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How to Choose the Right Shoe Rack

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A great shoe rack is determined by many factors. What suits a family may not suit you as an individual. Or better yet, what suits one individual’s preference and needs may not suit another individual’s needs and wants. Here, below, we have laid out and discussed the important points and factors one should take into consideration before picking any shoe rack.

1. Types of Shoe Racks Available:

First of all, you need to know that there are about 3 major different types of shoe racks based on their design.

a) Short Standing Racks

Short Standing Shoe Racks are small, and look like shelf versions of shoe racks. Usually, they are about 2 or 3 feet high thus occupy very minimal space.

These types of shoe racks can be perfectly placed by the door or even within the hallway leading to the doors. Perfect for small families and even single bachelors/spinsters. A great decor choice too.

These type of shoe racks are made out of plastic or steel. Sometimes, they do come in wood but those are retro and are prone to getting damaged easily.

But they do not have a closure so they have to be either closed with pieces of plastic coverings to close and protect the footwear from dust or sunlight.

b) Tall Standing Racks

A bigger version of the short standing racks, these are large cabinet like looking racks. They are spacious big in the inside and could host a great volume of shoes. They have ample overhead space thus making them perfect fit for medium to large families.

Just like the short standing racks, they too are mostly made out of metal or plastic and rarely with wood. You can place them anywhere from the hallway to the main door to outside offices and centers which need people to lodge their footwear outside.

Similar to the short standing racks, these too do not have any closure types hence need a large plastic or overalls to cover it and protect the footwear from any dirt, sunlight or dust.

c) Shoe Cabinets

A perfect piece of decor, storage and portability, shoe cabinets are close, have ample strength but are a little pricey.

They come with a lot of varieties of wood, plastic and for retro style, even with metal. Shoe cabinets have sliding doors, swinging doors or can even have shutters. Thus, you get to have a great customized look for these.

Furthermore, they add a great tinge of decor to the entire room they are placed in. these come in various shapes and sizes. Large, Medium and Small. Hostels and Guest

Houses usually find these as perfect too.

Many models of these are found out on office hallways where people can place their footwear before they enter the premises.

2.  Evaluating and Understanding your rack placing & spacing requirements

You may be thinking that a shoe rack would just go to the corner of a room. No one needs to notice or spend a thought about it. But you have to understand that a shoe rack is also a decor item.

You may end up buying a great quality shoe rack but then if your living quarters have very small and inadequate space, then it is of no value. But then,thanks to the incredibly large availability of options online,you can now choose and pick the size of shoe rack that you like and fits your requirements.

Here you need to first understand and think where exactly you are going to place this said rack. Are you going to place it outside? Are you going to place it right next to the door or about in the hallway?

If your room is has a great amount of floor space but the height of the room is small, then you need to go for a short standing shoe rack. These are ideal for basement rooms and bar like establishments too.

For rooms with good floor space, a high ceiling spaces and you are someone with a lots and lot of shoes, then you can go for tall standing shoe racks.

For doorway and hallway entrances which and long but have very less breadth, go for slim designs. These slim designs are also perfect when there is limited wall space. These occupy less floor space but are tall enough to fit shoes one atop another and this type is usually called as over-the-door model.

But then there are instances when you have to take into consideration that the entire room itself may be short in area. I.e, low floor space and less roof height. In such cases, go for hanging racks. They don’t need to be placed anywhere and can perfectly and ergonomically sit inside while working fine.

Given the above mentioned circumstances, it is incredibly wise for anyone to understand their flooring and spacing availability before deciding on a shoe stand.

3. Build Material of the rack:

This is a really important factor to consider in this list. The type and quality of material used will not only determine the shelf life (no pun intended), but also how ergonomic the rack would be for the room.

Overall, shoe racks are made out of either of the four types. They are either Metal/steel, polypropylene, wood or fabric based.

Shoe racks made out of wood are either made from good quality original wood or engineered wood. Either way,they have a great durability compared to plastic or fabric shoe racks. They are not as heavy as steel or metal but do weigh a considerable amount of weight. But unlike the fabric and plastic based racks, they are difficult to transport and move about due to their rigidness and heaviness.

Metal or steel made racks may seem a little retro but are the most strongest and durable of the entire type lot. They are heavy compared to other types but have longer life. But make sure you keep it away from moisture or water as they have a tendency to rust easily.

Fabric and Plastic types are the most lightweight and easily movable type of shoe racks of all the lot. They are also a lot better cost effective compared to metal and wood types. But they tend to lose in the durability and longevity department.

4. Sturdiness and Longevity

There is no law to state that you cannot buy as many shoe racks as you want but then you don’t want to keep spending a lot of money buying shoe racks do you?

Look for how durable the material used in the shoe rack is. This will give you a fair understanding of how long a shoe rack will last. The detailed comparison of individual materials is given above in the materials part.

Metal or even Wood based shoe cabinets are of high quality and live longer than basic plastic or fabric with metal frame.

But then if you are a bachelor, spinster or someone who is constantly on the move, better get a fabric based or plastic based shoe rack. They are much economic and portable in nature.

5. Design

While you may not be fuzzy about the design of something as simple as a shoe cabinet, you have to understand that small box is actually a piece of furniture and you would be placing it where people see, every time they take out their footwear.

You do not need to take something way too fancy and over the top but you have to at least pick something that is pleasant to see. Most of the shoe racks are anywho minimalistic but going a little fancy wont hurt too.

6. Warranty

Warranty equates trust. It will detail you on how well you can trust the brand that is selling you a shoe cabinet. And how long can you expect the shoe rack to , well, stay as a shoe rack and not some piece of broken furniture.

While a lot of brands may not give you warranty (mostly plastic and fabric ones. They seldom go for warranties), steel/metal and wood style offer good warranties. They insure you for the product. Wise. The tenure of these warranties vary from just over 6 months to about 1 year and sometimes even above too. Choose wisely.

7. Capacity and Size of the shoe rack

Now we get to the most important and last part of the features to be considered. As you already know, shoe racks are available in various different sizes. There are a lot of racks and cabinets which have a capacity to store up to 20 pairs of shoes.

Here, after you know the sizing, type and material requirements, you have to understand how many pairs of shoes you already have and are you planning on making any large footwear purchases in the near future. An answer to this question will lead to whether you have a large cabinet or a simple short standing rack near the doorway.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maximize your shoe storage?

There is no definitive way to maximize the storage space of your shoe rack. But you can follow a few simple tricks to increase your shoes storage.
Sort out your shoes and footwear into different categories
Place the fancy and heel styled shoes on the top shelf
Place heavy shoes on the bottom.
Compartment based racks take a lot of space. Try taking shelf styled racks.

2. What is a shoe rack?

A shoe rack is a shoes and footwear storage furniture piece. These are used in homes, offices and institutions which revere respect of taking out footwear. The main objective of a shoe rack is to store the shoes, give them an address and protect them from any dirt or dust from outside. There are different types of shoe racks available depending on colours, material, ergonomics, door size and rack size etc.,

3. Where should I place my shoe rack in my home?

At offices or any institutions, shoe racks are ideally placed outside of the door or entrance where people leave their footwear and enter inside. While at homes, it is typically placed near the door inside the entrance or on the porch or right outside the threshold.
In Hindu mythology, the vastu shastra dictates that any footwear, shoes or shoe racks have to be placed on the south-west or west corner. It also dictates that never should anyone place a shoe rack in the south-east, east and north directions.

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