The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Pull Up Bar

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We prepare the buying guide so that you can experience an easy purchase. Well, before going onto the factors, we would want you to consider different types of pull-up bars:

Extending Wall-mountedFree-standing
Very easy to install You will have to drill the wallDoesn’t require installation
Saves space as it stands on the doorSaves space due to mounting Takes space as compared to both because it stands
Door length should be consideredDoor quality and sturdiness should be consideredCan fit in any area
Ideal for home gymIdeal for a pack of home gymIdeal for gyms, home or even office
Can perform many workouts such as leg pull, crunches and others. Can perform many workouts such as pull ups, chin ups and others.Can perform high-duty strength training using this. 
Inexpensive of allExpensive than extending onesExpensive than both types

Factors To Consider Before Choosing the Pull-Up Bar

1. Weight holding capacity 

This is the one important factor which requires a lot of attention. Usually, a pull-up bar comes with a weight holding capacity of 90-130 kgs which means a lightweight to heavyweight person can easily use it. Well, according to reviews and many sellers, it is always better if you choose a pull-up bar which is 30kgs more than your weight to practice sound and better workout. 

2. Length 

So, the extension pull-up bars are the ones which require to fit inside your doors and you should first have a proper picture of your door’s length. Usually, the standard size of an extension pull-up bar is 85cm but some pull-up bars come with adjustable heights of either 65-95 or 60-85 cm. 

In the case of wall-mounted pull-up bars, the standard size is 130 X 60 X 55 cm but again it depends on the capacity and quality of the wall. Also, in free standing pull-up bars, the usual height is 7-9 feet, length is 2-3 feet and width can be 3-4 depending on your choice and space of the room or gym. 

3. Grips

Grips are very important as it will save your hands from hurting or pain while you perform rigorous exercises. Do not go for an uncoated grip as it has been proven effective in reducing the chances of injuries. 

4. Additional assist bands

These are the bands which come up for better exercises with the pull-up bar. So, if you are going for the assist bands then buying the one which comes with a steel hook can help you a lot in maintaining a proper balance while working out. 

5. Safety

These pull-up bars can create a lot of trouble if not used properly and that is why it is advised to consult your physician first before installing it. Also, proper installation with correct screws and nuts are is important to save yourself from any kind of injuries. 

6. Portable or permanent

Some pull-up bars are portable and some are permanent. Usually, you can find a doorway pull-up bar being the portable one as it doesn’t require any drilling inside the walls. Portable walls allow you to practice leg raise and other workouts as well. Meanwhile, you can also perform them in the case of permanent ones as well. 

7. Price 

Well, the price differs as you get variations of pull-up bars. An extending pull-up bar can be found at an average price of 600-1500 INR, wall-mounted at 1000-2000 and while the free standing ones are expensive, hence you can find them at an average price of 7000-15000 INR or more. 

How can a person perform a good pull-up? 

Well, a pull-up can provide you many benefits such as toning your body, strengthening your muscles and what not! 

We can perform a pull-up by following these simple steps: 

  • Make sure that the grip are anti-skid and don’t have water or any other substance on it. 
  • Hold the grip with your palms facing outwardsHang on to it for few seconds then 
  • Pull- your elbows down (it should go towards the floor) 
  • Try to lift yourself so that your neck reaches the bar
  • Slowly and gently come back to the starting position and 
  • Repeat the same as many times you want 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does hanging on a pull up bar make you taller?

No, it doesn’t because the pull-up bars are used for strengthening muscles and your height depends upon various factors such as genes and others. Also, you might get taller but not after a certain age. 

2. Can I do full-body workout using a pull-up bar? 

Depends on the type of the pull-up bar you would purchase.

3.How to wash the pull-up bar? 

You can dust it or clean it with a wet cloth. Just make sure you are standing on a durable stand for cleaning

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