How to Clean Yoga Mat?

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The more you use your Yoga mat, the more it will become dirty with time, we all know that. While the upper surface of the yoga mat deals with our sweat, skin, etc., the bottom surface deals with the dirt that’s usually present on the floor.

And, since yoga is a kind of exercise that involves a lot of breathing techniques as well, no one would like to use a sticky yoga mat for their exercising session.

Hence, you must maintain the yoga mat well and always keep it as clean as possible. But how? If you want to know the right answer, make sure you read this article thoroughly until the end because we will be discussing all the things that can help maintain the yoga mat for lifelong and always keep it clean and smell fresh.

How to Clean Yoga Mat?

Depending on your usage of the yoga mat, you can decide how many times you need to clean it. Generally, for those people who use it regularly, cleaning the yoga mat at least twice a month is advisable, especially if it’s summertime. Exercising on a clean mat also gives a different energetic vibe just like we get when we use something for the first time, so here’s the proper way by which you can make your yoga mat totally clean.

  • Soak the Yoga Mat

First of all, take a small tub and fill it with warm water. Add the right amount of detergent into the tub. Avoid using any kind of other cleaning agents such as bleach, vinegar, etc., as they can leave a stain on the mat. Thereafter, soak your yoga mat into the water and leave it there for about 10 minutes.

  • Hand Wash the Yoga Mat with a Soft Cloth

With the help of a soft cloth, start rubbing both sides of the yoga mat and try to clean all the stains and remove any dirt stains you see. Don’t be too harsh with the mat as it might get damaged in the wet condition, so wash it gently. Hand wash is preferable because not every yoga mat is suitable to wash in washing machines, also they don’t get cleaned properly in a machine.

  • Rinse the Yoga Mat and Remove excess water

Once you are done cleaning the yoga mat, take it out from the water. Then, rinse off the yoga mat in plain water until all the detergent from the surface is removed entirely. If there are any detergent stains, wipe them off with the help of a soft cloth. Afterwards, shake the yoga mat and make sure no excess amount of water stays on the surface of it, you can use a dry towel as well to wipe off some water.

  • Hang it to let it dry

Lastly, hang the yoga mat on the drying rack or simply hang it on a rope using clips. Avoid drying the yoga mat in a machine dryer, and don’t use pant hangers as well because they can leave stain marks on the mat. Squeeze the yoga mat with your fingers, and when you feel no moisture is left, the yoga mat is ready for using again.

How to Maintain Yoga Mat Regularly?

If you want your yoga mat to last for years without any tear or other damage, there are a few steps you can take for maintaining it.

  • Cleaning the Yoga Mat on a Regular Basis

Do you wear the same clothes over and over again without washing? Nobody does that, right? That’s applicable on your yoga mat too. A yoga mat can easily catch your sweat, stains from skin oils, and dirt obviously. So, it becomes a necessary thing to clean it on a regular basis if you want to maintain it and keep using it for a long time.

  • Wash your Feet and Hands before the use

Most of the stains that yoga mats catch come from your feet and hands because they are constantly in contact with the mat and keep rubbing against it. Hence, it is advisable to always wash your feet and hands before every time you go exercise. It will also help to remove any lotion or creams from your hands or feet that can, later on, degrade the mat’s surface.

  • Wipe off the Mat

After your workout sessions, for a little extra care, you can either use baby wipes to clean the surface of your yoga mat. Otherwise, you can also find yoga mat cleaning wipes on any sports store nearby or purchase from online stores as well. This will help you clean any sweat, oil marks, and dirt from the mat on time.

  • Expose the mat to fresh Air

Don’t just use your mat and pack it right after the session is over, give it a clean wash regularly. In case you don’t have enough time to wash it, at least expose it to fresh air and place it somewhere in shade. By doing it, your yoga mat can get rid of all the bad sweaty smell and any bacteria or germs that come because of the moisture.

How to Disinfect Yoga Mat?

By disinfecting the Yoga Mat, we mean to clean and remove all the germs, fungus, and bacteria from the surface. There are various varieties of disinfectant wipes, sprays and many similar products are available in the market that can help you kill all the germs. However, if you are looking for some other DIY method to practice at your home, we have a simple method for you.

Make a solution of white vinegar and water, and add a little amount of tea tree oil into the solution. Although we do not suggest using vinegar, a little amount mixed with other disinfectants won’t damage your yoga mat. Sprinkle it on the yoga mat and let the mat dry in the fresh air.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Tips

  • Never put your Yoga Mat under direct sunlight, not even for drying after wash.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning materials such as bleach, vinegar on yoga mats to remove stains. For the rubber mats, avoid products that contain essential oils.
  • Never pack the yoga mat unless it is fully dry.
  • Before using the yoga mat for exercising, don’t apply any cream or lotion on your hands or feet.
  • To remove smell and oil stains from the mat, you can use a little amount of baking soda and rub it on the stains. Then, using a soft brush, rub the yoga mat softly all over and rinse it with playing water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is using a Yoga Towel helpful to keep the yoga mat clean?

Ans. Yes, since you will no longer be in direct touch with the yoga mat after putting a towel over it. It will help keep the yoga mat clean as it will absorb most of the sweat, skin oils, etc. Although the yoga mat will get less dirty, you are still advised to clean it regularly and disinfect it once every week.

2. Can we clean the yoga mat in the washing machine?

Ans. It depends on the material of the yoga mat that decides whether you can wash it in a washing machine or not. If that is doable, your yoga mat must have it mentioned somewhere. Otherwise, we always prefer to hand wash your yoga mat as you know better about the stains than a washing machine. However, if your yoga mat says it is machine washable, you can do it too, but use only mild detergents in that case.


So, folks, this is it for today! We hope this article is going to be a little help for you to clean and maintain your yoga mat in a better way. We are sure if you follow all the methods right and follow all the tips, you won’t need to replace your yoga mat for a long time.

Just make sure you never expose your yoga mat to direct sunlight and never use any harsh chemicals or ingredients to clean it as in both cases, the yoga mat can degrade very easily. In case you know a few more tips and want to share your personal experiences with us, don’t forget to comment down below and share them with us.

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