How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets

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In any kitchen, cabinets are considered as one of the critical elements. Kitchen cabinets are available in several sizes, designs, and styles. From dry and canned goods to utensils, pans, and dishwares, everything is stored in the cabinets.

Choosing the correct cabinet is a tedious job. While renovating your kitchen, you have to consider different things before concluding. To get a clear idea of the things that you should consider before buying a kitchen cabinet are listed in the following section.

Types of Cabinet

Cabinets can be differentiated into three types based on their construction. They are stock, custom, and semi-custom.

  • Stock cabinets: These cabinets are produced in masses and can be found in several improvement centers for homes. These cabinets are available in the market pre-assembled and can be installed readily. A bit of assembly may be required for some of the stock cabinets. If you are looking for a cheap kitchen cabinet, then the stock cabinet is the perfect choice for you. The only drawback of the stock cabinets is they are available in only a few colors, styles, and material options.
  • Custom cabinets: These cabinets are made exclusively for you. These cabinets are made based on your style preference, size, finish, color, and material. The amount of attention that is required for the craftsmanship of a custom cabinet means that it requires more time than any other cabinets and also costs more than the other cabinets.
  • Semi-custom cabinets: These cabinets are stock cabinets that are available with some extra details. It helps you get personalized cabinets in the case of storage as well as style. These cabinets cost less than custom cabinets but more than stock cabinets.

Types of Cabinet

Size of the Cabinet

Before you finalize the look of the cabinet, it is better that you consider the size of the cabinet. To make sure that the size of the cabinet is perfect, you should know the size of your pantry staples, cookware, gadgets, and all the other things that you plan to keep in a cabinet. Understand what is missing in your current cabinet in terms of height, depth, width, and all the other things that you wish to change.

Cabinet Styles

To describe the build of a cabinet, you will come across terms like frame and frameless.

  • Frameless cabinets: These cabinets highlight thick cabinet boxes. The drawers and doors are attached directly to these boxes. Without these frames, you get more area for storage and access to the interior. This design provides a contemporary look to your modern kitchen.
  • Framed cabinets: These cabinets come with a face frame as well as a box. With the face frame, the cabinet manages to fit into tight spaces because it is a bit thin.

Cabinet Styles

The Material of the Cabinet

The material that you use to construct the cabinet decides how your cabinet will look like. The possibility of choosing a material for your cabinet is more in the case of semi-custom as well as custom cabinets.

To make the drawer boxes and the cabinet, using man-made materials will make the cabinet more economical. The doors and the drawer fronts of the cabinet can be coated with medium density fiberboard(MDF). This is durable and has a surface that can be cleaned easily. These fiberboards are available in different colors which results in looking similar to painted wood to the cabinets.

Configuration of Cabinet

Cabinets can be configured in different ways. Some of the common ways that cabinets are configured are base cabinets, wall cabinets, and pantry cabinets.

Your countertops are supported by base cabinets that give you a workspace to work while standing.

Wall cabinets are available either a double door or a single door. In the case of taller cabinets, with the additional panels, you will also find two extra adjustable shelves.

The cabinets that rest on the floor are known as pantry cabinets. They also have a tall area for storage. You will usually find a pantry cabinet having two doors and three adjustable shelves.

Cabinet Accessories

Once you have decided on the basic requirements for your cabinet, you can give a thought to add-ons.

  • To add some style, you can consider adding glass doors. You can also add mullions if you wish.
  • If you want to put the spotlight on our decorations, you can consider having a glass shelf that is down-lit.
  • To give an interesting view of your plate holders, you can put it on the side or front.
  • To give an illusion to the freestanding pieces, you can have faux furniture feet and legs for your cabinet.
  • To add a decorative touch to your cabinet, you can add rosettes, spacers, and plinth blocks.

Set a Budget for your Cabinet

Before you finalize your cabinet, consider how you want your home to look like. Choose the cabinet and make it go through the quality test. You will have to set a budget for the cabinet which you cannot exceed. Choose your cabinet accordingly.

If you are tight on budget, then you should buy a stock cabinet. If you are not worrying about the budget, then you should buy the custom cabinet as they will be made according to taste and dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most affordable cabinet?

40% of your budget on redesigning the kitchen goes on a kitchen cabinet. The most affordable kitchen cabinet is the stock cabinets. They are available in a pre-assembled form and are easily available in home improvement centers.

2. When is the best time to consider buying kitchen cabinets?

The best time to plan and buy kitchen cabinets is winter. It may seem inconvenient to plan to renovate your kitchen during the winters because of the harsh winter conditions. Usually, business for the contractors is slow during these months, which allows you to hire your contractor to assist you during the process of installation.

3. Which are the most common colors for kitchen cabinets?

Some of the most common colors for kitchen cabinets are medium-toned hues. Also, standard colors of brown, grey, blue, and yellow are quite popular. Darker shades that lie on the end of the scale have also become popular.

4. Which is the best cabinet to buy?

If you are looking to buy cabinets and are confused about which one you should buy, then we would suggest you go for the Angel’s solid Sheesham kitchen cabinet. The primary material of the cabinet is solid wood, and the secondary material is Sheesham. The cabinet weighs 35 kgs and is durable, long-lasting, and sturdy. It is easy to maintain and clean, as well.

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