Top 7 Best Pull Up Diapers for Adults in India: 2020 Reviews

Urine incontinence is one of the major hardships faced by elders and even some people at younger age. Adult diapers are the ideal choice for protection, comfort and discretion to people dealing with this condition or bedridden.

As we age, our pelvic muscles get weak which results in loss of bladder control leading to leakage of urine. Some people experience this condition early in the age due to many factors like injury leading to weak pelvic muscles, women who undergone difficult vaginal delivery and others. Some people also experience it due to stress or GI tract infections – where leakage of urine happens when you sneeze, cough or laugh.

What are Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers are disposable adult briefs much similar to regular baby diapers. They are perfect for mild or heavy urine continence, fecal continence and bedwetting. Due to the side fasteners, adult diapers provide ease of change while standing, lying or sitting positions.

How to Purchase Adults Diapers?

Adults diapers are available for both men and women. You can either purchase them online or any local pharmacy store. If you are a first time buyer, then you may need some guidelines on “how to choose the appropriate one

Top 7 Adult Diapers in India – 2020

ProductNumber of SizesBuy Now
Friends Adult Diaper4 – S, M, L, XL CHECK ON AMAZON
Kare In Adult Pull-Up Pant Style Diapers2 – M, L CHECK ON AMAZON
Dr Trust Pull Up Pant Style Adult Diapers2 – M, L CHECK ON AMAZON
Solimo Adult Diapers2 – M, L CHECK ON AMAZON
Seni Breathable Adult Diapers4 – S, M, L, XL CHECK ON AMAZON
Basic Use (BU) Adult Diapers2 – L, XL CHECK ON AMAZON
B-FIT Highly Absorb Adult Diaper3 – M, L, XL CHECK ON AMAZON

A Detailed Description of Each Adult Diaper

1. Friends Adult Diaper

friendss adult diapers

The first product on our list is from Friends brand which is one of the most preferred adult diapers in Indian market. This adult diaper is a perfect solution for people who are facing urine incontinence, prostate disorder, piles, urology patients, bedridden and disabled patients.

Important specialty of this adult diaper has non-woven one-way top which channels the fluid or urine deep into the absorbent pads and prevent it from flowing back. Its superior absorbency material turns the liquid into gel and lock inside. So, the users will feel dry and comfortable even if it has to be worn for more time.

Anti-Bacterial absorbent core ensures triple protection against odor, leak and moisture. It has the capability of handling up to 8 hours against moderate bladder leakage. The flexible leak guards avoid spills or leakages from the sides.

This product also has frontal tape that comes with landing guide. It is available in several sizes that include small, medium, large and X-large. You can choose any one as per your choice. They are also marketed as unisex – which means it is equally comfortable for men and women.

Positive Factors

  • Unisex – comfortable to wear for both men and women
  • Flexible leak guards
  • Frontal tape highlights
  • Anti-bacterial absorbent core
  • 8 hours against moderate bladder leakage
  • Available in different sizes
  • Dry and comfortable

Negative Factors:

  • Exchange or refund not available

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2. Kare In Adult Pull-Up Pant Style Diapers


Kare-In adult diapers are one the most comfortable ones among the wide range present in the market. Their products are specially designed to contour the body to provide utmost comfort.

This pant style adult diapers have super soft inner cotton padding that feel like a cloth. Its super absorbent gel core ensures it is dry and fresh for several hours. The fluid will quickly get dried away as it is gets jellied up. And moreover it also helps to eliminate the odor.

The tear away sides make the removal and wearing of diapers easy. And the colored stitches on the waistband highlight the front of the underwear. The sides of the diaper are slim and soft which provide a discreet appearance.

The leg cuffs ensure proper fitting and protection against any leakage issues. This diaper is available in two sizes – M and LtoXL. This adult diaper is equally comfortable for both men and women alike.

Positive Factors:

  • Super absorbent gel
  • Leg cuff to avoid leakage
  • Stretch panels to contour to your body
  • Tear away sides for easy disposal
  • Colored stitching to represent front of the underwear
  • Fits both women and men alike
  • Two different sizes

Negative Factors:

  • Less hour protection
  • Not suitable for heavy bedwetting or incontinence

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3. Dr Trust Pull Up Pant Style Adult Diapers

Dr-Trust-Pull-up diapers

Next on our list comes from the brand Dr. Trust which is well known for their innovative products and consistent high quality product delivery. Their pant style diapers are the perfect choice for handling loss of bladder control and urinary incontinence.

