Best Vegetable and Fruits Purifiers/Cleaners in india 2020

Washing vegetables, fruits with plain water will not remove pesticides and other contaminants on their surface. If not washed properly, you may risk consuming the pesticides and insecticides.

Simple solution to this problem is – Vegetable and Fruit Purifier.

These devices use ozone disinfection technology to remove the chemicals. To say in simple terms, they use oxygen present the surrounding air and produce ozone molecules – which eliminates bacteria, pesticides and other pathogens by damaging their cell walls.

Below are some factors to consider while purchasing a vegetable/fruit purifier…

  • Ease of Use – Buy a vegetable/fruit purifier that has simple operation settings and takes less time to complete the process.
  • Noise Level – Select the model which doesn’t make much noise or operates silently.
  • Timer – Most of these products come with automatic timer function with 5 to 30 minutes which can be pre-set as per your requirements.

 Also look out for maintenance, energy saving and other factors. For more information, just go through our BUYING GUIDE.

Based on the same information and several customer reviews, we have selected Top 6 Vegetable/fruit Cleaners in India.

6 Best Vegetable Cleaners In India

Best PurifiersTypeAbilityWarrantyBuy Now
Prestige Fruit & vegetable purifierDigitalVegetables, Fruits, Meat, Seafood1 Year Check the Price
KENT Vegetable & Fruit PurifierIndicationVegetables and Fruits
1 Year Check the Price
EPS Vegetable & Fruit PurifierDigitalVegetables, Fruits, Meat, Seafood1 Year Check the Price
ARG Fruit & Vegetable PurifierManualVegetables and FruitsNA Check the Price
Greenwar Vegetable & Fruit PurifierManualVegetables, Fruits, Meat, Seafood1 Year Check the Price
Crusaders Fruit & Vegetable PurifierManualVegetables, Fruits, Meat, Seafood1 Year Check the Price

Top 6 Best Vegetable and Fruits Purifiers in india

1. Prestige Clean Home Poz 1.0 Ozonizer

Prestige Clean Home Poz 1.0 OzonizerPrestige Clean Home Ozonizer has been certified by TUV Rheinland to be the most genuine ozonizer and can clean up to 90% of all the accumulated chemicals and pesticides.

In order to use the ozonizer, you simply need to take a bowl and fill it with enough water so that your food material present in the dish is fully immersed. Now take the ionizer and place the open end of the pipe into the bowl. Plug in the power cord into an outlet and turn on the device.

Set a timer of about 10-115 minutes or higher depending on your requirement. 15 Minutes is the standard for most of food items. After the timer ends, you can easily observe froth being developed in the water and this is all of the bacteria and pesticides that have been accumulated onto the fruits or the vegetables

Now take the vegetables out and clean them with normal fresh water and they are good to go. This ozonizer can not just be used to clean up fruits and vegetables but it also has the capability to clean up meat and seafood too.

The O3 technology present in this ozonizer can not simply purify vegetables but has an ultra purification capability that can even remove stubborn chemicals that latch onto your food items.

It has a small compartment present underneath it to store the pipe, the power cord and also the air stone too. The bottom of this device has good rubber stability and it won’t fall down. It also has a hanging option where in you can hang it on a wall when not in use.

The only noticeable con to this otherwise amazing product is the amount of noise it produces while you use it. But if you are able to manage that, this is a great buy.

Prestige provides you with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects during the tenure of its warranty.


  • Simple to use and understand design
  • TUV Rheinland certified product
  • Removes about 90% of chemicals,pesticides and other bacteria
  • Timer to set and leave so you can work on other things
  • Has good and ample space underneath the device to store the chord and the pipe
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Produces a lot of noise while operating

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2. KENT Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier

KENT Ozone Vegetable and Fruit PurifierNext on our list is the Ken Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier. Kent is known for its water purification technology within the Indian Households.

