Tips For Using The Room Heater Effectively And Safely

Room heaters come as a blessing in the season of cold winters. But we all know that comfort always comes with a cost. A room heater can prove to be an expensive option as it consumes a lot of electricity. However, if you use it wisely, you can save on your energy bills.

Want to know how? Well, read along with this article. You’ll find tips for using a room heater both effectively and safely. You can go through the tips, implement them, and enjoy cozy summers. Let’s roll in.

Tips for Using the Room Heater Effectively

Here are some useful tips to use your room heater effectively to help you in keeping your electricity bill in control.

Select blowers- Fan heaters are a great option to heat your room in winters. The hot air from the fan spreads easily across the whole room, thus heating up the room effectively. If you want to save electricity using fan heaters, lower the temperature of the heater, and insulate your room.

In this way, the power consumption will be reduced considerably, and the room will also be heated.

Choose a room heating appliance with a thermostat – Room heaters with a thermostat work in a way to reduce electricity consumption. The thermostat cuts the power supply once the room is heated enough to the desired level. This means that the appliance will stop working if the room has been heated.

When the room temperature decreases, the thermostat will switch on the power supply by itself. This is a great way of reducing electricity consumption as the heater will not remain on all the time.

Go for room heaters with adjustable wattage- A heater with an adjustable wattage system would be a great option and is also extremely convenient. If you have a small room, you can decrease the wattage as per your convenience. Make sure you insulate your room properly.

This is because a heater set in lower wattage will emit less heat. But with proper insulation, the heat will spread across the room and will also stay in for a longer period. This means more heat and less energy consumption.

Safety Tips for Using your Room Heater 

A room heater is as dangerous as it can be convenient. Therefore, you must take proper care and measure to ensure safety while using them. Let’s talk about some safety tips while using these room heaters.

Keep the room heater away from children and other objects

A room heater converts the electrical energy into heat. Therefore, it is very important to keep them away from children and pets. They might get a severe shock and heat burns if they touch the heater accidentally. The heater must also not be kept in the range of rugs, furniture, or mats as they can also catch fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency stats, about one-third of the fire caused in winters is due to room heaters and issues related to it. This is why proper precaution is very necessary and important while using an electrical appliance like a room or a space heater.

Go for certified space heaters

All the electrical appliances that you get in the market are certified and tested by the Bureau of Indian Standards based on various safety parameters. The manufacturers of these items must provide all the required information related to its manufacturing and usage.

You must go for a product that is certified (BIS Certified), tested and is completely a safe option to be used at home.

Avoid using the heater in your kitchen or bathroom

Usage of a heater must be avoided in any place where there is damp air, like the bathroom or the kitchen. This can cause damage to your space heater and also to the surroundings. It can damage the electrical system completely or, worse, cause a fire in the house.

Place the heater switch directly into the wall outlet

Prefer to use a wall outlet for your heater rather than an extension cord. This is because an extension cord is going to consume more energy and power. This increases the risk of fire, shock, or any fatal injuries.

If you can’t connect it directly into the wall outlet and need to use an extension cord, ensure that the extension cord is not very long and is sized for heavy appliances.

Do not overload the socket

An electrical heater is already a heavy appliance, and this is why the socket shouldn’t be overloaded with another appliance. This can cause excessive current to run in the socket, which can cause a short circuit or an electrical fire. It is very harmful and can also cause big damage.

Buy a heater with additional safety qualities

There are many new models of electric heaters in the market that have a lot of features. For instance, some heaters come with cool-touch housing, preventing accidental burns if you get in touch with the heater.

Some come with the feature of a thermostat that saves your electricity bill as it cuts the power supply when the room gets heated.

Never leave the heater unattended for a long period of time

Don’t forget to switch off the heater when not in use, when going out, or when going to bed. Excessive usage of the heaters in a closed room can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can further cause headaches or dizziness.

Get your heater serviced and inspected regularly

You must occasionally clean your heater and maintain it properly. Make sure that it is getting heated and working well. In case you find any problem, call the service center and get it repaired. Do not try to repair it at home by yourself.


Basic knowledge about electric appliances always helps. And the room heater is no exception. If you want your winters to be warm and your energy bills low, you need to have basic information. Fortunately, this article has it all.

From the basic safety tips to tips on efficiently using the heater, everything is here. If you follow the tips, you can improve your heater’s life and reduce your energy bills. If you find the tips useful enough, please share them with others. Also, come back for more interesting insights.