How to Choose the Best Slimming Belt – The Ultimate Guide

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What is a Slimming Belt?

A slimming belt is a wrap that is designed to fit a person’s waist. It is usually made of neoprene or synthetic polymer that appears like a rubber. It is also available in materials like spandex or nylon. As it is advised to be worn during workout sessions, it is resistant to the weather and oil. Moreover, the inner material which is a non-slip layer does not let the sweat come out. This is simply wrapped around the waist using Velcro and it stays there for a long time. It is very comfortable to wear them under your clothes to get a toned look instantly. It works by compressing the abdominal muscles and the midsection of your body.

How to Choose the Best Slimming Belt?

Before buying a slimming belt, you need to be aware of its features. So here is a list of all the basic features in a fat burner belt.

1. Size

Slimming belts are available in several sizes. So you can start selecting by measuring your waist area. Usually, belts come with a size chart and you can choose a suitable belt based on this chart. If your belt does not fit your waist, then it cannot be used effectively.

Next, let’s move towards the height of the slimming belt which is available in three different sizes. One covers a height that is up to your naval alone, then there are belts that are made for people with a long torso. This cannot be used by people with normal height. Hence select the height from these options. Make sure it covers your abdominal area completely.

Then select the thickness of the slimming belt. These cannot be too thick if want to wear them below the clothing. If it is too thin then you cannot get good support when you wear it.

2. Material

The material is the most important thing in a slimming belt. The better the material the greater are the benefits. It is recommended that you wear a slimming belt directly on the skin, so ensure that the belt is not rough or irritating for your skin. If you have sensitive skin then you need to be more careful while choosing the material.

Along with soft and comfortable material, you should also look for belts that absorb moisture. When you wear a slimming belt, you tend to sweat a lot so if the belt does not absorb moisture there is a chance of bacteria outbreak.

Some people can be allergic to latex. In that case, they must avoid latex material completely. You can go for latex-free neoprene slimming belts that are both soft and absorbent. Most of the slimming belts are made of neoprene material only and it is preferred by many people too.

3. Durability

Slimming belts should come with maximum durability as you need to use them for a long time. It is not something that you can keep buying every time one gets torn. So look for a good belt with durability. Boning is given on the inside of the belt to increase durability. Cheap slimming belts have a plastic boning that can easily tear. Hence it is recommended to buy slimming belts at reasonable rates with high-quality boning.

4. Closure

Closure for slimming belts is available on Velcro straps, zippers, and hooks. You can opt for any of these options in which you will feel comfortable.

5. Body Shape

Men and women have different body shapes. Short and tall people have different bodies. So you need to be aware of your body shape and select belts accordingly. You cannot get small belts when you have a long torso or buy a small-sized belt if you have a plus size body.

6. Your personality

You may have a purpose for buying a slimming belt. You can get one to fit in tight clothes or get it for your workout sessions. It is all about your preference when it comes to buying a slimming belt.

There are over-bust and under-bust slimming belts depending upon your liking. You can get a strapless slimming belt if you are going to wear it below your clothes. For workouts, you can either go for a strapless or strap trimmer belts.

7. Compression

To achieve a perfectly flat tummy, getting a slimming belt with the perfect fit is highly essential. Only if it fits you well, you can get good compression on all abdominal muscles.

8. Purpose

There are two kinds of slimming belts. One is the tight fitting belt and the other is the lightweight belt. The tight-fitting belts are made of neoprene and are good for workouts. The latex belts or the lightweight slimming belts aim to hide all the flaws when you wear a tight outfit.

9. Ease of use

All slimming belts are simple to wear but the difference comes with the washing instructions. Not all slimming belts are machine washable. So make sure you read the washing instructions after you buy them. It is good to use slimming belts after washing or cleaning them as it is hygienic. You sweat a lot while using them so washing is mandatory.

10. Cost

You know your purpose for buying a slimming belt. Thus, decide a budget before you buy one. Slimming belts are available in both cheap and expensive ranges. With every extra feature you want to get, you need to spend a little extra.

Do These Belts Actually Work in Real?

This question has to be answered before you buy a slimming belt. Yes, these belts actually work to a certain extent. They can give you that desired body when used regularly. As we saw previously a good exercise routine can boost this process effectively. This slimming belt helps you in getting a fat-free waist. It can remove the excess fat on your lower back region.