They are also perfect to use in serious medical conditions where the patient is bedridden or is not recommended to go to toilet often. This diaper features an ultra-thin SAP paper which quickly observes the liquid and converts it into gel. This ensures the liquid doesn’t sweep out or smell while changing the diaper.

Dr Trust adult diapers come with double leak guards to keep uneasy and wet feeling away especially from the edges. Double leak guards also reduce the chances of leakage significantly, even in the case when your diaper is close to full or overfilled.

If you have sensitive skin, then this diaper is perfect as it has hypoallergenic fabric with aloe vera gel for soothing and prevention of bacterial growth. With elastic and comfortable sides, these diapers are easy to wear and tear away after use.

Positive Factors:

  • Fast absorbent
  • Aloe vera for soothing
  • Pull-up style diapers
  • Odor free
  • Double leak guards
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort and hygiene
  • Leg calf elastic for snug in the crotch

Negative Factors:

  • Nothing much

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4. Solimo Adult Diapers


Solimo is Amazon Brand which is known to provide high quality product at affordable price. They are very helpful for people suffering with urine incontinence, elderly individuals that are bed-ridden or have urinary problems.

These diapers are specially designed for maximum absorbency and leakage protection. They can hold up to 8 hours of prolonged protection from incontinence and wetness. It quickly turns liquid into gel, keeping the area dry and comfortable.

It also has odor control mechanism which locks and neutralizes odor to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day. It also comes with wetness indicator that indicates when the diaper is full of its capacity and time to change the diaper.

This pull-up style diaper pant with leg openings similar to briefs make it easy to wear and remove. These are unisex diapers – which are perfect for both men and women. They come in 2 sizes – medium and large (which also fits into extra-large).

Positive Factors:

  • Leak proof diaper pants
  • Odor control mechanism
  • Absorbent pads for comfort
  • Wetness indicator
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Up to 8 hours of prolonged protection
  • All-day comfort
  • Easy to wear

Negative Factors:

  • Some people experienced mild leakage when wore all night

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5. Seni Breathable Adult Diapers


The brand Seni is a European brand which is well known for providing superior quality absorbent products. This brand is trusted by many millions of incontinence patients and caregivers around the world.

It ensures a specialized protection against several skin issues like bedsores that are often a result of wet environment. The more beneficial factor of Seni ault diaper is 100% breathability which ensure proper air ventilation. The double elastic combi-tapes and elastic waist band ensure the freedom of movements and no pressure on the skin.

The double absorbent core provides superior absorbency service by converting the liquid into gel. This diapers also have extra dry system(EDS) is an innovative distribution layer that absorbs wetness much faster and ensures efficient wetness distribution to improve the comfort of use.

Positive Factors:

  • European brand
  • Breathable 100%
  • Double absorbent core
  • Extra dry system
  • Economical
  • Minimized risk of bed sores

Negative Factors:

  • Odor control is a bit problem

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6. Basic Use (BU) Adult Diapers


BU is a basic Indian brand that is known for developing adult diapers at affordable prices. These diapers perfectly contour to your body size and curves.

They fit comfortably like an underwear and discreet as well. So you can wear them comfortably even for longer periods of time. The absorbing capacity of the diapers is super sufficient as it quickly locks up the fluid.

It also keeps the urine odor at bay and has leak proof technology. Both men and women can use this diapers as they are unisex. Along with the diapers, manufacturers also provide gloves and tissues inside the package.

Positive Factors:

  • High absorbency
  • Prevents the urine from flowing back
  • Unisex – can be used for both men and women
  • Frontal tape
  • Discreet fit
  • Eliminates odor

Negative Factors:

  • Not suitable heavy incontinence

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7. B-FIT Highly Absorb Adult Diaper


Last but not least product on our list is from B-Fit, a local brand that sells good adult diapers at an economical price. These diapers are specially designed and developed with comfort in the mind.

Its super soft inner cotton padding feels comfortable like cloth and re-fastenable tapes can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. The super absorbent core absorbs the urine and turns into gel to prevent it from flowing back.

They come with witness indicator which helps to change at the right time. They are suitable for both men and women as they are unisex. They come in different sizes that include M, L and XL.

Positive Factors:

  • Effective absorbency
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Super soft inner cotton pad
  • Re-fastenable tapes
  • 3 sizes – M, L, XL

Negative Factors:

  • Not for heavy bedwetting.

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Important Guidelines to Consider While Purchasing Adult Diapers

Dealing with urine incontinence can be difficult and embarrassing. Adults diapers are the best way to handle this condition. However, it is important to purchase the appropriate one to suit your needs. Below, we have mentioned several factors to consider while purchasing an adult diaper.

