How To Clean White Board?

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White boards are an excellent space to communicate, write, plan and teach.

But frequent usage can leave them with pesky marks or remnants of presentation or lesson, which are difficult to erase.

Fortunately, you can tackle this problem to bring back the clean shine of the whiteboard using products that are available in every one’s home.

In this article, we will discuss methods to clean a white board easily.

Before that, let us first try to learn the different types of whiteboards available.

Types of Whiteboards

Did you know that the whiteboards that we commonly see are basically of three types? Depending on the material used in them, you can classify the whiteboards into melamine, porcelain, and glass. You can follow a similar process for cleaning all of them. However, the methods you use to care for each type vary because of the different qualities they possess.

Let us discuss in detail each type.

1. Melamine Whiteboards

Melamine whiteboards are the most commonly used whiteboards that are available in a wide range. Whiteboards made out of melamine (a kind of plastic) have a laminate coating over the surface that allows users to write. They are lightweight and the cheapest of all. However, unlike other boards, these are not magnetic and hence, are ideal for occasional use. The porous design of the board and the frequent usage can make it wear easily. This will lead further to the ghosting of the markers. You can fix this by cleaning them regularly. It is advisable to use them less frequently and also avoid using permanent markers.

2. Porcelain Whiteboards

Porcelain whiteboards consist of white ceramic and steel backing. Since ceramic is a durable material, these boards are highly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, etc. Porcelain whiteboards are ideal for regular use and are less likely to ghost. Moreover, they are magnetic and require less cleaning. These boards are typically magnetic and more expensive than melamine whiteboards. Because of their longer life and high sustainability, these are expensive than melamine whiteboards.

3. Tempered Glass Whiteboards

Whiteboards made of tempered glass are the most expensive of the three because of their durability and safety. They are available in both framing and frameless construction, depending on the individual’s preference and usage. Moreover, they come in various colours and designs (includes wheels for transport). They are even available in wall-mounting options, making them a significant choice for meetings, presentations, or group collaborations at offices and classrooms. They are non-porous and also magnetic.

If your whiteboard has stains and marks that are stubborn to get rid of, you should try these tips mentioned below.

How to Clean White Board?

There are numerous ways to clean your whiteboard without damaging the surface. Let us see some of the effective methods to clean the board.

To prevent the scratches or stripping away of the surface on the whiteboard, we recommend using a microfiber cloth or a non-abrasive sponge.

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol perfectly cleans the whiteboard.

This is all you need:

  • Clean rag or Tissue Papers
  • Alcohol
  • Spray Bottle


  • Grab a tissue or a clean rag and pour a small amount of the liquid on it.
  • Now wipe the surface of your board to remove any stains.
  • For stubborn marks, make sure you spray the alcohol from the spray bottle on the stains.
  • Wipe the marks now.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

2. Hand Sanitizer

If you do not have rubbing alcohol at home, you can consider using an alcohol-based sanitizer. This can be the best alternative for cleaning.

This is all you need:

  • Whiteboard Eraser or Clean Cloth
  • Sanitizer


  • Grab the eraser that came with your whiteboard and apply a small amount of liquid to it.
  • Now wipe the surface of your board to remove any stains.
  • You can also use a clean cloth and apply a couple of dabs of liquid sanitizer to it.
  • Wipe the marks now.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

3. Glass Cleaner

Yet another phenomenal product that comes on the list for cleaning whiteboards is the generic glass cleaner. It also contains alcohol and other ingredients that will erase any dirt, dust, and ink residue. Please note that some glass cleaners are abrasive, so pay attention to them when wiping the surface.

This is all you need:

  • Damp Soft Cloth
  • Glass Cleaner


  • Spray glass cleaner on the surface of the whiteboard.
  • Take a damp soft cloth and wipe the surface to remove any ink marks.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

4. Hair Spray

Hair spray is another preferred option for cleaning the whiteboard as it also contains alcohol, which helps remove the ink.

This is all you need:

  • Damp Cloth
  • Hair Spray


  • Spray the hair spray on the surface of the whiteboard.
  • Let it sit for about two minutes. (Allowing it to stay for a long time can make the surface sticky and messy.)
  • Take a damp cloth and wipe the surface to remove any ink marks.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

Note: Make sure you check for the warranty information and the recommended cleaning products in the manufacturer’s instructions before using any of the above solvents. This is because alcohol and all-purpose cleaners like glass cleaners can destroy the surface of the board.

5. Whiteboard Cleaner

You can even use a whiteboard cleaner every two to three days to erase your board. This will help your board to look it’s best and clean. These cleaners come in either spray bottles or convenient disposable wipes.

This is all you need:

  • Whiteboard Eraser
  • Whiteboard Cleaner


  • Spray the cleaner on the surface of the whiteboard.
  • Let it sit for about two minutes. (Allowing it to stay for a long time can cause stains.)
  • Take the whiteboard eraser and wipe the surface to remove any ink marks.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

When using disposable wipes, you can effortlessly erase any stains on the board.

