Best Air Coolers in India: 2019 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Summers in India are more than a season and Air coolers have been and will continue to be an integral part of the average Indian life. The warm, oppressive heat of the outside is effectively countered by the cool, comforting ones the air cooler brings.

An air cooler’s true effectiveness is found in conditions of dry heat, where humidity is low. This is because an air cooler functions on water. Usually, an air cooler will spray a fine mist of water in front of itself and then blows air past it in order to let the air carry the moisture with it, causing a cooling sensation. Others use a wet material past which air is blown to achieve the same effect.

The major advantage an air cooler has over an air conditioner is that

  • It is less bulky and does not have heavy installation costs.
  • Air coolers are cheaper to purchase as compared to air conditioners and use a much lower amount of electricity to run, thereby reducing overall costs.
  • Rather than use refrigerants, an air cooler uses water, which makes it more environment friendly than air conditioners.

In today’s world, where people are cautious about the environment, it seems that air coolers are a logical choice. Also, most of us live in apartments where installing an air conditioner is a hassle. Air coolers come to the rescue as they are smaller and fit in tighter spaces.

Air coolers need very little maintenance. The average weekly swab ought to ensure that the machine will function for years to come. There is usually no need to call in the company to come service an air cooler, unlike most air conditioners, which require heavy and expensive servicing.

The important thing to be kept in mind when purchasing an air cooler is the space that it will be cooling. A larger space will require a heavier air cooler and they work best in conditions of dry heat. There are numerous companies selling these wonderful machines. The various options tend to confuse customers as to which will perfectly satisfy their needs.

Our detailed “Buying Guide” will answer all your questions and will help you pick your perfect Air Cooler from our handpicked list of the top 5 air coolers in India. Have a look!

Top 5 Best Air Coolers in India 2019

Best Air CoolersCooling PadCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Crompton Greaves Ozone Air CoolerWood wool75 litres1 Year Check the Price
Symphony Hicool Air CoolerHoneycomb31 litres1 Year Check the Price
Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air CoolerHoneycomb36 litres1 Year Check the Price
Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air CoolerWood wool50 litres1 Year Check the Price
Cello Osum+ Desert Air Cooler with Remote ontrolHoneycomb50 litres1 Year Check the Price

Top 5 Air Cooler Reviews

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Humidity is very difficult to deal with and hence having the ability to actually combat it and also provide the user with additional benefits is what people wish to find in coolers.

The Crompton Greaves Air Cooler uses a wood wool cooling pad that improves performance up to 4200 m3/ hr. The air cooler has an oscillating louver that spreads air in all directions. With a rust-free body, this makes cleaning very simple. It can cool the air of the 500 sq feet area efficiently. All these features bundled together made this particular cooler earn the top spot in our list.

This is a portable cooler and has an ice chamber too. It can store 75 liters of water at a time. This is the highest capacity cooler in this list and that is a huge bonus. The air cooler can use the evaporation mechanism. When water or ice is added in the air cooler, it evaporates and spreads the cool air through the air flow dispenser. It also has got water retention capacity to work effectively for long hours. This is a more eco-friendly and energy efficient solution than air conditioners.

The material of this air cooler is made of high-quality fiber. It is durable and the louvers are motorized in nature. This is made of good quality rubber and the adjustment buttons are easy to handle. The fiber outer material is rust-free. It has a smooth finish that makes it suitable for cleaning.

Notable Features

  • Easily conveyable in terms of size and use

The air cooler is suitable for bed heights and can cover a large area. You can easily move this air cooler and adjust its movement. It is designed to suit all Indian homes as we have dry and hot summers. This is ideal for increasing the humidity in such cases

  • Efficient air cooling technology

The most basic need and expectation from a cooler is to provide a consistent and efficient amount of air cooling all the time. So, this cooler uses a uniform flow dispenser in order to provide you with the most obvious demand.

  • Prevent from damage

This cooler has the quality of prevention against all the possible damages caused by any kind of factors. Hence, it is embedded in a motor protector to prevent electrical damage.

