Induction Stove vs Gas Stove: Which is the Best!

Induction stove or gas stove, which one is the best? This question has become quite common since induction stoves have hit the market. The modern generation wants something new, which is why they choose induction stoves. And, people who have used gas stoves all their lives see no benefit in induction stoves.

If you are unable to decide which one you should choose, this article can help. Based on in-depth research, we have compared both induction and gas stoves. You’ll find a brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of both induction and gas stoves. Once you read all this info carefully, you can decide which one works the best for you.

What are the Advantages of Induction Cooktop?

In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits or advantages of induction cooktops.

Safe to use:

If you consider safety, induction cooktops are way safer than the gas stove. If you’re a beginner who wants it all safe, induction cooktops are what you should go for. It’s because you’re not exposed to any flames or direct heat, as in the case of gas stoves. Even kids can operate this under adult supervision.

Energy Efficient:

Unlike gas stoves, which run on LPG, induction cooktops run on electricity. And, if you know, LPG is costly as compared to electric units. Also, less energy is wasted when you use induction cooktops as there’s no residual flame. Ultimately, induction cooktops are energy efficient, and you can save good money by using the same.

Easy Maintenance: 

With induction cooktops, maintenance becomes quite easy. Induction cooktops come with a flat and smooth surface. Unlike gas stoves, you don’t have to pull everything and then clean the stove. You can plug the induction cooktop out and swipe it using a damp cloth, and you are done.

What are the Disadvantages of Induction Cooktop?

In this section, you’ll find the disadvantages of induction cooktops.

Cost of unit: 

The induction cooktops are relatively new in the market. And this is why the price of a new unit is almost double the price of a gas stove. So, you may have to put in a good investment if you want an induction cooktop.

New Crockery required: 

You cannot use those aluminium or steel frying pans with induction cooktops. There is specific cookware for induction stoves, which you’ll have to buy separately. Again, it’s quite costly as compared to common cooking vessels. So, it will increase the investment you’ll make.

Dependency on electricity:

Induction cooktops are powered using electricity. If you’re region faces frequent power cuts, this may not be the right choice. It’s because, without a regular flow of electricity, the induction cooktop won’t work.

Hard to master: 

there are various buttons listed on the induction cooktop’s panel. You’ll have to change modes according to what you want to cook. And, for this, you’ll have to spend some good time learning. On the other hand, gas cooktops are easy to operate. One knob turns the gas on and turns it off as well.

What are the Advantages of Gas Cooktop?

Here are some advantages of gas cooktops.

Easy Cooking:

Now, if you consider the chef’s perspective, cooking is quite easy using a gas stove. Unlike the induction cooktops, which take some to heat up, gas stoves heat up almost instantly. Also, there’s better control over the heat using a gas stove. You can turn the knob and increase or decrease the gas flow. You don’t have to attain specific skills to operate a gas stove. It’s quite easy to master.

More reliable:

Gas stoves are way more reliable than electric ones. What’ll you do if the power goes out? In such cases, gas stoves come to the rescue. Gas stoves have been there in almost every Indian home for the past many decades. It’s a trusted technology which you can rely on.


In terms of energy efficiency, the induction cooktops may be at the top. But if you consider all over cost, gas stoves are way better. It’s because gas stoves are cheaper than regular induction cooktops. Also, you need not buy separate cooking utensils for cooking on a gas stove.

What are the Disadvantages of Gas stoves?

Here are some disadvantages of gas stoves

Maintenance or cleaning:

Cleaning gas stoves is a hard task. If you have ever done that, you’ll know there are several small detachable parts. You have to remove all those parts and then clean each of them separately. As there’s direct exposure to flames, the burn marks usually take time to disappear.


Safety is quite a concern if you consider gas stoves. A person is exposed directly to the flames. And it can either lead to fire or skin burns. Sometimes, the residual flame that comes from under the cooking utensil can be dangerous.

Moreover, any leakage can lead to fire or even explosion. And this is why gas stoves lose a mark for safety as compared to induction cooktops.

Induction Vs. Gas Cooktop

In this section, we’ll compare both the induction and gas stoves simultaneously. It will help you determine the differences better.

Gas stoves have been there for many years, while induction stove is relatively new. Hence, the cost of an indication cooktop and cookware is relatively high. If you compare the energy efficiency, you’ll find induction cooktops are more efficient.

It’s because Gas stoves consume LPG, which is costly. And, induction uses electricity, which costs way less than the LPG. No matter where you live, the usual average cost of electricity is low, and hence induction stoves are more efficient.

Considering the safety, gas stoves should be avoided. And, if you have some kids at home, an induction stove is what you should buy.

Are you confused? Well, try the below table and compare both the side of the stove to side: –

FeaturesGas StoveInduction stove
SafetyModerately safeHighly safe
Energy Efficiency40-50%80-90%
PortabilityLess PortableHighly Portable
Ease of CookingEasyModerate
Overall CostLowHigh
Maintenance timeHighLow
Overall Rating8/109/10


Similar to every other thing, gas stoves and induction cooktops have advantages and disadvantages. Where induction cooktop is costly to buy, the gas stove is available at a lower price. And where an induction cooktop is energy efficient, a gas stove consumes a lot more energy.

It doesn’t matter which one is good or bad. What matters is your requirements. If you need something easy to cook on and are quite new in this field, you can go for an induction gas stove. And if you’re a professional chef and want to see the flames and need more control over the flames, gas stoves are your way to go.