Difference Between Quilt And Comforter

You may get confused about the difference between a quilt and a comforter. You might think that why is it important to differentiate between the two? Both of them are meant to keep you warm and comfortable. Apart from this, both are a kind of bedding.

You don’t have to read a journal or thesis to understand the difference between the two. You know that comforters as well as quilts, both are bed covers. The difference between the two is very small but you can’t ignore it.

To identify among the two which one is best for you, we have made this guide.

ConstructionMade of three layersThe filling is present between two identical pieces of fabric
Use Used for summers as well as wintersUsed for winters
Insulation Less than comfortersMore than quilts

What is a Quilt?

You will find a traditional quilt comprising three layers. The top layer comprises different fabrics. These fabrics are stitched together to form different and intricate patterns. These patterns make the quilts look beautiful.

The second layer consists of a thin layer of down or wool. This is the main layer that provides you with warmth and comfort.

The bottom or last layer usually comprises a layer of solid fabric. In the modern quilts, you will notice that the middle or batting layer is made of polyester.

The traditional quilts were stitched with hands. The different fabrics were sewn together manually and a lot of hard work was required.

For modern quilts, the stitching process is done by a machine. The designs made with machines are much simpler than the traditional ones.

Who is it best for: 

Quilt is the perfect choice for you if you sleep hot. The lightweight of the quilt allows proper insulation inside the quilt. Quilts look very stylish and give your bedroom a completely new look. If you tend to feel cold quite easily, then you can take a quilt over your blanket in the cold winter months.

Maintenance and care:

It is best to wash the quilts in a dry cleaning. The three distinct layers make the quilt delicate so dry wash is necessary. But, you will come across some quilts that can be washed at home. It is best to check the label before washing them.


  • Consists of three layers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for hot sleepers.
  • Give a stylish look to your bedroom.


  • It requires a dry wash.
  • Does not provide much insulation

What is a Comforter?

Comforters are typically thick, fluffy and soft blankets. Comforters are made of two fabric pieces sewn together and filled with synthetic feathers or down feathers. The two identical fabric materials are sewn together in a grid-like format.

Comforters can feature two types of constructions. They are baffle boxes or sewn-through. In sewn-through format, stitching is done on both the slides of the comforter and it goes throughout. For the baffle box construction, extra pieces of fabric are present. These fabrics are present between the top as well as bottom layers of the comforter. This gives a three-dimensional to the fill of the comforter. It also allows the comforter to expand its fill more.

Down feathers that are used as a filling for the comforter come from animals like geese or ducks. The most common substitute of synthetic used as a filling for the comforter is polyester.

Who is it best for:

During the chilly months, when the temperature is really low, comforters are of great use. The insulator fill in comforters are large that keep you warm and comfortable even when the outside temperature is far from comfortable. If you love to have a fluffy sleeping experience, comforters are the perfect choice for you.

You can call comforters as fancy duvets. So, if you want your room to have a refreshing look, it is good to have a comforter.

Maintenance and care:

You can wash your comforters at home or in a dry-wash. Before deciding to do so, it is best to check the label provided by the manufacturer. It is usually mentioned whether you should wash them in a machine or give it for a dry wash. For machines, a temperature is also specified.


  • Provides warmth, making it ideal for winters.
  • Fluffy.
  • Has down or substitute of synthetic as its filling.
  • The fill is present between two identical pieces of fabric.
  • Gives your room a refreshing look.
  • Available in two types of constructions.


  • Requires covers to avoid tears and stains.
  • Needs dry cleaning or machine wash needs to be washed at a certain temperature.

Quilt vs Comforter

The basic difference between quilts and comforters are listed below.


Quilts are made of three layers. The top layer is a piece of fabric where all the intricate designs are made. The second layer consists of filling and the last layer is a solid piece of fabric.

Comforters are made of filling but in much more content than a quilt. The filling is present between two identical pieces of fabric.


Quilts usually lie against your bed and are flatter in general. In contrast, comforters are fluffy. Comforters have better insulation than quilts as they are more fluffier. Quilts provide an aesthetic look to your room. Comforters give a sophisticated and more like a contemporary look to the room.


Quilts are made of cotton blends or cotton and are perfect for air-conditioned rooms or winters. Comforters are ideal for winters. Quilts are lightweight while comforters are heavyweight.

Ideal for

Quilts are ideal for:

  • You sleep hot.
  • Prefer lightweight things.
  • Want an aesthetic look to the room.
  • Prefer to sleep under layers of bedding.

Comforters are ideal for:

  • Want to keep yourself warm.
  • Loves to sleep cozy
  • Want to have a fluffy layer.
  • Provide a comfortable look.

Final Word

After reading this article, we hope that your doubt between a quilt and comforter is clear. Now you must have also decided whether you should buy a quilt or a comforter.

Both of them have their pros and cons. Keeping that in mind along with your requirement, make your decision.