Inverter Technology in Washing Machine

Every day, new technologies are being adopted in our day-to-day appliances. And, washing machines are no exception. From manual washing machines to semi and fully-automatic ones, we’ve come so far. And, now, there’s a new version of washing machines which come with inverter tech.

If you’re curious about this technology, this article will help you understand inverter technology in detail. You’ll also get to know what makes it different and more effective than conventional washing machines. So, let’s begin.

What is Inverter Technology in Washing Machines?

The concept is pretty easy to understand. Let’s consider conventional washing machines first. Such washing machines consume the same amount of power regardless of what load it’s carrying.

So, even if you put a muffler or ten shirts, the conventional machine is going to use the same power. And, this is not something efficient, right?

Now, to tackle this problem of power consumption, inverter technology was crafted. The washing machine uses power based on what’s inside. If there is less load inside, the machine will consume less energy and vice versa.

All in all, inverter technology in washing machines uses power efficiently. It means you’ll save good money on your energy bills.

How Does the Inverter Washing-Machine Work?

Modern-day inverter washing machines come with sensors. These sensors detect the load within the machine.

And it adjusts the speed of the machine according to the load. Now, when the speed varies with the load, the power consumption varies too.

If you consider a conventional washing machine, there are numerous parts like a pulley, gear, belts, etc.

Such parts move together and create friction. It’s the reason why such machines consume more energy and produce more sound.

However, this is not the case with inverter technology washing machines. These Washing machines may be quite costly but can run at different speed levels.

There are no pulleys, gears, or belts. Instead, the motor is connected directly with the drum, which prevents any friction. And this helps reduce sound and increases efficiency.

What are the Advantages of Inverter Technology in Washing Machines?

Here are some advantages which make inverter technology washing machines better than the conventional ones: –

Silent Operation: The motor used in this machine is brushless, unlike the conventional motor. This motor offers better performance or delivery at lower noise levels.

Due to fewer parts and no friction, this washing machine is very silent even if you maximize the load. Also, the brushless motor helps in keeping the motor cool during usage.

Energy Efficient: The brushless motor is not only silent but efficient too. The inverter technology washing machines come with sensors. These sensors detect the load within the machine.

According to the load, the machine alters the speed. When the machine alters speed according to the load, it’ll use the power efficiently.

Low energy bills: It is pretty basic. If you have low power consumption, the energy bills will automatically reduce.

Low Maintenance: There are significantly fewer parts in an inverter technology washing machine. You won’t find any gears or belts running the machine.

It means there will be fewer parts to care for or cause friction. When there isn’t any friction, the machine will work fine for exceptionally long intervals.

And, as a result, you won’t have to get it repaired every few months. This washing machine is highly durable and reliable than conventional ones.

Durability & Warranty: Now, with conventional washing machines, you won’t get a warranty for very long durations. But it’s not the case with inverter technology washing machines.

Such machines are highly durable. And, it’s the reason why manufacturers offer long warranties.

Inverter Vs. Non-Inverter Washing Machine

Below, you can find an easy comparison between the inverter and non-inverter washing machines. The side-to-side comparison will help you determine why inverter-based washing machines are better.

Non-inverter washing machinesInverter washing machines
The motor is less bulkyThe motor is brushless & bulky
There are parts like gears, belts that cause frictionParts like gears and belts are absent
It produces lot of noiseIt delivers a noiseless experience
It is less expensiveIt’s quite expensive
It is less durable and requires more maintenanceIt is more durable and requires less maintenance
There are no sensors in this deviceThere are sensors that detect the load capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the inverter washing machine more efficient?

Inverter washing machines come with load sensors. These sensors alter the speed of the motor according to the load that’s inside the machine. Now, if you put a single item, it’ll use very little power.
If you put in 5 pairs of pants, it’ll increase the machine’s power and speed. It means the inverter machine uses power based on the load. So, it is efficient.

2. Is the inverter machine hard to maintain?

No, it’s rather easy to maintain. The inverter machine is composed of fewer parts. Now, if there will be fewer parts, there won’t be much friction. And, if there will be low friction, there won’t be a need for maintenance.

3. Is the inverter machine costly?

The high price is mainly because of the latest technology it comes with. However, paying this price is worth it. It is because of low power consumption in the long run.

4. How does the inverter machine detect load?

The inverter machines come with sensors. These sensors detect the load within the machine. And according to the sensor’s reading, the machine alters the speed and power.


Change is a part of life. And you should always embrace it. If you’re using the conventional washing machine, it’s time to make a switch.
With all the amazing benefits like low power consumption, more durability, less noise, and less maintenance, you cannot ignore the inverter technology Washing machine.
If you still have doubt, check the “Inverter Vs. Non-Inverter Washing Machine” section. It’ll help you compare both these machines and decide better. If you’re able to decide, do share this piece of information with others in need.