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Which Detergent Is Best For Washing Machine

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Mentioned above is a list that we picked based on the research our team conducted. But how did we decide on which detergent is best for you? Well the answer is very simple, we have a 4 parameter model upon which we decide if a given detergent is good for your clothes or not. 

Generally, there are 2 types of detergent available. The liquid and the powder kind.

1. Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are all the rage now. The simple reason is that Liquid detergents provide less lather than powdered detergents. In washing machines, lather is a problem and more lather could end up clogging up the pipes of the washing machine. Liquid detergents also tend to easy wash clothes and also have a very strong single wash strong stain removal.

Sometimes detergent powders tend to leave a detergent coloured mark or blot on the clothes. Liquid detergents do not leave any mark on the clothes. 

But as wonderful liquid detergents are, they are expensive and could jump up your budget in maintenance

Liquid Detergents

2. Detergent powders

A very economic alternative to liquids, detergent powders have been around for a very long time. While they are known to be producing unwanted lather, top companies such as TIDE, ARIEL, SURF EXCEL etc., have come up with low lather alternatives to save up your washing machines.

Furthermore, detergent powders are use case specific. While the majority if not all detergent powders can be used for handwashing of clothes, a few detergents are made specially for machines. More specifically, for types of machines too. Depending on types of machines, there are 3 types of washing powders available in the market

  • Washing powder for fully automatic machines
  • Washing powders for front load washing machines
  • Washing powders for top load washing machines

While there is not that big of a difference in the production of these powders, there is however a slight change in the formulation that makes them compliant towards the specific washing machine. 

Detergent powders

Things to considered Before Buying

1. Lather

One of the most important things to consider while buying a detergent is the lather it provides. While the basic reason for froth/lather generation is to rub it against stains and dirt removal.

Depending on your usage, lather is favoured. For instance, more lather is preferred for hand wash as it helps remove more dirt easily and faster.

But when it comes to washing machines, less lather is preferred. This is so because froth/later will end up clogging the drains of the washing machine or fill it up with the residual dirt particulates.

For modern machines, it is ok if you pick any type of lather powders or liquids, but for old machine models, it is suggested that you pick a less lather powder or best yet, a detergent liquid. Liquids give you the desired result with very less or sometimes no lather at all.

2. Stain removal:

Every detergent in the market promises to remove stains in a single wash but not every detergent actually does it. 

Often than not, you would end up taking the clothes out mid wash and rubbing the stains with some detergent to remove the said stains.

Your washing machine may be smart but if your detergent is not, then there is no point. 

Ariel and Surf Excel are two of the best detergents in either liquids or powder form that provide most of the promised stain removal. 

3. Fabric Softening Ability:

Well this is a bit debatable. But as you would be only washing clothes that are meant to be washed, your detergent should also have the ability to keep your clothes soft. 

While your washing machine has a separate compartment to place in the fabric softeners, there are nuanced washing powders and liquids that come with formulated fabric softener solution, make sure you use it with caution.

When your washing powder comes with a fabric softener solution within itself, never add additional fabric to the machine or you will end up getting your clothes sogged up.

4. Fragrance

The next thing that you should be looking for in a detergent is its ability to give our fragrance after wash.

While this is not a total all out fragrance like that of a deodorant, it should be minimum, to your persons and aid in not stinking. Most of the detergents come with different fragrance but while a few may end up giving you a foul smell, a few fade out very soon.

Some detergents like the Syclone detergent come with active fragrance lock technology. These detergents come with special beads of fragrance which do not at once release the fragrance but release it in installments and thus aid in keeping your clothes smelling fresh all day long. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are bio and non-bio detergents

Ans: As the name itself suggests, bio detergents consist of certain biodegradable enzymes that aid in the cleaning of stains by serving as boosters for the process. Known as booster technology, the enzymes break down the protein, starches and fat that are usually found in the stains (from food, sweat and other common stains)
A non biodegradable detergent does not contain any enzymes as such but when you consider the health of your skin, it is ideal that you pick up the non biodegradable ones. Particularly for baby clothes and baby wear, always use non-bio detergents for better results and less rashes.

2) How much detergent should I use for a top washing machine?

Ans: For any normal load, always go with 1 full scoop of washing powder. If you do not have a scoop or you can typically use the bottle cap too. If it is small then go with 2 tablespoons of powder. 
For different liquid detergents, the recommended dose per wash is different and thus can be approached specific to the detergent in question.

3) Liquid detergent vs Detergent powder. Which should I choose?

Ans: If budget is not a concern and you use a machine, always go with the liquid detergent. It produces less lather and comfortably lets you wash your clothes clean.
Powder Detergents are great for hand washing of clothes and if you pick Ariel, Tide or Surf Excel Matic, they are good for machine wash too.

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