Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC ?

We all know that all valuable electronic appliances need a voltage stabilizer to protect them from sudden voltage surges. The voltage stabilizer takes care of all the voltage fluctuations and saves the electrical equipment from potential damage thereby increasing its lifetime.

The stabilizer can do wonders for your air-conditioner too. The inverter air-conditioners are also highly benefited from the stabilizers. It also helps to manage the power effectively. This also helps to reduce electricity bills.

In this article, we have tried to list the reasons as to why stabilizers are essential for an inverter air conditioner. Read on to find out. You can then choose whether or not to buy a voltage stabilizer for your benefit.

What is an inverter AC?

An inverter is a device used to convert current into frequency. This is used by many households to control electric current, electric voltage, and frequency of the main power supply. Similarly, an inverter AC adjusts the heating or the cooling of the AC by regulating the frequency of the air compressors.

An inverter AC adjusts the speed of the compressor to regulate the gas or the refrigerator flow depending on the inside temperature. This, in turn, helps to consume less electricity.

This kind of AC has set temperature control and when the desired temperature is achieved, the AC adjusts its flow and speed. This helps the system to eliminate any kind of fluctuations in the temperature.

How does an inverter AC work?

In simple words, the inverter AC functions like the accelerator in the car. It heats or cools the room by performing constantly and by adjusting the speed of the motors. They achieve this by adapting to the load of the room. This kind of AC uses more or less power as required or according to the temperature of the incoming air.

The Inverter AC never shuts down the motors or the compressor. It heats or cools the room by regulating the speed of the motors. This helps to reduce the consumption of electricity and power.

How does the inverter AC save power?

Owing to the inversion mechanism, the inverter AC can run on a low voltage. It does not require additional pressure to the motors. This type of AC saves a lot of energy and power by functioning on partial capacity. They are specially manufactured so that they can save around 30% to 50% more power than the usual air conditioner.

The components of the inverter AC functions at varying speeds. This feature allows it to adjust the tonnage according to the size of the given area. This compressor switches the AC power to DC power and alters the frequency of the power input. Usual ACs do not have this facility.

How does a stabilizer work?

The stabilizer effectively reduces the effects of voltage fluctuations. Many premium appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners provide good protection against the fluctuations caused by the voltage. If the voltage goes over the limits, your devices will need extra protection to help you cope with the fluctuations. This is when a voltage stabilizer is helpful.

Is a stabilizer required for an inverter split AC?

As you cannot predict or control the voltage fluctuations, it is always better to purchase a stabilizer. The kind of stabilizer you should use depends on the area that you are living in and the kind of voltage that is supplied to your house.

The kind of fluctuations faced by your appliances will decide the kind of stabilizer you should invest in. There are several extraordinary features that you can consider when buying a stabilizer.

Does your Inverter Ac require a stabilizer?

If we only go by the papers, not all AC needs a stabilizer. Most ACs claim to have an in-built stabilizer or being self-sufficient. But that statement is mostly proven false and you need to purchase a stabilizer along with an AC.

Now, coming to the main question. Whether your inverter split AC needs a stabilizer or not? The answer to this question is that it is better and safer to buy a stabilizer along with the AC. If your area experiences a lot of voltage fluctuations, you should purchase a stabilizer.

As nobody can predict these voltage fluctuations beforehand it’s always wise to invest in a stabilizer when investing in a premium quality home appliance.

How does a stabilizer work for an AC?

Whether you purchase a stabilizer for any electrical appliance or AC, the working mechanism of the stabilizer is essentially the same.

The stabilizer performs two different functions for all the appliances. They are known as buck and boost. The electronic circuitry helps to carry out these problems. If the voltage is under, the boost function works and the voltage is boosted to the required criteria. Similarly, if the voltage is over, the buck operation functions to reduce the voltage and bring it down to the required criteria.

These operations can be performed with the help of the transformers that are attached to the various configurations. They work through the switching relays.

Final Word

We have tried to show you how the inverter AC works and do you need a stabilizer for an inverter AC. If your area suffers excessive voltage fluctuations, it is advised for you to buy a stabilizer to protect your AC. We hope that all the doubts are cleared through this article. If you have any queries, do write to us. You can check this space for the solutions to your questions.