6. Mild Detergent & Water

Here is another effective method to get rid of the ink marks from your whiteboard. Although it requires a little effort, this method is the best bet to remove the residues or stains from the surface.

This is all you need:

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Dish Soap
  • Water


  • Take a microfiber cloth and add a drop of dish soap and water to it.
  • Now wipe the surface of your board to remove any ink marks. (You may have to put more effort while using the soap water as it does not evaporate like alcohol solutions.)
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

How to Clean Whiteboards Without Chemicals?

If you do not want to use alcohol or similar chemicals in your cleaning process, you can use the below natural products or household ingredients. These items guarantee a chemical-free method to clean your whiteboard.

1. Vinegar

We all know the efficacy of vinegar and how it can be the best cleaning agent for removing any toughest stains or ink marks. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest homemade solutions to erase the board cleaners calls for vinegar and water.

This is all you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Clean Cloth


  • Mix equal portions of vinegar and water to form a cleaning solution.
  • Spray the mixture on the surface of the whiteboard.
  • In case of stubborn stains, allow it to sit for a few minutes.
  • Take a clean cloth and wipe the surface to remove any ink marks.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

2. Magic Eraser

Do you have a magic eraser at home? If yes, then your cleaning job is no longer a hassle. Check out the steps below for removing stains and ghosting:

This is all you need:

  • Water
  • Magic Eraser


  • Take a magic eraser and wet it in water.
  • Clean the surface of the board using this eraser to remove any ink marks.
  • After erasing the stains, dry the board completely.

3. Used Fabric Softener Sheet

Do you want to remove the dry ink on your whiteboard? You can do it easily with a fabric softener sheet. Too good to believe, right! This sheet can help you effectively erase the leftover marks on the board for less than 24 hours. This is not a cleaner but works more like an eraser to erase the stains without leaving any scratches.

4. Paper Towel and Water

If you want to remove the stains on the surface, you can use a paper towel and water to wipe them off. However, it may not remove old stains or ghosting.

How to remove the marks from a permanent marker?

Accidentally, we might use a permanent marker on the whiteboard. This makes it even more difficult to remove the dry ink marks on the surface. To help you tackle this efficiently, we bring you some amazing tips. Make sure you try these steps without fail:

This is all you need:

  • Fresh Dry Erase Marker
  • Felt Eraser
  • Water


  • Take a fresh dry erase marker and write over the top of the ink marks. (Make sure you cover them completely)
  • Allow the marker to dry for a few seconds. (The fresh ink of the marker helps loosen the old stains)
  • Now wipe all the marks using a felt eraser. If the stains still persist, repeat the same process a couple of times till you get rid of the stubborn stains and permanent marks.

Additional Tips

Do you want to cut down the time utilized for cleaning your whiteboard? If yes, follow the additional tips mentioned below. These will be of great help in protecting your board from wear and tear or any damage:

Erase frequently

Erase the surface of the whiteboard immediately after use. Do not let the writings remain on the board or wait for days to erase them. Instead, wipe everything as soon as you finish your task. Another vital point to consider when erasing is to wipe the entire board thoroughly after every use and not just the areas with markings.

Quick fixes

Every problem has a quick fix for solving easily and temporarily. Here are some quick fixes for cleaning the whiteboard, as well. They might be less effective when compared to the permanent fixes. However, they would help you tackle the issue to at least some extent.

You can also use nail polish remover, toothpaste, white shoe polish, etc., to erase the stains. These are some of the common products available in almost every home, and you can always try these out. But make sure you run a small test by using them on a small portion of the surface and see if it works without damaging the coating.

Note: We strongly suggest not using coins or other sharp objects for scratching the dry ink marks on the board. This will not only damage the surface but will shorten your writing space.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Dry Erase Boards?

There are certain to avoid while cleaning the dry erase boards. If you want to protect your whiteboard surface from ruin or damage, you should definitely stay away from the below things.

  • Do not use wax-based cleaners for cleaning the surface.
  • Do not polish your whiteboard surface, as it can leave a film residue on it.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners as they can scratch the surface.
  • Do not wipe the ink on the board with your hands. The natural oils present in your skin will stay on the surface and can ruin it over time.

How Frequently Should I Clean White Board?

Well, the answer to this question is simple – always clean your whiteboard depending on the usage. If you are a teacher using the board all day long, you should clean it daily to wipe off the writings.

If you are using the whiteboard in the office, it is obvious that the notes or presentations during the meetings remain on the board for a specific period. Hence, it is advisable to wipe the content and clean the board before writing new content again over it. Preferably, clean the entire board at least once a week.


Wrapping up, the task of cleaning a whiteboard and a dry erase board is very simple. However, you should clean it regularly to ensure it lasts a long time. Different types of cleaners are available in the market that effectively cleans your whiteboard to keep it as good as new. You can also try the tricks and hacks mentioned in this article to make it look as great as it was the day you first bought it.

What are you waiting for! Try out these simple yet effective cleaning tips and let us know what you think of them. If you need more information on whiteboards or cleaners, you can write to us in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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