WIth an Ozone Oxidizing technology, Kent cleans and thus purifies vegetables and fruits by blasting them with freshly generated Ozone molecules. These molecules scrub and remove any latched on bacterium and other chemical components in the vegetable and fruits.

All you need to do is place the food materials in a bowl, fill it with water, place the pipe inside and turn it one. The bubble rod (limestone airstone) will be helping in the diffusion of the air into the bowl without a lot of actual bubbles or noise.

Contrary to the hangable design to that of the Prestige, this ozone Vegetable cleaner from Kent has a desktop design.The broad bottom easily sits on top of the table and makes your job of purifying the vegetables and fruits very easy.

There is a timer switch and an indicator present on the dashboard which lets you know when you can place a timer and the device automatically turns off after the designated time. The rubber silicone cable for the passage of air can be compactly folded and pressed onto the side of the device. Easy to store and use.

After you are done with the ionising of the vegetables or the fruits, make sure that you are rinsing the food items in some fresh water before you consume them wholesome.

While the product is made out of durable material, it is the performance that sometimes has an issue. There have been reports of device malfunctioning in many a few cases. As the company follows a 10 day return policy, this can be sorted if your device has any issues.

Also, apart from that, Kent provides you with a 1 year manufacturing warranty so this would also add to the trust factor.


  • Neat countertop design
  • High quality limestone bubble rod
  • Indicator light and timer switch to let you know of the timing.
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty


  • Needs to heavily improve its performance quality
  • Does not specify cleaning ability of meat and seafood

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3. EPS Automatic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Purifier with Touch Display

EPS Automatic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Purifier with Touch DisplayEPS is the first Touch based display system in our list. Part from having the innovative and easy to use touch based system, EPS also has the most compact body which makes it handy and you can use it pretty much at any corner of the kitchen or any room you want to purify your food items.

With its strongly able ozone purification technology, it is able to remove harmful chemicals, pesticides and bacterium on not just fruits and vegetables but also on meat and seafood too.

The automatic timer that comes with the device can be toggled with the touch based icon system. You can set the timer anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes in increments of 5 minutes.

Fill up the dish with water and then dump in the food items in the bowl (completely immerse it) and turn on the device and watch as they get ozonized and purified. Make sure you rinse off the vegetables, fruits or meat that you ozonize before you eat the. For a bowl with a 2.5 litre capacity and an output of 400 mg/hour ozone,, it should not take more than 10-12 minutes to perfectly purify the contents.

With its compact nature, it can be easily mounted onto a wall or placed on top of a table and used as per your convenience. But one of the major drawbacks of this product is the absence of a warranty. Given the mid range pricing of the product, it would have been a lot more reassuring if the manufacturer had provided at the very least one year of warranty for the product.


  • Absolutely compact design
  • Touch operated buttons
  • Automatic timer from 5 minutes to 30 minutes in the increments of 5 minutes
  • Can be mounted onto the wall or used on table top.


  • Does not come with a warranty

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4. ARG Ozonizer Fruit And Vegetable Cleaner Air Purifier Machine

ARG Ozonizer Fruit And Vegetable Cleaner Air Purifier MachineHere we have the most affordable and economically priced ozone based water purifier in the entire list today. The ARG Ozonizer is a compact analog vegetable and fruit cleaner that is perfect for anyone on a shoestring budget.

Made out of sturdy build quality,the ARG ozonizer may not be the top of the shelf design but at the same time is also not bulky. Easy to use and compact to place around.

Apart from being a vegetable cleaner, this device also tends to double as a air purifier and also as a water purifier. With very low power consumption, we can label this purifier as eco friendly too.

Similar to all of the devices mentioned above, you need to place the food items in a bowl, place the tube end part of the device inside the bowl and turn it on. A dial based auto-timer will let you set it for upto 30 minutes of autotimer starting from 5 minutes in 5 minute increments.

While there is no warranty on the product, given the pricing of the product it is understandable. But at the same time, we felt that the performance of the product could also be improved.


