What is a Ring Light: Different Types and Guide

If you think it’s the camera lens that makes the model or objects more charismatic, think again. The camera in conjunction with a ring light gives the result that makes our jaw drop to the floor.

It is the work of a ring light why we see a model having blemish-free skin, fewer shadows in the area, and the most popular – illuminating eyes. Having a ring light in your arsenal means you have more chances of better photography or videography. Since the 1960s, photographers are using this fantastic piece of equipment for portrait, macro, and glamour shots.

If you are living under a rock and want to learn more about a ring light, how it functions, and how to make full use of this item, we have got you covered in this article. Read on to learn everything about a ring light.

What is a Ring Light?

A ring light is nothing but a circular lighting tool commonly used for portraits, glamour shots, and macro photography. When used in portrait shots, it minimizes blemishes, eliminates shadows, and creates a very attractive catchy circular light on the subject’s eyes.

In macro or close-up photography, you will get even lighting and you will be able to shoot your object without natural light by manipulating the ring light’s position and settings.

A ring light comes with an attachable mechanism between the cavity of the ring. This enables the user to fit a camera or a smartphone and shoot the desired subject.

Many professional videographers and photographers use a ring light in addition to studio lights to make sure their subject/object receives soft, even light for the best output.

How Does a Ring Light Work?

A ring light’s main purpose is to evenly illuminate the subject/object and minimize the shadows. When using this lighting tool in your studio, you can expect soft, direct, and mimic of the natural light casting on your subject. But, how? Well, for that we will have to understand the design and structure of a ring light.

A ring light comes with a circular body with a hollow section. In this section, you can clip your camera or phone to shoot photos or videos. This entire body is supported by an adjustable stand that you can easily manipulate.

Inside the circular body, there are secured Fluorescent or LED bulbs that cover up the entire body and forms a ring. Hence the name ring light. These bulbs are attached to the strap and the strap is connected with the wire that goes into the main socket. When the wire is plugged in, the ring light starts functioning.

The LED bulbs featuring ring light comes with an onboard dimmable switch or mobile application to adjust the light quality and color temperature. Such ring lights are more versatile and are often owned by professional videographers and photographers.

Ways To Use a Ring Light?

1: Intensify details

The circular design and structure of the ring light emphasize details of the subject/object. This makes it a valuable item for portrait shots, make-up tutorials, and close-up video shots for capturing emotions.

2: Perfectly balanced lighting

Light is the key element in photography. A ring light comes with a series of LED bulbs or one circular fluorescent bulb that mimic daylight and diffuses in such a way that the natural color of the subject is maintained.

Moreover, the diffusion of light from the tool minimizes shadows as well as keeps a check on over-exposed highlights ensuring a perfectly balanced light.

3: Color effects

To add more drama or style to your photos or videos you can play around with the tool’s settings and change the color effects. You also get a switch to increase the light or dim according to your needs.

4: Macro shots

Ring lights are more front-focused which makes them a perfect lighting tool for close-up shots or macro photography. It distributes the light to one single object and highlights details giving you more catchy shots.

5: Better videography

If you are a social media influencer, make-up artist, or just shoot videos for fun, a ring light can improve your video/photo quality by ten times. All you need to do is clamp your camera or phone on the tool and start recording.

6: Smartphone Selfies

If you want to show the world your beautiful facial features, try using a ring light. This lighting tool not only brings out your natural color but will also give a ‘halo’ effect by illuminating your eyes.

7: Compact and professional

A ring light is easy to use and can make you look more professional, especially in your YouTube or your photography career. Moreover, these lighting tools are foldable and can be easily transferred from one room to another.


Many people think they need to upgrade their camera lenses to get clearer and catchy shots of their subjects or objects. However, in addition to the camera lens, they will also have to invest in a ring light to enhance their photography or videography.

A ring light provides even illumination, reduces shadows, and delivers detailed shots of the subject or an object. These lights are used to enhance clarity, retain natural color, take cool selfies, and appear more professional. Moreover, it is very easy to operate. You can check ‘how it works’ in the above-mentioned section for better understanding.

We did our best to bring out to you all the information about a ring light, how it works, and different ways to use it for better output. Hope this article was helpful and you have learned something out of it. Good luck!