  • High water capacity

Water capacity is 75 liters to avoid frequent filling of the tank

  • Additional features

It has a water drain plug. There is an ice chamber for ultimate cooling. There are two water fill up options available. One is on the front side with a bucket and the other on the back side using the pipe. A water indicator for filling up is attached to it.


The best part about this air cooler is that it an eco-friendly option. This does not consume a lot of electricity yet keeps your home cool. For extremely hot days, you can use the ice tray in this air cooler. It is a good and affordable alternative to air conditioners. This air cooler can spread the cool air when the place is cross-ventilated. So this does not make the air inside the room to start smelling.


  • The Crompton Greaves Ozone air cooler is highly portable and sleek.
  • It can deflect cool air in all directions and can also cover a total area of 550 sq feet.
  • The 190 W powerful motor is energy efficient and helps you reduce electricity bills
  • It can be connected to an inverter to get uninterrupted cool air
  • The inner strap and outer strap is adjustable and height can be changed very easily
  • There are three-speed controls available in this air cooler, they are the pump, swing with pump and only swing options.
  • It cools the room better than many coolers as it has an ice chamber


  • It lacks proper aerodynamics, so it produces noise. This is not suitable for sleeping at night.
  • The water drain is not efficient to let out 75 liters of water.
  • It increases the humidity of the room in a large way that it can affect your lungs.
  • You can enjoy the fresh and cool air in the middle of the room. It is not suitable on the floors.

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2. Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler

This product is offered from a reputed brand and comes along a lot of features and each one of them is highly distinctive and useful. The Symphony Hicool air cooler is ideal for both the new and the old. It has a multistage air purification system that is given by i-pure technology. It purifies the air using different filters for dust, smell, allergy, wash, and bacteria. This is accompanied by a cool flow dispenser and a honeycomb pad for spreading air everywhere. This is worthy of the second spot in our list because it is a bit noisy and capacity is less when compared to our list topper.

With a 31 litre cooler tank capacity, this is an advanced air cooler with top-notch performance. It the best option for large rooms as it spreads air very efficiently. It comes with a fully functional remote for effortless operation even at a 37 ft distance. There is a feather touch digital panel for convenient functioning as well.

This air cooler has a smart alarm to denote that the tank is empty. It is a versatile air cooler with SMPS mode to protect against high voltages. Also, the air cooler has a system restore function to remember the previous settings.

This product’s power consumption is 180 watts, and among the other features are the mosquito and duct protector which bares anything from entering the cooler, auto sleep timer to control the operation of the product and last but not the least, auto louver movement which facilitates better air movement spread widely across the room.

It is advised that you use the cooler in cross-ventilation provisioned area if you wish to make the product efficient and also to get rid of the humidity which hangs around in your room. There are tons of features made available to you and the price tag goes along with the features in tandem.

Notable Features

  • Reliable brand

Symphony is one of the best selling cooler brands in India which is among the most trusted ones in terms of reliability and durability. Also, this model of the brand is the best selling model and is highly recognized online as well as in the market.

  • Appropriate for small and medium rooms

The cooler tank capacity of the product is 31 liters which is the best for any of the small as well as a medium-sized room. The air capacity of the product is as best suitable for all such rooms as it would easily run for 10-11 hours at high speed.

  • Additional features

The out of the crowd features are the remote control feature, auto sleep timer and also the alarm which indicates a low level of water. All these features make the product very convenient!

  • High mobility

This product has wheels embedded in them which make it easy for anyone to take it across the homes to other room as well. And the price tag given to the product is reasonable as well.


Symphony Hicool has tons of exciting features and you will be surprised with all of them equally. A product from the best air brand is a guarantee in itself and an assurance for the quality services and features rendered. With multi-stage air purification, this product is embedded with multiple impressive features which are sure to provide you with an experience like never before. This particular model from the company is one among the various best selling models. Ignoring the tank capacity and the noise issue, this is probably the most value for money option.