  • Simple design
  • Most economic and affordable option
  • Has an analog dial based timer
  • LED lights to let you know of the power conditions of the device
  • Can also double as an air purifier and also as a water purifier too


  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Needs to improve the product quality

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5. Greenway Ozone Maker – Multifunction Ozonizer Vegetable and Fruit Purifier and Sanitizer

Greenway Ozone Maker - Multifunction Ozonizer Vegetable and Fruit PurifierYet another analog ozonizer that not only purifies vegetables and fruits but can also double as a multiutility appliance. It can remove smelly odours from rooms, fridges, disinfect chicken other meat and seafood and also clean up air too.

From the looks of it,it may not be the top of the shelf in appeal but it holds pretty much on its own in terms of performance. The body is made out of strong ABS plastic so that clears the question of the product’s build quality.

There are 4 diffuser stones and a tube that is 6.5 long that not just increases the performance as well as the user experience of the product. Also, the product consumes very low power and thus is eco friendly too.

Greenway Ozone maker is a great tool to disinfect kitchen sponges and other cleaning clothes used for sterilization usages too. Also, though it looks wobbly, the product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty which can be claimed for manufacturing defects during the tenure of the warranty.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Multi purpose can be used for vegetables, fruits and meat and also to deodorize rooms, fridges and sterilize kitchen sponges and cloths too.
  • Comes with 4 diffusers stones
  • 6.5 feet long pipe for a farther reach
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Value for money
  • ABS Plastic


  • Could improve the design

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6. Crusaders Fruit and Vegetable Purifier

Crusaders Fruit and Vegetable PurifierLast on our list is the Crusaders fruit and vegetable purifier. It has a very simple design and an analogue dial for automatic timer setting.

The compact nature of the device makes it easier to be fixed onto a wall or even simply hang it or place it on a table to be used. Thus making it incredibly ergonomic in usage.

Similar to all of the devices mentioned in the list, you need to place the food items in a bowl, place the pipe in the bowl, turn on the device and set the timer to a desired time and the cleaning process starts.

After ozonizing the food items, make sure that you are rinsing them in fresh water before proceeding to consumption. Apart from vegetables and fruits, this ozonizer works good for meat, seafood and water purification too.

It acts to remove any pesticides, chemicals and other germs that latch onto the foot items and gives you fresh and ready to eat items.

With very little maintenance, long shelf life and a simple one button operation, the device is highly energy saving and also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects during the tenure of the warranty


  • Has a simple and very compact design
  • Can be placed and used almost anywhere in the kitchen
  • Works for vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and also for water purification
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Pricey for its model
  • Could improve its build quality too

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Factors To Consider While Buying Fruits And Vegetable Purifier

Just like any other appliance, you need to be sure you are investing in the correct product. You cannot visit a store or order online and buy a random product. You will need assurance that the product would work fine and meet your requirements. For the same, you should consider and take into account all of the factors which make up the product and all the ways the product is manufactured to work. Here is a buying guide, specially customized for you which has all the aspects which you need to consider while setting on to buy a particular vegetable purifier.

1. Brand

A brand is an assurance in itself that the product is made with extreme care and cautions to the best of the quality. After all, that is how a brand grows in the market, providing reliable products. Even for the vegetable and fruits purifiers, a lot of brands have come up with products, increasing the healthy competition in the market.

So, the first base or the first thing which needs to be considered to start shortlisting the products is the brand which has manufactured the product and made it available in the market for sale. You need to search for every aspect of the brand such as the brands’ products which managed to reach the trending list or in other words the success rate of the brand’s products. Make sure you perform a routine check on the brand’s reputation and also on the after-sale services which it managed to deliver efficiently.

2. Design

Design is the next important factor to consider. This is because the design usually determines the compatibility of the product. It is a need and also basic psychology that people wish to save space, as being spacious is the new trend and may help an additional item fit. Also, if you do not have the availability of a lot of space this is the most important factor you need to consider, after all, you wouldn’t want to spend all that cash on the product and not use it to the fullest.

