Inner-Lid Vs Outer -Lid Pressure Cooker: Which one to Choose?

As cookers are so popular in the Indian market, there has been a large number of brands constantly manufacturing newer and better models at competitive prices. As a result, the market is cluttered with various choices if you start looking for a pressure cooker.

As we are focusing on the most popular pressure cookers in India, let’s talk about the two major variants found in pressure cookers that are inner-lid pressure cookers and outer-lid pressure cookers. While outer-lid pressure cookers are a familiar option for many users, it is surely worth checking out the new inner lid pressure cookers and the possible advantages that came with it.

But first, let’s try to understand both options briefly.

What is an Inner-Lid Pressure Cooker


As the name suggests, the inner-lid pressure cookers open with the lid displacing on the inside of the pressure cooker. These cookers are designed in such a way that the lid size is smaller than the cooker size. This way, it can be easily placed on the top of the cooker with an inner lock.

The design aspect of this pressure cooker is quite unique and rather new in the market compared to outer lid pressure cookers. But, if this is the first time you are buying an inner lid pressure cooker, you will need some practice before you can use the cooker with ease.


Because the seal between the lid and the cooker is available inside the cooker, inner lid cookers offer a perfect pressure buildup within the cooker. Also, the inner lid pressure cooker does not require any sealing components whatsoever as the inside pressure itself holds the lid in place.

Due to the reduced size of the lid, the overall weight of an inner lid pressure cooker is also quite less in comparison. This shall give you the option to get a high capacity option without worrying about the weight of the cooker and the lid.


Cleaning of cooking utensils is very important to maintain a hygienic environment in the kitchen. The item which will require the cleaning the most is probably the pressure cooker as it gets used on a daily basis.

Due to the inner lid design, it’s quite difficult to avoid the lid getting dirty every time you open the pressure cooker as the lid directly dips on the inside. This mostly happens when you are cooking large quantities of food and the cooker is filled to a higher level. Therefore, cleaning requirements are more frequent with the inner lid pressure cooker.


While all of the appliances in your kitchen getting a fancy upgrade, why should the pressure cooker be left behind? The inner lid design is slowly getting more and more popular throughout the country because of its stylish look and design.

The inner lid pressure cooker not only features more colors and an attractive design but also comes in different form factors. Different shapes like cute, handi, or kadhai cooker are only possible with an inner lid cooker as the shape does not affect the seal in this case.

Price Range

As you must have expected, the inner lid pressure cookers come at an expensive price range if you compare the two options. The main reason behind that is the inner lid pressure cookers being the recent and more versatile options.

But, if you do decide to spend a few extra bucks and get the inner lid pressure cooker, you will be free from various problems that occur with the outer lid ones. Also, it does not require any extra peripherals to work. Hence, it will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

What is an Outer-Lid Pressure Cooker


Most users might not require an introduction to outer lid pressure cookers as it is the oldest pressure cooker model ever. We all have grown up seeing an outer lid pressure cooker being used in our homes as far as one can recall.

In contrast with the inner lid pressure cookers, the outer lid pressure cookers have an external seal as the lid is placed outside the cooker. This introduces the need for a supplementary sealing element made up of rubber or plastic that gets compressed between the seal and avoids unwanted pressure release.


The major advantage of buying an outer lid pressure cooker is that you will not need to understand the operation after purchasing it. As you have probably used a similar option before, you can upgrade to a better capacity option without worrying too much.

Another important feature of the outer lid pressure cooker is its ease of usage. The lid does not get stuck on the cooker and thus, it is easier to open and close even with significant pressure inside the cooker. As for its reliability, it is better to trust a design that you are using for years rather than a new iteration.


You must be wondering whether a new pressure cooker will add up the cleaning tasks required in your kitchen. Well, if you go with a simple outer lid pressure cooker, you will not have to worry too much about the cleaning.

The outside portion of the cooker including the lid on the outer lid pressure cooker rarely comes in contact with the food being prepared in it. Thus, it has fewer chances of getting dirty over time and will not require frequent cleaning as other options.


If you do not wish for a fancy look and wish to prolong the life cycle of the pressure cooker, you should prefer the outer lid pressure cookers. Even if the inner lid designs are trending at the moment, there is a separate audience for the outer lid pressure cookers because of their simple look.

Also, newer brands are always entering the market with a fresh and attractive design aspect for both pressure cookers. This gives you a chance to look at different designs available for outer lid pressure cookers with differences in color and coatings. But, you will not find any difference in the shape of the cooker as the outer lid option generally only comes under a single form factor.

Price Range

If budget is a primary focal point for you, then the outer lid pressure cookers are a clear winner in this comparison. Because of its simplistic design and traditional look, you will not find any premium-priced outer lid pressure cookers.

If anything, older models of outer lid pressure cookers are available at even cheaper price tags. Even if you consider buying the fresh models with shiny color coatings and attractive colors, you will still be paying much less than the inner lid pressure cooker option.

Inner-Lid Vs. Outer-Lid Pressure Cooker: Which One Is Best

A pressure cooker is one of the daily use items in your kitchen which you will be using for many upcoming years. As replacing a pressure cooker does not happen every month, or even every year, it is crucial to pay attention to different options available in the market and choose the one that’s right for you.

As you have already gone through both inner lid and outer lid pressure cookers and analyzed various aspects such as design, looks, and price range for each, it should be pretty clear for you to choose the perfect option. If you are still in confusion, take a look at the major advantages and disadvantages available with both choices:

Pressure CookersAdvantagesDisadvantages
Inner Lid Pressure CookersNew and attractive designNeed to understand it’s working in the beginning
Multiple design choices availableComes at an expensive price tag
Many handy features availableDifficult to open in case of excessive pressure
Different shapes and sizes available
Does not require extra peripheral for seal
Outer Lid Pressure CookerEasy to clean and maintainComparatively less safe
Traditional choiceLimited shapes and sizes available
Easy to choose the perfect sizeThe seal is dependent on an extra peripheral
Suitable for all standard gas sizes


As we have given you a comprehensive comparison between inner lid pressure cookers and outer lid pressure cookers, it must be quite clear for you to select one. If you want to know our preference, we will recommend you to replace the traditional pressure cooker with an inner lid one.

Once you get through the initial, getting used to the stage, you will be able to enjoy many great features available on the inner lid pressure cooker. While it does cost a little extra in comparison, it is worth it to get an attractive pressure cooker in your kitchen that matches with your gas stove and other appliances.