the stroller in 3 different positions that give the baby the most comfortable ride that he/she can get, and has leg rest like others, to make your baby feel more comfortable, and a storage basket like others, that helps to keep everything you need when you shop or travel.

This one is equipped with a colorful canopy like others that protect the kids from sun rays with boo window. This one is suitable for the babies of weight 0-20 kg and age 0 to 3 years like others. It weighs around 8.1 kg that makes it easy to use the stroller.

Things We Liked:

  • Available in four colors
  • Light in weight: just 4 kg
  • Easy to carry and maneuver
  • Has front wheels suspension
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Reversible handle
  • 3 position recline
  • Storage basket
  • Colorful canopy

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The stroller doesn’t provide enough support while the baby is sleeping
  • Doesn’t have European Standard certification.

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5.Babee Shade Baby Buggy Stroller 

BAYBEE Shade- Baby Buggy Stroller

Babybee is a famous International baby gear brand. It is trusted by many mothers across the world because of its performance and quality. The Baby Buggy stroller from this brand is seriously comfortable and comes with a cleverly compact fold.

It has armadillo’s design makes the push chair of this product makes the trips easy and convenient. When not in use, you can fold this product easily with just one hand.

The front wheels of this product have the best suspension which provide smooth ride to your baby. This suspension is specially designed for tough Indian roads. 8-inch front wheels to swivel or to lock for long strolling. Moving this stroller around is so simple that you will say that its child’s play.

Every feature of this product is considered to provide utmost safety to the baby. 5-point harness will hold the baby in safe position. 2 leg rest positions are provided to make the baby comfortable while strolling around.

A magnetic window is provided for quiet peeking. It comes with adjustable hand strap which provides maximum mobility in any position. This stroller can hold up to 20Kgs. It folds into a sleek manner that you can even carry in the air cargo.

Things We Liked:

  • Comfortable
  • Armadillo’s design
  • Portable and convenient
  • 8-inch front wheels
  • Best suspension
  • 2 position adjustable leg rest
  • Magnetic window for quite peeking
  • Recline seat
  • Hand strap for easy transport

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have too much space for storage
  • Only 2 seat recline positions

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BUYING GUIDE – How to Purchase the Right Baby Stroller?

For parents, especially the new ones, purchasing a baby stroller can be confusing as there are several different kinds of strollers with wide variety of features. That is the reason, we have provided buying guide for baby strollers which helps to analyze each product according to the individual requirements and purchase the right one.

1. Types of Strollers:

Depending on their design, versatility, convenience and other features, baby strollers are categorized into 5 different types that include standard, car seat, travel, light weight, and double/triple strollers. Below is a table that provides clear idea on each type…

Type of Baby Stroller Its features
Standard Strollers Comes with padded seats that recline into various positions. Available in different styles (simple to expensive). Come with storage space and sunshades. Can be adjusted from front facing to rear facing.
Car Seat Strollers Lightweight, easy to fold, takes less space. Suitable for infants. Once they outgrow the size, it cannot be used.
Travel/Jogging Strollers This type includes both baby car seat and stroller, so you can use it even if the baby outgrows infant car seat.
Lightweight Strollers Also known as umbrella strollers. Lightweight, cheap and minimal features. Can be used as backup when travelling. Not suitable for infants as they don’t have recline features and proper head support.
Double/Triple Strollers Useful for families with two or three kids. Can be used to carry both or three of them at a time.

2. Size

It is very important to check the appropriate size before making the purchase. Usually, strollers come with size and weight ratings. Choose the optimum size. A large sized stroller can be unsafe and smaller size will be uncomfortable. If you are unsure, take your baby to nearest baby gear store and try different sizes to know the exact size you are looking for. If you are concerned about storage, we recommend going for a collapsible or foldable stroller as you can put it aside whenever you require.

3. Safety

Make sure you buy a stroller with a good locking mechanism, which makes it easy to use; this prevents the child from falling while you are pushing it.

4. Harnesses

It should have safety harness like 5 point harness, that protects the child’s legs, neck head, shoulders, and make sure the buckle is easy to unlock.

5. Adjustable seat

It is better to go for the strollers that come with reclining mechanism, that makes it easy for the child to move in the stroller to nap, and to play. It works well till they able to sit up on their own. Always opt for the one that is easy to use.

6. Brakes

Prefer the strollers with brakes, as it locks the stroller wheels automatically when you apply the brakes; decide whether you need brakes at back wheels or with front wheels or both. We recommend to purchase the stroller with both brakes, front and back.

7. Handles

Handles are one of the crucial aspects of strollers. They have to easy for handling and moving the device without getting slippery. Apart from that, reversible handles are also great as you can look at the baby at any time without any issues.

Most of the strollers come with a handle at waist level or below it. And they are handy for average height women. If you are slightly taller, you can opt for the ones with adjustable handles or higher handles.

8. Storage

Some strollers come with a basket, for storing items like diapers, roomy basket, groceries, mobiles, opt for the one based on your requirements.

9. Canopy

It is very important to buy a stroller with canopies since they protect the child from harmful elements like sun rays.