Make sure you don’t go for a rather bulky product. The best option to go for is a tabletop vegetable and fruits purifier built up in a rather space retrieval modern design which would be absolutely easy to use. If the product you choose will be portable and compact, you will not be having a hard time using it in some places.

3. Ease of Use

A product which has a lot of functions is fascinating but not good for products like vegetables or fruit purifiers. Also not every other person who will be using the product can be well aware of the various yet complex ways of operation. The best is to find a product which is easy to operate as well as gets your work done in an easy way.

A vegetable and fruits purifier consuming a lot of time with complex functionality makes absolutely no sense and isn’t a good investment. If you need on insight into the considering factor, you should go for an ozone purifier because they are generally energy saving, easy to maintain and won’t need manual intervention. Also, consider the time duration or the time settings of the product which ranges between 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Noise Pollution

Products like such generally produce a lot of noise which is extremely displeasing most of the time. You would be ok with the noise for a very short period of time and when the use period increases you will find it very difficult to cope with the sound it emits. The best thing to do is to consider a product which doesn’t make a lot of noise. Yes, this is another factor to consider you should the noise level of the product you wish to buy. You must search for a product that performs efficiently but also isn’t noisy or disturbing but rather operates in a silent way. For the same, consider the decibels of the noise the product has.

5. Availability of Accessories and the Spare Parts

 Your product doesn’t have a lifetime of operation and just like any other appliance, it is bound to damage as well, which needs to be rectified every time a need for it arises. The spare parts are the most important factor at the time of repair. It would be extremely difficult to repair a product if the spare parts need aren’t available and are very difficult to find.

The next important factor to consider is the availability of spare parts, i.e. you need to select a product who’s spare parts are easily available or wouldn’t need a replacement more than often. This might include any of the additional consumables the product used to facilitate the purification process. Make sure the product doesn’t need much of replacement or frequent service, or the add ons are easily available.

6. Rating and Reviews

Another way of ascertaining if the product is of the value you are investing in or is simply worth buying is the research method. Every time you consider buying a product online you must perform a thorough check on the product such as the rating and the reviews. If the products are given a rating of 4.5 stars and above, you can be assured the product is at par with the features mentioned. Another way as mentioned is reading the reviews. People who have already used the product share their personal experience in various forums or the comment sections which can be referred to. It would determine the actual work and quality of the product.

7. Customer Service

The process doesn’t end with the sale of the product. A company stands to be well established only when it is able to deliver effective and efficient after sale services to the customers who seek the assistance of the company in case of any issues encountered after the product has been received. The customer service is another important factor to consider while selecting the brand and the product. Hence, you need to ensure the company you select provides a well established after sales and customer services in case you ever happen to face any issues or if anything goes wrong. Contacting customer care should be easy, make sure you select such a company and product.

8. Price

It should never be mistaken that the price of the product is directly proportional to the quality of the product. One must never consider the price as the weighting factor as the pricey products do not necessarily provide the best of services. Make sure you check on to the feature and the availability of the product. The product must work in a very well fashion and must have all the efficient and useful features which would work as per your expectations. Check the specifications of the product along with the reviews which would determine if the product is of top quality or not up to the mark. Also, you can go for the product which has all the necessary functions and features but costs less. After all, saving a few bucks is always desirable.

9. Side Effects

You need to be very cautious modifying products you are directly going to consume. They affect your health in a direct and excess manner. Either the resulted item you consume would be good or will have certain side effects. You need to check the side effects factor here. You need to make sure the product you choose doesn’t have any side effects as it may lead to a number of serious health-related issues. Also, if you buy a product which has even a single side effect, there would be no point buying a vegetable and fruit purifier, it would be against the utility of the product. Select a product that is ideal for your health and also ensures your well being.

