Is RO Water Safe to Drink?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective process to get rid of the harmful impurities and provide you with pure and drinkable water. But there are several myths associated with RO water. This article will help you answer one of the most important questions, “Is the RO water safe to drink?” The answers might take you by surprise.

If you are doing research about buying a purification system for your personal use, you must have read articles that show the RO water in a negative light. Many articles also show that the RO water has no nutrition and is completely “dead”.

Also, some articles blatantly state that the RO water is harmful for your health. However, the truth is that RO water is completely safe to consume. But some of the facts which you need to be aware of before installing the RO system.

Myths regarding RO water

We agree that RO water is not perfect but several myths are associated with RO water. One of the major disadvantages regarding RO water is that it is completely purified and it does not contain any minerals. But, it is not absolutely true. RO water contains many essential nutrients that ought to have good effects on health. Now, let us discuss some myths that we often hear about RO water.

RO water has no nutrients and is not safe

Indeed, RO water does not have all the nutrients that you need for your health. But, no liquid or food item has all the nutrients. Also, the tap water contains much lesser nutrients and also contains innumerable impurities. The minerals which are missing from the RO water can be easily obtained easily with the help of your diet. Now, you need to ask yourself whether it is logical to intake impurities for the extra nutrients.

RO water is very acidic to consume

Another myth which most people believe is that RO water is not safe as it is acidic and leads to health issues related to the stomach. Normal water has the pH of 7, when the filters remove many impurities, the water becomes acidic and below the pH of 7. The pure water absorbs CO2 from the air and becomes more acidic.

But, this is perfectly fine and you do not need to worry about it. For the RO water, the pH drops to 5.5 but the acid present in our stomach has a pH that is much more than 5.5. Therefore, the higher acid content of the RO water will not have any effect on the stomach.

Reverse osmosis water is altered scientifically

Reverse osmosis is not a very common term that we come across every day. So, often people are under the misconception that reverse osmosis is a very unsafe and highly scientific process. But, the truth is that reverse osmosis is a simple filtration process.

Reverse osmosis allows the water through a filtration membrane, which captures the impurities and contaminations and only pure water passes through. What you get in the glass is the purest form of water without any alteration.

Benefits of RO water

The most vital part of human health is drinking adequate pure and freshwater. The process of reverse osmosis helps the water get rid of all the impurities and effectively reduces any risk of contamination. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • RO water reduces the chances of liver or kidney problems and the risk of high blood pressure as it does not contain any amount of lead.
  • Water parasites, mainly cryptosporidium can be absorbed by the stomach and cause gastrointestinal issues and pain in the stomach. But, the best part is RO water does not contain any kind of parasites.
  • RO water is also perfect for people who are on a limited sodium intake diet as it does not contain any amount of sodium.
  • As the RO water is free of contaminants, it is safer and purer for drinking and it is also better for cooking.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, there are added benefits. They include getting pure and freshwater anytime you want, saving money from buying bottled water and water which is great in taste. In turn, you also help the environment by producing less waste.

Final Word

Although RO water is not perfect in all senses, it is perfectly safe to consume and drink. The claims of the water being too acidic, or being modified genetically, or not nutritious enough are baseless and often made up. When the water is allowed through the membrane and the result we get is completely pure and safe water which is free of all kinds of impurities. The end conclusion of all this is that you can be sure that RO water is 100% safe to consume.