Sandwich Maker vs. Toaster: Which one to Choose?

Do you know the difference between a sandwich maker and a toaster? Or do you know which one is better? If any of the above questions disturb your mind, this article can help you find answers.

We have compared both sandwich makers and toasters in detail. So, if you want accurate information to differentiate toasters and sandwich makers, read this article in full. Here you’ll find pros & and cons, brief comparison about both these appliances. So, let’s begin.

What is a sandwich maker? 

A sandwich maker is a device used to cook bread slices with ease. It has cast iron plates between which the slices of bread are pressed. You can put a filling of your choice, enclose it in the bread, and can place it between those iron plates or in your sandwich maker.


  • Sandwich makers are naturally fast and cook hot sandwiches in no time.
  • Because of additional features, you can also cook waffles, scrambled eggs, and fish meat sticks.
  • Sandwich makers protect from overheating. It means you can prepare dishes without burning them.


  • The sandwich makers are not durable because of fragile materials.
  • The capacity is usually too low. And if you fill it too much, you won’t be able to close the shutter.
  • Sandwich makers usually have cords of short length. It sometimes becomes a barrier in providing the electric supply.

What is a toaster?

The toaster is another electric appliance similar to a sandwich maker used for toasting the bread slices. It uses radiant heat to brown the bread and slowly turns it into a toast. It has a limited toasting capacity. Usually, you can make up to one or two toasts at a time.


  • Toasters are available in numerous varieties. So, you’ll definitely find one under your budget
  • With toasters, you can easily fry slices of bread
  • A toaster is safe to operate because of overheat protection
  • A compact device is easy to handle.


  • It may not be the right device if you live in a warm region
  • If you have a manual toaster, the chances of burning the dish become quite high
  • This device is quite hard to master

Comparison between the sandwich maker and toaster


  • Sandwich makers can help you with any type of sandwich. You can prepare biscuits, egg toppings, mixed cheese, etc. And this makes sandwich makers quite versatile.
  • And if you consider toasters, they’re not versatile enough. You cannot create sandwiches with topping within a toaster.


  • If you have a toaster, you would know it has compartments. And, you can only cook one toast at a time using the heat plates. So, if you have quite a big family, you may have to buy more toaster makers. And this is nowhere cost-effective.
  • However, if you consider sandwich makers, you can easily get a six-piece sandwich maker from the market. It means you can toast up to six slices at a time. Here you won’t have to buy a new sandwich maker even if you have a big family. So, a sandwich maker is cost-effective here.

Recipes you can try

  • With a sandwich maker, you can bake bread. You can also add fruits and crushed sugar and put it in the sandwich maker. And by doing this, you can caramelize your food. All in all, sandwich makers offer a good variety of dishes you can cook.
  • A toaster may be a great appliance to toast your bread with the filling you desire. But you cannot cook caramelized food using it.

Features and Technological Aspects:

  • Sandwich makers are more advanced and compact. You get interchangeable plates which are used for cooking the slices of bread. You can cook multiple sandwiches at a time, which these plates hold together.
  • With sandwich makers, you can make puffs, pancakes without getting into much trouble. Also, the amount of oil needed to cook bread is quite less in a sandwich maker. It’s the reason why people choose sandwich makers.
  • If you consider a frying pan, the toaster is a better way to cook bread. It is because it uses less amount of oil required as compared to a pan. And as there’s less amount of oil used, you won’t have to get into the struggle of washing plates to get rid of the oil.
  • Also, toasters use infrared technology to cook the bread. The spiral coils inside heat the bread dry and prepares a well-cooked bread.

Size & Ease of cooking

  • If you consider sandwich makers, they are quite compact. So, you can only put a limited number of slices of limited size. So, you cannot bake pastries using sandwich makers.
  • However, if you talk of toasters, it’s way easier to cook bread. The large size allows you to insert the filling of your choice.

Power Consumption:

  • The power consumption is not static. It varies according to the model you choose. However, you can find sandwich makers that consume energy from 700-1100 watts. And as you can cook more slices at a time in a toaster, it is more efficient.
  • A bread toaster uses somewhere between 800-1500 watts of energy.

Which one to choose

Now, this depends solely on what your requirements are. There are certain factors you need to consider before you make a choice. You must know what your family needs. Only then can you make a great choice.

If you have a small family demanding simple bread toasts, a toaster does the job. However, if you have more members in the family sandwich maker is a great choice.

The best thing about a toaster is that it can do both a sandwich maker and a toaster. So, if you want some better dishes and lack an oven, the toaster is your way to go.


Both Sandwich makers and toasters are good appliances. You can use both of them to cook beautiful brown slices of bread. However, if you want to choose one, you need to consider the above factors: power consumption, Ease of cooking, cost-effectiveness being some examples.

If you find this information insightful and are able to make a decision, share this info with others. It’ll help them decide better too. Also, we’ll be coming up with more interesting content. So, keep returning for more.