1. Understand your requirements

Both online and offline stores are filled with several choices when it comes to incontinence products. In order to purchase the right one, the first thing to do – is to analyze your requirements. Based up on how much urine loss you experience on day to day basis, you can choose the right type of adult diaper.

2. Different Types of Adult Diapers

Based on their design, structure and other factors, adult diapers are divided into different categories. We have mentioned them below with a detailed description. Read them carefully to know which suits you best.

  • Briefs

These are the most commonly used or preferred type of adult diapers. They are perfectly suited for people with bowel problems and bladder control problems. Briefs are well-known for dealing with consistent urine leakage issue due to its high absorbency power. They are most secure and trusted adult diaper type among others.

  • Inserts

The functionality of inserts is very similar to sanitary napkin pads. All you have to do is just stick the insert diapers onto the underwear. They are not suitable for bedridden patients and others who cannot move. Though they are similar to sanitary pads, inserts don’t come with wings which can make them move around and make things slightly uncomfortable. However, they are perfect for women who need something to handle the urine continence problem for few hours.

  • Pull-Ups

They work much similar to a normal underwear – as you can pull them up and down as required. Most of the people prefer this option for freedom of movement and normality. Though they are decent enough, pull-up adult diapers don’t provide enough protection from severe incontinence. Both men and women can use pull-up adult diapers.

  • Re-usable

Just like pull-ups, they are also work similar to regular underwear. You can wash and dry them without any worries – and they are as good as new for wearing again. This type of adult diaper is usually made up of nylon, polyester and cotton. They are perfect for mild urine incontinence. Amazing thing is that, they can be can be easily worn just like any other regular underwear. They can be used by both men and women. Most of the people prefer this option due to the comfort and value for money.

3. Size

Just like purchasing baby diapers, size is an important factor for adult diapers as well. If the size of the diaper is not perfect, then it will fail the purpose of holding the leaks. Adult diapers are usually sized based up on the waist circumference and hips. It is very important to measure your hip and waist size before choosing the size. Without right measurements, you can end up with a large or smaller sized diaper than you require. If you are wondering how to calculate the measurements, then below is the right calculation.

  • First measure the hips or waist whichever is larger. If hips, then measure hipbone to hipbone and over the stomach.
  • Once you take the measurements, double it and add two more inches. And you have the right size that suits you.
  • For example – if the hipbone to hipbone measurement is 22”, then 22” X 2 = 44” + 2” = 46” is the right size.

4. Fabric or Material

Most of the adult diapers in Indian market come in two varieties of materials that are – plastic paper back and breathable variety. Plastic paper back are the traditional ones that offer very good protection against leakage. The breathable ones provide good air circulation and comfort. They are also thinner and discreet compared to plastic paper back diapers.

The choice between these two depends on the person, his/her comfort, usage (indoors or outdoors) and other factors. Breathable ones are good for perfect if there is a lot of movement involved. However, for night times, plastic paper back ones are comfortable and convenient.

5. Holding Capacity or Absorbency

Some of the adult diapers available in Indian market have absorbency power of holding few ounces of urine. However, some of them are manufactured to hold even several cups of urine. You have to consider the urine absorbency based on your requirements. If you need something that holds larger volumes, then we recommend purchasing super-absorbent alternative or full-night diapers. These high capacity adult diapers can hold up to 10 cups of fluid.

6. Odor Control

If the person wearing adult diapers has to stay on them for longer periods of time, odor control has to be one of the main important factors. Some adult diapers come special features like odor control which will not let the urine odor leak out of the diaper.

7. Durability and Longevity

An adult diaper should be easy to handle, even it is wet. If the diaper becomes useless after first time it gets wet, then it may neither be practical or comfortable option. For people who have mild or moderate incontinence, changing diaper constantly can be expensive and inconvenient as well. Adult diapers are not discreet to carry out in a pocket or hand bag. So, when you are out of the house, you should be able to trust that the one you are wearing will last for the required time.

8. Leak Proof Protection

Sometimes even if the diaper size is correct, leakage can happen. That is why some manufacturers have decided to provide extra feature called leak proof protection. This feature is mainly observed in pant style diapers and are considered to be much safer as they cover properly.

9. Control of Bacterial Growth

If the urine is not properly absorbed and the wetness stays for a long time, then it can lead to bacterial growth. This can ultimately lead to urine tract infection. In order to subdue the chances of wet environment, manufacturers have started providing extra feature – pH balance. A good performing diaper neutralizes the pH levels of urine and doesn’t let aby bacterial growth.

