What Are The Different Types Of Bean Bags

Bean bags, surely these are the coolest stuff that almost every person wants to have in their home. Most of us have generally seen them in movies and always wanted to have one as a kid, right? Well, you would be glad to know that bean bags are not at all expensive furniture, and you can simply purchase a bunch of them for yourself without stressing about your bank balance.

Aside from that, bean bags are very comfortable and the best part is that you can decide how fluffy your bean bag should be. So, if you are looking to buy one for yourself, you should have proper knowledge about the product beforehand.

That is why we are here to tell you everything about bean bags and discuss all their types. Hence, if you are not aware of the different types of bean bags, this article is going to be really helpful for you. So, make sure you read it until the end thoroughly.

Types of Bean Bags

Although bean bags seem like very basic stuff, things get complicated when you get to know about their varieties available in the market. Making the decision to get a new bean bag can be very easy for most of you, but choosing which one to buy can be really confusing.

So, we will be covering all kinds of bean bags and categorizing them so that you get a better idea about them before buying the right one for yourself.

According to Size

The size of the bean bag entirely depends on the size of its outer cover, as beans are there just for your comfort. When it comes to sizes, there is a bean bag for everyone out there.

Kids Size

Kids Size bean bags are the smallest sizes of bean bags that you can find around in the market. As per the name, they are meant for kids, fit for almost anyone with height up to 4 to 4.5 ft tall. Usually, these sized bean bags have a circumference ranging from 110 to 120 inches which is a comfortable and good enough size for any kid.

Teen Size

If your height is just around 5 ft or slightly more than that, you can go with the Teen Size. Generally, bean bags of this size are up to 140 inches in circumference and offer optimal comfort and a fun experience to anyone who rests on it. This bean bag size is slightly bigger than the kid’s size which is a perfectly optimal choice for teenagers.

Adult Size

The Adult Size can also be considered as Extra Large size as they usually have an outer circumference of about 150 inches. On such a big bean bag, any adult with a height up to 6 feet can easily rest and enjoy the comfortable experience.

Massive Size

The massive size, or say the double extra-large size is for those who are themselves massive in size. Specially made for people who are taller than 6 feet, the Massive Size bean bags are quite spacious as they have a large circumference of up to 180 inches.

According to Filling

The comfort of the bean bags comes from the filling. Hence, the choice you make here can make a lot of difference in your overall experience with your bean bag.

Polystyrene Beads

Polystyrene beads are quite soft and lightweight material that is being used widely to fill bean bags across the world. A bean bag filled with polystyrene beads easily takes your body’s shape as you sit on it and offers a decent comforting experience to the user. Apart from that, the bean bag can also be shifted from one place to another because of the lightweight nature of the beads.

Shredded Foam

You can pick shredded foam as a filling for your bean bag if you seek a budget option. Shredded Foam fillings are also used in various kinds of cushions. But, the only drawback we feel about them is that the foam compresses very early as compared to other fillings and is not very comforting if you prefer to sit on the bean bag for a long time.

Expanded Polypropylene

The Expanded Polypropylene filling for bean bags is considered to be the best one out there due to various reasons. First of all, unlike other fillings, Expanded Polypropylene retains its shape once you get off the chair. Secondly, the comfort of the beads is very superior and it is mostly used in high-end chairs. The beans are pretty small in size and can easily absorb pressure for a long time, and even get back to their normal shape too.

According to Shape

If we talk about the shape, the bean bag’s shape depends on the shape of the cover entirely. There are a bunch of different shapes that you can choose from:

Round Bean Bag

Round Shaped bean bags are the ones that are most commonly found and used widely across the world. The shape of such bean bags looks more like a ball. The overall shape of the bean bag is not well-defined as it moulds itself after you sit on it.

Square Bean Bag

The square bean bags are the reason why some people consider them as chairs. Due to their well-defined square shape, the bean bag allows you to rest your back on it as well. In case you are looking for premium comfort for your arms and back, a square bean bag is a good choice.

Gaming Bean Bags

Gaming Bean Bags usually have a longer back that can be highly beneficial to support your back if you like to game for hours on your gaming console. Due to the elongated back support on these bean bags, you get enough room to rest your neck as well which is quite comforting for longer sitting.

Novelty Bean Bags

In case you are looking for something attractive to give to your kids, a novelty bean bag is not a bad choice. Such bean bags come in different shapes and sizes such as flowers, football, some sort of animal, and many more kinds.

Elongated Large Bean Bags

Elongated Large Bean bags offer a great alternative to sofas as they are quite long in length than the usual ones. Due to such shape and size, two or three people can easily rest on one bean bag.

According to Material

Well, not all the comfort comes from the fillings, the material of the outer cover also plays a vital role. Also, the material is the major factor that decides how your bean bag looks and feels.

Cotton Covers

Cotton covers are like our usual clothes, and extremely good to use in summers. One major benefit of using cotton covers is that you can use your bean bag even outdoors as cleaning the cotton covers is pretty easy. Also, you get a lot of freedom to choose between various colours as well.

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl Covers are quite trendy these days because they are highly durable and easy to maintain. Although some spots can appear on the surface with time, you can usually clean them off by wiping with a damp cloth and keep them good as new.

Suede Covers

If you want to pick a comfortable material, suede is a great choice to go with. Not only the suede covers are durable, but they also don’t lose their beautiful texture even after using the bean bag for months.

Plush Covers

Plush covers are one of the best-looking options, but such covers require a lot of maintenance. There is no denying that Plush covers are quite beautiful, but that makes it suitable for indoor use only. It will require you to clean it with a plastic bristles brush always to maintain its look.

Velour Covers

We don’t think we need to explain anything about velour and velvet materials as everyone already knows how premium they are. Still, if you’re going to get one, keep in mind that you will have to use the bean bag with much care if you want to maintain the luxurious feel of it.

Leather Covers

Leather covers also fall into the premium category of bean bag covers and as you might already know, it requires good care as well. Apart from that, leather covers have a pretty long lifespan because of their high durability.


We have almost covered every aspect of bean bags in this article, so we hope this article must have been quite knowledgeable for you so far. Most people don’t even know that there are so many kinds of bean bags available out there to choose from, that’s why we thought to bring up this article for you.

As you can see, there is a suitable bean bag for almost everyone out there. Hence, everyone should have one for themselves as these things are not even too expensive. So, if you decide to get one for yourself too, don’t forget to tell us which type of bean bag fits your likings, the comments section is all yours!