What is an Inverter AC?

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An AC is one of the most useful appliances during summers. But it consumes a lot of electricity, right? Well, that’s true. But there is a good alternative which is more effective and efficient too. It is known as the inverter Air conditioner.

Have you heard about an inverter AC? Well, you must have. But are you aware of its benefits and how does it work? If you are not, you can refer to the below insights. This article has everything you need to know about an inverter AC. So, let’s begin now!

What is an Inverter AC? 

An inverter AC is a very effective and efficient way of cooling your room. It uses less power than a normal AC to operate. It can save up to fifty percent of power and energy as compared to a normal AC. An inverter AC runs on full power to achieve the fixed temperature and then runs at part load to maintain the ideal temperature.

How Does an Inverter Air Conditioner Work?

An AC takes the air inside the room and then cools it. After it throws the cool air all around the room to lower its temperature. A normal air conditioner works in full power or electricity. The compressor of the normal ac is either on or off. But that is not the case with an inverter AC. It actually works the opposite.

Let us understand the working of an Inverter Ac without getting too technical. The working of an inverter AC is quite similar to the air conditioner of a car. It regulates the amount of power used based on the of indoor air’s temperature. An inverter AC never turns it’s compressor off.

It will be doing the desired work, i.e., cooling or heating the room by maintaining the speed of its motor by adjusting to the room’s requirements. An inverter AC works on different speeds that allow it to adjust the tonnage according to the room’s size.

Advantages of an Inverter AC

Although it is an expensive option compared to the other air conditioner types, an inverter AC has a lot of advantages. Let’s talk about them below: –

  • Eco Friendly – One big difference between an inverter AC and a non-inverter AC is that the inverter compressor’s motor has a variable. The speed of a non-inverter AC compressor, on the other hand, is not flexible.

It can either be at full speed or at its lowest speed. There is a sensor in the inverter of the inverter AC that lowers or adjusts the power according to the room temperature. This helps in saving electricity by lowering its consumption and thus is an eco-friendly option. In short, it saves energy.

  • These air conditioners not only save energy but also last very long. The inverter in these air conditioners makes them last longer than the normal ACs.
  • As we told you, the compressor of the inverter AC doesn’t always work at its full capacity. It changes its speed according to the temperature within the room. When the speed is lower, the energy required to run the AC will also be lower. It means that you will have to pay less for electricity.
  • The working of an inverter AC is quiet. It’s a silent process as the compressor keeps on working at low speed and doesn’t turn on and off every time.
  • Inverter ACs are faster than the normal ACs and are able to cool or heat the room quicker.
  • Last but not least, we would say that inverter ACs are a one-time investment and is beneficial in the long run as it lasts longer, works faster, and also saves your cost by using less power.

Disadvantages of An Inverter AC

We know that an inverter AC has many advantages and pros but let us tell you that it does have some downfalls. Let’s know them: –

  • The obvious disadvantage would be the cost of an inverter AC. It’s expensive. Also, it is made up of very sophisticated and lots of moving parts. This is why it’s upkeep, and maintenance expense will be very much.
  • The compressor in these ACs regulates the speed according to the load of the heat inside the room. So, if there is some leakage of the cooling, then the compressor will run at a higher speed, which will further increase the power intake.
  • If the inverter AC’s capacity is lower, then the compressor will increase the speed for a longer period of time, which will increase the power. This will eventually increase the electricity bill.

On the other hand, if the inverter has high capacity, then it would work at a lower speed or for short cycles. This will overcool the place and will make it uneasy for you to sit inside the room.

  • Because of the advanced mechanism of the inverter ACs, they must be repaired or maintained by

certified specialists and servicemen. Less qualified specialists might increase the problem instead of solving it.

How Does an Inverter Air Conditioner Save Power? 

An inverter Air conditioner works at high speed and delivers cool air faster. When the room’s desired temperature is reached, the compressor slows down its speed and maintains a constant temperature. This leads to saving of energy as it is not consuming a lot of power unnecessarily.

The compressor of an inverter AC never turns off. This means that it can work for a longer period of time and hence maintains the room temperature for a longer period with efficiency. So, we can say that an inverter AC can save up to thirty to forty percent of your bill when it runs at low speed.


An inverter Air conditioner can be very helpful if you know all its benefits. You cannot enjoy all the benefits without having some basic information about the thing. You can go through the benefits and disadvantages of inverter ACs and find whether or not it’s ideal for your use.

If you find the information in this article useful, please share it with your friends. We’ll bring more informative insights like this one. So, keep coming.

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