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Essential Tips to Maintain Your TV Set

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When prices of almost everything in the market are skyrocketing, it is better to preserve and maintain the things that you already have at home. Among these, repairing things related to electronics hold high chances of costing you an arm and a leg.

Electronic gadgets like television, home theatres, refrigerators, etc, need professional attention. Once it gets damaged, you are left with no choice except for calling up your technician. The technician apart from costing you a great deal of money will also take at least 5-6 days or even more to repair your device.

Technical damage can seriously demand so much from you. But why let the damage take place in the first place? Television, which is present in almost every household can be kept in great condition if you maintain this device the way it deserves.

There are many ways in which you can maintain your television in the best way possible. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips related to it.

Tips to Maintain Your TV Set

1. Switch Off The TV When Not In Use

Switch Off The TV When Not In Use

We all are living in a highly technological environment. We have gadgets all around us. Hence, we tend to use multiple gadgets simultaneously. Sometimes, we use our phone along with our TV and we tend to pay partial attention to any one of these.

Now, this is an unnecessary wastage of electricity as well as it decreases the durability of the TV too. Although, your television is a machine but using it roughly or when not needed, is likely to cause slow but effective damage in the long run. Hence, switch off your television whenever you are not watching it.

2. Use a voltage regulator or a surge protector

Use a voltage regulator or a surge protector

Maintaining the voltage goes a long way in maintaining your television or even any other electronic device. Voltage fluctuations can internally damage your television. Such fluctuations happen when there is a power cut and when the power suddenly gets back.

It exerts pressure on the TV voltage. The fluctuation also happens when there is a continuous supply of electricity or when there is lightning or thunderstorm. Hence, you must use a voltage regulator or a surge protector. It manages the supply of electricity so that your television does not get damaged.

3. Check the connections

Check the connections

Your TV might have several cables plugged into different sockets. The cables might experience damage or cuts or maybe the socket turns out to be faulty. Hence, you should be regularly checking every cable. Replace them if you find anything faulty as it ensures the safety of your loved ones.

4. Keep it away from magnets

Keep it away from magnets

It is always advised to keep magnets away from electronic devices because these devices are internally made with magnetic materials. Bringing magnets in close proximity with the device can spoil the materials from inside.

It can mess with the colours displayed on the screen or it can magnetize the materials placed inside. Although the magnets are not going to permanently damage your tv, they can mess with the magnetic materials. Hence, keep them away from it.

5. Optimal brightness

Optimal brightness

Keeping the brightness of your screen to 100% can be destructive for your television. It is going to make the LCD tubes of your television extremely hot and can slowly decrease the life expectancy of your television to a great extent.

Nevertheless, the high brightness of the TV screen is always going to harm your eyes. It can put pressure on your eyes resulting in eye damage too. Hence, keep the brightness of your TV to an optimal level, which is safe for the maintenance of your TV and your eyes as well.

6. Appropriate use of contrast

Appropriate use of contrast

Watching television on high quality involves high-resolution colours. It means that you need to have a high setting contrast. This may work amazingly in the beginning but it will damage the picture quality of your TV and will also decrease the durability of it.

Also, the high contrast setting will harm your eyes. Thus, use an appropriate contrast setting to protect your TV and your eyes.

7. Ensure There Is Enough Ventilation

Ensure There Is Enough Ventilation

Your TV needs to breathe as well just as we need to breathe in peace after working vigorously. Rampantly using TV makes it hot from the inside. Sometimes it also gets overheated and definitely, it needs to ventilate that heat out.

If your device is not cooling itself then it will damage itself slowly. Hence, always keep your TV in an open space area where it gets fresh to breathe out the heat.

8. Burn-in prevention

Burn-in prevention

It is hard to gulp in but it can also contribute to maintaining your television in good condition. Thus, what you can do is avoid watching TV for longer periods as this can overheat the TV internally and can cause burn-ins.

Hence, do not watch TV for long hours if you want to maintain it properly and do not want it to get replaced by the end of two years.

9. Away from Sunlight

Away from Sunlight

Keep your television away from sunlight. It is a very prudent solution to keep good maintenance of your television. Exposing your TV for too long under the sun can leave screen burns.

The sunlight can severely damage the picture quality of your TV and even dim its contrast settings. Sunlight is not good for the maintenance of your TV. Thus, refrain from keeping it under the sunlight.

10. Avoid low temperatures

Avoid low temperatures

It is highly advised to not operate your TV at low temperature because cold may form moisture inside the TV and can slowly move inside the important parts causing unexpected damage. Hence, do not use your TV at low temperatures. Instead, always use it at room temperature.

11. Keep the sharp objects away

Keep the sharp objects away

Sharp objects can damage very delicate parts around. The screens of TVs nowadays are very delicately made and they are very sensitive to immediate damage if used carelessly. Thus, keeping sharp objects near the LCD screen of your TV is like calling unwanted trouble.

Hence always keep sharp objects away from your TV. Choose a location for the TV where it is kept safe from any other kind of damage.

12. Be careful with the cleaning solution

Be careful with the cleaning solution

If you like to keep your TV clean and have a tendency to regularly wipe the screen with any cleaning solution, then it is preferable not to do it. Cleaning solutions have chemicals that might not be safe for the TV screen and can cause permanent damage to it.

It can even leave a mark on the screen which can be irremovable. Hence, it is advisable to not use any cleaning solutions to clean the TV. Instead, simply wipe the dust away with a dusting cloth.

13. Clean your TV from time to time

Clean your TV from time to time

Dust can heavily damage your TV no matter wherever it gets accumulated. Hence, it is very significant to clean it from time to time. But never use water or any sort of liquid to clean your TV.

Watery substances can damage the TV. Hence, use cleaners that are made to clean the TV in a much safer way.

14. Keep dust away

Keep dust away

As we already know that dust can be one of the reasons that can damage your TV. Also, it can get accumulated at any place. It can completely reduce the performance of TV because of which the TV will respond very slowly.

Hence, you must make sure that no amount of dust is getting accumulated anywhere. For this, you can use vacuum pumps that are made for cleaning electronic items.


Maintaining your TV in a good way is great if you do not want to come across any glitch in your TV. Also, it is economically very friendly and will save you from investing unnecessarily into expensive repairs. If you follow the tips given above, they can save you from expending too much on a TV.

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