  • Pretty good cooling quality
  • Can reach the heights of a bed.
  • A distance of 15 feet high air throw capacity
  • Comes along with a remote to control the cooler from a distance
  • This product comes along with wheels which makes it easy to move around the place.
  • A timer function which makes it easy for you to set it up as per your need.
  • This product has a special feature, where the cooler indicates the level of water is low, which is hardly provided in any of the coolers.
  • Humidity control making the room’s temperature suitable for anyone.
  • Dura pump technology for effective cooling.


  • The air throw direction is to be adjusted manually
  • No humidity control and a ventilation room is required
  • No ice tray chamber has been provided with the product
  • The noise level is pretty high as well.
  • The fan is portable which lessens the cooling level of the cooler.

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3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

This Bajaj Platini is one of the great picks and one among numerous options made available to you. You will not be disappointed with the features this product has to offer. This Bajaj Platini cooler is perfect while sleeping as it nullifies noises and cools your room as well. This uses a honeycomb cooling pad that results in efficient cooling in all directions. With a capacity of 36 liters, this air cooler has a powerful air throw for up to 30 ft.  You can drain or fill the water in this air cooler without any difficulty. This is a very similar product when compared Symphony Hicool above and thus makes its way to the 3rd spot.

This also has a four-way air deflection mechanism for spreading cool air in the entire room. This air cooler has great torque that can cool a room of around 150 ft. This ensures a small to medium sized room is efficiently cooled without any issues.

The Bajaj Platini is indeed a great product with design best suited for any kind of architecture. The best thing is that it is absolutely within the budget of everyone. It is capable of actually cooling a wide area of your room because of the 3 levels speed up control. This is compatible with an inverter to give uninterrupted cooling all day.

All of this in one product which is also easy to carry as it comes along plastic wheels which make it easier to push across the house. The wheels add onto the mobility of the cooler and can be carried by literally anyone, across any place, easily. This cooler also comes along with a 1 year warranty.

Notable Features

  • Design and looks

This cooler will get along any kind of infrastructure and will make the place worth having a look for the cooling capacity it contains.

  • Absence of sound

This cooler leaves you with a noise-free environment that would help you have a sound sleep every night along with perfect protection from heat and humidity.

  • Highly mobile

Additional plastic wheels are provided with the cooler for better movement facility and you can move it across your home easily. The wheels make the cooler absolutely seamless and can be carried by anyone, even the kids.

  • Efficient cooling

This product boasts a 3-way air cooling along with the provision of a fan in order to cover a large area. It is highly efficient as it consumes only 1000 watts of power, which when compared is equal as a ceiling fan.

  • Pads provision

3 side honeycomb cooling pad has been provided to boost up the cooler’s capacity with enhanced performance. This would deflect the air from the cooler in 4 different directions facilitating better and evenly spread air across your room.

  • Warranty

This product comes along with a warranty of one year.


Bajaj Platini has some of the great features you wish to find in a cooler. This is the reason why it makes up to the list of some of the best air coolers. This cooler is great because it makes no noise helping you sleep with a sigh of relief. It has this great capacity of cooling the room as the pads are designed to provide cool air in all directions. For the modern place you own or the old school way your home looks, this cooler will dwell into the looks of them all. Perfect for your needs, we highly recommend this cooler if you are on a budget.


  • The power consumed by this device is less.
  • If you have a provision of an inverter, this product would work on it too
  • The design sketched for this cooler is great.
  • The best part about the product is that it is cheap in terms of cost and would not cause any such hindrance on your financial condition.
  • Caster wheels are provided for better mobility and also the height of the product is fair enough for your bed size.
  • The airflow of the cooler is pretty good as it has the capacity of providing air up to 30 feet.


