Microwave Oven Types: A Detailed Guide

A kitchen can never be complete without a microwave oven as it is quite a useful kitchen appliance that helps us in cooking in multiple ways. Coming home late from the office and no one’s there awake to serve hot food?

Well, you can take help from your microwave oven and reheat the food in just a few seconds. Apart from that, microwave ovens can also be used for grilling food, and even for baking. So, as you might already know how versatile microwave ovens are, do you know how many types of microwave ovens are available out there?

If not, then, you must sit back and give this article a read. Because we will be discussing all the types of ovens in this article and also compare them to find out which one suits best for an average household kitchen. So, let’s check out quickly!

Types of Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are available in a bunch of different kinds that can also be categorized based on their prices. Basically, we will be discussing the three major types of microwave ovens which are Solo, Grill, and Convection ovens. Hence, before comparing them side by side, and jumping to any conclusion, let’s take a look at their working and their basic features one by one.


So, let’s start with the most basic and affordable kinds of Microwave ovens, which are called Solo Microwave Oven. Such ovens are the best option if you just want to reheat the food or simply cook your regular food. Ovens usually have a magnetron, this type has one also, which is responsible to produce the heat.

Although these are the most affordable options out there, you cannot use them to grill or bake your food. If that’s what you seek for, you should check the other kinds of ovens. The average power consumption of such kind of microwave ovens usually lies between 600-800 Watts.

Also, depending on the number of family members in your family, you can either choose to buy one with larger capacity such as 24 Litres. Otherwise, the smallest size you will find is about 15 Litres.


As the name suggests, Grill Microwave Ovens are suitable for grilling, as well as reheating and cooking regular food. Unlike the Solo type, this type of ovens come with dedicated grilling accessories and coils that are required during the process.

However, such features come for an extra price, that’s why these types of ovens are slightly more expensive than Solo Microwave ovens. Apart from the heating magnetron, the heating coils are perfect for grilling the delicious starters. In comparison to Solo Ovens, the power consumption of Grill Ovens is slightly high and lies between 800-1200 Watts where sizes vary from 16 Litres to 24 Litres. Usually, the 24 Liters size is ideal for a 4-person family.


Talking about the Convection Ovens, you should only go for this type if you like baking food. For making cakes and cookies, a convection oven is a perfect choice. But, why? Because convection ovens use fans to distribute the heat produced by the magnetron so that food can evenly cook from all sides, and even from the inside.

Not only for baking, but you can also use the convection for other purposes such as reheating, grilling, etc. Because of its capability to do all tasks, convection ovens are priced higher than any other type of ovens. Generally, for a family of 2-4 members, a grill or convection oven of 16-24 Liters size is good, which has a power consumption of around 800 to 1200 Watts.

However, for a larger family of 6-8 members approx, you can find more powerful options of up to 1600 Watts as well, in both grill and convection type.

Cooking Capability

To make it more clear for you, we have prepared a table that will explain to you about the cooking capabilities of each oven type. Thus, you can easily decide which one of these three kinds of ovens will suit best for your needs.

TasksConvection OvensGrill OvensSolo Ovens
Making Hot BeveragesYesYesYes
Make PopcornYesYesYes
Cooking Noodles, Pasta and RiceYesYesYes
Cooking KebabsYesYesNo
Tandoori ChickenYesYesNo
Baking Cakes and CookiesYesNoNo
Making BreadYesNoNo
Making PizzaYesNoNo


We hope this article was helpful for you in knowing the different types of microwave ovens that are available out there. We have also included a table that includes information about the cooking capabilities of each type of oven. Thus, you can check it out quickly and decide the type of oven that will suit best according to your needs.

Hence, if you are getting yourself a new microwave oven, and have already decided the type of oven to purchase based on the information that we provided. We request you to share your thoughts with us and tell us which type of oven you will be picking up for your home. In case you want to ask something else about microwave ovens, you can leave your queries down in the comments section too.