Types Of Mops: Comprehensive Guide

With the evolution in technology, there also has been modernization in the equipment we used for cleaning our residences, and commercial properties. What made our jobs easier was the invention of mops. This product has given us absolute convenience in our cleaning with its versatility and purpose.

The very first mop was introduced in the year 1893, since then the evolution of mops has begun and today we have a variety to choose from according to our needs and desires. Today we’ll be enlightening you with the various types of mops available in the market.

Types of Mops

Flat mops

Flat style mops are the most common types of mops available in the market. These are usually disposable and their cleaning pads can be changed.

If you’re looking for a mop for your daily cleansing, then these can be your perfect pick. Using these mops is extremely easy and effortless because of their shape. Their shape can help you reach every nook and corner of your space.

Scrubbing and removing food stains might be a bit problematic but overall these are just perfect. These are available at reasonable prices and can be afforded by anyone. Hard floors can be cleared easily with this type of mop.

Sponge mops

If you’ve got kids at your place or your loved ones are extremely clumsy who tend to spill food or liquids, then a sponge mop is a must-have equipment for your space.

Since it has a sponge pad with an attached wringer, it can easily absorb the dry or wet stains. Brushing stains and spills is simple with these kinds of mops. A sponge mop can be used on hard floors as well as tiles.

Washing it and replacing the sponge is incredibly simple. Don’t forget to change the sponge once you find cracks on it. Also, you need to maintain the mop as wet pads can produce bacteria.

String mops

As the name defines, string mops are mops, which have loads of strings attached to them. These are one of the traditional mops available in the market.

Strings mops are known for their amazing absorption quality and the power for scrubbing the dirt out. These strings can be put in any nook or corner. This makes cleaning extremely simple and easy.

These are great picks for your commercial uses. However, maintaining them is quite difficult as the strings need some special attention while wringing them. Also, it pollutes the water while you dip it in the bucket. These mops are available at reasonable rates.

Strip mops

Strip mops are pretty similar to string mops available in the market. What makes it different is that these have strips of synthetic clothes.

These are great for both wet cleanings as well as dry cleaning. Yet these are not as huge as the string mops. Therefore, these are not recommended for huge spaces. The strips are not really absorbent but these are easy to maintain.

You can put them in the washing machine and get them cleaned. If kept dry, these can help you clean dust. The heads can be reused and are detachable. The pricing for these mops is moderate.

Steam mops

Unlike the other mops, steam mops are pretty different and unique in their way. There are electrical mops that function through filling water in them. When the water turns hot, steam is produced.

The produced steam is released through the mop. These steam pads are reusable and easy to clean. These are one of the best picks as they don’t just clear space but also disinfect the area.

These mops are great from carpets as well as walls and hard floors. These mops are a bit more expensive compared to the other ones. Additionally, you need to keep it plugged in.

Spin mop

Spin mops are likely strings mops as they too have strings attached to it. Spin mops are a combo of a mop along with a bucket. The best part about spin mops is you can rinse it effortlessly without wetting your hands.

With its spinning function, you can extract all the dirt and water by wringing it in no seconds. These mops are brilliant from the removal of stains. It has the capacity to clean all your wet mess.

However, cleaning dry waste is difficult. Additionally, these are not great for your huge commercial space. Spin mops are a bit expensive but their strings can be reused and changed.

Brush mops

Brush mops are pretty much equal to two pieces of equipment: a mop as well as a brush. Like you can clean your hard floors with a broom, you can do the same with this but it can also help you scrub the floors efficiently.

These mops are perfect to wipe out all the dust from your space. Cleaning your liquid stains is extremely simpler with this mop. It can be used for both your outdoor as well as indoor areas.

The bristles at times may cause scratches on your surface as they’re rigid. Also cleaning nooks is a bit tough.

Robot mop

Like the name defines, this mop is a technological and automated product. If you have an occupied schedule and have no time for cleaning, this mop can do the job for you. With this mop, you don’t have to be banked on your maids either.

The robot mop itself moves around your space and clears all the dust. These are versatile however, they’ll get modified by the time. Robot mops are great for both wet and dry cleaning.

These have the ability to get into every space where your hands can’t reach. However, these are a bit expensive and might not clean hard stains perfectly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a better pick for a flat mop or a spin mop?

We feel flat mops are much more versatile than the spin mops as they can collect tiny as well as huge dust or dirt particles. You cannot expect the same from a spin mop.


Forgetting To Rinse:
Usually, people put a lot of water on the surface with a mentality that the more water you use, the more cleaned the surface looks. But they tend to forget that more water needs excess wringing but when you don’t rinse your mop completely, this leaves your mop pad saturated and restored with dusty water.
As the floor is further cleaned with the mop soaked in dirty water. This leaves your floor dirty.

Forgetting To Check Their Mop Pad:
Most of the times, people find their floors dirty and patched. To get it cleansed, they pour excess liquid soap but they skip rinsing the mop as it contains an excess amount of soap.
This action leaves your floor dirty. The mops need to be rinsed as much as the water is poured on the floor to wipe out the dirt.

3. Forgetting To Check Their Mop Pad

Most of the times, people find their floors dirty and patched. To get it cleansed, they pour excess liquid soap but they skip rinsing the mop as it contains an excess amount of soap.
This action leaves your floor dirty. The mops need to be rinsed as much as the water is poured on the floor to wipe out the dirt.

4. How many times should I mop the floor?

Mopping daily might age your mop soon. We would suggest you do mopping twice a week.

5. Can I use a robot mop for my commercial space?

Well, no we would not suggest you use robot mops for commercial space as these areas are usually huge and robot mops will not be able to clean the entire space greatly.

6. Which is the best type of mop when compared to all kinds of mops?

By looking at the versatility, we think spin mops are the best amongst all the other kinds of mops.


So here were the different types of mops available in the market. You no more have to wait and scratch your head to know about distinct mops and their capabilities as we got you all covered.

We’re confident that by reading this article thoroughly, you’ve now realized which one of these is the ideal one for your needs and desires.