  • The water capacity of this cooler is not high i.e. 36 liters which will only last for a few hours
  • The cooling pad used is not efficient enough as compared to the honeycomb.
  • There isn’t any facility or chamber such as an ice tray

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4. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler

Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler Without Trolley

The Kenstar Double cool is perfect for a cross-ventilated room. This will allow a large amount of fresh air to enter the room and make your room smell good. It has an air throw distance of 30 ft and can cover a total area of up to 20 sq meters. The louver is oscillating or motorized for effective airflow in all directions. This is a great option for small to medium-sized rooms. It can cool your room in just minutes after switching the cooler on.

With a total capacity of 50 liters, this can be highly efficient for medium-sized rooms.

This air cooler uses wood wool evaporating pad that makes the air cooler energy efficient. You can easily install this in your room.  This air cooler is designed to spread cool air in a uniform manner throughout the room.

This cooler comes along 2 knobs, which would help you control the cooler’s speed and also the swing. The power consumption of this cooler ranges from somewhere around 200 watts, which is actually less. This is one of the most economical air coolers you will find in this summer. You can be free from the power outage issues as this cooler can also work on an inverter.

However, the cooler being a bit small in size, needs the help of a stand to reach the bed height and it would be to the best of your use to buy an additional stand for the cooler. It has got wheels so that you can move it to any room you want. This cooler is not really a liability because it comes along with 1 year of warranty as well.

Notable Features

  • Efficient cooling

The cooler is capable of covering a large area successfully, providing cool and evenly spread air in all directions. For the small and medium-sized rooms, this cooler would be a great option.

  • 2 knob controls

These 2 knobs are provided to the user to control the fan and the swing speed and direction. You can easily control them as per your needs.

  • Built-in high capacity water storage

This cooler has a storage capacity of 50 liters which is more than enough for the user and would last for quite a few days without the trouble of refilling it repeatedly.

  • Warranty

1 year warranty has been provided would cover the expense, if any, for the said period.

  • Power outage issue solved

The issue of power outage has been also solved for the cooler. This is because the cooler is powered enough to even work on an inverter. The power outage will no longer be an issue and neither will heat and humidity.


If you are in seek of an effective yet small sized cooler, the Kenstar Double cool cooler is the perfect option for you. You can select this cooler to provide you space an instant and cool air, but because of the small height, you will need an additional stand if you wish to use it at bed heights. With a great water capacity, you may be free from the labor of filling it every alternate day. The air flow of the cooler is quite impressive and hence you would have evenly spread cool air surrounded by you all the time. Overall, a perfect compact cooler that would satisfy all your requirements, if you are need of a simple yet effective compact cooler.


  • A huge provision for water capacity had been provided, i.e. of 50 liters.
  • A blower is fixed with the cooler in the place of a fan design which is what makes it a lot more effective.
  • The cooler is highly protected from all kinds of small insects as it is covered from a net from all directions and bars insects including mosquitoes from entering into it. A clean inner surrounding also results in fresh and clean cool air from the cooler.
  • The air flow of the product is quite commendable as it will cool the entire area of your bedroom.
  • Has multi water filling provision channels making it convenient for you to choose the best way.
  • It can also be operated via an inverter.


  • The height of the product is definitely a con and you will need to buy a stand if you want to use it while on the bed.
  • The wood wool cooling pad is another demerit; this is usually because you will need to change the cooling pad more than often.

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5. Cello Osum+ 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler with Remote Control

Cello Osum+ 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler

The Cello Osum air cooler works the best only when there is a cross-ventilation. It has a very powerful air throw distance of up to 54ft. It has a 3-speed motor that is combined with international styling. The air delivery is very powerful and ranges up to 5000m3/ hr. This uses honey-comb cooling pads for effective airflow. This is a mega-size cooler with all the essential features and rightfully takes our last place on this list.

The water tank capacity of the cooler is really high as the product has a capacity of 50 liters. The product also has a lower water level indicator and alarm which would notify you about the levels of the water in advance. The water inlet is actually provided at the back and the front panel of the cooler is actually see through. The front panel allows you to see the water level indicator easily.

