Microwave vs OTG: What’s the Difference?

The conventional microwave oven and OTG are an integral part of all the kitchens. Not having even one of them would make the kitchen incomplete. However, if you want to choose between the two, you need to consider all the features.

Both the ovens are good. They have their own features. You should know about all the differences between the two. In this article, we have listed all that you know about the OTG and the convection microwave oven.

What is a Microwave Oven?

This kind of oven cooks and heats the food by radiating electromagnetic wavelengths in the required frequency. It produces vibration in the water molecules and causes thermal energy. This dielectric heating effect warms the food and prepares it to make it edible.

You can also choose a microwave oven that has the grill and convection option if you want to prepare several dishes using the oven.

What is an OTG?

The OTG stands for Oven Toast and Grill. It is a miniature version of the conventional oven. It uses the mechanism of heated coil to barbeque, grill, bake, keep the food warm, or reheat. Usually, all the OTGs have the option of switching on one or both the coils when preparing the food.

Microwave oven vs OTG

Basis OTGMicrowave oven
Heating timeHeating food take
quite some time
Heats food very fast
Consumption of powerConsumes more powerConsumes less power
Time to cookTakes more time to cookTakes less time to cook
Automatic cook optionsUnavailableAvailable
Size BiggerSmaller 
Ideal forPeople who want to
bake, grill, and toast
and for professional bakers
People who like to
defrost food and
busy people who
like to heat their food daily

All these differences and some other differences are listed below in detail.

Time to cook

The convection microwave oven heats the food very fast while the OTG takes a considerable amount of time to heat the food. In the OTG, the heat is radiated by coils. This heat is then absorbed by the food. This is the mechanism used by the OTG to heat or cook food.

For the convection microwave oven, the water molecules are vibrated to heat or prepare the food. Hence, the convection microwave oven takes less time to prepare food than the OTG.

For people who work and have less time to spend on cooking must go for a convection microwave oven.

Power consumption

The OTG needs more energy to function and therefore consumes more power. The Convection microwave oven needs lesser energy to function and needs lesser power comparatively.

Automatic food option

In case of an OTG, you will not find any automatic food preparing options. But, in case of a convection microwave oven, you will find several automatic food preparation options.


Comparatively, the OTG is much bigger in size than the conventional microwave oven. Therefore, before buying any oven, you need to consider the size of your kitchen so that the oven fits in the available space in the kitchen.

Suitable for 

The OTG is suitable for people who want to grill, bake, and roast food items in the oven. These are also ideal for professional bakers or shops that sell grilled food. The convection microwave oven is suitable for people who want to heat their food on a daily basis. It is ideal for people who want to defrost prepared food or prepare automatic recipes.

Some other things to consider when choosing between an OTG and a convection microwave oven

Quantity and quality of cooking

If you want to use the oven to cook for a lot of guests, you should go for a bigger one. However, if you use the oven to only cook for the family, you can use a smaller one. Also, if you like to roast, bake, and grill often, then OTG is the more appropriate option for you. But, if you occasionally use the oven for cooking, you can go for a convection microwave oven. So, the purpose for buying the oven should determine which oven you should go for.

Required features

Both the OTG and the convection microwave have their own set of special features. If a particular kind of oven caters to the need of your friend or relative, it does not mean that it will suit you. So, you should check all the features of all kinds of ovens before choosing the correct option for you.


You need to consider the price of the oven before buying it. Even if the oven is a little on the higher price range, it will be beneficial if the energy consumption is less. The energy-efficient oven will save money in the long run.


Now, we hope that you understand about all the differences between both the kinds of ovens. We hope that this article has helped you choose between OTG and the convection microwave oven. There are several features to be considered when choosing an oven.

Both the ovens are good in their own way. But have their own characteristics. If you have any doubts, do mention in the comments section below and come back later for the answers.