Best Replacement Air purifier Filters in India in 2020

Air pollution is a big menace and it has been reported that 92% of the world population breathes unhealthy and hazardous air. Indoor pollution alone is responsible to kill about 4.3 million people every year.

Controlling outdoor pollution is certainly not in our hands (unless we turn to green lives), the air we breathe indoors is very much possible to control. Air purifiers with high quality carbon, anti-bacterial HEPA filters which purify the air that is present inside your home and make sure that you breathe fresh and clean air.

But Air Purifiers do not work on forever and the filters in them need to be changed every 3-5 months depending on the area you live in and the kind of filtration the device does.

Replacement Air Purifier Filters in India

Air purifier FiltersType of filterPurifier ModelWarrantyBuy Now
Atlanta Healthcare HEPA HEPABeta 350 Air Purifier1 Year Check the Price
Philips FY3433 NanoProtect 3000 FilterHEPAPhilips FY34332 Years Check the Price
Philips NanoProtect Carbon FilterActivated CarbonPhilips AC32562 Years Check the Price
Honeywell Lite Indoor HHPF20M936 FilterHEPAHoneywell HHPF20M936 NA Check the Price
Philips True HEPA Filter AC4025HEPAPhilips Air Purifier Model AC40252 Years Check the Price
Philips Filter AC4103/00Activated CarbonPhilips Air Purifier Model AC40252 Years Check the Price
Philips FY1410/10 Nano Protect FilterHEPA Philips FY1410NA Check the Price
Philips FY1413 1000 Series FilterActivated CarbonPhilips FY1413NA Check the Price

List of the top Air Purifiers Filters

1. Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Pure Viral Safe, Beta 350 Air Purifier Filter Set

Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Pure Viral Safe

With a 7 Stage filtration  process, the Atlanta Healthcare is a perfect fit for your Beta 350 Air Purifier.

This filter set consists of a anti-bacterial filter, HEPA, Photocatalytic Filters and Activated Carbon for additive filtrations.

Combined, these can remove any allergens, air borne virus/bacteria/fungi, pollen or any volatile organic compounds in the air. The filter has a capability of even filtering particles as small as PM 2.5 and PM 10 type air pollutants too.

When the air enters, the pre filter clears out any visible and large particles like allergens after which the Antibacterial and HEPA filters work their magic. The activated carbon filter decomposes any harmful gases from the air and then the Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter makes sure that there are no allergens and removes them if any.

The Atlanta Air filter comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty. It is advised that if you are living in a metropolitan city, you need to change your air filters once every 8 months at the least and clean out the filters once every 3-4 weeks or so.


  • 7 different filtration stages
  • Can even clear out PM 2.5 and PM 10
  • 1 Year manufacturing warranty
  • Ideal for small to mid sized rooms


  • None to mention

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2. Philips FY3433 NanoProtect 3000 Series True HEPA 3 Filter

Philips FY3433 NanoProtect 3000 Series

The Philips FY4344 is a HEPA 3 filter with Nano particles filtration protection. This assures you of 99.97% of purification of all the air that goes through it.

With the ability to filter out particles as small as 0.3 or 0.02 microns too (particles which are about 100 times smaller than PM 2.5.

The filter is capable of removing dust, pollution, dust mites, viruses, allergens and bacteria too. Depending on the pollution level in your home and how much you use it, the filter has a lifespan of about 2 years.But it is suggested that you replace this filter once every 8-12 months.

With a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product, this filter is only suitable for the Philips FY3433 Air Purifiers.


  • 99.97% purification
  • Nano Protection HEPA filter
  • Can filter up to 0.3 and even upto 0.02 micron particles that are 100 times minute than PM 2.5
  • Easy to install
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Is compatible with only the Philips FY3433 Air Purifier

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3. Philips NanoProtect Activated Carbon Filter for Air Purifier

Philips AC3256 3000 Series

A filter that is compatible with the Philips FY3433 Air Purifier, the Activated Carbon Filter is an economic alternative to the nano filter which is equally effective but has lesser lifespan than its nano counterpart.

The filter has a honeycomb structure of the activated carbon. This has an absorption capability of about 20 football fields.

With such capabilities, it can easily filter out and provide you with protection against the harmful TVOC elements and unpleasant odours.

Easy to install and maintain, the filter has a lifetime of upto 1 year but depending on the level of pollution your home has, this may change. An unhealthy air alert on your air purifier will let you know when you have to remove and replace the filter.

The product comes with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and is only fit for the Philips AC3256 Air Purifier.


  • 1 year lifespan
  • Honeycomb activated carbon structure that help in reducing of TVOC levels and odours
  • Easy to install
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Alert on the device would alert when to replace this filter.