This air cooler looks elegant as it is created by an Italian designer. The air cooler produces low whispers only which makes it ideal for sleeping at night. It uses a turbo cooling mechanism that spreads cool air from corner to corner. The remote control allows you to adjust the speed from anywhere in the room. This is the best option to beat the heat in low energy.

It comes along with a year of warranty, making it a pretty good investment. The product has 2 models and the difference is the remote function.

Notable Features

  • Remote functionality

The most attractive feature of the cooler is the remote functionality. This cooler comes along with the provision of remote control and you will be able to control the cooler from a distance seamlessly.

  • Ideal for large rooms

Each and every feature regarding the capacity and the air cooling levels are highly recommended for huge rooms. The 3-speed motor is another reason why this product is the best for big rooms i.e. up to the size of 700 sq ft.

  • Alarm provision

The time you run out of the water, the product will notify you with an alarm so you will know the water level in advance and it will be easy for you to actually fill the water at appropriate intervals.

  • High air throw distance

The air throw distance of the product is pretty good and it covers up to 54 ft easily. People considering a cooler for large areas and big rooms must choose this cooler because the air throw capacity of the cooler is really high.

  • High water capacity

The water capacity of the cooler is around 50 liters which makes it ideal for big rooms and also the water lasts more than the regular coolers.


Your search for coolers meant for big rooms will end here. The Cello Osum air cooler is specially made with the motive to serve the big areas/rooms. A simple designed cooler has the best of features and cooling capacity to take the user with surprise. This model of the product has a remote control whereas you can go for a model not having a remote control as well. It will work with inverters and is also highly ideal for bigger and larger rooms. The best part is, it has been provided with a year of warranty and a guarantee that you will be provided with the best of services by the company.


  • The product is embedded with oscillating louvers and turbo cooling which makes it highly efficient by providing cooling air to every corner of the room.
  • The product doesn’t make much noise and lets you sleep well without disturbance.
  • The cooler is best suitable for large areas and rooms as it will provide a proportionate amount of cooling in every corner.
  • The cooler also has a remote control which can be used to control the machine from a distance as well.
  • This cooler also has a water level indicator indicating lower levels of water
  • The issues of a power outage are not really an issue for the product because it works even on an inverter.
  • The alarm notifies the user prior with respect to the lower level of water.


  • The floor space consumed is high
  • As the cooler is big enough with a tank capacity high as well, it makes this cooler difficult to move if it has been filled with water.
  • There is no provision of the ice chamber
  • The water inlet is actually very small

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Best Air Coolers in India Buying guide

Now that you have finally considered buying a cooler, you will need all such assistance on how to select the cooler which is well suitable for you. There is a combination of a lot of items which you might be unaware of but, they need to be taken into consideration if you don’t want to be disappointed later on. Consider the below-mentioned items and then make the final purchase.

  • Airflow

The first and foremost thing to take in consideration while sorting out all the models is the air cooler which would fit the size of your room. It is extremely important you know the dimensions of your room and then buy a cooler having the required capacity. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the weighing scale used to measure the airflow of an air cooler. You can understand the air cycle of your room through CFM. The best way to know that a particular cooler will cover the area of your home is to do the math. Divide the cubic feet of your room by 2 and the answer you get should be the CFM of the cooler. Some models also have a speed control setting which comes handy while controlling the temperature of the room. Make sure you take such factors into consideration too.

  • Cooling pads

Now that we are discussing air coolers, there are a number of factors that affect the air produced out of it, unlike air conditioners. One such item is cooling pads which directly affect the air which comes out of a cooler. The mechanism which works here is that they absorb water which in turn cools the air which passes through them. The thickness plays a vital role as thicker the pad, better is the cooling ability. The kind of pads you would have to select from is wood wool and honeycomb. Wood wool pads are cheap, have a shorter life and are hard to maintain. Honeycomb pads are low maintenance, have a higher life and though they are a bit pricey, are definitely worth it.