Make sure you weigh in all the above factors and not avoid even a single one, before buying a purifier.

How To Use The Purifier

The basic mechanism to use the purifier is to first submerge the fruit or vegetable completely in water. This bowl is required to be kept near the purifier, and the coil is to be submerged into the water. After being switched on, the purifier releases gasses into the bowl which are used to purify the vegetable externally. Most such purifiers can also be used to purify meat and seafood.

 The basic science behind the Vegetable Purifier is the use of ozone in order to nullify the effects of any bacteria or chemicals in the fruit or vegetable. Ozone is generated using a high voltage inside the machine. As basic molecular chemistry dictates, the unstable structure of ozone allows for the easy separation of one of the three oxygen atoms in the structure. This lone oxygen atom attacks the bacteria and is able to neutralize the threat which could have otherwise harmed the body. Ozone is the hero is every aspect of vegetable purifying. It is able to very effectively remove almost all organic bacteria from the surface of the vegetable. This is important to note that, the purifiers are able to remove bacteria only from the exterior of the vegetable, as it is impossible to reach the interior without exposing the fruit or vegetable.

  • Start by gathering all the vegetables and meat you wish to cook inside a bowl of water.
  • You need to put in all the fruits and vegetables into the water you earlier gathered.
  • You now need to put in the ozone tube into the bowl filled with water and vegetables.
  • Set the timer for the desired minutes, this is either 15 or 30 minutes.
  • The ozonation process will start just the moment you set your required timer duration.
  • When the timer goes off, the ozonation process is completed.
  • Take the bowl off the counter.
  • Makes sure you wash or rinse the fruits and vegetable with clean water at the end of the ozonation process.


The process of growing crops has become highly defective nowadays. There is a mixture of a lot of pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals in the process of growing vegetables just for the sake of quicker and bulkier output. People are going beyond the usual ways of growing vegetables and choose the polluted way which is extremely harmful to your health and well being. These chemicals need to be gotten rid of and washing them with water is not even closing to getting a small fraction of the chemicals out. You need a higher influence and a greater formula and this is where the vegetable and fruit purifier comes handy.

Each purifier uses a technology that plays a vital role in killing germs, viruses, and bacteria. These may lead your health to a very deteriorated state. The chemicals present in the vegetable are equally harmful, which the purifiers help to reduce. The technology helps in the reduction of the chemicals making the harmful effect they carry vanish. The purification process also comprises of sterilizing the fruits and vegetables and also the meats, cleaning all the items to the core.

Who Can Use The Product?

 The product is absolutely safe for anyone to use, irrespective of the age group. The technology is purely internal based and you or any of your family members including your kids are not bound to be affected by it anyway. Anyone who has the prime motive of eating healthy and is concerned about the well being of their health and the protein intake must buy this product. The product is of great help because it doesn’t only cleanse the vegetable you eat but also the fruits you love consuming.

The list doesn’t end here, the purifier also has the ability to purify any kind of meat. You can put the meat along with the vegetables and you will be able to obtain pure food, and a healthy lifestyle.

You do not need to worry about the taste of the product because the only thing lost in the purification process is the harmful substances. There is not going to be any loss of taste or changes in taste experienced. The life of the fruits as well as vegetables generally increases and would stay fresh for longer periods with the proteins staying intact the food items. You need not worry about them going stale sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Which technology does the fruit and vegetable purifier use?

The fruits and vegetable purifiers basically sue the ozone purification technology to get rid of every other harmful substance left over of the harvesting process. With the use of chemicals, insecticides and pesticides the hence obtained fruits and vegetables still get left with a lot of those particles. These purifiers work in a way where they kill the excess of any harmful substances while retaining the nutrients which are required by the body or for instance, the nutrients the food items itself possess. Also, the technology doesn’t lead to any loss in the taste of the items while extending the life of the vegetable or fruits.