  • Can be used only with the Philips AC3256 Air Purifier

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4. Honeywell Lite Indoor HHPF20M936 Air Purifier Filter

Honeywell Lite Indoor HHPF20M936 Air Purifier Filter

Honeywell Lite Indoor is a 3 stage air filter from the house of Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company from the US.

The 3 stages of filtration consist of Pre filtration, which will remove all the pollen and other such allergens and then comes the HEPA. HEPA aids in the removal of miniscule and fine dust particles of the order 0.3 Microns along with any virus or other harmful substances in the air.

After this, the air goes through the honeycomb structure of the activated carbon layer. This will aid in the removal of any harmful organic and bacterial elements of the air and absorbs unpleasant odour, VOCs, formaldehyde and other toxic gases as such.

Easy to install thanks to its DIY structuring, you do not need any service engineer in order to install this. The life of this filter is about 2200 hours. That is, if you use it for about 8 hours a day, the filter could last for about 9 months too. Be sure to clean up the filter once every 3 or 4 weeks.


  • 3 step filteration process
  • Has pre filters, HEPA Filters and Activated carbon filter too
  • HEPA can remove upto 0.3 microns particulates
  • Has a life of about 2200 hours.


  • No warranty
  • Does not specify the fit of the product

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5. Philips True HEPA Filter AC4104/00 for Philips Air Purifier Model AC4025

Philips True HEPA Filter AC4104

Yet another Philips air filter, the AC40104/00 is a HEPA filter that is specifically built for the Philips AC4025 model air purifier.

As is the case with all the HEPA model filters, the Phillips True HEPA too is able to filter out finite dust particles, bacteria and allergens. A healthy air protect alert on the device gives you a warning when the filter needs replacement.

Easy to install and use, the filter may not have a huge life than expected but it serves its function pretty well. You may need to clean up the filter once every 3 weeks just to be able to reuse it later.

One of the other major drawback that we observed from this filter is that it may filter out heavy fibres, allergens and everything in between. But the backend of the filter may not be able to disperse as dust particles this is due to the edge of the filter having a small draft pushing capability. This means that there is a small chance of outside air getting inside without going through the filter.

There is a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase on this filter similar to most of the philips products.


  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty
  • True HEPA filter
  • Can filter out bacteria, allergens and finite dust particles
  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy air alert to warn when the filter needs replacement
  • Needs cleaning every 3 weeks or so


  • May have a minor possibility of air entering through the back panel

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6. Philips Activated Carbon Filter AC4103/00

Philips Activated Carbon Filter AC4103

The activated carbon filter AC4103/00 is the most economic filter that can be used for the Philips air purifier AC4025.

With the primary capability to filter out any harmful gases and bad odours, this filter can also be able to filter out large particles ranging from dust to human hair too.

Easy to install thanks to the DIY model of installation, the filter also has a compatibility to the healthy air protect alert on the purifier device which lets you know of when the filter needs replacement.

With a manufacturer’s warranty of about 2 years, this filter is a good buy for your Philips AC4025 air purifier. But the only problem with this filter is that unlike the HEPA model of the filter, you cannot reuse this fitler via cleaning. One needs to throw this out and buy a new one.


  • Can filter out bad odours and smells
  • Can filter even finite dust to hair follicles too
  • A very budget friendly filter
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Unlike HEPA filter, this needs a replacement once every 3-5 months or so.
  • Does not have any pre filter function

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7. Philips FY1410/10 Nano Protect Filter

Philips FY1410

Philips Nano Protect filter has the ability to not just filter out finite particles but also to clear out nano dust particles too.

A good fit for the Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 air filter, this is one of the replaceable filters for that model.

The Nano Protect’s true HEPA filter gives you a great reassurance of clearing out about 99.97% of purification when you use this filter. That means, it could clear out particles which are as tiny as 0.02 microns i.e, particles that are 100 times tinier than PM 2.5.

While there is no warranty on this filter, you can easily use this filter for about 8-9 months with occasional cleaning out of the filter once every month or so.


  • Nano particulate HEPA filtration
  • Can even filter out particles that or of the size 0.02 microns
  • Fit for the Philips 1000 series AC1215/20 air filter


  • No warranty

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8. Philips FY1413 1000 Series Activated Carbon Filter

Philips FY1413

Finally we have the activated carbon filter is a budget friendly charcoal based filter that is a perfect fit for the Philips FY1413 1000 Series air filter.

This activated carbon filter has a nano protect in it with a certain honeycomb structure that provides effective filtration against odours and harmful TVOCs too.

The activated carbon has a vast absorption area. If it were to be able to get unfolded, it would have the capability of covering an absorption area that is almost equivalent to 20 football fields. This promises consistent and superior protection.

