The Best Indian Kitchen Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

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Indians are known for finding the most optimum way of getting things done. It can be seen almost everywhere, even in Indian kitchens. Finding the best way to get the kitchen tasks finished is easy is crucial in this day and age where everyone has less and less time to spare.

The kitchen hacks that are provided here will definitely make your daily life much easier and you will definitely end up utilizing almost all of these hacks in your routine. While these hacks will save your time, many of these hacks will also improve your cooking skills as well as increase the quality of food exceptionally.

Here are the best 25 kitchen hacks that are perfectly suited for Indian kitchens. In case you have discovered a new hack while going through our list, you can reach us via the comment section below.

1. Boiling a potato

Let’s start with the basic hacks that are usable for everyone. Potato is one of the most used edibles in the Indian kitchen and surely served on an almost daily basis in many kitchens. However, you will have to boil the potato before you can use it in any kind of dish. To boil the potatoes easily, you should poke the potato with a fork so that it gets boiled much faster.

2. Correct way of boiling milk

Milk is yet another most important part of our lives. Without a perfect cup of tea, no one can begin their day. Whenever you buy milk, the first thing we all do is boil it to remove its impurities and kill the bacterias. Before boiling, you should put a little bit of water in the utensil so that milk does not get settled on the inside of the utensil.

3. Removing labels properly

Almost all jars and bottles in our kitchens are reused as storage bottles. But, as these bottles were used to pack a certain product before, they come with a label. To remove this label completely, you can use the heat whether by microwave or by a hairdryer. The hot air loosens the adhesive and the peel should come off easily.

4. Peeling garlic skin efficiently

While garlic is one of the many secrets of tasty Indian cooking, using it for cooking is equally tiresome. The outer skin of garlic is not edible and must be removed before using it. Although, this outer skin is very hard to get rid of by fingers or even special peelers. To make this task easier, heat up the garlic cloves for a short time in the microwave and it should come off easily.

5. Making the perfect dal 

Dal is one of the most common Indian recipes and made in almost every single household without fail. To make sure you do not end up with spillage while cooking dal, add a little bit of vegetable oil. This should keep the boiling dal under control.

6. Easy to make a starter with curd

Making curd with milk is common in many houses. In case you forgot to get a starter for preparing curd, it should not be a problem. Simply add 2 to 3 red chillies in a bowl of warm milk and mix it well. After 10 to 12 hours, the starter will be ready for use.

7. Removing the coconut shell with ease

Coconuts are very tasty and soft from the inside. But, the outer shell of coconut is definitely tough to get rid of. After you have broken the coconut, just place the half part of the coconut on the gas stove for 2 to 3 minutes. This loses the coconut from its shell and it comes out easily.

8. The Best way to make potato chips

Do you like eating potato chips but cannot afford yet another cheat day, we will tell you an easy way to make potato chips without deep frying them. Just add a few drops of oil to potato slices and keep them in the microwave for homemade, oil-free potato chips.

9. Making curd at home

Curd is really beneficial as well as a necessary part of an Indian kitchen. If you want a pure and high quality curd, you should make it at home yourself. Just prepare the starter as we saw earlier and put a little bit of starter in freshly boiled milk. After that, keep it covered and outside the refrigerator for 6 to 7 hours.

10. Faster way of preparing vegetables

Before cooking vegetables, you have to go through the exhausting process of washing, chopping, and curating vegetables. There are a lot of ways you can speed up the process. For starters, you can upgrade your cutting tools to sharper ones. Also, the base you are using for vegetables should be firm and non-slippery.

11. Preserving fruits

Fruits are one of the quickest edibles to go bad in your home. While you can put the fruits in the refrigerator to delay the degradation, it reduces their taste and freshness. There are other ways of preserving fruits such as putting saltwater on apples and separating the bananas that will help a lot in preserving them.

12. Chopping onions comfortably

Onions have made all of us cry at least once by now. When you are cutting onions, it emits a certain gas that creates nausea and makes our tear glands release tears in our eyes. To avoid that, keep the onions refrigerated for at least 15 minutes before cutting them. You can also keep the onions soaked in water to avoid this reaction.

13. Getting the most out of leftovers

Leftover food is certainly not meant to go in the trash, especially in Indian households. In most cases, you can make a delicious dish out of the leftover food from a day ago. For example, leftover idli can be used to make fresh upma and leftover veggies work phenomenally if used to make parathas the next morning.

14. Opening jammed lids

We all face the problem of jammed lids if the lid is made out of metal. While trying to open the jammed lids, we cannot create a proper grip on its surface that makes it very annoying. To ease the process, simply wear rubber gloves and it should come off easily. You can also dip it in warm water to make the process easier.

15. Making fast food crust healthier

Almost all fast food items come with the addition of a certain crust which is made out of maida. This all-purpose flour is definitely not a healthy choice. To make fast food healthier, you can replace the crust with wheat or multigrain atta so that you can safely enjoy fast food.

16. Easy replacement for coconuts

If you have gotten halfway through a certain recipe just to realize that you don’t have any coconuts left which is a crucial part of the recipe, you can always swap the coconut with cashews. While cashews are certainly more expensive than coconuts, it will save the dish nonetheless.

17. Utilizing leftover rice

You must already know how to make fried rice or lemon-flavored rice with the leftover rice from last night. But, if the quantity of leftover rice is too small for fried rice and too large for throwing away, you can simply use the rice to make rice pakoras.

18. Separating egg yolk from eggs

Separating egg yolk from the egg is certainly a sticky task. Due to the oily nature of egg yolk, it is very difficult to simply pick it up without making a mess. A simpler way to remove egg yolk from the egg is by using an empty water bottle. Just press the bottle and place it on the yolk. While the bottle is sucking in the air, it will also remove the egg yolk from the egg.

19. Get rid of eggshells easily

Most of the time, it is found that removing the outer shell from a boiled egg is more difficult than usual and it destroys the egg in the process. To make sure that does not happen, add vinegar or baking soda while boiling the egg.

20. Peeling potatoes without a peeler

Potatoes are very soft and smushy in nature. After boiling, it gets so soft that you cannot even hold it firmly without deforming it. If you want to remove the skin of the potato without using a peeler, just cool it down instantly after it is boiled. The sudden change of temperature will definitely loosen up the skin automatically.

21. Preserving coriander for a long duration

We use coriander for almost every meal. Whether it is used as the key ingredient or just as a decoration over the top, you will need lots of coriander stored in your home. The best way to store coriander is by keeping it in ice trays and freezing it alongside ice cubes.

22. Wooden spoons for the win

Wooden spoons are comparatively non sticky than metal ones. Thus, replacing your cooking spoons with wooden variants is not a bad idea in order to avoid the extra cleaning later on.

23. Ripen foods quickly

If you have brought a raw fruit like bananas or papaya in your home and wish to make it ripen sooner, simply wrap it in newspaper and keep it away from sunlight for a day or two.

24. Removing odors from microwave

Once you are finished using the microwave, just put water and lime solution in the oven and heat it for 5 to 6 minutes. The vapors of the solution will remove odor from your refrigerator completely.

25. Keeping the refrigerator fresh

Always keep spare lemons in your refrigerator to avoid getting any sort of odor from your refrigerator. For optimum results, keep the lemon slice dipped in water.


After going through various kitchen hacks mentioned in our article, we are sure that you have found a lot of helpful tips and tricks by now. wIf you are confused about any of the hacks presented in our article, you can clear your doubt by reaching out to us via the comment section below.

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