10. Washable fabric

It is very common for babies to create the mess with strollers or else anything for that matter, to be on the safe side we recommend to buy the strollers with removable fabric covers.

11. Versatility

If you are planning to have more than one child, you can buy strollers that can convert into double or triple seats. And make sure they can accommodate extra seats, bassinets, riding boards.

12. Folds

Some of the strollers just require a button to fold them while some others require to remove the wheels for collapsing them. If you are going to take the strollers often in and out of the car then, it is better to look for the option that is easy to fold.

13. Firm Suspensions

While purchasing a stroller, you have to pay great attention to the suspensions. You baby should not move or feel the bumps on the roads. Make sure the stroller has active suspension so that your baby can have smooth ride. It is very important to have breaks on the stroller as well. This feature helps you climb down ramps easily.

14. Convenience and Comfort

A stroller should be able to provide comfort to the baby. Any discomfort cannot be tolerated by baby and they will immediately let you know by crying. Make sure the seat is properly padded and has enough room for baby have comfortable sleep or stay. Apart from that, the stroller has to be convenient for you as well. Check out the strollers that have enough storage space for placing bottles, snacks, toys, diapers and other important stuff. Always opt for a stroller that comes with rain hood – as it protects the baby from harsh sunlight and rain as well.

15. Steering

Some of the brands often market their strollers as an SUV for a baby. Just like an SUV car, parking or moving these type of strollers is pretty hard. Some of these strollers barely fit into store doors or aisles. So, check out whether the stroller occupies too much space and makes it difficult to move around. While testing the movability, make sure it moves smoothly through the corners.

16. Weight

If the stroller is heavy, then it becomes difficult to push it or carry it. Some of the brands in the market are providing light weight ones as well which usually range between 8 – 10 pounds. But these are umbrella strollers suitable for older babies. For a newborn stroller, their weight usually ranges from 11 – 16 pounds. And once you place the baby, it will be more than 40 pounds. Some parents feel like if the stroller is light in weight, then it is not of good quality. But this is not true. When it comes to strollers, weight doesn’t have an impact on quality.

17. Newborn Friendly

Some strollers are only suitable for babies from 4 – 6 months old who have some neck control. For these strollers, you will have to attach car seat or optional bassinet to make it infant-ready. While some strollers can be newborn friendly as well. You can choose anyone based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Ensures Stroller is Safe and Secure for My Baby?

When it comes to our baby’s, there is nothing more important than their safety. So, if you want to ensure the stroller is safe for you baby, below we have mentioned important points to consider…
* Make sure the stroller has good safety harness. Never leave the baby in the stroller without harness secured.
* Avoid placing heavy dense materials on the stroller handle as it can unbalance the stroller.
* Always set the brake of the stroller when it is not in use.
* Regularly check the stroller, especially before going out, to ensure there are not sharp edges and is working properly.
* Make sure to read the manual carefully before assembling or using the stroller.

2. Which type of break should I buy, front or back or both?

We recommend buying a stroller with brakes both on front and back wheels, since it allows us to apply the brakes very quickly, thereby saving the baby from any kinds of accidents.

3. Is recliner feature necessary to buy a stroller?

Yes, recliner feature is the most important feature to buy a stroller, since it allows the baby to relax in different positions like seeping and sitting and to provide a comfortable ride.

4. What features does canopy provide?

Canopy protects the child from harmful elements like sun rays. It is very important to have canopies in the stroller you buy.

5. Can we fold strollers?

Yes, if it comes with folding mechanism, make sure you buy one with the folding mechanism. Not all strollers come with the folding mechanism. Strollers with folding mechanism allow you to fold them without any hassle.

6. Can I put my new born in a stroller?

If you want to put your newborn into a stroller then make sure it reclines as infants cannot sit up or hold their heads. Some strollers have the option of full recline and while some others don’t have this option.

7. What is the appropriate age for a baby to put on a stroller?

This depends on the type of stroller you have purchased. If the stroller can fully recline then you can use it for newborns as well. But for the ones like umbrella stroller, the baby has to be at least 6 months.

8. Do strollers comes with car seats?

A stroller with a car seat or with a compatible car seat will make a parent’s life much simple. Some of the strollers provide this feature but they can be a little expensive. Cheaper one don’t have this option.


Baby strollers are not only helpful while you are strolling or shopping, they also help you put the baby to sleep. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from a wide variety of strollers available in the market. Our buying guide can be of assistance in the same.

As per our expert’s research, our pick from the list is LuvLap which comes from a reliable brand, has safety certification, the highest level of comfort, and great features. It comes with the certification of EN 1888 standard, which is a most stringent certification for strollers. It comes with multi-position recline feature that makes it easy to use the stroller in multiple positions. And a reversible handle that allows us to face the baby when strolling.  It is equipped with a reversible front tray that can be used to store baby essentials, and leg rest that makes it more comfortable to rest the legs of the baby.

For more such articles, stay tuned with our website. If you have any queries, write to us in the comments section below. Please share your feedback, tips and tricks so that other new moms can benefit from it.

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