  • Thickness of pads

The amount of water a pad absorbs directly affects the cooling of the air and hence, thicker the pad, the cooler will be the air produced from it. The thickness level you would want to consider here is 90 mm if you wish to have a cooler which performs better. Also, the number of pads provided in each cooler varies and hence you would want to go for a cooler which has more than one cooling pad.

  • Water tank capacity

The way a cooler works depends on the evaporation method. Generally, the fans produce air just as same as the temperature of the room, but the coolers work on water i.e. water is converted into water vapors and this, in turn, cools the air produced from the cooler. Hence, the provision of a water tank is extremely important for a water cooler. Thus, you would want to check if the cooler has a high capacity of the water tank which would be capable of storing a large capacity of water. Select the capacity of 30-50 liters for residential use and 60-120 for commercial.

  • Fan types

There are two types of fan embedded in coolers – a centrifugal fan and an axial fan. The centrifugal fan doesn’t produce much noise, consumes more power and also a bit pricey. On the other hand, the axial fan is cheap and consumes less power but, actually produces noise.

  • Water level indicator

You can select a model that has a water indicator just so you get to know the water levels of the cooler. You will easily know when you are likely to run out of the water and when you need not refill the cooler. However, if your cooler has a garden hose connector, a water indicator is not required.

  • Castor wheels

If you plan on moving your cooler and use it at different areas of your room, you would want to make sure that the cooler has a provision of castor wheels. Such wheels make it extremely easy for the user to move it around the house. If the cooler doesn’t have a wheel provision, make sure the manufacturer has provided an option for attachable wheels.

There are different types of wheels as well. Some wheels are made up of plastic which is actually not meant for the long run as they would lose their efficiency in some time. You have another yet the best option which is the cooler with a heavy duty castor. These heavy duty castor wheels are made up of thick rubber and strong metal material which is best suitable for the long run and makes it extremely easy for you especially when you have to push it across the room more than often.

  • Ice cube tray

Some coolers come along with a chamber of ice tray on the top. This helps the air cool as the ice melts and the cool water gets along with the cooler’s air. This helps the water temperature take an effect and decrease to some extent. You will definitely notice a change of a few degrees in the air if there is a provision for an ice tray.

  • Empty tank alarm

The way the feature reads, speaks it all. Another feature that adds on to the cooler’s function and helps it perform the best way possible is the empty tank alarm. A cooler usually needs a certain water level in order to function properly and that is where this feature comes handy. The alarm would notify you just when you are required to add on more water to it and keeps the room’s temperature cool all the time.

  • Design

Coolers are huge, they take up a lot of space and also the looks are such that it would make the place look a bit overstuffed. This is because coolers do not dwell into the environment. But this is changed now as the coolers are all renovated and come in a sleek design. People are in search of sleek and stylish designed coolers and the tower coolers are generally the trend. If the design is a concern for you, make sure you go for a cooler which occupies less floor space but works effectively for rooms of all sizes.

  • Coolers which would work on inverter

Summers are generally the time when power outages are really a great deal. This is when you will require a cooler which works even on the inverter as it would keep you all cool and chilled even in the scorching heat. A cooler which works even on an inverter consumes 50 percent less power as compared to a standard cooler and this is why most of the manufacturers are coming up with this feature.

  • Remote control function

Accessing all the features that a product has to offer wirelessly from a distance is always way better than moving close to the product and operating it from the product itself. Hence, a lot of people prefer a product which has a remote control functionality. Coolers are well being manufactured nowadays with a remote control function and if you want the ease in access, choose a model that has a remote control embedded onto it.

  • Variable speed knob

This function generally controls the speed of the fan. You can control the fan speed as per your need from high to low or medium and vice versa. It is always better if the fan speed is controllable and has a speed regulator. You can ask for the said functionality as it really makes a huge difference when the weather is extremely hot out there which raises the room temperature as well. Make sure you select a cooler which produces cool air and does that in a calm yet effective manner. Speaking precisely about the modes, some manufacturers make coolers which have 3 different air modes. The modes are generally, natural mode, normal mode and lastly sleeping mode.