2. What is the general time setting of the purifier?

The time setting is usually a customizable option present in the purifier. The users may change the setting as per the requirement and the requirement depends upon factors such as the quantity and nature of items. Some products have a fixed timer of either 15 or 30 whereas the others have a customizable option which as well ranges between 15 and 30. If you have any doubts regarding the same you may further refer to the instruction manual of the product which directs every setting and items.

3. What are the items which can be purified in the purifier?

The purifier is capable of purifying each and every food item which fall under the category of fruits and vegetable. The purifier will get rid of every harmful particle present in such food items. Additionally, you can also ozonize and purify various types of meat including chicken. You can be assured you are going to consume a healthy product after you ozonize them in the purifier for the required time duration. Make sure you wash the items after you have taken them out of the purifier, in clean water before finally cooking them.

4. What is the general mode of connectivity for these purifiers?

All the vegetable purifiers run on electricity. You can plug the purifier in any of the normal electric sockets and get going. Although you need to look out for the energy consumption of the product if you wish to save. If you buy a power saving device or the device which consumes a very less amount of electricity you may end up saving a few bucks.

5. Are there any other expenses incurred such as the maintenance charges?

No, there are no addition consumable parts in the purifiers and neither are there any additional maintenance charges which come along with the purifier. The only charges you may incur is if your product fails to operate. You will have to contact the company for the repairs in case you face any issues. Although the warranty will take you for a time, at the end of the warranty you will have to pay charges for service, damages or sometimes for part replacement, as applicable.

6. Is buying fruits and vegetable purifier really a good investment?

There is absolutely no reason for the purifier being a bad investment. Eating healthy is the absolute need of the hour, especially with all the challenging health conditions people have been facing. You need to be extra cautious and try to adopt every way possible which helps your body gain extra nutrients and proteins. Hence, this purifier is actually a pretty good way of retaining all your daily intake proteins.  This is absolutely a great investment because the maintenance cost is nil and there is no additional consumable item requirement.

7. Does the purifier contain any side effects?

No, the purifiers have absolutely no side effect as the technology is not in respect of using any other chemical to get rid of the present chemicals, but is a way of reducing the effect of the chemicals by cleansing and purifying the food items. It sterilizes the items, getting rid of all the harmful chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. You need not worry about the side effects as the purifiers done have any.

8. Is there any need for buying a particularly shaped purifier?

There isn’t any thumb rule or requirement of buying a particular shaped product. Your only consideration should be of buying a product which is compact in nature. Irrespective of the capacity you need to search for a product that is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This way the product will be moveable and it would be easy for you to use the product anywhere conveniently.

9. What is the warranty period of the purifier?

There is no specific period of warranty mentioned in advance. It purely depends upon the company you are purchasing the product of. You must buy the product of a reputed company because they generally provide a warranty with every product they sell and provide every assistance with the product’s after-sale service. If you incur any losses or issues while in the period of warranty you can contact the company easily as the company stays in touch quite often.

10. What are some other factors to be concerned about?

The other factors to take into account are the product’s after-sale service and the availability of spare parts. You will need the assistance of the company in case you ever happen to face any issues or damages, which you are bound to face after a few years of operations. Hence, it is extremely important to search for a company that provides good after-sale services. Also, you need to check into the availability of spare parts. If you decide to buy a new product but face difficulty when it gets damaged, just because you are not able to find the spare parts, it will be an absolute waste of your investment in the product. Make sure you check for these factors before purchasing the product.


Hence, it is the need of the hour to find every possible way to find the right eating habits with healthy items. You need to be sure the items you are consuming are healthy and free from every kind of chemical. This is when the purifier works in your favor. It will make every residing chemical in the food items vanish, leaving you with healthy food to eat. This way you will not be exposed to all the health-related issues, and the purifier will act as your safeguarding medium.

Our top pick is  Prestige Clean Home Poz 1.0 Ozonizer.

Now, out of various vegetable purifiers in our list, which one do you choose to purify your vegetables?