Most Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Washing Machines are one of the most essential and useful kinds of assets that we have in our homes. Surely, it saves a big amount of time for us by doing all the cleaning on its own. But, while you wear those freshly washed clothes, do you look back at the Washing Machine and think of cleaning it too? If not, you are doing absolutely wrong with your Washer and that somehow is going to result in a pretty bad way soon if you keep doing this to your Machine. Washing machines do need some maintenance from time to time.

Well, if you are not doing that till now, it’s never too late; you can start taking care of it from now on. Otherwise, you will notice the gradually decreasing performance of your washing machine, and end up blaming the manufacturer for it.

So, we have some essential Washing Machine Maintenance tips for you all that can save your washer from being worn out early and sustain for a good long time in your home. Wait, don’t just pick up a brush and start cleaning it right now, grab a seat and give a read to this article until the end to know the proper way.

Deep Cleaning, once or twice a month!

It is not a new thing at all that people notice a gradual decrease in the performance of their Washing Machines. It is simply due to the reason that we mostly focus on cleaning our clothes but don’t even care about the machine itself. So, it is nothing surprising that eventually, the efficiency of the machine is going to vanish over time. However, simply cleaning your machine, at least once or twice a month can be highly beneficial for your pockets as well as to increase the lifespan of your Washing Machine.

What happens is that when we do not clean the machine, oftentimes a lot of lint, debris, detergent residuals pile up and clog the important areas. But, by keeping in mind such things, you can take care of your machine by cleaning it with a strong Machine Cleaner sometimes. What it will be doing is take away all the residues and stubborn dust out of your machine cleaning it deeply. But, make sure to pick the right cleanser for washing your machine which is not so tough on the metal and plastic parts of the machine.

Clean the Rubber Gasket too!

While people do manage to take care of the machines from inside using a machine cleaner, most people still neglect to clean the Rubber Gasket. This is one of the major parts where dirt can stay for a long time without even coming into your vision. The

Rubber Gasket is essentially there to save you from touching the sharp metallic parts of the machine while you load it up. Hence, it is your duty as well to keep it clean all the time. To clean up the Rubber Gasket, you can simply take it out and wash off with water and some mild detergent or some dish cleaner. Otherwise, if you don’t pay attention to cleaning the rubber gasket, it will gradually become stiff and get cracks after some time which is not a good sign.

Clean the Detergent Spillage Residues

It happens often while washing clothes, the detergent spillage is normal, but if you leave it be, it can surely destroy the shining look of your Washing Machine. So, it is necessary to clean the spilt out detergent as soon as you see it.

Otherwise, not only it will leave marks on the finishing of your shining washing machine. But, also the residues can become sticky and stinky over time. So, how can you take care of the spillage? You cannot simply stop it, but what’s in your hand is that whenever you wash clothes, make sure to check for it.

And, if you see some marks, simply wipe them with a damp cloth or also you can use some mild dish cleaner to remove the stubborn old marks. Also, make sure to clean the washing machine from inside as well using a damp cloth as some residues also remain inside.

Leave the Door Open for a while

To keep the bad smells away from your Washing Machine, it is advisable not to close the lid of the Washing Machine right after using it. Make sure you always leave the door open for a while after you are done washing your clothes.

The reason is that there can be residues inside that might not be able to dry out if you close the door right after washing. Hence, leave the door open for some ventilation. Otherwise, if you don’t want to leave it open, you can quickly dry the insides by wiping it with a thick towel or other cloth. Our main goal here is to leave no moisture left behind inside the machine after the wash.

Clean the Detergent Dispensers

Most automatic washing machines come with separate dispensers for detergent and fabric softeners. So, if your machine does have one, don’t forget to clean it once or twice a month.

It will help you to get rid of all the intoxicants that might mix up with the detergent while washing and cause damage to your clothes. An additional thing to remember here is that you must always use the right detergent for your washing machine. Generally, the recommended detergents are the best because they are not too harsh like regular detergents and don’t damage the fabrics.

Keep an Eye on the Water Inlets and Outlets

Most of the Automatic Washing Machines use two inlets for water intake and one for throwing the dirty water out.

While washing clothes, you must remember to check the hoses to ensure the water flow is good and proper. As for the outlet, since it deals with dirty water, it can get clogged due to the dirt. So, always make sure to check if the water is able to flow out properly or not.

Do not Overload

Stressing any machine by making it work more than its capacity is a bad move. For the washing machines, the max loading capacity is always mentioned, and you should not be messing with that.

If a washing machine is supported to wash only 7Kgs of load at one time, putting in 10Kgs of clothes would be a stupidity as it can cause heavy damage to the motor and other parts of the machine. So, it is better to not overload the machine as if the parts get damaged once, it will be a big load for your pockets as well.

Keep the Lint Filter Clean

Have you ever wondered why the lint is coming out stuck to your washed clothes? Well, the simple answer is that you have not cleaned the Lint filter for a long time and now it cannot hold the lint anymore.

So, better look at such small things as well. Not cleaning the lint filter regularly makes everything messy and even junky lint filters can even cause bad smell if not cleaned properly. The lint filter sack is pretty easy to take out of the machine and clean as well. If not done on regular intervals, it can damage your washing machine and also reduce its performance over time.


So, folks, this is it for this article. We hope you will consider these tips quite seriously and start to take good care of your washing machine appliances from now on. With these tips in mind, you can easily make the lifespan of your washing machine a few years longer which is great.

Not only that, but you will also see a noticeable difference in the performance of your washing machine as it will start to perform like a brand new one once again. In case you know a few other tips to maintain the washing machine, please share with us and others in the comments section and help the community. Moreover, if you wish to discuss something, you can also leave your queries down in the comment section.