When you use this belt continuously for 30 minutes every day, you can actually notice a difference. You will start losing weight not only on the abdominal region but on other parts of your body too. This is because when you wear this belt all your stomach fat gets activated. This increases your metabolism and helps you lose fat from everywhere. So in a few weeks, you can surely start looking slim.

In case, you are not following a proper diet clubbed with exercise then this belt may be of no use to you. Also, if you stop this routine in the middle then you will not be satisfied with the results. So follow a reliable routine that works for your body and a slimming belt will speed up this process.

Working of a Slimming Belt

As we know, a slimming belt is a body belt worn to lose extra weight. It is wrapped tightly around the waist and works as a compressor that reduces fat. You can also wear it below your clothes and use it all day. It is not advisable to wear the belt too tight as it can trigger the normal working of the stomach. It is best suited for people who are following an advanced exercise program as it increases sweating rapidly.

These slimming belts create a placebo effect in your body that helps you keep you active. This energizes metabolism and gives a heating effect that can burn fat. It gives you an instant toned look which helps you motivate yourself to achieve a slim body.

Apart from this, there are two major procedures involved in slimming belts. Most of the belts use either of these mechanisms to reduce fat.

1. The vibrating motion

The slimming belts have a small vibrating device on top of them. This gives a slight vibrating motion whenever you are wearing them. Not all slimming belts have this device attached to them. The purpose of using this vibrator in a slimming belt is to enhance its working. This is more effective than a trimmer belt that has no vibrator. It gives a constant back and forth movement when you wear this around your waist. Some people do feel that this constant vibrating motion very irritating. But this can create a contracting effect on the abdominal muscles.

This vibrating motion can give you more contraction to all your muscles. Moreover, you can use it anytime while doing any activity. You can either be standing, sitting or working out. This helps in digestion also and assists the stomach in breaking the food rapidly. Hence, this is considered to be a great exercise if you are working on your abs. This is also great to reduce fat. This slimming belt is proven to give you the result you want in a few weeks. Although the vibrating motion is annoying, it serves the purpose for which it was created.

2. Increased sweating

The other mechanism that slimming belts use is to produce lots and lots of sweat. This is made of very thick fabric and traps all the heat within your belly. So when you workout you tend to produce more heat. This helps you to sweat more that reduce all your water weight. But it can make a person highly dehydrated. You need to drink water both before and after the session.

Sometimes so much sweating is not necessary. In fact, this cannot come just from losing your fat cells. This can happen because of losing the minerals stored in your body too. This is why it is recommended to wear this belt for not more than 30 minutes during a workout. This slimming belt is also proved to reduce fat when you workout with it. However, when this belt is used excessively, you can get low blood pressure and become very weak.

Types of Slimming Belts

Like we have seen, slimming belts have two mechanisms. There are various types of slimming belts available in the market. The main aim of all these slimming belts is to reduce fat. They can be made of different materials or use different mechanisms to produce a similar outcome.

1. Electric belts

Electric slimming belts use electronic pulses. These electronic pulses can stimulate abdominal muscles and waist region. Electric belts are a great choice to start your exercise routine as these are proven to burn belly fat. These electric pulses are highly effective in slimming. Indeed this is the most promising method to reduce belly fat.

2. Magnetic belts

Magnetic belts use magnetism to give a buzzing effect around your waist. This improves blood circulation which is essential for boosting metabolism. This is however prescribed for arthritis patients as this magnetism effect is helpful for them.

3. Vibrating belts

The vibrating belts are based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation that increases muscle contraction. These are great when you are doing workouts like sit-ups and crunches. This increases the contraction even more and helps you lose all the excess weight. These are considered to be the best for toning your abs. It can also help you lose fat effectively.

4. Fat burning belts

Fat burning belts can either have an electronic pulse attached with them or come with a trimmer belt alone. They help in triggering the core muscles in the abdomen and give you a slim look. The belts with electronic pulses are more effective than the normal ones.  

5. Sauna belts

Sauna slimming belts are very similar to the weight loss belts that work with perspiration. They are very efficient in making you lose the water weight in your body. You can wrap this belt around your waist and start working out. It helps you increase the core temperature which eventually reduces weight. The rate of perspiration in this belt is really very high.