Similar to the nano HEPA filter for the same air purifier model, this one too does not come with any sort of warranty but is a decent product that needs replacement once every 6 months ideally.


  • Can filter out any bad odours and harmful TVOCs
  • Vast absorption area of about 20 football fields.
  • Suitable to the Philips FY1413 1000 Series air filter


  • No warranty
  • Cannot be cleaned and should be replaced once every 6 months

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Buying Guide: How to pick the right air filter

An air filter is a refill that would either amplifies or depreciates your air purifiers ability to clean the air in your home. Hence it is important to know which kind of air filter fits your air purifier.

First and foremost of all, every air filter comes with a pre designated filter name and model number which should be chosen for that particular brand of air filter and its associated model numbers.

Air filters of other models of air purifiers even in the same brand too do not be compatible enough to perform well enough. There could be plainly incompatible with respect to size of the filter or maybe due to functionality but it is always a bad idea to place a filter that just doesn’t belong to the same model as the air purifier.

But even while picking a filter that is compatible to your product, you encounter a lot of choices. In order to understand the different types of air filters, you first need to understand how a typical air filter works.

How does an air filter work?

  • As you can see in the image, the process of air purification more of the obstruction of bad air particulates than actually converting bad into good.
  • Firstly, normal air filled with a wide range of pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses enters the first line of defence, the mesh filter.
  • This is responsible in the removal of the general and mostly visible/near visible obstructions such as large dust particles and even tiny hair particles.
  • Then the HEPA filter (if any) will starts to remove any fine dust particles from the incoming air.  It will also remove any pollen, mould, dust mites and bacteria too.
  • Finally, not many have this but an activated carbon filter, if present will be responsible in the removal of odours, cigarette smoke and TVOCs too.
  • While these are the typical layers of air filtration, but farther from that there are a lot of other layers too such as the UV ionization to further better your air quality but this is totally dependent on the type of air purifier you use.

Carbon filter vs HEPA filter

Both the carbon and HEPA filter are the most common types of filters available. While most of the air purifiers tend to give out either one of the filters, the best type of air purifiers tend to give you a combination of the both of these filters.

But anyhow, let us look at all the list of differences between the two famous and widely used types of Air Purification Filters.

HEPA Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Uses mechanical action of stopping harmful and obstructive air particulates. Uses the principle of “adsorption” where in impurities in the air get attached to the carbon molecules and bond with them thus fail to pass through it.
More useful in order to stop fine dust, pollen, dust mites, hair follicles and other particulate matter Highly effective in the removal of gaseous matter, odour, other organic bacterium and even viruses too
Easy to clean and maintain from time to time You cannot clean a carbon filter. You need to replace it from time to time for about 9 months in ideal case scenario
Usually expensive in nature Comparatively cheaper and budget friendly than HEPA filters

Pleated vs Fibreglass Filters

Pleated air filters

Fibreglass filter

Pleated air filters have a special type of material fold which will take less area but have more particle capturing ability. Thus be able to capture more particles in just less surface area These are 1 inch deep filter materials which have the capability to trap and capture large particles of air
Made out of pleated fabric Made out of fine glass material.
Due to the density of the material, the air flow is a tad bit less than typical filter material Fibreglass gives you a great deal of air flow than that of the pleated air filter
Has the ability to capture a lot of impurities irrespective of their size Cannot be able to capture impurities as much as the Pleated air filter
Expensive in nature Go easy on the pocket

Precautions and tips before buying an Air Filter:

  • Always try and get a filter as soon as your air purifier starts displaying the change air filter alert light
  • Choosing an air filter should be dependent on the kind of filtration it would be doing. This would change from place to place Depending on the city you live and the kind of particle, gas or other type of pollution you would be possessing.
  • Again, depending on the area you live in, your requirements and the life of your filter change.
    For example, an activated carbon filter in sub-urban areas in a cities such as Hyderabad may have a 8 month life whereas in metropolitan cities such as Delhi or Gurgaon, you may need to change it once every month due to the high levels of pollution.
  • Make sure you are washing up the pre filter every once in a while for better results and longer life of the refill. Ideally it would be washing it up every 3-4 weeks once.
  • For air purifiers with no HEPA and only Activated Carbon filters, here is a nifty tip.
  • Tip:
    Place a damp cloth in front to cover the filter and then fix it to the purifier. Take out the cloth in the morning and change it with another or wash it to replace. It will reduce the load on the carbon filter and increase its life and also helps in fine particle filtration too


With over 7 different filtration stages, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and the ability to PM 2.5 and PM 10, the Atlanta Healthcare HEPA filter tops our list of the best air purifier filters in India.

While those were our picks, we would like to take in your opinions too. If you have any question regarding the air filtration and air purifiers, please feel free to write to us in the comment section and our home appliance experts will get back to you ASAP.

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