Advantages of Adult Diapers

Apart from providing relief from embarrassing situations, there are several other advantages of adult diapers. We have mentioned them below for your convenience.

  • As they prevent urine leakage, adult diapers provide security to those dealing with urine incontinence. This makes them perfect companion, especially for patients and elders while travelling.
  • Due to medical issues cannot visit washrooms frequently. Adult diapers relieve from this problem. They are helpful for both patients and caretakers.
  • Adults diapers are developed in many sizes and types. You can choose the right fit, size and urine holding capacity as per your requirement.
  • Using regular wet clothes can cause rashes, skin irritation or bed sores for bedridden patients. Doctors recommend wearing adult diapers can help to prevent them.
  • Manufacturers have been developing adult diapers differently for both men and women. They are specially designed to meet the unique requirements like size, structure, length and body structure.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are adult diapers different from women and men?

Yes, adult diapers for men and women are different. Manufacturers design the different adult diapers for men and women because their structure, size and body requirements are different.

2. Are incontinence products covered by insurance?

Nope. Usually incontinence supplies like catheters are covered by insurances. But disposable continence like adult diapers are not covered.

3. Does urine odor come through the diapers?

Certain adult diapers prevent urine odor from leaking out of the diaper. So, read the specifications provided by the manufacturer before making the purchase.

4. Are adult diapers costly?

It depends on what type of adult diaper you are choosing, brand and other factors. Some of them are expensive while some of them aren’t. If you have restricted budget, then choose carefully or just go for reusable adult diapers. Reusable ones can be a bit expensive initially but as you can use it daily for at least 5 months, the overall cost becomes much affordable.

5. Do adult diapers come in all size fit?

Nope. The specifications of sizes are mentioned by the manufacturer. If you are wondering which size to purchase, then read our buying guide as we have mentioned how to measure and choose the right size.

6. Can adult diapers handle fecal continence?

Yes, adult diapers can handle fecal continence. Brief type diapers are best for this condition as they easy to pull up and down without making any mess.

7. Are reusable diapers better than other? Why should I prefer?

If you are worried about monthly expenses, the reusable diapers are the best choice. Though the initial cost of adult diapers can be higher, once you calculate 5 to 6-months timeframe, then the cost seems to worthy enough. The only disadvantage of using reusable diapers is washing them. They are machine washable and dryer friendly. One reusable diaper can last up to 200 – 300 washings.

8. What is the difference between a pull up and brief?

Pull-up style adult diaper is much similar to normal underwear. Elastic bands are present at the waist and legs which keep them in place. Most of the pull-up adult diapers have tear-away sides which makes them easy to remove. If you are trying adult diapers for the first time, then pull-up diapers are the best and easy to adapt as they are same as regular underwear.
Well, when it comes to brief style adult diapers – they come with open sides and tabs at the legs and waits on either sides to help you fasten it. These diapers are perfect for people who have thin thighs and experienced urine leakage more in the legs. They can be adjusted to fit according to the sizes of your body. The side tabs make it easy to remove them which can make it perfect for fecal incontinence.

9. Can cheap adult diapers hold good enough?

Well, if your budget is tight, then you may try them. However, they may not be suitable for heavy wetting or frequent wetting. Cheap diapers can be helpful for mild urine continence.

10. How much budget do I need for adult diapers in a month?

This depends on which product you have selected and how many diapers do you need in a day. Find out the product’s price you have selected. Multiply this number with number of adult diapers you have to use in a day. And finally multiply this number with number of days in a month. This will help you understand the monthly budget for adult diapers.

11. I am experiencing bad leakage from adult diaper How can I resolve it?

If you are experiencing bad leakage, especially on the sides of legs, then it can be due to wrong size of adult diaper. Try to use a smaller size of adult diaper that you are using now. This may solve the problem. However, if you are still experiencing leakage even after reducing the size, then change the type of diaper.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Urine incontinence is not a comfortable situation to deal with in daily life. But with an adult diaper, you can get rid of the embarrassment. Adult diapers now-a-days have undergone several changes and have become more discreet.

And moreover there are several options to choose from as well depending on your type of preference. If you are not aware, then read our buying guide. It has all the information required to analyze and understand your requirements; based on which you make the right choice.

Apart from that, our research and analysis team has picked out the best adult diaper products in the Indian market. We have listed them according to our preferences. We have mentioned provided a detailed description of each product for your convenience.

According to our analysis, adult diapers provided by Friends have taken the first choice. Though a bit pricey, it has got all feature to help you with urine incontinence.

If you still have any doubts or queries, write to us in the comment section below. We will reply to them at the earliest convenience.