6. Massage belts

You can get massaging belts that come with the effect of a trimming belt. This is a very good option for people having back pain. It also helps in giving you a good posture. This has an oscillating massage feature along with a heating function. So one belt can give you both massaging effect and slimming effect! You can also get options to adjust the temperature while wearing these slimming belts.

Using a Slimming Belt

The slimming belt is not something that is very costly or expensive. It is a reliable product to support your exercise routine every day. You can manage your weight effectively with a slimming belt. This is based on transferring temperature to your stomach that slowly shakes the fat tissues. A perfect sized slimming belt can make wonders for you to lose the unwanted weight in your midsection. Here are some tips on how to use a slimming belt for fast results.  

  • You need to wrap a slimming belt around your stomach below your clothes. So you need to wrap this tightly over your skin.
  • A slimming belt can have two sides. One is the smooth side and the other is the rough side. All you need to do is use the smooth side directly over your skin. Make sure that you wrap it from the back so that the Velcro ends in the front. You will have a good grip while tightening the belt on the front side.
  • After you wear the belt using the Velcro or button, you need to check if it covers your entire stomach. Also, see if you feel comfortable wearing this belt. Once you are done adjusting the belt, wear your clothes over it.
  • Start with your workout routine. A slimming belt gives support and tones at the same time. So you can easily start with an exercise program. You can wear it while going for a walk or jog too.
  • After your workout is over, you can remove the belt. It is important that you clean the belt after every use. This is to maintain well-being and hygiene while using the slimming belt.

Benefits and advantages of slimming belt

Using the slimming belt for 30 minutes every day can give you plenty of benefits. When you use it continuously for a few weeks you get maximum benefits. The benefits are not confined to just slimming your body. There are several other plus points for using a trimmer belt. Read more to find out about its advantages.

1. Helps in reducing postnatal fat

After a baby gets delivered, the medical condition of the mother is very delicate. They take tablets and medicines to stabilize their body. This can lead to gain in weight, especially around the belly area. Also, it will be difficult for them to work out in the gym after having a baby. A slimming belt can be a blessing in such cases. They can wear this and manage all household chores and also take care of the baby. A vibrating slimming belt is perfect for reducing weight post pregnancy.

2. Releases toxins through sweat

Sweating is a kind of excretion that our body does to release unwanted toxins. We stick to our busy schedule that the rate of sweating has come down. So a slimming belt helps you sweat it all out. You release all the unwanted toxins in your body. This keeps you refreshed and energetic throughout the day.

3. Helps you manage diet

When you wear a slimming belt it compresses against your stomach. So you will automatically stop eating more than required. This helps you manage your everyday eating habits. In the end, you will be able to fasten the process of reducing weight.

4. Rapid fat loss

Starting an exercise routine and sticking to the same for a long time is daunting. A lot of people give up their routine easily. If you have a slimming belt, you are speeding up the entire process. So you will not give up easily.

5. Good support for the back

Our lifestyle has changed so much that we sit down for long hours. There is very little physical movement. Sitting for long hours can have a negative impact on your back. You will experience problems when you get old. Thus, wearing a slimming belt every day keeps your back strong and firm. It gives good support for your back. If you have back pain, then a regular slimming belt can be of great use. While having back pain it becomes difficult to stand or walk for long and traveling becomes difficult. So you can use this slimming belt to support your back muscles all day.

6. Improves posture

When you wear a slimming belt tightly around your waist, you start sitting straight. You stop bending when you sit and keep your back straight. Thus, it improves your sitting posture. If you sit straight your walking style also changes. It becomes brisker and stress-free.

7. Tones and strengthens muscles

People with a large belly can notice that the muscles in this region are very loose. This means that the body is storing all the fat in these tissues. When this is matched with a slimming belt, it gives you a toned look. It removes all the fat tissues that are accumulated under the skin. You also improve your metabolism which helps in easy digestion of food. This does not allow any unwanted fat to get stored in your body. Slimming belts strengthen your core muscles which are essential to have a healthy life.

8. Useful for other body parts

You can use a slimming belt on your thighs when you are resting. This improves the blood circulation in your legs. This is the best way to reduce cellulite in your thighs without letting them become muscular. You will look proportionate when you use the slimming belt on your hips as well as for your thighs. As we know, it improves your metabolism which can reduce fat from other body parts.