  • Air cooler without water

As technology is advancing, human efforts are simultaneously decreased. Pouring water onto a cooler constantly all the time is really a great effort. Hence, the makers have come up with new technology and a way which would just work similarly to a cooler but without water. Such coolers have taken the industry by storm and people are all excited about it. These coolers do not have water motors or chambers simply because there is no need for it.

The technology used here is the air being pushed from a wider space to a compact space which turns the air cooler. The air pressure usually changes in the process and that is the reason why the coolers can produce cold air without the use of water. But these are not as effective as the water coolers and hence there are quite a few models which are available in the market at present. The technology used needs to be highly improved to make these coolers the first pick of users.

  • Brand

A brand is actually a guarantee that the product would work fine. It is also a sense of belief and trust which makes the users feel satisfied and content. This is because people who made their brand well recognized know what they are doing and the users can expect the best kind of services and goods from them. This is the reason why people prefer using a particular brand because they believe that they will be rendered with the best services. It is always better to do your research before you hit the online store. Check out the features, capacities and also the reviews of a number of models from the companies you like. Then select the best one from the list you have prepared.

  • Shutoff dampeners

Coolers are made in such a way that when they release the cool air, they make sure the coolness is not lost before it hits out of the cooler premise. This is made available with the shutoff dampeners which are actually flaps present at the discharge of the fans which preserve the cooling effect of the air from the cooler. Such flaps are also put along the duct which opens as soon as you switch on the cooler and automatically closes when the cooler is put off.

  • Power consumption

All the features, evaporation techniques, etc, highly affect the amount of power the coolers consume. It would be best to ask for the models which are energy efficient and also have less impact on the environment. Power consumption is really an expense for people on a daily basis and hence it is always better to ask for what you wish to have. After all, saving energy is always at the best of everyone’s interest.

  • Electronic thermostats

The presence of electronic thermostats affects the fan speed and also the pump of the fan. It makes the fan and the pump work automatically. It is always better if they work automatically or in other words, switch the fan and the pump on or off automatically. People do consider this feature essential and for the users who do, make sure you watch your needs are met.

  • Warranty period

This is also a feature to consider if you wish to stay protected and safeguarded for quite a time after you have made the purchase. You must check if the manufacturer has provided a warranty period for the product. If they do, how long do they offer? In general terms manufacturers provide a year of warranty while some other manufacturers may provide a longer period of warranty. If you do believe in warranty periods lookout for a model with longer periods!

  • Price and shipping

Prices and efficiency of products do vary and you need to check onto the same. Pricey coolers generally come with extra features but are they necessary and efficient, is what your question should be. You might also want to watch on to the shipping fees as some manufacturers charge a fee whereas some provide free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Are air coolers really effective?

Yes. They can make the air cool using the evaporation mechanism. When water or ice is added in the air cooler, it evaporates them and spreads the cool air through the air flow dispenser.

2. What is the difference between wood wool and a honeycomb air cooler?

The difference is the level of water absorption and also the evaporation process. The wood wool coolers are a bit pricey and also the power they consume is much more. As far as the water consumption is in question, wood wool coolers consume a lot more water than the basic honeycomb coolers. You have to make sure you prioritize your interest and select a one you wish to have.

3. Is it ok to purchase a cooler meant for a small room and use it in a big one?

You will not face any issues if you use a smaller capacity of cooler in a large area. The only issue you will face is uneven air across your room. Your room will not get a sufficient amount of air it needs and only a limited and particular area of the room will stay cool. To enjoy the best of the cooler experience it is highly recommended you take the capacity of coolers in the account.

4. Is water capacity level really an issue?

Water capacity is not really an issue as far as the functionality is in question. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits the cooler has to offer. The only issue you will face is refilling the cooler. You will have to refill the cooler quite often if you purchase a smaller water capacity cooler, whereas if you choose a larger one, your labor will decrease to a great extent.

