Types of Curtains: A Detailed Guide

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Your bedroom or living room is simply incomplete without a curtain. Did we mention the right type of curtain also matters? Well, it does. Choosing a curtain is just not enough; you should know which type will suit your room the best.

Are you curious to know which curtain-type suits you the best? Well, if so, keep reading this article till the last. You’ll find different types of curtains, sizes, and even fabric types. So, let’s get going.

What are Some Common Types of Curtains?

Curtains are really an essential part of a room. It gives a unique shape and look to the room. Curtains are of a variety of different shapes and forms. Here are a few of them: –

Pleated Curtains

Be it a traditionally styled or modern styled home, pleated curtains will always be a perfect option. These curtains are made using thick and heavy fabrics. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of pleated curtains that you can choose for your place.

  • Pencil Pleated Curtains: People who are looking for a traditional look for their house, pencil pleated curtains would be a great option. These curtains are also known as the 3″ Tape curtains and have single pleats, which makes them easy to work with. Pencil pleated curtains provide a classic yet casual look to your room.
  • Pinch Pleated Curtains: For a more luxurious and traditional look, pinch pleated curtains would be your best friend. These pleated curtains are highly popular. Pinch pleated curtains have different ways you can style them, and that are duo pleat, single pleat, four-finger pleat triple pinch, and five-finger pinch pleats.
    These curtains have their pleats pinched at the top, which allows the fabric to flow elegantly. These curtains generally have more two to three finger pleats. More the pleats, more will be the beauty of the curtains.
  • Box Pleated Curtains: The pleating of these curtains has the shape of a box. These curtains provide a tailored appearance and are great for bedrooms or dining rooms.

Goblet Curtains 

These curtains are a very attractive type, and their headings are of a very detailed style. These curtains are suitable for large and spacious rooms and areas that have high ceilings. They are called Goblet curtains because they resemble the wine glass or goblet. These curtains should not move much, which is why it is not a very useful type.

Eyelet Curtains 

Eyelet curtains go very well with the houses and places that have contemporary and modern interiors. This is why these curtains are the best option for bedrooms. Here, the metal rings are attached to the fabric of the curtains. The curtains are directly hung on the pole.

The attached rings of these curtains allow you to easily close or open the curtains. When you get these curtains for your room, make sure that the curtains are properly measured so that they look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and not filthy.

Tab Top Curtains 

Usually, lighter, neutral, or pastel shades are preferred for these curtains. Tabletop curtains are mostly used where the curtains are not required to be open or closed because it is not that easy to do with these curtains. Like eyelet or rod pocket curtains, these curtains are also easy to install as they come with ready-made loops stitched together with the curtain’s fabric. The loops of these curtains hang lower than the other types.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod Pocket curtains are a casual way of enhancing the look of your room. There is a casing sewn at the back of the curtain. The rod can slip in through that casing without getting seen. There are no rings required for these types of curtains. A small part of the rod is visible at both ends. The fabric of Rod

Pocket Curtains is made of a sheer fabric and goes well with thinner rods. This is why it must only be used for casual decorations and not for everyday purposes where the curtains have to be opened or closed frequently.

Choose Curtain Lengths

After finalizing the type of curtain, you want for your home, the next step is to choose the right curtain length. A short curtain will spoil the look of your room, and the longer one will give a messy look. There are three different ways of hanging your curtains.

  • Kiss – The curtains, in this case, barely touch the floor and just kisses the floor. It’s one of the most difficult and hard ways of hanging your curtains. This is because it requires exact and precise measurements. Also, keep in mind the length and breadth of both the rod and rings.
  • Float- Here, the curtains lie or “float” above the floor and don’t touch it. When you do not want your curtains to have any bends, the Float style should be preferred. Make sure to leave a space of at least one inch between the floor and the curtains; otherwise, it might look awkward.
  • Puddle – In this case, the curtains are somewhat longer and “puddle” on the floor. It has a very old school and aesthetic feel to it. The Puddle style goes well with high quality, thick fabrics and is generally used in traditional or formal rooms.

The standard length that curtains panels come in is 63, 84, 95, 108, and 120 inches of length. According to the room’s size and length, you can select which size panel will be the best for your room.

Curtain Fabric and Curtain Opacity

Besides choosing the right color, pattern, and type of curtain, choosing the right kind of fabric for your curtains is also a major task.

Curtains come in different varieties of fabric. They are made of cotton, polyester, rayon, and many other popular fabrics. These materials are great for your home as they are extremely affordable, easy to clean and handle, and very durable.

Therefore, polyester is an inflammable material and must not be placed near the fireplace or in the kitchen area. Cotton is a very lightweight material and can easily hang off as desired. All these materials are medium-weighted curtains.

If you want heavy weighed, luxurious and elegant curtains, silk, velvet, brocade should be your go-to options. But these curtains have to be cleaned only by dry cleaning and are also prone to sun damage.

Voile, lace, nylon are some of the best fabrics for light-weighted curtains and sheer look.

Sheer curtains give more of an aesthetic and dreamy look than serve the curtain’s actual purpose. The curtains with sheer fabric will allow the light to enter through it, while the one with an opaque fabric will not.

Curtains must always be considered while you are decorating your room. Your decor will look even better and more beautiful if the right kind of curtains are there. But whatever material or type of curtain you choose for your place, make sure that it is easy to handle and it is taken care of. Don’t just go for the visually appealing quality of the fabric.


Finding the right type of curtain for your house is quite a task. And if you are unaware of the different varieties, it becomes an even harder job. Fortunately, you’ll find numerous curtain types in this article. You can go for the one that suits the ambiance of your room.

You should also consider important factors like the curtain fabric, opacity, and size for the best results. If you find the above insights useful, do share them with others. Also, keep coming back for similarly detailed information.

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