Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Rocking Chair?

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Everybody loves to relax and move about in a single place in a rocking chair. It reflects peace, calmness and most importantly, a sense of being at rest tension free. Today, we are here to help you figure out how you can pick the right and best rocking chair that will fit your needs, relaxation and requirements. Let us jump right into it without any further ado.

Currently there are a wide range of rocking chairs available in the market. Picking the best among this insanely huge lot might seem impossible. But with the right guide, nothing is impossible. And today, we are here with just that.

The best of the rocking chair is decided entirely on the quality and type of chair. To decide this, you first need to understand the important factors that contribute towards the quality and the style of the chair.

A good quality rocking chair is

  • Durable
  • Easily maintainable
  • Has good appearance
  • Gives ample comfort
  • Has the right weight. Not big making it unable to move nor too small making it puny.
  • It also should have the right pricing.

First and foremost, you need to understand whether the reason why you need a chair is justified or not.

1. Placement of the rocking chair

A rocking chair is a mid expensive affair and one needs to have a good reason to justify this purchase. Having said that, a rocking chair is a long term purchase and it has to be treated as such. Hence you should first need to understand where exactly are you placing this chair in your home.

Are you going to use the chair inside of your home or are you going to use the chair outside, on the porch? This answer will decide on what kind of rocking chair you would buy. This is because of the fact that not every type of material could survive the wear and tear of the outside weather.

After you have decided on this, then focus on its build quality, material and resilience to climatic changes so that it looks perfect year over year.

2. Types of materials

Ok, as I told you before, the build of the rocking chair is of the utmost importance as it is the major factor and indicator of the quality and durability of the chair.

Modern rocking chairs are made out of a variety of different types of materials. These include oak, timber, wicker, plastic, fiber, upholstery fabric, lumber or engineered wood. For you to have the best chair, go with wood. You can never be wrong about the quality of the wood when compared to plastic or any other materia.

Here, let us talk about the different types of wood and other materials that are used in the manufacturing of a rocking chair. There are a wide range of varieties of wood itself such as softwood, hardwood, lumber and engineered wood. Apart from wood, wicker, plastic and resin are the most common type of materials used in the production and manufacturing of rocking chairs.

  • Softwood materials:

One of the most common material used in the manufacturing of a rocking chair, softwood and pine wood are also known for their inexpensive nature. Incredible choices for outdoor chairs, softwoods such as pine do not age or weather easily. Thus you can use these chairs in any type of climate and weather.

However, softwood must be taken good care of. As it is bought for outdoor usage, it should be timely varnished to protect it from any sort of weather damage in the long term. As soft wood is, you see, soft in nature, it is easily prone to get dented or scratched with sharp and blunt objects. Hence make sure that you or any kids are not hitting or scratching the chair to cause any permanent deformity to the chair.

  • Hardwood Materials:

A comparatively better choice than softwood, hardwood materials such as the oak wood are known for their tough and durable nature. They can be neatly crafted to flexible design without hassles and they tend to live longer than their softwood counterparts. Similar to softwood furniture, one must take real good care of a hardwood chair so that it will not get damaged due to the external weather factors.

Quite durable and resilient, hardwood chairs cannot be easily dented or scratched. Thus they are perfect in households which have a lot of kids hanging and roaming about.

As these are more durable than typical softwood, they are a tad bit moderately expensive chairs out of the lot.

  • Teakwood Materials:

Teak is probably the most durable and the best wood material you could possibly find to make rocking chairs out of. Compared to other wood types such as hard or soft woods which include pine or oak or bamboo, teak is known to hold off against any type of weather or any type of handling.

It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or any protective coating to protect it from water, dust or wind and has the ability to stay perfectly normal and same looking for a lot of years and seasons.

The only issue with its maintenance is that it should be regularly treated and rubbed down. This is to avoid silver patina coat to the wood. Owing to the fact that it is one of the most durable and sturdiest of the woods, teak furniture and most importantly, teak rocking chairs are more pricier than most materials

  • Wicker rocking chairs:

Wicker based chairs, beds and other forms were a popular choice furniture back in the golden victorian 1700’s. Though called as a retro form, wicker based rocking chairs are still enjoyed by people of vintage taste and decor preferences.

Due to the limited durability of wicker based furniture, rocking chairs made out of wicker are often preferred for indoor usage. One has to keep in mind that wicker material is not as resilient as plastic or wood material and has the potential to get damaged very easily. Also, one has to refrain from using these chairs in the outside as they could get damaged very fast due to their lightweight and the potential of catching dust within the corners of their build.