5. Is it best to choose a cooler with wheels?

Almost all the coolers you will find in the market are already embedded with wheels which make it easy for the user to carry it across the areas easily. If you happen to come across a cooler you wish to purchase and have no wheels, you can always buy a stand with wheels on which the cooler can be placed. Such stands are easily available in the market so choose the stand which best goes with your cooler.

6. Is ice tray really a requirement?

If the cooler has an additional chamber for ice tray, you can add on some ice in it and the air the cooler would produce is assured to be cooler as compared to the normal air. In case you come across a cooler which has no provision of ice trays, you can instead choose to add on ice in the water which would as well work and you will notice the chance of coolness in the air.

7. Do coolers sync with the cross ventilation provision?

Humidity is what most of the coolers find a hard time battling. The climate really plays a very significant role in effecting the humidity of a particular are and that in turn affects the room temperature of your area. Hence, it is always best of your interest to have a cross ventilation provision available in the room. This would have an effect on the air produced by the cooler as the excess of humidity will be forced out the ventilator.

8. Do silent coolers provide absolutely no noise?

There is no such thing as no-noise coolers. Coolers do produce noise and that is a result of the technology with which they work. The fans, motor, the motion of water, etc all do have an impact on the noise produced by the cooler. But there is a slight differentiation in terms of the kind of fans which are used in the cooler and they affect the noise process. Such coolers are not noise-free but rather produce lesser noise as compared to regular coolers.

9. Does the water quality affect the life span of coolers?

Yes, the quality of water which you use in the cooler does have an effect on the internal part of the cooler. There is a lot of hardware which is put together to get the cooler working. All such parts get in contact with the water and as a result, produce the air which comes out of the cooler. This is why the quality of water does matter.
If you live in a place having hard water, it would affect the functionality of the cooler. The way to cope up with this issue is to maintain the cooler. You need to take good care of the cooler and maintain it by cleaning it on regular intervals if you want to minimize the risk and the effect hard water has on the internal parts of the cooler.

10. Is it best to buy the most expensive cooler?

Price does vary as a result of the additional features which are made available with the coolers. Examples of such features are empty tank warning, sleep mode, remote control, etc. These factors do matter but what needs to be taken into consideration is the element the coolers are made for. The capacity of cooling the air and by the efficiency with which the coolers work is the basic which needs to be sorted. Make sure you look out for the same and the additional features are extremely dependent upon your need.

11. What is the best space to place the coolers?

It is forever advised to place coolers near windows. Place a cooler in a closed space is definitely a myth and works against the technology of coolers. If the air is hotter, then the evaporation process will be faster too and as a result, cool air is thrown out of the cooler. The humidity should be pushed out of the room and windows do that. But, it is also important that you do not leave the doors and windows wide open for the excess of humidity and temperature to enter into the room.

12. Are air coolers bad for your health?

After evaporation, the air cooler allows the water vapor to revolve around the room. This is the reason humidity is increased, so they can be used in dry and hot weather conditions. If you use it in places that are already humid, then it can affect your health. There is a drain plug but the draining can be done manually only.

13. Why do air coolers increase humidity?

An increase in humidity is created when an air cooler is used. After evaporation, the air cooler allows the water vapor to revolve around the room. Water vapor in the air is called humidity, so they can be used in dry and hot weather conditions.


For the long-term investment you are about to make, be assured you are putting up your money in the right place. All of the above information will surely help you in the buying process and we hope you will get the best air cooler for your home or workplace.

In our opinion, the Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler is the most value for money air cooler out there and hence our top pick and recommendation. With a best in class 75 litres of tank capacity, you won’t have to every thin about topping it up with water frequently. Also, with a bigger capacity comes the problem of moving it here and there. It also nullifies that issue by having castor wheels for easy mobility. It can easily reach out to a 500 sq feet area and can be great alternative to air conditioners.

There are a few more potent air coolers on our list as well which have their own unique features and abilities. You might find a product that is perfectly suitable for your requirements. They are handpicked after a lot of research and they are worth your hard earned money.

Let us know of your pick in the comment section below. We are eager to hear from you!

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