What are the Different Types of Air Coolers in India?

No wonder, Air Conditioners are everyone’s first preference when it comes to dealing with the hot temperatures during the summers. Although, if you are looking for an affordable, less-maintenance, and portable cooling option, you can still rely on the old-school Air coolers.

Obviously, we cannot compare Air Coolers to the Air Conditioners in terms of cooling, but for an affordable price and convenient experience, the Air Coolers are still a worthy option to pick instead of an Air Conditioner.

With that said, do you know how many types of Air Coolers are there to choose from? Yes, don’t be surprised, there are actually various types of these, and they all are meant for different purposes. So let’s check out various types of Air Coolers and see which one of them will be the best-suited option for you.

Air Cooler Types

If you think there is just one single type of Air Cooler available out there, it’s better to read this article until the end and sweep away this misconception for all time. Well, you can categorize various types of Air coolers on various factors such as their Tank Capacities, Cooling Potential, Portability, and lastly, the budget.

That said, we will be comparing all the Air Cooler types for you all so that it’s not a hectic task to find the best-suited one for your requirements. Judging on how often you will be using it, the outside temperatures, and various other similar aspects, we can divide the Air Coolers into 4 sub-divisions.

 Personal CoolersTower CoolersWindow CoolersDesert Coolers
Tank CapacityAbout 20 Liters25-50 Liters40-60 LitersUp to 90 Liters
PortabilityHighly PortableEasy to move aroundNot PortableVery Heavy, but Portable
Ideal forSmall Rooms, Office Cabins, etc.Medium-Sized RoomsMedium- Sized RoomsLarge Areas such as Halls, Backyard, etc.
MaintenanceHigh-MaintenanceLessModerateLess Maintenance

Personal Coolers

The Personal Coolers, or say the mini-coolers come in a small form-factor. With such a small construction, these kinds of coolers are generally better for small spaces such as a kid’s room, near beds, couch, dining area, or maybe in an office cabin. Since the cooling capacity of Personal Coolers is less, it is ideal for only one person, hence, it is named that way too. The best part of Personal Coolers is that you can take them with you anywhere since they are highly portable.

However, maintaining them is still the struggling part here as they have a smaller tank capacity of around 20 Liters. Well, you won’t be carrying them around with a full tank, so the overall weight is quite comfortable to lift. On the other hand, in case you need to move it while it’s full, most Personal Coolers do come with caster wheels for easy movability.

Most of the Personal Coolers come equipped with useful advanced features like Timer, empty-tank alarms, and much more.

Tower Coolers

Crafted for medium-sized rooms, where managing space can become a big and essential task for you, Tower Cooler will be a quite convenient option. Compared to all other kinds of coolers, Tower Coolers are slimmer and taller, just like the name.

That said, such coolers are very easy to use and place, even in congested rooms. Since these are the most modern kinds of coolers, most brands equip them with the best-in-class Honeycomb cooling pads which offer a long-lasting cooling effect.

Not only that, the tank capacity of Tower Coolers is pretty decent and an average tower cooler can easily hold up to 25-50 Liters of water in their tank, depending on the model you choose. On the other hand, we would say, Tower Coolers are much convenient since the maintenance is less, but at the same time, these conveniences come for a price too.

Window Coolers

If you are familiar with Window ACs, this is just another kind of AC where the C stands for Cooler. Similar to an Air Conditioner, you can install one of these Window Coolers in a window. Hence, all the bulky part of the cooler is going to stay out of the window which basically helps a lot in case the room is either small, or you wish your medium-sized room spacious.

With a capacity of holding 40-60 Liters of water, you will only need to refill the tank only once or twice a day. While all the other Air Coolers just circulate the indoor air again and again.

The main perk of using a Window Cooler is that it does a great job to circulate the fresh air from outside. However, you must not overlook the fact that such coolers need proper cross-ventilation as well. Otherwise, it might make the environment more humid than you ever expected.

Desert Coolers

For a large-space area such as a classroom, Halls, etc., any kind of Air Coolers cannot do justice except for this one category, commonly known as Desert Coolers. By the name, you can judge its potential already.

Talking about their size, these have the largest form-factor, and thus, a larger tank capacity as well. You can easily find some options out there with up to 90 Liters of tank capacities too. That said, one should not bother to refill them again and again as the tank’s huge enough to keep your room cool for days.

Want to know some other perks? Well, you can’t bring an Air Conditioner to your backyard or the terrace, but surely a Desert Cooler will be quite helpful there, while still being an affordable and cost-effective option. You can even consider using the Desert Coolers for longer operation hours instead of ACs since it saves you some electricity charges as well.


Who would have thought the Air Coolers will also evolve that much! But as you can see, there are various options for you to choose from. Now, it totally depends on you which one to choose from these various types of Air Coolers. Personal Coolers are a good choice for small rooms.

Whereas the Tower Coolers offer perfect cooling for medium-sized rooms but do come for a costly price. On the other hand, a great cost-effective alternative to the Tower Coolers is Window Coolers, if you can manage to maintain it from time to time.

Coming to a whole different league, the Desert Cooler have its own perks and are meant for a different purpose. Taking a leave now, if you have any queries or suggestions, you can leave them down in the comment section below.