9. Can be used anywhere

As you are wearing this below your clothes, you can wear it anywhere and at any time. The best part about this belt is that it stays on your waist no matter what, provided you get the right size. Slimming belts do not make you look awkward as it is thin enough to serve its purpose alone. You need not worry about the sweat that your body releases as all trimmer belts absorb the excess sweat. So you can use this belt for a walk, jog, during exercise or yoga and also while doing household chores.

10. Motivates and boosts confidence

The best part about buying a slimming belt is that you get an instant slim look. This gives you the self-confidence to work more and get better results. This is a great way of motivating yourself to progress.

Side effects of using a slimming belt

Like most methods used for weight loss, these slimming belts have some side effects too. It is necessary that you know all of them before buying. Otherwise, you may end up worsening the situation. Here is a list of side effects caused by a slimming belt.

1. Increases overall body temperature

If you have a body that is sensitive to heat then you must think before buying a slimming belt. When you wrap this around your waist, it produces heat that can be dangerous for your health. As far as women are concerned, so much heat is not advisable for the uterus at all. It increases the body temperature that can cause exertion and heat strokes.

2. Skin problems

The slimming belt needs to be worn for at least 30 minutes every day. This produces an immense amount of sweat. This can cause rashes, redness, itching, and skin burns too. So you need to compensate the heat and sweating by in taking foods that make you cool. Drinking water is also the best way to avoid skin problems.

3. Dehydration

Sweating a lot can make you exhausted. The reason for this is you lose all the minerals in your body. Water has essential minerals that are essential to keep you active. If it is lost through sweating, then you become tired and weak.

4. Imbalance of electrolytes

Electrolytes like glucose are necessary to produce energy to perform everyday activities. This can also come out of your body while you sweat a lot. It is important that you immediately stop your exercise and have some drinks with electrolytes like coconut water.

Wash instructions

To maintain good hygiene, you should clean and wash the slimming belt after every use. As we discussed only a few belts are machine friendly. Sweat is full of unwanted toxins and salts. It can start developing bacteria if you don’t wash them properly. But many do not know the proper procedure to clean. The following tips will surely help you.

Things to remember while cleaning

  • Avoid using powerful detergents to clean. It is not advisable to clean them in washing machines or dryers. This can discolor and rupture the slimming belt.
  • Always dry your trimmer belt naturally for at least 2-5 hours. They must dry completely as even a little moisture can rot the material.
  • To clean the slimming belt use a mild soap and a soft cleaner. A sponge or a hard scrubber is not good for cleaning.

Quick steps to wash your trimmer belt

  • Take a bowl of warm water and add a mild detergent to it.
  • Dip a soft towel in the solution and wipe your slimming belt with it. You can rub off stains and odor in this way.
  • Do not wring dry the slimming belt. Instead, you can hang it in a place that is airy. Exposing it in sunlight is also not recommended.
  • Too much soap is not good for your slimming belt. Always remember to wear it again only after it dries completely.

Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Slimming Belts

You can follow some tips here to make your slimming belts work for many years.

  • You can wear a thin layer of cloth like a vest or camisole underneath the slimming belt.
  • Always use the slimming belt after washing and drying it properly.
  • Using detergents that have dyes, bleach, and strong fragrance can damage your slimming belt. Baby shampoo or mild detergents are a good option.
  • Store it in a separate bag and take it out only when you are using the belt.
  • You can always buy another slimming belt so that you have one whenever you need it.
  • Never roll your slimming belt. You can keep it in a separate bag.

Extra Points to Remember:

  • Stick to your exercise routine no matter what.
  • Select a slimming belt that fits you well. It should be breathable and absorbent. You can go for good quality neoprene belts.
  • Never try to put yourself in pain while following a routine or using a belt. Stay comfortable and work towards what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I select the right size?

You can measure the size of your waist using a tape. Make sure you measure a little below your belly button. All slimming belts come with a size chart. So you can compare and buy the right size for you.

2. Does the belt fall down during workout?

Chances for a slimming belt to fall down from your waist are almost zero. In case you get a smaller size than the actual, then it might fall down. Otherwise, the Velcro will be of good quality which stays on your waist during workouts.

3. Who should buy a slimming belt?

Anyone who is willing to give up junk food and is determined to lose their weight can buy this belt. It can give faster results than people who work out without using a slimming belt. People who wish to develop abs can also use this belt while working out.

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