  • HDPE Lumber (High Density Polyethylene) materials

HDPE lumber is made out of a certain synthetic resin which can be used for the building of high quality and durable furniture equipment fit for outdoor usage. They are a tad bit expensive but the fact that they offer great resilience, comfort and luxury tends to oversee the price factor.

Furthermore, furniture made out of HDPE lumber is highly durable, last really long time (almost a lifetime) and actually easier to maintain than most types. If you were to clean the chair, you can simply take a damp cloth and rub about the chair. Weight wise, these rocking chairs are nominal to moderate heavy and thus also promise great portability. Also, they are available in a great range of colours to pick from making them a great fit for good decor.

  • Injection Mould Plastic Materials:

Yet another type of plastic mould material, injection mould is a budget friendly alternative to the HDPE lumber material. These are not as comfortable nor luxurious as the HDPE but are ideal for temporary and budget friendly outdoor furniture types.

Light in weight, these products may not be durable but are incredibly portable and come in a wide range of colours. Could be available in different styles and designs but owing to their cheap nature, they do not last for many years like their wooden counterparts.

If you are in plan for buying a bigger volume of rocking chair for establishments or organizations, these are the best type of material pick to go for. Furthermore, the maintenance of these chairs is super and does not need anything else than a simple wet cloth and some soap water.

Of all the mentioned type of materials, teak and HDPE lumber are the most common picks for the type of material people choose to get their rocking chairs made out of. Now that you have understood the different type of materials, now let us move on to the next biggest pointer, that is the size of the chair.

3. Size and Height

Size of the chair is important as you would not want a humongous chair sitting right in the middle of the hall blocking all passages to any and all rooms. Nor do you want a chair so small that you question your buying decision and the lack of any children to use this chair.

After you have decided on the type of material you will be using to get the chair made and the placement of this chair, you need to fix the size and height of the chair.

Generally, rocking chairs have dimensions with width between 26 inches and 30 inches, a height between the range of 37 inches and 45 inches and a breadth between 32 inches and 37 inches. The weight of the chair is totally dependent on the build material and this usually lies between 6 kgs to 20 kgs.

Now coming to the height specifications of people, shorter people prefer lower placement of the seats so it will be easier for them to hop in and out of the chair. People with longer and lengthier height will obviously choose a high chair.

4. Style and Colour

A grandpa style rocking chair has a semi crescent shaped curvature bands. As these are the most common ones, a wheel shaped style are also in fashion. But mind you that the colouring option for wood material are limited to the colour of the wood they are carved out of.

While these are staple styles of rocking chairs for wood material builds, plastic mould and HDPE lumber types provide you with a plethora of styling and also colouring options. These build types give some rad, modern and minimalistic design styles which are very appealing to a modern household and modern porch or patio. Furthermore, these type of mould made chairs come in a wide range of colour options to choose from.

5. Comfort

Apart from height, style and build material, one has to look at the other factors of a chair which contribute to the comfort of the chair. This includes any upholstery or cushioning availability to the chair.

Does the chair has enough padding to it? Can it accomodate more than a single type of covering and cushioning? Ask these final questions before finalizing your decision of picking a chair.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Why do rocking chairs feel good?

Ans:  A rocking chair places a human being sitting on it on a no directional journey of swing. A person moves back and forth which results in a feeling of journey without the need of moving from point A to point B. This results in the release of a chemical called Endorphins, dubbed as feel good chemicals. Thus rocking chairs feel good and are ideal for stress busting.

2. What type of wood are rocking chairs made from?

Ans: Rocking chairs are made out of either soft wood(such as pine), hard wood (such as oak) or teak wood materials. Further details of how each type of wood influences the build quality is mentioned in the article in detail.

3. Is Rocking Chair good for pregnancy?

Ans: Though there is no strong evidence for this, mothers who enjoy their time on a rocking chair are known to deliver healthy babies. This may be due to the fact that rocking chairs aid in the release of endorphins which keep the mother happy and cheerful at most times

4. Does sitting in a rocking chair burn calories?

Ans: Rocking chairs are known to burn about 150 calories for every one hour of spending time rocking on them. This might actually seem like a good news for people who are amply lazy

5. What are the benefits of Rocking Chairs?

Ans:  A rocking chair is an ideal stress buster for children, adults and elderly alike. They are responsible to keep you relaxed and cheerful at all the time and also aid in burning a few calories every hour.

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