Different Type Of Pots

Which pot is used for which purpose? Can I use a stock pot for soup? How many types of pots are there? We know the above questions can be daunting. However, if you’re really interested to know about different types of pots, this is the best place.

Here, we have given some of the common pots used at home. You can go through the list and find what they’re used for. So, let’s begin.

Types of Pots

Here are the types of pots you may be interested in: –

1. Stock Pot

Stockpot, as the name suggests, is used for making stock or broth. It’s a tall pot that comes with a lid. And due to its large size, preparing broth or stock becomes easy. When you’re buying a stock pot, make sure it has thick handles and tough screws. It is important to ensure a long life.

The bottom of this pot, if you notice, is quite thin. And this makes it easy to heat. So, you can use this pot for preparing light sauces and boiling potatoes.

2. Soup Pot

Some of you may think soup pots are similar to stockpots. Yes, they are similar. But soup pots are shorter and come with a thick bottom. You can interchangeably use soup and stockpots. However, soup pots are used when you want the soup to be thick.

Cooking thick soups is possible with soup pots because it heats evenly. Also, you can easily stir the soup without burning it. So, you can cook both thin and thick soups using the soup pot.

3. Steamer Pot

You can think of a steamer pot as a stockpot. It has a large size but comes with an in-built vegetable steamer and strainer on the inside. You can use it to steam seafood, rice, and even vegetables. It’s a multipurpose pot.

You can not only steam vegetables using this pot, but you can also cook the food. You just have to remove the steamer pot, and then you can cook using the pot beneath.

4. Dutch Oven

Now, the Dutch oven is also a multipurpose item. It’s a large and heavy cast-iron pot that you can place in the oven or on the gas stove. When you want to cook large meat dishes, a Dutch oven can really help. You can also use a Dutch oven for preparing stew, soups, frying, and even roasting. 

It means you can cook almost all dishes using a Dutch oven. And if a Dutch oven is coated with enamel, it becomes a French oven. So, if you hear something like that, don’t get confused. 

5. Pasta Pots

Pasta pots are of two types. One is with a perforated lid, which you can use to boil the pasta and release the remaining water. The second type of pasta pot comes with a metal strainer. It goes inside a bigger pot, similar to a steamer pot.

So, when you’re done cooking the pasta, you can lift the strainer out. Once you do, you’ll have cooked pasta within the strainer. This makes it a large-sized steamer.

6. Double Boilers

Double boilers, as the name suggests, have two boilers. It is similar to a steamer pot but has no perforations in any of the pots.

Double boilers are good if you want to cook food that needs just the steam. You can melt chocolate or prepare dumplings using this.

7. Casserole pots

Casserole pots are short and have a thick base. It is quite suitable for dishes that require more heat. You can think of a casserole pot like a Dutch oven. It’s again a multipurpose item. You can use this for baking inside the oven. Also, you can use it for serving food.

8. Milk Warmer

Yes, it’s a special pot meant for warming milk. Although you can use numerous utensils for warming the milk, this is quite precise. If you have milk warmer at hand, you need not use a sauce pot for the same. 

It’s a stove-based pot that runs deep. It has a long handle that you can hold easily and warm milk on a stove.

9. Fondue Pot

A fondue pot helps in melting food items. The word ‘fondue’ is a French word meaning ‘to melt.’ It comes with its own heat source. It can be a portable fuel or an electric heating element. The heating element is placed exactly under the pot and is used for melting food items.

You can use this pot to warm or melt cheese, chocolate, wine, etc. Once the items are heated or melted, you can put the food and dip it in these items, which will work as an appetizer.

Summary of common pot types

It’s a summarized view of different pot types and their uses. You can go through each column and decide what you need.

Pot TypeItems you can cook
Stock PotIt’s used for cooking stock or thin broth
Soup Pot  Thin and Thick Soup and for boiling potatoes
Steamer PotIt’s used to steam vegetables, rice, and seafood
Dutch oven  It’s used for cooking large meat dishes that require more time
Pasta potsIt’s used for cooking pasta or macaroni
Fondue Pot  It’s used for melting or warming cheese, wine, and chocolate
Casserole pots  It’s used for baking items in the oven and also for serving food
Double boilersIt’s simply meant to prepare food like dumplings or melting chocolate


If you know the purpose of every item within your kitchen, you can make the best of it. People usually use the wrong pots for the wrong items. And this can sometimes lead to a hassle. Say if you want to prepare a thick broth, you need to have a pot with a thick base.

If you have a pot with a thin base like the stockpot, it may burn after overheating. In such cases, you’ll need a soup pot using which you can prepare a thick soup. So, keep in mind to go through both the list of pots and the summarized view. This way, you can easily know which pot is meant for what purpose.